Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama: punish the rich, punish us all

I like to review the bloggers who have visited my blog or the folks who have clicked over to Conservative Beach Girl from someone else's blog. This is fun and I meet new bloggers all of the time. Well, here's one for all of us. The blog is House of Eratosthenes and the particular post that caught my eye today was Other Art Forms. For me, the post falls nicely in the category of "You can fool all of the people all of the time" and they may or may not be drinking the koolaide. The technique depends on a smooth verbal address with nice - couched meaning phrases - that just flow like silk off of the speaker's tongue and slip into our ears. The phrases seem to mean one thing but, upon reflection, you soon find that the phrases mean just the opposite. In the excellent post, Other Art Forms, our blogger provides a helpful list of what we, as mesmerized "lab rats" tossed into the malstrom of socialism leading to intolerant group-think totalitarianism, will absorb as mana from God Obama and never know we have voted for our own demise. Here's the title of the list: "How To Make Large Numbers Of Someone Reasonable People Do Dumb Things, Without Taking Any Responsibility For Telling Them To Do Any Of It." Hats off to the blogger at House of Eratosthenes. It is a blog well worth taking a look at... Sadly, many of us seem to want to be "fooled" all of the time and for those who don't, Obama is saying what he means, just saying it "softly". I wonder when the American people will begin to walk out of the haze and platitudes that are blinding us. You see, when the government "punishes" the rich, there is no need to aspire to reach higher levels of accomplishment, no need for the American Dream, and punishing the rich, punishes all of us from the folks who produce products the rich buy to the folks who maintain the rich folks yachts, cater their parties, make their furniture, and on it goes to the folks who the rich hire or the companies the rich create that employ hundreds of Americans. Want to see unemployment rise - yes, says the government - then punish the rich... Punish the rich and the government punishes us all while Obama rises from president to csar...

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Netanyahu is back in Israel!

BeBe Netanyahu is back or nearly back a the Prime Minister of Israel. Whoo hoo! But, nothing unusual here, the head of the opposition, Livni shuns Netanyahu coalition offer, does not want to join forces with Netanyahu. Don't the far-left bleeding heart liberals in Israel understand that Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups want to wipe Israel off the map? And these groups don't care if the Israeli is liberal, conservative, man, woman, or child. Just being Jewish is enough to qualify for extermination at the hands of Hezbollah, Hamas, or any other Islamic group/state in the Middle East. One should not be confused and call those folks Islamic "extremists". That is not "extremism" to them; eradicating / removing Israelis and all Jewish folks is the fundamental goal. The US is giving $900,000,000 ($900 million) to help the terrorist-sponsoring Palistinean (sp) folks as they try to establish a "country" including the West Bank and Gaza. Obama promises to be vigorous in establishing the hotbed of Muslim tolerance "nation" toward the non-Muslim Israelis. That is very Islamic of him using our tax payer dollars to support the quasi-religion/political ideology of cradle-to-grave control in establishing yet one more "Islamic Republic" in the Middle East. This answers one of my earlier questions; we do seem to be supporting Islamic terrorists - outright with tax dollars. My money is on Netanyahu! If you could buy stock in Iran's centrifuges, could be a nice time to buy "short". At last a MAN to stand for Israel, a MAN who has not been castrated by the hideous and insidious evils of "political correctness." A MAN who could actually strike a blow against the hoard over-running Europe while he is protecting Israelis as well. Israel may survive under Netanyahu. But the United States of America surviving under the present "new" administration- Obama, Pelosi, and Reid converging as the leaders of the "perfect storm" - not so sure mainly because it is happening so fast we can't get our arms around it. God bless Netanyahu... God bless the Israelis who support BeBe. Not only are Obama, Pelosi, and Reid smugly dropping Americans over the cliff into universal poverty, they are also using our tax dollars to support Islamic terrorists. Hey, tax dollars to Hamas = tax dollars to Islamic terrorists. Excuse me, the PC term now is "extremists" all by itself. Neither our president or our Homeland Security csar will mention Islamic and terrorist or extremist in the same phrase.

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Obama to end Charitable Giving Deduction?

