Monday, April 30, 2007

Turkey defends against Islamic Caliphate

What do the Turks know about the Islamists that our head-in-the-sand elected folks don't? Or do our elected folks just want to destroy our national sovereignty ala the EU through NAFTA and the SPP (read here), and TAKE US DOWN? While we welcome imams into The House of Representatives to offer opening prayers, the folks in Turkey march and shout "the presidential palace is 'closed to imams'." [Turkish crowds slam Islamist candidate] The Turks who marched know absolutely with no reservation that, at its heart, Islam is a political ruling ideology not a religion. The Turks also know that "Turkey is secular and will remain secular." To me, the most interesting aspect of the article was the stance of the Turkish military in defense of the secular form of government: "the Turkish Army - which sees itself as defenders of the nation's secular tradition - issued a blunt warning against the drift toward Islamist rule." While the US Constitution clearly puts the military under civilian control and present-day politicians are hiding behind the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and here to excuse using the military to defend us from invasion, the stance of the Turkish Army as "absolute defenders of secularism" against Islamists is refreshing. At least in Turkey, the people can rely on their military to defend them and their nation against the Islamic Caliphate which is on the move globally and is a far greater threat than the Religion of Global Warming which cloaks itself in the robes of reason and pushes for legislation to control our every movement. Either path leads to slavery. Oh, that our military would simply defend our borders and our traditions against what is rapidly becoming "mob" rule. Today, in the USA, it seems to me that we are living behind an extraordinarily thin veneer as our traditions of individual rights and liberties are being hollowed out by termites [disguised as bastions of freedom - the ACLU, CAIR, ad infinitum] burrowing through all of our strengths and turning those strengths into weaknesses to be used against us. Our individual rights are being gobbled up under the notion of group rights. And no longer do we have leaders who would drive 15,000 men across into Mexico to find the likes of Poncho Villa who was killing and terrorizing Americans living along the Rio Grande. I don't want to see our military marching through our streets arresting civilians, etc, but I sure would like to see them on our borders defending us. With real bullets and tanks with real armaments. The invasion is a great cover for the drugs and the drug cartels who effectively control the immigration policy of the United States along with Mexico who dictates our policy by denying its citizens the very "benefits" they seek here. Clearly, defense of our nation is left in the hands of civilians - grammy and grampa - see Cochise County, AZ and Pix & Reports from the Border!, thanks Annie for the Pixs. If the only deterent the Turkish people have to protect them from the establishment of an Islamic Republic of Turkey is their military, then hats off to the Turkish Army. Further, if a military defending Turkey's secular nation is what is keeping them out of the EU, then I say "Run, Turkey, run from any affiliation with the EU." The EU is on track to become the Islamic Republic of European States anyway and the EU itself is designed to weaken nations. While I don't think the European leaders who see the EU as accomplishing what Hitler couldn't are aware of how much the landscape will change when the Islamists destroy the Louvre and the art of centuries, these leaders have a rude awakening coming. No, Turkey would be well-advised to stay out of that corrupt socialist block - especially if the Turks honor their secular nation. And while our military men and women know their major role is to defend the United States of America and its people from invasions, the military serves under the command of leaders who have been working mightily over the last several decades to destroy our national cohesion and our national sovereignty - guess who's winning? Good luck and godspeed to Turkey's military in their mission of protecting Turkey and its people from the Islamic Caliphate. Again, they seem to know first hand what we cannot know and are unwilling to learn - Islam in the hands of Islamists is a political ideology. Can a Muslim country maintain its secular, democratic republic and keep its people out of the hands of the ayatollahs? Let's pray that they can.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell and Freedom of Speech

In the interest of being "fair and balanced", I must mention Rosie and her "firing." I don't believe for one minute that she was fired. If one looks at Rosie's "career" since the Tom Selleck and K-Mart incident which resulted in the cancellation of her talk show, a pattern can be seen to emerge. Now, I do believe the cancellation of her talk show was a "righteous" firing. She turned a show that had started well into an "attack and destroy" zone and she just happened to pick on our man's man and our woman's fantasy idol, Tom Selleck, who just happens to have had a good show in Magnum, P.I. And Tom Selleck, aside from being a conservative man, is mighty fine to look at too. Boy howdy! Well, I am a beach girl afterall. But Rosie picked on Tom Selleck which we women wouldn't tolerate and on guns which our men wouldn't tolerate and a new MO was born. It is just possible that the current "firing" is just part of Rosie's MO and part of her contract. Bring her on to boost ratings. When the ratings are up, "fire" her and give the ratings another shot in the arm 'cause "by golly" look at that, the network does care about we conservatives and does listen to us when we have been abused enough. I'm not saying Rosie came up with this plan all by herself but I sure bet Barbara Walters is smart enough and media savvy enough to have come up with the plan. If not Barbara, then certainly the people around the show - The View - are savvy enough to give it a go. Rosie gets the boot and a good buy-out bonus and the last day - or close - of her tenure is kicked off with a mea culpa by none other than Alec Baldwin. Not bad if you think about it. Barbara comes out clean; Alec gets the forum which is okay with me; and Rosie gets to play the Liberal fanatic who could have been excused for youthful enthusiasm in earlier days but now has transformed herself into the "aging shrew." Nice work if you can get it! If you look at her "firing" in this light, it is difficult to say her "freedom of speech" was violated when it is that very "freedom of speech" that allowed for her success in duping us once again.

Don Imus and Freedom of Speech in America

America is in crisis - we may or may not know it. We may or may not know the source or sources of our crisis. We may or may not know how to articulate this crisis; yet all of our freedoms are in peril. Why? How? For many years now, it is clear that generally we have lost our sense of gentility, our manners. We have become coarse in our manners and in our language. Don Imus and his producer Bernard "Bernie" McGuirk had developed the difficult timing and excellent skits tossing jokes and humor at any and all groups, both genders, and ethnicities equally. None of us were spared their irreverence - Be Jesus - and therein was much of the magic of the show. We were united by their humor and their uncovering of the funniest stereotypical traits among our "diverse" groups. If you don't think we have separate cultural norms, you are not paying attention. The bantering was not unlike the forerunners with TV shows such as I love Lucy, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Chico and the Man. Lucy marries Ricky - so we have inter-ethnic marriage and the show ran for years with Ricky - Cuban-American as well as Lucy - the redhaired, wide-eyed white wife receiving the brunt of the jokes; Archie Bunker is the stereotypically biased yet open and unapologic man, amazed that anyone would consider him biased, especially "Meathead"; Freddie Prince played the Latino with the huge foam dice draped over the rearview mirror and the little bobble-headed dogs in the back window of his '56 Chevy. We also had Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners. For decades Americans have been able to laugh at our respective idiosyncrasies. Laugh and love and appreciate each other better through humor - not with the malicious ugliness of some rappers today advocating violence toward police, violence toward women, black women especially, and toward other ethnic groups which serves to separate us and to make one ethnic group of young people seem scowl in perpetual anger at something. Where did our humor go? When did we become a people who wears our thin-skinned egos on our sleeves, our antenna out constantly sensing the wind for insults? Given that what Mr. Imus said is heard and said ad infinitum by rappers and by "the freedom of speech privileged" who walk along the boardwalk where I live shouting out insults at each other as if their use of the words is "protected speech." I have been told that the use of this denegrating and insulting speech by black youth toward each other is a "black" thing and not insulting at all. What I know is that the speech is insulting and denegrating to the young women. While Don Imus may be condemned upon occasion for poor taste and perhaps being rude, he was certainly imitating what "sells" in the music industry today. No, the issue is not that the words he used are uncommon; the issue is who said the words. We all know that Imus and Bernard were "fired" because they are white men. And only because they are white. We know that white people have been put on notice that "freedom of speech" does not apply to them. Double standard in freedom of speech - absolutely. Dangerous - absolutely. We can condemn celebrity personalities for being ill-mannered but do we really want to go to that place where they are censored and forced to do penance for saying exactly what they hear being spewed across the airways by the very minorities who turn and become so terribly offended when the words are said by a famous white man? Rudeness and ill manners are just that - rudeness and ill manners - and that behavior crosses all ethnic groups. Do we really want freedom of speech for some but not for all? And for personalities such as Don Imus - the scale is sliding. Today, a white-skinned celebrity can never know from moment to moment what "words" will be considered offensive and by whom. Effectively then white people, so sensitive to the "feelings" of others, are living under a de facto "gag" order. Discussions of great significance to us all as a nation, as one people, become taboo pushing the issue under the surface, beyond the reach of serious and reasoned discussion so essential to maintaining our free society. Freedom of speech is under attack in America today. Today, it is the white person who cannot even engage in discussions of race for "fear" of being called racists. White people must guard against what they say - I'm not talking about rudeness and ill manners - they must guard against what they discuss with fellow Americans. As this trend grows, if it is allowed to grow, the more isolated and withdrawn white people will become when interacting with current minorities. When white people become the minority which they will in relatively short order, they may well be conditioned to silence. Is that what we want? Do we want to remove any ethnic group from the table in America now that we have come so far? Do we really want to distance ourselves from each other? Do we really want to paint a veneer across our interactions with each other? Do we really want to encourage the new segregationists - the self-appointed PC speech police such as Al Sharpton to censor anyone other than himself? And who exactly was Tawana Brawley? George Orwell and 1984 for censorship and Animal Farm for inequality - yes, some people are more equal than others; some religions are more privileged than others; some people have free speech and others don't. Is this the way we want to go in America?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

America-haters; America-bashers; and let's toss out the UN, too!

