Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech shootings - what other folks are saying

The shootings at Virginia Tech are too raw for me to engage in detached discourse so I thought I'd share several blogs with you and introduce you to some friends of mine across the ethers, most notably KG and MK who come to my defense upon occasion. [The blogs that are new to me are marked with an **] You won't be sorry you met these folks and you might find what they have to say interesting. So, today, they and their blogs are my gift to you. From KG at Crusader Rabbit, Shootings at schools around the world **From Classically Liberal (CLS), Dozens massacred in gun-free zone. AGAIN! and also, When mass killers meet armed resistance At A Western Heart, from classic essay Nation of Cowards posted by KG. Every American should read this. KG has also linked to the entire essay. From MK at A Western Heart, Take them to the cleaners as well as a post generating much discussion and debate - this one got 'em all riled up, Why are there so many shootings in America? From Sonnabend at Voice of the Pacific, I want my rights back. This one is most sad as it too comes from Australia, once a land with gun rights for its citizens until "they" came to disarm the law-abiding and turned these proud, brave people into easy targets. ** From Clint Heine, non US shootings ** From Blair at Mulholland, Tragedy in Virginia. ** From Sniper, I keep wondering what kind of pussies we, as a society, are raising. Well, aside from the psychotropic castration through the use of ritalin on our young boys, not to mention the general PC whoosification of our men specifically and our society in general through feminization and "getting in touch with your feminine side", anyone have any good answers for Sniper? You may find reading the comments to these posts fruitful as well. And to the European elite who may well see their continent, like France of late, in flames sooner rather than later, I leave you with a graphic posted at Voice of the Pacific from way down under: Virginia Tech. H/T to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for the graphic at Gun Grabbers Already Crawling like Maggots on the Corpses of Their Victims. Check the April 2007 archives, April 16, 2007. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God bless the families and loved ones of those defenseless Souls whose lives were taken so ruthlessly. We cannot make sense of senseless sociopathic acts. We harm ourselves when we try to see reason in the unreasonable and in the insane. Many in America and the world send our love and prayers. Words of consolation and solace have little meaning today. But words are the best we, in our limited human capabilities, can give. As the poet/professor said yesterday at the ceremony at VPI, "We are Virginia Tech."


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