Obama is off to a good start at destroying American economy and slapping chains on the kiddies. I was wrong. Obama is not set to destroy the middle class. He is set to remake the United States of America into the United Soviet North American Union or the totalitarian tyranny of Iran. Obama is attacking the very principles of free enterprise, see Obama's attack on business and all of us who make the US work. Obama doesn't want us to "make US work"; he wants to make us dependent upon government - BIG, really BIG government...and by "dependent", I mean enslaved. Remember Obama is NOT, I repeat NOT, an African American whose forebearers came up through slavery; who travelled the "underground" railroad. He has NONE of that heritage; not one solitary speck of that proud heritage. He is the son of a mom who was a pure Marxist down to her toes; the son of a man from Kenya who came to the United States and got a good education here; the stepson of a Muslim man who ensured the Obama was raised as a Muslim from ages 6 - 10 when he lived in Indonesia. Obama has used his skin color - being 1/2 white and 1/2 black - as a ploy or tool to say, "Hey, I'm black like you." Not a chance. Keep in mind above all else, Obama put himself into the one-party politics of Illinois and plans to use tax dollars in the form of this "Stimulus bill" to institute one-party politics across the US. But I digress. I heard yesterday on what remains of Radio Free America that Csar Obama plans to end the tax deduction we have had on "charitable" giving. Question: Does that include our tithes and offerings that we give to our churches? If so, that is one way to destroy our churches - another major step of the Bolshevik Revolution. Oh, Russia still has churches but heavily "state" controlled. Now, aside from a possible major attack on our churches only means of "income", that would also mean we would have few funds to repair our churches to avoid deterioration of the buildings, et al. Very Islamic Republicish of Obama... A Christian church can exist in Turkey or Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic Republic BUT - and here is the similarity - the members of the given church are banned by Islamic/Sharia Law from repairing the church. Yes, BANNED from repairing the church. So, the Christian church members can worship in their church but if a storm creates a hole in the roof causing the roof to leak in, let's say, the sanctuary, the church members CANNOT repair the leak. The church, over time, falls into disrepair and may or may not continue to function. That is for existing churches. No new Christian churchs can be built in Islamic Republics. Arguably there is "freedom" of religion in Islamic Republics but one has to pay a tax for attending a Christian church and no churches can be repaired; no new ones can be built. Is Obama attacking our churches and synagogues? Does the elimination of deductions for "tithes and offerings" along with the elimination for other "charitable giving" mean an all-out attack by our government AGAINST our churches? Now that's a creative way to "get rid" of our churches and weaken our individual strength and access to the worship and fellowship that our churches provide. Does anyone know? Does the Obama scheme to turn us into a socialist or fascist glob and make everyone more dependent upon the federal government by removing the "charitable giving deduction" include our tithes and offerings? Why is it, again, that huge mosque is being built in London? To be the center of political government in England as it turns to Islam and submission to the mullahs. Because Islam is a political ideology/party, I would suspect donations to mosques would not fall under the broad category of "charitable" giving. I am certain there would be a loop-hole to allow for the deduction of contributions to mosques as "business" expenses or some such or deductions advancing "diversity". Why is a huge mosque being built outside of San Diego, CA? Perhaps those of us who can read English should read up on Black Liberation Theology and also on the guidelines of Saul Alinsky. Under Obama's proposed "plan", does "charitable giving" include tithes and offerings to churches? Anyone know?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stock Market has Obama fatigue

President Obama, pah-lease, enough with the speeches already. The stock market has Obama fatigue. I have Obama fatigue. Honest to goodness, I watched the market this afternoon as the president spoke and it dropped like smoke or a mist over a lake. When Obama talks, the stock market drops! Obama, please STOP TALKING at least on international TV. The market has dropped 1,000 points since Obama took office. And we still have an Islamist terrorist attack to look forward to within the next 6 months or so we have been warned. Who would waste time attacking us when our own Congress and the new administration are pounding in the nails as fast as they can? Well, no worries, the stock market won't be worth much by then at the rate the Dems are spending. A trillion dollars or more in the first month all designed to buy votes for the Democrats in 2010 and 2012. Good grief! By the way, can anyone tell me - are we really sending tax payer dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah? Say it isn't so... How much are lobotomies going for these days? Are they part of the health care program? The last step before euthanasia? Great... That is one way to cut back on health care costs. Abortions for the pre-born and euthanasia for the older folks - sounds like a good universal health care program the Dems can believe in... Have a good evening everyone. I'm going to watch a few reruns of NCIS.

Political Pistachio: States' Rights and Radio too!

Just in from Thunder Pig, Celebrating two year anniversary of Political Pistachio Radio. Congratulations to Doug and all of his Political Pistachio guests and listeners. Whoo hoo! Here's a post you may find helpful about the measures some 22 states are taking to stem the tide of the "massive takeover of the federal government". At Political Pistaschio, Doug wrote So what are we going to do about the Massive Takeover by the Federal Government?. Doug includes the numbers of two pieces of legislation from two states that say "Enough is enough!" to the intrusion of the federal government. We can and should pass this info on to our delegates and state senators. Congratulations Political Pistachio Talk Radio! H/T to Thunder Pig!

