Friday, April 20, 2007

Reply to Liberally Conservative's Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes

The following is my reply to the comments made at Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes. You really should click over there and read the article and comments to get the reason for my response. Looks like the French have a Citizen's Media going - AGORA VOX, The Citizen Media. My Dear Wonderfully Astute "Idiot": You may be characterized as many "things" Mr. Liberally Conservative but "idiot" is far from the mark. Your post has inspired me to write an entire post and I'll respond here and post all at my blog. First, I want to say I agree with Chicago Ray. Well said. Now... Having read the list of issues proclaimed by your readers as having been caused by George W. Bush, Conservatives, and of course, America in It's an Obamanation, I wonder that George W. Bush is not also blamed by parting the Red Sea and perhaps even dictating to Moses what should be written on those rascally stone Tablets. Reading Mr. Obama's remarks makes me think that he wants to be our first fully PC president - flaccid and unable to offend. Bill Clinton was our first "black" president so proclaimed by Toni Morrison. But Barack Hussein Obama has an even greater claim - he could be our first white president who is 50% black. But alas, in our "color-blind" society, black trumps white. Now to the comments at Country Mourns, Barack Obama Trivializes. Let's hear it for the violent nature of American society - sure saved a lot of bacon on the mainland, aka Europe in the big one, WWII, when the fields ran red with American blood; however, FBI/Department of Justice data in 1996 shows that if all black crime were not counted, the crime rate/violence in America at that time - before the open invasion began in force - would be 5.6% of the population making America safer by far than all of Europe at that time. I didn't read of any one blaming the students, but "packing heat" - you betcha, right down to my dainty little ankle holster. Perhaps Mr. Obama trivialized by omission? The out-sourcing jobs, health care, et al talk is an effort of one trying to put the violent madness carried out by a lunatic into a square peg of neat little "talking points"! The fact is that the socialist-marxist policies of the liberal left don't make sense in a society based on individualism and personal hard work based on honor, personal integrity, and principle. You see the outsourcing jobs, et al issues in this case were a "bait-and-switch". "I got nuthin' in my empty suit so let me fall back on the Liberal Left mantra of "distribution of the wealth", "the government (based upon the taxes confiscated from 100,000,000 Americans who actually pay taxes) owes you a living or at least sustenance from cradle to grave and in return - the government owns you! We'll give you an education and when you graduate you won't be able to read your diploma but, what the hey, you don't need to be able to read, think, reason, make informed choices 'cause we'll take care of you." One comment on health care, anyone in America who can't get his child to an emergency room for "tax payer funded health care" - now, that's the idiot. There is no comparison between Dr. King's death and the killings of 32 innocents at Virginia Tech. Dr. King knew his role in American history and he knew the risk. He chose to take that risk and the rest is history. Dr. King would spin in his grave if he knew of the "institutionalized racism/discrimination" in our nation today. Dr. King wanted equality based on character and qualifications/skills; his goal and achievements have been trivialized because the ONLY thing that matters in America today for success is that one's skin-color be anything but white which is perhaps why Mr. Obama - an empty suit playing on color - doesn't exactly shout that he is "white!" Every Liberal is willing to "work with Republicans." That is code for - as long as the Republicans agree with we elite Liberals who know what is best for you and give us what we want in terms of turning all Americans into recipients of the "government nanny state." How's that working for you in Britain by the way? Liberals cannot "work with Republicans." Liberals are for group rights; they deny the individual under the boot of the masses, the boot of group rights. Conservatives live by the ideal of individual rights - we are equal under the law - not as a member of a group: black, white, muslim, short, fat; we are individually equal under the law. That is the essence of our freedoms as Americans, not as hyphens. Those are the freedoms Liberals want to strip us of, our individuality as Americans. So, they turn as many as they can into victims and hence, voters for the welfare dish which leaves a mighty bad taste in the mouth once one sees the slavery found at the bottom of that bowl. To the writer with "beautiful Evangelical Republican Christians" who would be ashamed to know someone like my friend, Liberally Conservative, allow me to suggest those friends then are not Christians or the writer does not understand Christianity. On the root causes of violence in America today - look to Political Correctness/censorship, and a soft-blame-America first Liberalism of indulgence turning people into wards of the state through social welfare which goes a long way toward creating those "idle hands that are the Devil's workshop" scenario. Also, with the welfare state, society took upon itself the role of caregiver and provider, the manly role of husband and father thereby robbing young men of their responsibilities to the women whom they impregnate and the children they sire. It goes on. Plenty of research exists about how the Great Society - by design - destroyed a huge percentage of the black families of America. This destruction has now permeated all ethnic groups and thus our families grow weaker. "Why do they hate us?" after 9/11. Good grief - because they hate our freedoms which they don't have. What cha gonna do? Sit down with a bunch of writhing asps and say, "Hey, what's up? How we gonna get you to like us?" You want root causes - how's this? We've gone PC-loco soft and our enemies are circling in for the kill! Yes, Virginia, there are beings mascarading as humans who want to kill us and destroy our way of life = Western Civilization, our freedoms, our respect for the individual, our values and our principles and why? Just because they think the time is NOW - that we are soft enough. Good grief! I didn't know we still had the touchy-feely "have you hugged your asp today" lads and lassies still drinking the kool-aid after 9/11, Bali, Madrid, London. etc, etc, etc. "Destitution is the root cause of most domestic violence.." Well, yes but that has nothing to do with the heinous crimes against humanity at Virginia Tech, Columbine, or for that matter the Twin Towers. None of the murderers were "poor." Tech is not an inexpensive school and the killer there had a sister at Princeton - so don't trivialize by "generalizing." I think that is what Obama did - trivialized by generalizing and globbing onto the "liberal playbook - talking points 100". Let's be a little truthful here - Cho was a nut case described in Court Orders as an "imminent danger to others." Why wasn't he put in a psychiatric hospital post haste? Any guesses - PC? Diversity where all are not treated equally? Hmmmm.... Cho wasn't politically anything - he was an anti-social, psychopathic personality and that, my friends, is NOT America's fault! Not George W. Bush's fault either, I'd wager! And this I find particularly "rich" - "But, unlike Noah's Ark, those cocooned conservatives will have to harden their hearts and stop up their ears while the world around them drowns" - I might add, as the Liberal Elitist Left pulls the plug out of the good ship USS United States of America. I say "right on" to Chicago Ray and to Liberally Conservative. Great discussion, Don!


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