America-haters, frankly, I don't care where you live as you bask in your hatred of America. Is it America that you hate or is it our success? Our willingness to be open and to be accepting? Our willingness to welcome legal immigrants? You can be an American so filled with self-loathing and shame at the great generosity and achievement of America's people; you can be one of the many "ambassadors" here from which ever corrupt nation pontificating in the UN about how reprehensible the United States of Americais; you can be the America far-left shrieking moonbat screaming to withdraw troops from Iraq TOMORROW and with no concern for the families we will leave behind to be slaughtered; you can be the European elite left looking down your long pointy noses in your condescension of all things American including the American people. You can be an American of any ethnicity who has bought into the "whoa, yo, you be a victim of the white man" propaganda which is designed to keep the race baiters - hmmm, and who might they be - in business and to keep anyone who buys their story as their targeted audience never reaching your potential as Americans because they say you can't. You may be an American who looks to others to blame - anyone other than taking responsibility for yourself. All the while, your buying into their drivel gives them the pawn they need - you - and lets them carry their extortion money to the bank. Talk about climbing to the top on the back of the any man. Nobody does it better or more brazenly than the race baiters. Lord, their arrogance is astounding. And we all know it. Where did our pride in ourselves go? Our pride as Americans? To all those in the America-hating clubs mentioned in the first paragraph, if you loathe (a little Bill Clinton lingo there) the United States of America, give us our money back. Sounds like a plan! No?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is Freedom just too hard? Part I

Freedom isn't free but is Freedom just too hard for the average person to maintain? Is allowing yourself to be enslaved just a way out? Say, call it giving up freedom for security and ending up with "slavery". Is freedom just to hard to maintain? Are people really herd animals or tribal creatures just looking for someone else to give them directions as well as a handout? Is "slavery" - all responsibilities and all accountability over your own life and the decisions in your life - by any definition just the easier route? Is educating our youth on the truth of history just too un-PC? Is moral equivilancy just another "dorm room" late all-nighter philosophy foisted upon the real world that takes no thought or discernment? Just, ah, sure, all forms of government are equal; all ideas are equal; all lifestyles are equal; all cultures are equal. Hell, who needs a brain? No body! That's who and we prove it through our failing schools, our failing Liberal institutions! Let's go for the quick fix as my commenter said below. Hey, let's all just shoot up with some drug, eat a happy mushroom, or swallow a mind-numbing pill so we won't have to think, reason, feel, or see the truth - if we can even find it with the news media we have today. From MK downunder: comments here I actually wanted that socialist to win BG. I posted about this a month or so ago, but I feel that the future of the western world lies in the public failure of some European nations. I’d rather we learn from others who get burnt than ourselves get burnt and then have to pick up. You mentioned in your post that if the French take the conservative route then perhaps the rest of us will also follow, I wish this were so, but I fear it will not have that impact, take Germany for instance, they have a conservative leader at present, however since then the leftists in America, UK or Australia have not changed their ways. In the UK, the leftists are actually gaining ground now, Tony Blair will be put to pastures soon and his replacement if I’m not mistaken is more anti-American than Blair is, the opposition is also anti-American, not that he has a chance which is just as well I suppose. Canada recently also elected conservatives but the left seems even more bolstered. In Australia our leftist opposition is doing so damn well in the polls it’s not funny. New Zealand recently elected leftists. If the French choose conservatism, good for them, but Conservatism is hard and slow and the benefits are only visible in the long term. In other words, it’s not media worthy, we cannot learn the benefits of it unless we do the research. Leftist ideology however is easy to sell, instant benefits, long term pain. It’s like the buy-now-pay-later ads you see on TV, you never see anyone taking out ads telling you to save and pay cash in two years do you. That, you have to learn on your own. I hope I am wrong, but from my understanding we are more likely to learn from our own mistakes than from others. 8:45 AM Beach Girl said... MK, I so value the perspectives of you at A Western Heart and Crusader Rabbit. I am so destressed right now that I see dark ages coming. Sheep to the slaughter. Usually I am very optimistic but when I see the Harry Reids and the Nancy Pelosis or the little Chuckie Schumers - I have to tell you, it ain't looking good. Perhaps, liberty, freedom, a democratic republic simply take too much work for the citizens and thus they willingly head for the chains of slavery. It may be that taking responsibility for ourselves, our own, our actions is simply too much work. ________________ As Bill O'Reilly asks, "What say you?" NOTE - please see MK's reply with links posted here in Comments. Thank you. Ever vigilant! Ever Free!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Virginia Tech non-Muslim Students mourned by Muslims?

The following link is from Steve Decatur at The Islamic Threat and the post is Muslim Student in America: Non-Muslim VTech Dead Don't Deserve Mercy. The full title is "Muslim Students in America: Non-Muslim VTech Dead Don't Deserve Mercy". Read the post and then give a little thought to the "religion of peace" and its place within our democrat-republic with our separation of church and state and our compassion for victims of such tragedies.

Terrorists don't kill people; swords do!

You have probably seen this video but if not, perhaps you need to see it. Viewer discretion is advised. 12 Year Old Taliban Boy Beheads Accused Spy We are fighting madmen who are training their sons to behead grown men. Note: the following is a comment given by one of my friends - Liberally Conservative. I have included the comment here so that it won't get lost as comments sometimes do. "At the end of the clip was a white bearded man who was either the grandfather or father of the twelve year old terrorist. In the translated version the gentlemen called the Taliban and al-Qaeda the real infidels and had some choice words for them. It took guts on his part to cry out against his son/grandson and the terrorist who took part in this depravity. We don't know and may never know if he is still living after his diatribe against terrorism." Thank you, Liberally Conservative

Impeachment, Revolution, or just following the US Constitution?

First, I want to give you a link to an article about the rally held in DC, Rally targets illegal aliens. Our Constitution of the United States of America gives us the right to separate ourselves from a government that has left us long ago, thwarting our goals and our national ambitions; and in the place of our national sovereignty, slicing the United States of America up like a Christmas Turkey for Mexico's benefit. (here) We must build that damn wall, build it now, and tell Mexico to take care of its own people. There is no shame in wanting to preserve your / our nation. SeeDuncan Hunter. Or search on"illegal aliens", or Immigration Caucus Reform From the Declaration of Independence:
"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation..."
You will no doubt recognize those as the beginning lines of "The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America," signed July 4, 1776. The Declaration continues:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence has shown....that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed... But when a long train of abuses and usurpations. pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security... Such has been the patient sufferance of these"
the several states and their citizens: Our elected and appointed officials have usurped our freedoms in and always through - Article 1, Section 8, the Commerce Clause of the Constitution; We are taxed "with representation" but without the necessary "responsibility or husbanding of our resources"; [taxation has now become a directly confiscated political contribution to be used to buy votes] Our nation is being actively INVADED against the will of the American people, 322 languages are spoken in America today; 3.2 billion taxpayer dollars are being spent by our government to discourage immigrants from learning the language of America - English; Our government is working through NAFTA and the SPP super highway (4 football fields wide) to rip our nation apart, take homes, ranches, farmland, and perhaps even small communities AND make Kansas City the first check point for cars, trucks, and trains entering our nation all the way from southern Mexico. The check point in Kansas City will be run/operated by Mexico, making Kansas City, if not in fact, then certainly in principle, the northern border of Mexico; State and local governments are required by Federal law to print election ballots in foreign languages; but state and local police can't even question an illegal alien's residence status; Driver's license exams are now offered in foreign languages in nearly 90% of the states; Our government is giving taxpayer dollars to Islamists to establish Muslim schools and opening our nation to tens of thousands of foreign students through H1-B visas - robbing Ameican students of their legitimate place within our universities. According to the Constitution of the United States, Article II, Section 4,
"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."
Well, we know Nancy Pelosi won't be impeached for violating the Logan Act. We know Harry Reid (Nevada) won't be impeached for his giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war by saying that "The war in Iraq is lost." and screaming for his f**king time-lines to set up killing-times for the bad guys. The idea of impeaching our president on the WMD thing is really OLD news. The thing that gets my goat though is that all of our elected officials and some appointed ones - to my mind - commit treason each and every day that the borders are not secured; that even one illegal alien allowed to continue breaking our laws by being here, free to use our resources and to demand an interpreter while using our medical facilities; and that they push the SPP superhighway and NAFTA forward. I think nearly all of those in Congress, the Senate, and in the White House have violated our trust and have earned their ticket out the door. We Americans don't deserve a government that "data mines" every gd thing we do, say, write; that scrutinizes every check we write over $100.00, that data mines our credit card purchases, and does "God knows" what else all in the name of national security - the tyranny term of our time. "Hush, hush, can't tell!" "Why?" "It's national security." "Where'd you get that scratch on your car Senator Magic Bullet?" "Hush, hush, it's national security." "Why are your putting longshoremen and teamsters out of work and diverting sea cargo up from southern Mexico?" "Hush, hush, its National Security." It is said that we are the "most free" people on earth. Is that true or is that the illusion? Or is it that we simply don't know anymore with all the America-loathers in our midst. I'm not calling for revolution. How stupid is that? What with all the data mining and all! Not calling for revolution in any form. Got that, ye ole data miners? But for goodness sake, with the leadership we have protecting our nation "without any walls, windows, or doors", we don't need any enemies. What I am saying is that many of our elected "leaders" don't deserve the right to be our "leaders"; they show by their actions they haven't earned that right; they don't deserve our respect; and they "sell" us, our resources, our sovereignty to the not-always highest bidder - why? Because they can. You want to impeach someone? Fine, impeach them on one issue alone - aiding and abetting the invasion of our nation! I'll stand with you but make sure you impeach them all or kick them out of office: all the Congressmen, all the Senators, and the Executive Officers who have let us down, who have cheapened our American citizenship, and who have spit upon our heritage. And for you voters stealing money from my pocket to put it into yours, that's theft whether Uncle Sam or Nancy Nanette cut the check. They're just buying you. Ya that cheap; ya have that little self-esteem! We deserve better than what we've got! We deserve American Patriots willing to "fight" here at home at statesmen for our nation. By God, we deserve better!

