Friday, June 06, 2008

Thomas Sowell and our ONLY Presidential Choice

Thomas Sowell has written his column today, Obama and McCain?.
Not putting words in his mouth but he is right.  We are caught in an "Alice in Wonderland" world of no-choice choices.
The only question that we have to answer when we go to the election polls in November is this:
Who has already said he will be our Neville Chamberlain - Obama - and who has the ability to be our Winston Churchill?  John McCain!  Of the two men who are the candidates for President of the United States in the 2008 Election, only one of the two comes close and that man is John McCain.  
Setting aside everything else, all the issues which will be non-issues if a nuclear dirty bomb goes off on US soil or if Israel is attacked with nuclear bombs or if Iran threatens Europe with nuclear bombs - even though the weak-kneed sisters of the EU will cry like Cinderella's ugly stepsisters without dates at the ball - who will be the man between the two "candidates" who can we count on to be "our" Churchill?
When you go to vote in November - set everything else aside - and just ask yourself that.  Then vote - not for a demeaning government handout - but vote for our survival.
Then we can get back to the other things...


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