Friday, May 30, 2008

Discussing Islam is a crime? For Muslims maybe...

Perhaps discussing Islam is a crime, for Muslims certainly...and according to the European Arrest Warrant, for me too... (scroll down about three pages in the link to find the text) Let's forget about "defaming" Islam like the "defaming" of Christianity (which is not a crime) that goes on non-stop throught the Middle East. According to the United Nations, even discussing Islam is a "crime"; it is "defaming" Islam; even sitting around in a dorm room at midnight having a bull-session talking philosophy and tossing around tenets of Islam is "defaming" Islam. To check out a few of those tenets, click over to UP Pompeii and read in the sidebar about "The Koran is above all a book of war - a call to butcher non-Muslims." References are provided for the not so faint at heart. I suspect any ideology that is so fragile as to need a UN resolution to "protect" it probably has something to hide and is working mightily to cover the truth about the ugliness and tyranny of the tenets of Islam. To illustrate that point, three men are scheduled to pay with their lives for criticizing Islam and the Mullahs' tyranny in Iran: Qur'an critic to be executed in Iran within days. All three men have dual-citizenship: Iranian and American, German, and British.

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