Monday, April 23, 2007

French Election - Turning Right or turning toward socialism?

With staggering social welfare programs, a government-regulated penchant for more vacations than work, and a rapidly growing Muslim population choosing to sequester itself from France-proper by establishing "Muslim nation-states" within the borders of France, it seems that France and its native-French citizens have some hard choices to make. Before I embark on my post, allow me to share a paragraph from The Traitor by Stephen Coonts. It is a sentiment worth remembering:
"We're in a war against religious fanatics, madmen, who are trying to crack the foundations of Western civilization by murdering the innocent," Jake Grafton said. "The conflict between the demands of secular government and religion has shaped civilization, but Islam has been fossilized, frozen in time. The goon news is that history is on our side - in the long run, religious zealots always lose. The Europeans fought true believers of every stripe for centuries and finally won. Look around you at this city, this nation. France is secular civilization in full flower, and it's worth fighting for."
The presidential election runoff is probably as important to the future of France remaining or reclaiming its status as a Western nation as any decisions its people have made in decades. I understand that "failure" by the United States of America in nearly any endeavor is treated by our European allies as opportunities for economic and regional power within the Middle East but the Middle East and the Islamic Caliphate have moved to France. While many French families retire to the "suburbs" and smaller more "French" towns, the advance of the Islamists dream is turning into reality throughout much of Europe and certainly within France with a 20% Muslim population. What is curious to me is that Europe seems to be sliding whole-heartedly into the darkness that is certain to come if France remains on its present course. I am reluctant to speak too harshly of France in that we doing some sliding into "self-imposed destruction" ourselves. The sooner the West collectively pulls its head out of its butt, the better for all of us who love the freedoms we are still able to hang onto. The point is that reverse-racism is rampant and not confined to skin-tone but has now been swept into the area of religion. If you read here often, you know that I do not subscribe to Islam being a religion but rather a massive political power clothed in religious garb. It is another "ism" which does not mean to do "good" in the world, certainly not the Western world. For the French, please get tough and set a good example, and maybe the rest of the Western World, USA included, will get the gonads to follow you and defend our civilization. On your elections, you will be deciding if you want to continue to support the Islamic invasion and take-over of your nation - a take-over that your tax dollars are supporting, or if you want to set advancing Sharia Law aside and say clearly, "We are a nation that separates church and state. Those we welcome here must learn our language, learn our ways, and abide by OUR laws." From France faces stark presidential choice by Angela Charlton (April 23, 2007):
PARIS -- Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal advanced to a runoff in yesterday's French presidential election, presenting the country with a fundamental left-right choice between a conservative who could push his anxious nation toward painful change and a socialist who would be the country's first female leader... Both Mr. Sarkozy, a Hungarian immigrant's son, and Miss Royal, a military officer's daughter who beat Socialist heavyweights to win her party's nomination, are in their 50s and have traveled long, arduous roads to get to this point. The winner's task will be tough: France is a troubled nation, still haunted by the riots of youths (Islamic thugs - added by me) of North African Muslim origin in poor neighborhoods in 2005. Decades of stubbornly high unemployment, increasing competition from economies such as China's and a sense that France is losing influence in the world made this a passionate campaign. Both Miss Royal and Mr. Sarkozy have promised to restore strength to France, but offer starkly different paths toward that goal. Mr. Sarkozy would loosen labor laws and cut taxes to invigorate the sluggish economy, while Miss Royal would increase government spending and preserve the country's generous worker protections.
It is my understanding that you simply can't fire an employee in France today for any reason. I know I must be exaggerating but that is what I have read. That policy makes for a very weak, non-motivated workforce. France came to the aid of our revolutionaries. For that I have great fondness in my heart for the brave Frenchmen who fought on our side on our soil and for those who lost their lives at our Yorktown. My comments are not criticism but rather are intended as a plea that you will not go quietly into that dark slavery and poverty of an Islamist Caliphate but that you will stand for your nation; for the glories of your past; and for the possibilities of a free future.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bill Clinton - America's Roving Ambassador

Well, I have to hand it to the little woman. Good idea, Hillary! Get's the philanderer out of the White House and let's American tax dollars pay for his roaming! Now, for a Lady President, that's cost effective, efficient, and watching the family purse! And funny....

Fred Thompson for President 2008!

Well, why not Fred? He's America's DA. Mr. Thompson, here are a few words I drafted for a hopeful "black" candidate. I direct them to you in hopes that you could adapt them and the sentiment, or something like them into your campaign. Full text at Barack Hussein Obama - passing for black?. I am fed up and sick to death of the "race" card being used every which way as though it is a merit badge, when one's ethnicity is an accident of birth and who was fooling around with whom. No star power in that! We are all Americans on this good ship the USS United States of America and as our Founding Fathers said so well, sort of anyway, "We'll survive as one; or we'll hang separately!"
"I have had experiences few white people in America could have, and even fewer black people in America would even dream of having raised as they are in our failing schools and not even allowed a way out that vouchers would give them - but there is nothing African about me. I am not African; I was born in Hawaii. I'm not a hyphen; I'm an American. I promise that I will work to make the "American Dream" available to all American citizens - regardless of the color of their skin. Based on hard work, good moral character, and the most principled values - all Americans can attain the American Dream. Not on the backs of America's tax payers, but on the hard work of industrious minds. Not through affirmative action - which is institutionalized racism by any definition (the racism we all claim to abhor) - but through qualifications and skills. That is the promise of the American Dream to all of us. Let's raise from the grave the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King - "I have a dream that some day in America, my children will be known for the content of their character, not by the color of their skin." Let's make these words our American promise to all of our children. Together, black, white, yellow, red - let's move America forward to reach Dr. King's admirable goal! As American's we can achieve anything. As hyphens, we denigrate our selves and we condemn our great nation to perpetual division. Every hyphen moves us farther from King's goal. Together we CAN do better. Together we can make the dreams of every American child possible. We won't attain that dream on the backs or shoulders or tax dollars of anyone else. We won't attain that dream on the second-class status that affirmative action bestows upon us. We will attain that goal with our own hands, with true hearts, and applied minds. We are all Americans; let's act like it."
I think the words and sentiment have merit. Please take a look and see what you can do to "unite" Americans.

Barack Hussein Obama - passing for black?

