Monday, April 23, 2007

French Election - Turning Right or turning toward socialism?

With staggering social welfare programs, a government-regulated penchant for more vacations than work, and a rapidly growing Muslim population choosing to sequester itself from France-proper by establishing "Muslim nation-states" within the borders of France, it seems that France and its native-French citizens have some hard choices to make. Before I embark on my post, allow me to share a paragraph from The Traitor by Stephen Coonts. It is a sentiment worth remembering:
"We're in a war against religious fanatics, madmen, who are trying to crack the foundations of Western civilization by murdering the innocent," Jake Grafton said. "The conflict between the demands of secular government and religion has shaped civilization, but Islam has been fossilized, frozen in time. The goon news is that history is on our side - in the long run, religious zealots always lose. The Europeans fought true believers of every stripe for centuries and finally won. Look around you at this city, this nation. France is secular civilization in full flower, and it's worth fighting for."
The presidential election runoff is probably as important to the future of France remaining or reclaiming its status as a Western nation as any decisions its people have made in decades. I understand that "failure" by the United States of America in nearly any endeavor is treated by our European allies as opportunities for economic and regional power within the Middle East but the Middle East and the Islamic Caliphate have moved to France. While many French families retire to the "suburbs" and smaller more "French" towns, the advance of the Islamists dream is turning into reality throughout much of Europe and certainly within France with a 20% Muslim population. What is curious to me is that Europe seems to be sliding whole-heartedly into the darkness that is certain to come if France remains on its present course. I am reluctant to speak too harshly of France in that we doing some sliding into "self-imposed destruction" ourselves. The sooner the West collectively pulls its head out of its butt, the better for all of us who love the freedoms we are still able to hang onto. The point is that reverse-racism is rampant and not confined to skin-tone but has now been swept into the area of religion. If you read here often, you know that I do not subscribe to Islam being a religion but rather a massive political power clothed in religious garb. It is another "ism" which does not mean to do "good" in the world, certainly not the Western world. For the French, please get tough and set a good example, and maybe the rest of the Western World, USA included, will get the gonads to follow you and defend our civilization. On your elections, you will be deciding if you want to continue to support the Islamic invasion and take-over of your nation - a take-over that your tax dollars are supporting, or if you want to set advancing Sharia Law aside and say clearly, "We are a nation that separates church and state. Those we welcome here must learn our language, learn our ways, and abide by OUR laws." From France faces stark presidential choice by Angela Charlton (April 23, 2007):
PARIS -- Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal advanced to a runoff in yesterday's French presidential election, presenting the country with a fundamental left-right choice between a conservative who could push his anxious nation toward painful change and a socialist who would be the country's first female leader... Both Mr. Sarkozy, a Hungarian immigrant's son, and Miss Royal, a military officer's daughter who beat Socialist heavyweights to win her party's nomination, are in their 50s and have traveled long, arduous roads to get to this point. The winner's task will be tough: France is a troubled nation, still haunted by the riots of youths (Islamic thugs - added by me) of North African Muslim origin in poor neighborhoods in 2005. Decades of stubbornly high unemployment, increasing competition from economies such as China's and a sense that France is losing influence in the world made this a passionate campaign. Both Miss Royal and Mr. Sarkozy have promised to restore strength to France, but offer starkly different paths toward that goal. Mr. Sarkozy would loosen labor laws and cut taxes to invigorate the sluggish economy, while Miss Royal would increase government spending and preserve the country's generous worker protections.
It is my understanding that you simply can't fire an employee in France today for any reason. I know I must be exaggerating but that is what I have read. That policy makes for a very weak, non-motivated workforce. France came to the aid of our revolutionaries. For that I have great fondness in my heart for the brave Frenchmen who fought on our side on our soil and for those who lost their lives at our Yorktown. My comments are not criticism but rather are intended as a plea that you will not go quietly into that dark slavery and poverty of an Islamist Caliphate but that you will stand for your nation; for the glories of your past; and for the possibilities of a free future.


Blogger Col. B. Bunny said...

An excellent post. The great puzzle to me is how poorly the nationalist parties do in recent electoral contests. Anywhere. The electorate seems bound and determined not to make any kind of a course change when the evidence is overwhelming that the ship is heading straight for the rocks.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you! Welcome to the beach. I don't know what or where we're going, period.

"The ship is heading straight for the rocks." - In America, it seems that the ship is heading for the rocks and the Democrats are pulling the oars with determination to destroy this nation's integrity and credibility. Will write on this soon.

7:19 PM  
Blogger MK said...

I actually wanted that socialist to win BG. I posted about this a month or so ago, but I feel that the future of the western world lies in the public failure of some European nations. I’d rather we learn from others who get burnt than ourselves get burnt and then have to pick up.

You mentioned in your post that if the French take the conservative route then perhaps the rest of us will also follow, I wish this were so, but I fear it will not have that impact, take Germany for instance, they have a conservative leader at present, however since then the leftists in America, UK or Australia have not changed their ways. In the UK, the leftists are actually gaining ground now, Tony Blair will be put to pastures soon and his replacement if I’m not mistaken is more anti-American than Blair is, the opposition is also anti-American, not that he has a chance which is just as well I suppose. Canada recently also elected conservatives but the left seems even more bolstered. In Australia our leftist opposition is doing so damn well in the polls it’s not funny. New Zealand recently elected leftists.

If the French choose conservatism, good for them, but Conservatism is hard and slow and the benefits are only visible in the long term. In other words, it’s not media worthy, we cannot learn the benefits of it unless we do the research. Leftist ideology however is easy to sell, instant benefits, long term pain. It’s like the buy-now-pay-later ads you see on TV, you never see anyone taking out ads telling you to save and pay cash in two years do you. That, you have to learn on your own.

I hope I am wrong, but from my understanding we are more likely to learn from our own mistakes than from others.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK, I so value the perspectives of you at A Western Heart and Crusader Rabbit. I am so destressed right now that I see dark ages coming.

Perhaps, liberty, freedom, a democratic republic simply take too much work for the citizens and thus they willingly head for the chains of slavery.

It may be that taking responsibility for ourselves, our own, our actions is simply too much work.

I may post with your comment because I don't like for some comments to get lost. Okay - and thank you all down under. You do such good work.

9:11 AM  

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