It's just a question, but in the "color-blind" America of today, is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. passing for black? Is he using his father's side of the family to advance his presidential candidacy and denying his white American middle class heritage? Is he denying his Islamic heritage? Just do a Google Search on Ann Obama or Barack Hussein Obama and you'll find all the links you need. I would just like to see him herald his "white" affluent past and privilege in the process so that he can be the "uniter" he claims to be. When he said in his speech at Selma something to the effect of "he is rising to the top on the shoulders of black men..."; well, maybe "shoulders" is better than "backs" but is Obama being disingenuous? You be the judge. I am reminded of the great Thomas Sowell who - when castigated by the civil rights gang for not stating that he owed his success to their efforts - clarified that he owed his success to nothing but his hard work as he completed his degrees (I believe from Harvard) before the "civil rights" thing even got started much less became the mess that it is today. I can't possibly say that Barack (jr.) isn't a fine young man but, from the limited account of his life in 86% Muslim Jarkata and his elite education at Hawaii's Punahou School, an exclusive private co-ed college prep school with approximately 3,700 students in grades K-12, and then his fine education at Occidental University - the 36th ranked private liberal arts college in the nation, his experiences are so far removed from the experience of average Americans as to be trauma-inducing. I applaud the success his background has given him that has enabled him to rise to become the junior Senator from Illinois - but please, a bit more forthrightness on the campaign trail would be appreciated. Using the "race" card - if he has it in him, I think he can rise about that old, worn-out canard. Such as, I suggest speeches such as the following which are my words - for the junior Senator from Illinois:
"I have had experiences few white people in America could have, and even fewer black people in America would even dream of having raised as they are in our failing schools and not even allowed a way out that vouchers would give them - but there is nothing African about me. I am not African; I was born in Hawaii. I'm not a hyphen; I'm an American. I promise that I will work to make the "American Dream" available to all American citizens - regardless of the color of their skin. Based on hard work, good moral character, and the most principled values - all Americans can attain the American Dream. Not on the backs of America's tax payers, but on the hard work of industrious minds. Not through affirmative action - which is institutionalized racism by any definition (the racism we claim to abhor) - but through qualifications and skills. That is the promise of the American Dream to all of us. Let's raise from the grave the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King - "I have a dream that some day in America, my children will be known for the content of their character, not by the color of their skin." Let's make these words our American promise to all of our children. Together, black, white, yellow, red - let's move America forward to reach Dr. King's admirable goal! As American's we can achieve anything. As hyphens, we denigrate our selves and we condemn our great nation to perpetual division. Every hyphen moves us farther from King's goal. Together we CAN do better. Together we can make the dreams of every American child possible. We won't attain that dream on the backs or shoulders or tax dollars of anyone else. We won't attain that dream on the second-class status that affirmative action bestows upon us. We will attain that goal with our own hands, with true hearts, and applied minds. We are all Americans; let's act like it."
Okay, I'm not a presidential candidate's speech writer; then again, maybe I should be. But not for Barack - there are still too many questions. Or maybe Barack is just your average politician who plays to his audience and leaves out the rest. And hence, the "empty suit." Barack cannot say the words I have written because with every word, he would be denying the goal of "slavery" for all the people - people to be bound in the chains of the Liberal-Socialist agenda, an agenda advanced by division, by class warfare, by ethnic division, by gender division, by religious apartheid. The Liberal-Socialist agenda is a most grave and threatening plague upon the United States of America: defeatists, dividers, leaving only the elite. It is not the only threat we face. Can we afford to be lead by any person who seems at every turn to deny his "roots"? To promote the memories of a divided nation for personal gain?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

News Media in conspiracy to cover-up heinous black-on-white crime?

Is what is passes for the News Media in America today in a racist conspiracy to cover-up heinous black-on-white crime? You be the judge. In The New Segregationists, the writer recounts a crime so brutal and heinous, one has to wonder why we do not hand out lethal injections more quickly. "In January of 2007, 21 year-old Channon Christian and her boyfriend, 23 year-old Christopher Newsom, were the victims of a horrific crime in Knoxville, Tennessee. During what appears to have started as a carjacking, the criminals decided to abduct the two and set in motion a disturbing series of events." Disturbing? Disturbing! The subhuman thugs who perpetrated the crimes against Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, make the manner of death used by others pale in comparison. The Chinese form of death known as Death by a Thousand Cuts is too good for these subhuman slugs. I urge you to read the entire post and to go to the links the writer has provided. In a seeminly ever-growing and lemming-like mindless flurry to annihilate the "white" race and to strike it from the United States of America as well as from Europe (pick your sword-weilding jihadist of choice) or at the very least denigrate all "white skinned" folks, heinous crimes are being perpetrated by the News Media's much loved and revered "minorities" and covered up by that same dispicable media. Don Imus gets the boot for words and the frenzy churns; yet when a young white woman and her white boy friend are treated to unspeakable horrors before, mercifully, they are killed, the news media is mute. The young woman is gang-raped, tortured, her breasts are cut off, and chlorine is poured down her throat. Her boy friend is also raped, his penis cut off and more horrors are visited upon him as his girl friend is forced to watch. Don't even try to call the animals that did these crimes - these abominations - humans even deserving the consideration of a civilized nation much less a "fair trial". A fair trial, okay, but let's use Thomas Jefferson's idea of swift justice. Trial, conviction, and the next day - death by hanging or firing squad. Think long and hard and listen to the likes of Geraldo Rivera standing up for illegal alien drunk drivers when they kill young white girls or white women as in the case of my friend's mother. Watch when the news media uses code for the perpetrator of some crimes, avoids giving the person's name and picture for fear that - gasp - we the white folk - might really know that is it not white people committing "hate crimes." Not many. Yet, funny isn't it that the "hate crime" and "hate speech" laws are designed to target us. We have the Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, CAIR, and other to protect the Muslims - based on the story recounted at Eternity Road, where is the White Caucus? It is only fair that white folk have an advocacy group, is it not? People with white skin in America and in Europe today better damn well start recognizing that they are under attack. I'm not suggesting that we react with violence but we sure better wake up and impose and enforce laws with teeth in them if we have any hope of surviving. My words from fear! Hell no! I'm freaking sick to death of this lawlessness of some under the nauseating banner of Political Correctness and multiculturalism. Opposing cultures and tribal/herd mentality coupled with the extraordinarily ignorant and mind-numbing evil degeneracy that resulted in the horrific crimes recounted cannot occupy the same land mass before the "oppressed and tied-up by censorship and political correctness" white folks start to get the message. That the news media is culpable in hiding or burying the stories of such crimes is deplorable and removes all credibility from them. What would they have done had Jessica been raped, beaten, buried alive but a non-white man? How many of the 1 million sex crimes committed against Americans on our soil by illegal aliens from Mexico go un-reported or under reported by the news media? Maybe now I can understand better why there are 45 Mexican Consulates within our borders. Yes, the new racist-segregationists among us give themselves away through their silence when such horror occurs but thrash Don Imus to shreds for a few words. But they are working to impose "hate speech" laws that would have thrown Imus in jail. Had he been a member of our US Border Patrol and had he shot at an illegal alien drug smuggler entering our nation - then they coulda gotten him - you betcha!

Virginia Tech’s Norris Hall, the Bridge of San Luis Rey, and my friend, George

On Friday, April 20, 2007, I sat in the sanctuary of a small Baptist Church and prayed for the family who has lost a devoted husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, a friend. I prayed too for the congregation of this Baptist Church that has lost a devoted Christian man, the Chairman of the Deacons – a man who knew his body was giving out even as he pressed on. During this service surrounded by music, my heart seemed to take flight across America and into foreign lands to hold in prayer the parents and loved ones of those 32 souls who were ripped from life so abruptly on Monday, April 16, 2007, "called home" from Virginia Tech’s Norris Hall. My friend George was “called home” just hours later in the early dawn of April 17th. Today, I must believe, that in God’s wide and broad Heaven, George was “called home” to stand with your sons, daughters, wives, and husbands from Virginia Tech – a strong, loving, humble man at their side. They are with a fine man; they are with each other; and, it is my belief, they are with God. As we sat in the sanctuary with its stained glass windows, its unadorned cross, the coffin draped by the flag of the United States of America, we could bring some reason to the loss of a life so full and rich that was taken from his family by untimely illness. Of this we can bring reason to our grief and loss… But just hours before George put down this mortal coil, shots rang out in Norris Hall. Words cannot offer but the most humble solace and comfort to the families and loved ones of those lost in this tragedy. In the grief of the tragedy at Virginia Tech which defies all reason, I am reminded of Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey and Wilder’s central question: “Is there a direction and meaning in lives beyond the individual’s own will?” Or more succinctly, why this bridge, why these lives, why now? It is a question beyond our capacity to answer. We cannot make sense of the senseless. We can only call upon our Faith, our God, and thank God for the fleeting moments these Souls briefly touched the Earth and us with their sprightly spirits and their joy and expectations of life. It is upon their love and the grace of God that we must turnover our grief. Grief and sorrow is held only by those of us who remain behind and for us, Wordsworth offered comfort and a means to draw upon that strength which resides within: There is splendor in the grass Glory in the flower I will weep not but rather find Strength in what remains behind… My friend George was a man’s man with a gentle heart. George faced things head-on; he never backed down in adversity; he never failed his wife of over 50 years, his children, his God, or his nation serving in the Korean War and in Vietnam. And so too the Hokies of Virginia Tech – they face life head-on and they don’t back down. A “Celebration of Life” was held for George and his family and friends at the Baptist church he served so well. His son David spoke with such eloquence in his esteem for a father who was always there to teach, to love, to help. A full military tribute was held for George. When the flag was snapped from atop the coffin, when taps were played by a lone bugler and when the repeat of a rifle salute pierced the brisk air, my heart filled with thanks and love for all who have served our nation and for all who receive that tightly-folded Stars and Stripes – all we can give as a symbol of respect from a grateful people. We returned to the church for lunch in fellowship and prayer as George’s family began a new day surrounded by love and friendship. Through God’s promise, there is Victory over the grave… May God’s love give you comfort, ease your anguished hearts, and, in His time, lift the burden of grief from your Soul to be rejuvenated by memories of Grace and Love. The world mourns with you as we trust in God… [Cross-posted at here]

Friday, April 20, 2007

To Sun-Kyung Hui and your mom and dad

The grief over the tragedy at Virginia Tech is overwhelming but... Sun-Kyung, please know that Americans - many of us - appreciate the pain and suffering your are enduring. Please tell your Mother and Father that Americans - this American does not hold them accountable for the tragedy. I lived in the Far East, travelled to Seoul as well. I appreciate the suffering of your family and I appreciate the family honor that is so precious to your Mother, Father, and yourself. Americans do not blame you for this tragedy. Actually, God will give you the strength and courage to endure; may your parents find comfort in God's word and allow God to lift them and you from your shared feelings of hopelessness and dispair. These are Sun-Kyung's words: "We are humbled by this darkness. We feel hopeless, helpless and lost. This is someone that I grew up with and loved. Now I feel like I didn't know this person," Cho's sister said. "We have always been a close, peaceful and loving family. My brother was quiet and reserved, yet struggled to fit in. We never could have envisioned that he was capable of so much violence." America mourns with the parents and loved ones of the victims; your family was a victim as well. There are no answers for what occurred and we cannot use reason to try to explain acts that defy reason. Your family is not without our prayers.

Reply to Liberally Conservative's Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes

The following is my reply to the comments made at Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes. You really should click over there and read the article and comments to get the reason for my response. Looks like the French have a Citizen's Media going - AGORA VOX, The Citizen Media. My Dear Wonderfully Astute "Idiot": You may be characterized as many "things" Mr. Liberally Conservative but "idiot" is far from the mark. Your post has inspired me to write an entire post and I'll respond here and post all at my blog. First, I want to say I agree with Chicago Ray. Well said. Now... Having read the list of issues proclaimed by your readers as having been caused by George W. Bush, Conservatives, and of course, America in It's an Obamanation, I wonder that George W. Bush is not also blamed by parting the Red Sea and perhaps even dictating to Moses what should be written on those rascally stone Tablets. Reading Mr. Obama's remarks makes me think that he wants to be our first fully PC president - flaccid and unable to offend. Bill Clinton was our first "black" president so proclaimed by Toni Morrison. But Barack Hussein Obama has an even greater claim - he could be our first white president who is 50% black. But alas, in our "color-blind" society, black trumps white. Now to the comments at Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes. Let's hear it for the violent nature of American society - sure saved a lot of bacon on the mainland, aka Europe in the big one, WWII, when the fields ran red with American blood; however, FBI/Department of Justice data in 1996 shows that if all black crime were not counted, the crime rate/violence in America at that time - before the open invasion began in force - would be 5.6% of the population making America safer by far than all of Europe at that time. I didn't read of any one blaming the students, but "packing heat" - you betcha, right down to my dainty little ankle holster. Perhaps Mr. Obama trivialized by omission? The out-sourcing jobs, health care, et al talk is an effort of one trying to put the violent madness carried out by a lunatic into a square peg of neat little "talking points"! The fact is that the socialist-marxist policies of the liberal left don't make sense in a society based on individualism and personal hard work based on honor, personal integrity, and principle. You see the outsourcing jobs, et al issues in this case were a "bait-and-switch". "I got nuthin' in my empty suit so let me fall back on the Liberal Left mantra of "distribution of the wealth", "the government (based upon the taxes confiscated from 100,000,000 Americans who actually pay taxes) owes you a living or at least sustenance from cradle to grave and in return - the government owns you! We'll give you an education and when you graduate you won't be able to read your diploma but, what the hey, you don't need to be able to read, think, reason, make informed choices 'cause we'll take care of you." One comment on health care, anyone in America who can't get his child to an emergency room for "tax payer funded health care" - now, that's the idiot. There is no comparison between Dr. King's death and the killings of 32 innocents at Virginia Tech. Dr. King knew his role in American history and he knew the risk. He chose to take that risk and the rest is history. Dr. King would spin in his grave if he knew of the "institutionalized racism/discrimination" in our nation today. Dr. King wanted equality based on character and qualifications/skills; his goal and achievements have been trivialized because the ONLY thing that matters in America today for success is that one's skin-color be anything but white which is perhaps why Mr. Obama - an empty suit playing on color - doesn't exactly shout that he is "white!" Every Liberal is willing to "work with Republicans." That is code for - as long as the Republicans agree with we elite Liberals who know what is best for you and give us what we want in terms of turning all Americans into recipients of the "government nanny state." How's that working for you in Britain by the way? Liberals cannot "work with Republicans." Liberals are for group rights; they deny the individual under the boot of the masses, the boot of group rights. Conservatives live by the ideal of individual rights - we are equal under the law - not as a member of a group: black, white, muslim, short, fat; we are individually equal under the law. That is the essence of our freedoms as Americans, not as hyphens. Those are the freedoms Liberals want to strip us of, our individuality as Americans. So, they turn as many as they can into victims and hence, voters for the welfare dish which leaves a mighty bad taste in the mouth once one sees the slavery found at the bottom of that bowl. To the writer with "beautiful Evangelical Republican Christians" who would be ashamed to know someone like my friend, Liberally Conservative, allow me to suggest those friends then are not Christians or the writer does not understand Christianity. On the root causes of violence in America today - look to Political Correctness/censorship, and a soft-blame-America first Liberalism of indulgence turning people into wards of the state through social welfare which goes a long way toward creating those "idle hands that are the Devil's workshop" scenario. Also, with the welfare state, society took upon itself the role of caregiver and provider, the manly role of husband and father thereby robbing young men of their responsibilities to the women whom they impregnate and the children they sire. It goes on. Plenty of research exists about how the Great Society - by design - destroyed a huge percentage of the black families of America. This destruction has now permeated all ethnic groups and thus our families grow weaker. "Why do they hate us?" after 9/11. Good grief - because they hate our freedoms which they don't have. What cha gonna do? Sit down with a bunch of writhing asps and say, "Hey, what's up? How we gonna get you to like us?" You want root causes - how's this? We've gone PC-loco soft and our enemies are circling in for the kill! Yes, Virginia, there are beings mascarading as humans who want to kill us and destroy our way of life = Western Civilization, our freedoms, our respect for the individual, our values and our principles and why? Just because they think the time is NOW - that we are soft enough. Good grief! I didn't know we still had the touchy-feely "have you hugged your asp today" lads and lassies still drinking the kool-aid after 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London. etc, etc, etc. "Destitution is the root cause of most domestic violence.." Well, yes but that has nothing to do with the heinous crimes against humanity at Virginia Tech, Columbine, or for that matter the Twin Towers. None of the murderers were "poor." Tech is not an inexpensive school and the killer there had a sister at Princeton - so don't trivialize by "generalizing." I think that is what Obama did - trivialized by generalizing and globbing onto the "liberal playbook - talking points 100". Let's be a little truthful here - Cho was a nut case described in Court Orders as an "imminent danger to others." Why wasn't he put in a psychiatric hospital post haste? Any guesses - PC? Diversity where all are not treated equally? Hmmmm.... Cho wasn't politically anything - he was an anti-social, psychopathic personality and that, my friends, is NOT America's fault! Not George W. Bush's fault either, I'd wager! And this I find particularly "rich" - "But, unlike Noah's Ark, those cocooned conservatives will have to harden their hearts and stop up their ears while the world around them drowns" - I might add, as the Liberal Elitist Left pulls the plug out of the good ship USS United States of America. I say "right on" to Chicago Ray and to Liberally Conservative. Great discussion, Don!

Conservatives of the great vast Right-wing Conspiracy: Please reply!

From Don of Liberally Conservative to all of us: - Where is Obama's compassion for the 32 souls lost at Tech? "Dear Beach Girl and all Conservatives. I get posted on the European Citizens website. I'm currently getting hammered, as are Conservatives over a short Obama post I made. If you would like to defend Conservativism please visit and comment at: Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes Thanks for my indulgence." To my friends, let's click over and see if we learn more of what Obama stands for. Also see, It's an Obamanation. My humble reply is here.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Abortion Drs. working to reduce Global Warming

Okay, I'm still angry about the shootings at Virginia Tech - instead of a "gun free zone", Tech better become a "carry guaranteed" zone. Wake up! Use some sense; concealed weapons carried by law-abiding citizens with permits stop crime nearly every time it's tried. We can only be damn glad that Cho killed himself or we'd have to put up with the years of psycho-babble blaming us for "making him do it." Good gawd a'mighty! As the Straw Man/Scare Crow said in the Wizard of Oz, "if I only had a brain." It is difficult to stay focused today so please bear with me. I am fed up to my eyeballs by the folks who support the culture of death, the Liberal Democrats. They are shrieking about the horrible massacre in Virginia Tech on one hand with their mantra of "Let's grab the guns! Let's grab the guns!" and beating their breasts behind their armed bodyguards while at the same time bemoaning that the ban on partial-birth abortion - the most heinous method of infanticide known to man with the possible exception of a tribe in Africa that I read about years ago that takes the first born and smashes its head against the river rocks as a tribute to the gods or whatever - has been upheld by the Supreme Court. 36,500 Americans killed by illegal aliens since start of Iraq War: Heard about that lately? Hmmm.... Daily we hear of the news that another American soldier has been killed in Iraq. I honor and mourn for any American military or intelligence personnel lost on foreign soil; yet I want to know why we do not hear that approximately 36,500 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens in the course of crimes or killed by illegal aliens driving drunk to the tune of 25 Americans killed each and every day by persons allowed to live here by a government intent on destroying our nation one way or another - either through sheer numbers of invaders who overwhelm our cities and swamp our resources or through NAFTA and the SPP super highway. Why doesn't the Main Stream Media have a "breaking news telathon" like the United Way Campaigns shouting - "Only 22 Americans killed by illegals today; wait, another number just came in, Todd, raise the total to 23. Come on, you illegal alien criminals, you have two more to go to reach your goal for today! Do your part to reduce Global Warming - kill another American citizen today!" Now to the abortionists. Say what you will but you cannot say that abortionists aren't working to reduce the number of "carbon footprints" here in the United States of America. Since the start of the Iraq War, approximately 5,283,834 American pre-borns have been murdered through abortion/infanticide. That means killed, put to death. Since 1973, the estimate is in the 45 - 50 million death toll range. What bells toll for these tiny Souls? While we can haggle and froth about the "constitutional right to kill your unborn child" - which a civilized society may call "partial infanticide", abortion will remain in the United States of America until the Islamists have their way and institute Sharia Law. At that time, Babs Boxer will have much more to worry about than killing our pre-born. Some of those whose deaths she so loudly has called for on the floor of the Senate Chamber may have actually saved her "bacon" had they been allowed to live. I am glad that the Supreme Court - while expanding "eminent domain" so broadly as to make the right to private property close to meaningless - held that the ban on Partial-birth Abortions could stand. The act is so heinous and violent that the pro-death crowd fought to keep doctors from having to tell the not-soon-to-be mom that the "medical procedure" would actually kill a human being (unborn to be sure but they were not killing an oak tree in utero). Just the thought that a doctor would have to tell the "mom" that the abortion would be killing a human life really shouts like a megaphone - YOU are STUPID! But alas, that is the state of education today in these United States. Roe v. Wade should be overturned. It is bad law and certainly not found in the US Constitution anywhere. Hey, if I don't have a right to privacy, you don't get a made-up constitutional right to commit murder. Just 'cause the little guy or gal didn't get to enter the world kicking and screaming in that first act of defiance doesn't mean you had the right to suck out that life and call it "legal." Now, to the end to Partial-birth Abortion - Thank God, Jesus, and all the Angels! Abortions will still go on but the federal government has over-stepped here. Abortion laws belong in the hands of the several states. The federal government should be doing its constitutionally mandated job of "protecting us from invasion" and supporting towns such as Hazleton, PA in trying to ensure the "domestic tranquility" of the citizens - not the illegals - of these United States. The federal government should keep its hands off States Rights. [I know, I know, such a silly Beach Girl.] Damn, with the invasion, you'd think they would have their hands full!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beach Girl - Getting this off my chest! About the Virginia Tech slaying of innocents and Gun Control

I'm really angry about some of the news coverage and about the homicidal maniac's heinous assault against human decency not to mention his cowardly good sense to kill himself. In our PC world today, had he not saved us the trouble, his defense would have been "insanity" or "mental defect" - duh - and he would have been sentenced to a psychiatric hospital to be released in a few months or years when the Popes of Psychiatry would have pronounced him "no longer a danger to himself or to others." Thousands of dollars would be spent to learn the impossible - why did he do it? Well, for starters, he was a loser and a loner in, what I would suspect, was way over his head academically. Even as an English Major, Tech is no slouchy school. He has a sister at Princeton and he has to stay close to home. Not a lot of "face saving" going on there. But news coverage and the heinous assault by a loser are not the reasons for my rant and rant it is with a capital RANT. I know the "sick-o gun-grabbing, protected by body guard" Liberal Left and the European elites are mocking the tragedy and saying, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Those barbaric Americans deserve what they get for their so uncivilized Second Amendment notions." I know in your parlors of arrogance knowing oh-so-well what is best for us, you are glad for any reason to mock us and to sneer at the loss of so many innocent lives; the heartbreak of so many families and loved ones. Glad to have the chance, once again, to look down your long snouts and condemn your inferiors: however, I'm here to tell you right now, the United States of America, so long as she shall be able to sustain herself as a sovereign nation is the greatest and most generous nation on Earth. We have 300,000,000 citizens and a few 12 - 20 million more so-called so as not to offend, "undocumented" folks. That's 300,000,000 to 6,000,000,000 (billion) or so people on the planet. Only an estimated 100,000,000 million of we Americans pay taxes and guess what? Billions of those tax dollars, with or without our consent, end up in nations all over the world. Even nations, I mean borderless states, of the EU get our money for God-knows what. We seem to fall over backwards to give states who harbor terrorists and other questionable folks the money earned by America's citizens. So, to you European elite and frothing-at-the-mouth Liberal Leftist Elites here at home, I say: "Go to Hell!" Laugh at us in our sorrow and loss - go on, you know who you are both here and abroad - but who will you - the elite - call when you find yourselves subjugated to "you know what?" And the United States of America will answer the call - not for the elite, by no means - but to stand with our brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece, Spain, and more. From Virginia Tech -What other folks are saying, I quote, "And to the European elite who may well see their continent, like France of late, in flames sooner rather than later, I leave you with a graphic posted at Voice of the Pacific from way down under: Virginia Tech." Cross-posted at Eternity Road as Beach Girl - Getting this off my chest! if approved. I do not mean "Hell" as profanity but rather as a place. Thank you all for your readership and for your indulgence at this time.

Virginia Tech shootings - what other folks are saying

The shootings at Virginia Tech are too raw for me to engage in detached discourse so I thought I'd share several blogs with you and introduce you to some friends of mine across the ethers, most notably KG and MK who come to my defense upon occasion. [The blogs that are new to me are marked with an **] You won't be sorry you met these folks and you might find what they have to say interesting. So, today, they and their blogs are my gift to you. From KG at Crusader Rabbit, Shootings at schools around the world **From Classically Liberal (CLS), Dozens massacred in gun-free zone. AGAIN! and also, When mass killers meet armed resistance At A Western Heart, from classic essay Nation of Cowards posted by KG. Every American should read this. KG has also linked to the entire essay. From MK at A Western Heart, Take them to the cleaners as well as a post generating much discussion and debate - this one got 'em all riled up, Why are there so many shootings in America? From Sonnabend at Voice of the Pacific, I want my rights back. This one is most sad as it too comes from Australia, once a land with gun rights for its citizens until "they" came to disarm the law-abiding and turned these proud, brave people into easy targets. ** From Clint Heine, non US shootings ** From Blair at Mulholland, Tragedy in Virginia. ** From Sniper, I keep wondering what kind of pussies we, as a society, are raising. Well, aside from the psychotropic castration through the use of ritalin on our young boys, not to mention the general PC whoosification of our men specifically and our society in general through feminization and "getting in touch with your feminine side", anyone have any good answers for Sniper? You may find reading the comments to these posts fruitful as well. And to the European elite who may well see their continent, like France of late, in flames sooner rather than later, I leave you with a graphic posted at Voice of the Pacific from way down under: Virginia Tech. H/T to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for the graphic at Gun Grabbers Already Crawling like Maggots on the Corpses of Their Victims. Check the April 2007 archives, April 16, 2007. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God bless the families and loved ones of those defenseless Souls whose lives were taken so ruthlessly. We cannot make sense of senseless sociopathic acts. We harm ourselves when we try to see reason in the unreasonable and in the insane. Many in America and the world send our love and prayers. Words of consolation and solace have little meaning today. But words are the best we, in our limited human capabilities, can give. As the poet/professor said yesterday at the ceremony at VPI, "We are Virginia Tech."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - Sadness and Hokie Pride

As have many, I have watched some of the coverage of the killings yesterday at Virginia Tech. Thirty-three students and falculty members were killed and we learn now that at least one professor lost his life trying to bar the gunman from his classroom, trying to protect his students. Let me say something about the heritage and bravery of Virginia Tech students. The campus has had heartbreaking experiences before. On the campus a memorial reminds us that during WWII (I believe WWII, perhaps WWI), all of the juniors in the Core of Cadets went to war. As I recall, all of the members of the Junior Class lost their lives in war. The Seniors were allowed to graduate because they were so close to graduation. Virginia Tech has a history of honor, pride, and courage. What I have to say now may not be well-received but there is another family that grieves and has now come under a burden from which they will never emerge - that is the family of Cho Seung-Hui. From my experience, students from the Far East - China, Japan, Taiwan - would never have committed such an act. In disgrace, in depression, in failure, they would have taken their own lives before killing others. It sounds like the officials at Tech did have plenty of clues that Cho was unstable, a stalker, and violent in his writing. How large a role did Political Correctness play in the ultimate carnage that took place? Was Cho treated differently because he added "diversity" to the campus? He supposedly had a history of violence and perhaps he was a stalker. So, did PC contribute to the deaths at Virginia Tech? Would any administrator or official dare speak up and say so if that were the truth? The family of Cho Seung-Hui can never recover from the shame brought upon the family and the family honor due to the heinous actions of their son. I only mention to say that another family is in crisis. When I was in Japan, a young man hijacked the ferry on the Inland Sea. Hostages were involved. Ultimately, the Japanese police talked the young man into letting the ferry dock long enough for the passengers to get off. As soon as the last passenger was off of the ferry, a sharp shooter, sniper shot the hijacker dead. The father was on the TV that night thanking the police for killing his son since the son had brought so much shame upon the family, But please, no cameras, no surveillance! Don't make the law-abiding students "criminals" by putting them under the camera. As in cases such as this, the officials tend to put the screws to the law-abiding. Note to officials: nothing you can do in hindsight could have saved these students with the exception of students and/or faculty being allowed to carry concealed weapons. You left them defenseless. You mandated their defenselessness. You guaranteed their helplessness. I'm listening to the "talking heads" talk about how you - the students and faculty at Virginia Tech - will return to normal. Well, all I can say is they don't know you and they don't know how strong you are - you are Hokies! With Hokie pride and courage!

Beach Burst - 4/17/07 - PBS Banning Islam vs Islamists and other steps on our slow slide into tyranny and lawlessness

Many of us are beside ourselves today with anger at the carnage of the defenseless students and faculty at Virginia Tech. So, I have decided to link you with several articles, editorials, and posts of note. One I shall copy in its entirety because it is the kind of information that can easily be taken off the net if it calls too much attention to the truth. But first, from down-under, from the voice of Sonnabend at Voice of the Pacific, let me share two excellent posts showing once again that Australians can sometimes out-American we Americans when they set their minds to it: Guns don't kill people, Criminals do and to the administrators of Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech. As a follow-up to PBS shelves film on moderate Muslims, reported by Jennifer Harper in the Washington Times, April 11, 2007, Martyn Burke who produced and directed the documentary, provides in his letter to the editor, Clarifying the record on PBS Series, a detailed record of events surrounding the documentary and the leftist-agenda (my characterization) of PBS that has led to the "non-airing" of a tax-payer funded documentary on Islam vs. Islamists. Why is it that "they" don't want us to hear from the so-called moderate voices of Islam? In the same letters to the editor, you will find The Bush cabal and Illegals. This one I include here in the complete text:
The Bush cabal and illegals (emphasis added) House lawmakers realize that Americans want no immigration surges, yet however strongly we voice opposition to forced population increases, the Bush cabal persists in attempting to ram in more illegal aliens ("Bush plan panned as rewarding illegal aliens," Nation, Thursday). Just as pre-emptively occupying a foreign country results in its bondage, pushing such foreign occupation on America would result in our oppression. Americans overwhelmingly know it would deprive us of our self-determination and future. Then there's crime. President Bush admits that one in 12 illegals has a criminal record; the Government Accountability Office states that non-nationals make up 27 percent of the federal prison population; Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, reports that illegals murder 12 Americans and kill 13 more in drunken driving daily; and the Violent Crimes Institute finds that illegals commit 1 million sex crimes annually. That's just the beginning. In truth, the fiction of cheap foreign labor decimates America's resources and impoverishes citizens. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has determined that low-skill households get $3 from citizen-worker-funded welfare benefits for every dollar they pay in taxes. We are being inundated with millions of uneducated foreign nationals who neither comprehend our language, share our culture nor subscribe to our laws. M.L. PINKARD Lafayette, Calif.
And I might add, the mass of illegals have no intention of learning our language, or assimilating into our culture because they know that by their sheer numbers they will eventually break us to their will. If they cannot break us, then the SPP superhighway will. Additionally on the immigration front, let me mention Immigration reformists tip support to a Norwood ally by Jerry Seper. Seper must be the resident expert on illegal and legal immigration at the Washington Times. His work is excellent and cutting-edge. On the counter-jihad front, good things are happening as you will find out if you stop by the Gates of Vienna and read UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit. Also, for a delineation of what our government representatives have in store for us along with all the "hate speech" laws designed to shut you, me, and everyone else up, please see Dymphna's Department of Peace, Love and Understanding. Ever vigilant! Ever free!

Beach Girl's Thinking Blog Award

I owe thanks to Mr. Minority as posted in Mr M Receives a Thinking Blog Award as well as another blogger who will undoubtedly beat me about the head and shoulders for not linking to his blog. Please, beat away and then I can make amends.

The award is such an honor. We type away out here in the hinter-ethers of the net and we know from our readers that we are being read and "heard". For that we are all grateful. We would all like a "larger" voice and if we are really lucky, our readers go on to link to our blog and/or link to respective posts. All of these acts of generosity on the part of our readers encourage us - we would rant anyway, just really encouraging to know that our rantings are being heard. "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear, does it make a sound?"

I want to thank Mr. Minority for awarding me this honor and for his patience in trying to help me post the logo/award icon.

The folks whom I awarded as making me think are:

Adversus/A Western Heart - has several writers and each one will give you something to think about. Also, very good in that there are British as well as perspectives from "down under" to help us Yanks broaden our horizons.

Eternity Road - always clear-thinking here

Gates of Vienna - the place to be to learn what we face in the Jihad Islamist movement to "conquer" the world.

Mr. Minority - Mr. M is where I check in every Sunday evening to get my "sense of proportion, ie, sense of humor" fix for the week. I know Mr. M nominated me but I had nominated him earlier and I'm sure he didn't know it as I didn't follow the "rules."

Voice of the Pacific - Sonnabend has a totally refreshing and irreverent way of ripping all of our knickers. He is funny; he is direct - nobody can evey accuse Sonnabend of diplomacy, thank goodness. He also has a blog radio commentary and he knows how to pin back the ears of those who fall under his microscope!

I know we are to name five but I also want to mention Steve's Hodgepodge. Steve is keyed into the Center for Vigilant Freedom/the 910 Group and he is working to get we bloggers of "lesser" fame together the end of May.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech - Allow Concealed Weapons on Campus

Virginia is a commonwealth which allows people to have concealed weapons permits and with a permit to carry concealed guns just about every place except Court Houses, bars, and apparently some campuses. I learned just now on the news that allowing people to carry concealed weapons (which they can do legally in Virginia with background checks and application to a judge) on campuses is up to the Board of Directors on the respective campuses throughout the Commonwealth. VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) in Blacksburg, Virginia also has a Corps of Cadets, all no doubt with a degree of weapons training. Without knowing the facts in the case - which I doubt we will ever know thoroughly if the facts do not fit the current PC protocols - I would support students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus and in the classrooms. Gunmen do not go on rampages if they think they will meet armed resistance. The town of Orlando, Florida was experiencing many violent acts of rape, muggings, etc against women. The city offered handgun training - on the first day of class approximately 6,000 women showed up for training. The city police offered many classes for the women, publicized how many women were receiving the training, and the attacks went down dramatically - to the tune of a drop of 70%. Why? Bullies will not attack people who may be able to defend themselves. Bullies attack people they know to be defenseless. So, concealed weapons are permited in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We do not need "tighter" laws regarding gun control. We need more law-abiding citizens exercising their rights to carry concealed weapons. When law-abiding citizens are defenseless, they become easy targets. We have the means to defend ourselves and we need to exercise that right given to us in the Second Amendment. Now, to the murderer at Virginia Tech who has been identified as a young Asian male. I would like to speak in defense of young Asian males who may be here in our universities on H-1B student visas. Asian men from the Far East - Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea - are men under pressure for academic excellence. It has been my experience that these men feel the "loss of face" most deeply. So, from my experience, in the cases with which I am familiar, an Asian student who is under pressure and who may - in his mind and based on his tradition - have "failed" his family will take his own life but he will not go on a rampage, chain-lock doors, and shoot down fellow students in a classroom/lecture room. In my experience, young Asian men who may have failed their perception of their family's expectations will take their own life; they will not further bring shame upon their family by killing innocent students essentially held hostage in a classroom. As the story unfolds, I await to see what the officals tells us, especially in light of the two recent bomb threats (April 2 and April 13) at Virginia Tech. Yes, a tragedy; yes, our love and compassion as well as prayer for the families who are grieving tonight for students and faculty killed in the classroom. But I ask you, what would have happened had just one of the students or faculty had a concealed weapon? Like the passengers on Flight 93, if we learn nothing else, we need to learn that we need more armed law-abiding citizens, not fewer! What would have happened had the killer known that he might have come up against armed students? Just speculation but perhaps worth discussion and consideration. I wait to see what the officials will tell us. But fight to keep your gun rights! Fight to keep your weapons! In the NRA, we say that to get our guns, the Left works to "legislate, regulate, and confiscate"! Banning guns won't stop the killing that occurred today! Letting a "terrorist" (as defined by his actions) act without fear of even meeting a legally armed student or faculty member is to open our students and citizens to this kind of terror. [This is terrorism by definition.] How culpable are we when we leave our citizens defenseless? The officials at Virginia Tech could allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus. Perhaps they should re-think their banning of legally licensed concealed weapons carry folks. And print it in big, bold letters in student papers, etc. Let every prospective "murderer" know - at Tech licensed folks - with a letter of approval from the administration of Tech - can carry! [I hear now that the Asian man was Chinese (?) and acted alone. Well, of course...] Let's see how the investigation shakes out - I would speculate that if this student acted alone, then it would seem that he had to pre-stage the chains used to bolt the doors. Now, there will be screams for surveillance cameras. I say not. As an aside, several years ago, I went to a local high school with the thought of perhaps teaching there. I spoke with a lady in the office - reporting that I was on the school campus as required. I asked how the discipline was at the high school. [A young man had killed another young man several years before with a kitchen knife he brought from home. A boy friend-girl friend-boy friend issue.] The lady's response, "Discipline has improved so much now that we have surveillance cameras in the restrooms." Yippee! That made me feel better. For the parents and loved ones of those students and professors murdered today, across America prayers go out to you. We stand by you. I believe that defense is the best offense and, defend ouselves and our students we must. When are we going to get "mad"? When are we going to defend ourselves? When are we going to allow our laws to work for us in our defense? The talking heads are pathetic - get angry, Americans, say ENOUGH! Just one legally armed person in that classroom could have made all the difference! Just the possibility that someone could have been armed in that classroom could have prevented this slaughter! Cowards will not attack armed citizens! Rabid skunks like rabid dogs must be shot - common sense dictates that we come to our senses! I'm hearing Geraldo Rivera now pontificating about the campus running red with blood. When is he going to be taken off the air? Doesn't he know that many of the young men killed today are young Southern men, the ones he so recently disparaged as "Bubba" in the recent killing of two young teenage girls by a drunk driving illegal alien in Virginia Beach. In that, he said that the issue would not even make the news if the murderer's name had been "Bubba" instead of Alfredo Ramos! Good gawd a'mighty! To me, his presense there is an insult to that campus. I can speak to this having spent years in the region during undergraduate school and later. I have sorrow for the families, but, damnit, Americans are not VICTIMS! Americans are fighters! So, again, fight for your rights! And, perhaps, we should not be too fast to point fingers at the Virginia Tech Administration. As my Left Coast operative tells me, the killer's web site indicates that he practiced shooting at Quantico? Go figure! More to learn, indeed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Rainy Sunday on the East Coast - A Call for Prayers

Today is one of those days when living near the beach is just meant for sleeping, staying inside, reading a good book, and saying "the elements made me do it." In truth, I don't need to blame the elements for these choices which I make frequently. May you have a pleasant and restful Sunday; avoid the news as it can raise the blood pressure; avoid the video games which may do Sunday-harm what with all those synapses firing; and ENJOY the company of pets, family, and friends - as long as you are not the one having to go out. God bless you! Today is the day for Fran's Sunday Ruminations at Eternity Road and today's title is "Fran's Sunday Ruminations: Lesser Loves", and so my request seems appropriate there as well as to you, my friends, here. Please take a second in a prayer if you would be so kind for my friend George and for his wife of 53 years along with a prayer for their three children. Today, that family - like many others across America - stand a lonely vigil as the body of George shuts down and the Soul of my friend George prepares for Its journey along Eternity Road. George served his nation in Vietnam; he retired from a long military career. He loved God and worshiped Him daily. George served as a Deacon in his church - his was a voice of calm and reason. George loved and cherished his wife with a humbling purity and she has been his partner throughout the ups and downs that are life. George and his wife lived the Christian life; they walked it and they reared their children to follow along the path they had shared. Soon the body of George will be placed into the ground but not his Soul - not the part that made him George. Having just celebrated Easter, I know God's promise to George and to his family will be fulfilled. As mere mortals, we must give our friend up to God in faith and hold George's family in prayer. As George's family sits and weeps in the sorrow and pain of their loss, clothed in sterile, pale yellow paper garments from the hospital, alone in a dark room hidden from view by a closed door with instructions to those who may enter to wash their hands, slip on plastic gloves, and tap gently on the door - please hold this tiny family in your hearts with love. George and his wife are experiencing now, in these last hours, the most intimate time of their life together - its parting. It is an intimacy none can share - not even their children. And the trumpets sound; the Angels sing: "Up from the grave He arose....." May you look at the loved ones in your life this day and thank God for them, for their love, and for God's generosity - be it ever so humble.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fox News - see Black & White: Hire Bob Parks quick!

It seems today that white folks get hammered as racists for saying the truth on many made-up "racist" issues today. You know, things like, if we are going for equality opportunity, why does it seem like 150% of postal workers are black and only 11 - 13 % of the US population is black? In the name of equal opportunity, why are 99.9% of major league basketball players black? That hardly seems "fair." [Here's a man you need to see! Bob Parks of Black & Right. You owe it to yourself.] So in the television world of "white faced" prime-time news casters or opinionated gossips like Chris Matthews, let's see how a black man would do sittin' in the "white man's" chair and telling the truth to boot. Probably couldn't get hired by the nationals but Bob Parks needs to be in the "big" league. I say hire Bob Parks of Black & White for MSNBC or for other NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN companies who just can't seem to find good, talented "black" folks for their news casts in prime time. Actually, all of those companies would be a "demotion" for Mr. Parks. He has talent to burn. He's ready for prime time. He's like Dennis Miller in that he is perfectly direct and irreverent in just the right places. Actually, I think Fox News would be really smart to get to Bob Parks first and hire him for one of the prime time spots. He'd sure improve the "Fox and Friends" morning show which is "nails across the chalk board" painful to watch. Mr. Parks is smart, articulate, witty. In a word, talented. You can see his videos at Black & Right. Bob Parks is a columnist and producer in Boston. If I can find him, Fox can. Get Bob Parks on national prime time. He is that good! And I want to toss Lester Holt's name in the hat too. I have always liked his handling of the news.

Imus just another "whte-faced" fatality in the unequal world where Heimytown good; nappy-headed ho's bad!

I don't want to get into the Imus "thing" except to say, Ann Coulter has a point in saying public figures make themselves "fair game" for slurs and regular citizens don't. Imus said nothing worse or even close to as bad as the typical music coming out of rappers and other such personages who are wont to slur anything "white". But think back to a time when we were not so "thin-skinned" with our feathers plucked ready for the kettle of boiling water. We had shows such as All in the Family - the dupe, a white man named Archie Bunker; or how about Chico and the Man with Chico the great comedian raking in the Yankee dolla' as Freddie Prince proudly drove his '56 Chevy with the large, foam dice hung over the rear view mirror and the little bobble-headed doggies in the read window. How about the Jeffersons? I know you can name more. More recently, we have lost the funniest commercial - bar none - when the little dog I call "Dinky" was pulled for the adds on Taco Bell. Come on, the dog was cute, his accent was perfect. But some soper thin-skinned Hispanics tossed Dinky on the ash-heep of really great commercials. Yet we have had Will and Grace and not one scream of homophobia from the "gay" crowd. And then there is our little gecko in the Geico commercials but then geckos don't seem to have or need an advocacy group. And then along came the skin-thinner: a prominent baseball club owner (white woman) got reamed because of a conversation over-heard by someone on a commerical flight. Howard Cosell got the boot for saying "look at that little monkey run" during a football game. Now, who in their right mind thinks Howard meant a racial slur? He called his grandkids little monkeys for goodness sake. Rush Limbaugh got canned from a football commentators broadcast for something he said. Help me out here. Give me more examples where the WHITE man/woman has had to bow and scrape the ground for their dreaded racism but I been called Honky, Turkey, and worse. The NCAA, with no authority at all, gives the axe to various college sports teams because of their logos. On that I say, ALL of the teams in the NCAA should have shut the NCAA down. Slam the old boycott on the NCAA for messing in something that was none of their damn business. How stupid is it that the ever-so-sensitive-to-people's-heritage NCAA stripped the feathers from a logo honoring an Indian Brave? That's choice. We're trying to maintain a culture we look up to, ya NCAA bone-heads. But now, When was the last time you heard someone called on the carpet for slinging slurs at poor, institutionally discriminated against, white folk? Name them, please. Most recently we have Geraldo Rivera and his "Bubba", a racist code if ever there was one. Did he have to apologize? Is he still on the air? Of course he's still on the air. Not to give Imus a pass but he was only mimicking rappers. The decision about the Imus case is that MSNBC, noted for their high ratings, especially in the morning, canned the only person who was getting them ratings. My dog gets higher ratings than anyone on MSNBC, And where is Lester Holt? Now he is a good news caster. Fox News has a great news caster - Harris Faulkner - she's good, she happens to have black skin, and she's nobody's "token". I am also pleased to report that she seems to have canned the tons of lip gloss and that makes her even better. Matte lipstick for the news on Fox, ladies. Much better, more professional. You don't see the men layered down with lip gloss - Thank God. Help me out here: what white people have been creamed for what they have said in innocence and some one else has been offended by? And as Rush asked yesterday: where are the "black" faced news folks on MSNBC? We could use some fresh faces instead of Chris Matthews and all his rants. I say get Bob Parks. Get him fast, Black & Right.

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