Obama: Address to Congress, Part II - the Big 3

Allow me to finish up comments on Obama's Address to Congress by mentioning the Big 3 Automanufacturers in America. The big American 4x4 trucks, et al, are as American as motherhood, apple pie, and church on Sunday. The government money to the Big 3 simply is a sop to the unions and a camel's nose under the tent to force the Big 3 to make the cars Congress wants them to make and the same cars that Americans do not want to buy for a kazillion reasons. I'll just mention two. 1) Mexican truckers streaming across our interstate highways. Please, if government wants to help Americans, put big reflector signs on these trucks that identify them as coming in from Mexico so we drivers can stay clear of them. We need to appreciate that our nation is designed to be just two taco stands between narco-Mexico and Canada but identifying the trucks would go along way to helping us defend ourselves on the highway. 2) We don't want those little "beer can" thin green cars. Why? Well, for one thing, 12,000 AMERICANS are killed on our highways every year as a result of illegal Mexican aliens driving drunk on our highways. We need Humvees for goodness sake. If the federal government wants to do something for me, give me the money to buy a Hummer - in small please. About the illegal Mexican alien drunk drivers, Heraldo Rivera says it is just a cultural thing that WE have to accept. Ha! We Americans don't want those lame death-trap green cars, especially not when our elected DC demagogues are driving around in limos we pay for. Not exactly much "fairness" there...

Obama: Address to Congress

Last night, February 24, 2009, President Barack Obama brought his massive spending bill, more to follow shortly, to the Congress. Our president seems like a likeable guy. Of course, he gave a flawless "speech" with humor and a serious tone. I applaud Harvard Law and all of the elitist education his grandparents provided him along the way. In Hawaii and the northeast, our president received the same sort of education that would have been the heritage of the Kennedys and others so no surprises on his eloquence. But the spending in just ONE month. We'll see how the markets respond today. Could go either way... And the jab that it was an economy his administration inherited? Not so... It is a housing mortgage meltdown Congress created through legislation. The bill just came due. About the market. It's difficult for we the little people to remember that when the "big" money men and women are selling-off in a 7,350 market, they are trading in millions of shares and making millions of dollars. Call it what you like - we are buying our way into massive government intrusion and into "progressive socialism". I'm with the governor of LA - the American PEOPLE can do anything. I want to see the Department of Education shut down and education given over to the states where it belongs. Yes, I'm a States' Rights kinda girl and I've read the US Constitution more than once, even underlined the good parts. No need to go through the president's presentation bit-by-bit (how's that bit feeling in your mouth?) but as a point of clarification, I must point out that the slam against banks and lending agencies (mortgage companies) for handing out loans to folks who couldn't ever pay off the loan is a tad misplaced aim at the bankers and lenders and rather disingenuous as in a pure fabrication of what really caused the mortgage meltdown and slammed our economy. Let me say, the American people can achieve anything but unlike Rush Limbaugh, it is a little more difficult when the government ties both of our hands behind our backs. Here's what happened and where our president "re-wrote the truth." In 1977 Jimmy Carter signed the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. [Search here for Community Reinvestment for more posts.] ACORN came along and so did many "carpet baggers" with law degrees tucked under their arms who were hired under federal or state grant funding to be "community organizers" - sounds so Leninist with significant help from the "teachings" of Saul Alinsky. These lawyers cut their teeth on teaching community agitation groups how to intimidate banks and lenders in fear of lawsuits into loaning money/mortgages to people who could never pay the mortgages back. Never, ever pay them back. There was cruelty in this ploy because some of these folks - I believe - were used by the community groups and the lawyers as pawns to undermine sound business practices. The key to undermining sound business practices was through forced, federal legislation. Then along came a few more presidents after Jimmy Carter - Clinton signed some significant changes / enhancements to the 1977 act and the banks and lenders were forced to loan money to folks who again could not repay the loans. Bush 2 pushed too and I believe I remember him saying once that more minorities now "owned" homes than ever before - including a few illegals along the way. Home ownership is a proud time and a step upon the ladder of success in the American Dream but it is brutally cruel to loan money to a couple who do have their dreams when every indicator is that the bank or lender will eventually be forced to foreclose - take the house back, ie, toxic debt. The president pounded on the banks and lenders last night for their bad, risky business practices when in fact many of the men and women in the House of Representatives chamber last night had voted for the very legislation that forced/strong-armed those very banks and lenders to make those risky loans and to perpetrate acts of cruelty upon Americans who simply don't need to be political pawns any longer. And if that insult is not enough, our president - as a young community organizer lawyer - used that very legislation to "threaten" or strong-arm lenders into slitting their own throats or face intimidation in court. "Sleep with the devil (big government), take his money like a whore, and you'll become his bitches" in the famous words ascribed to Queen Elizabeth I in the Golden Age, "my bitches wear my colors." You mayors and governors out there who are no longer accountable to the people who elected you in their respective states but who are now accountable to the President for those tax dollars - my that was a little head-turning. Hmmm... What I found interesting about last night was in the attire and demeanor of the two most powerful women in Washington, DC. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, really looked classy in her beautiful purple dress. Great style. I would have gone for a light jacket since I'm more business than sleeveless on such occasions but our First Lady looked great. Really stunning. I was also impressed that the First Family's daughters were not there. It is a school night after all... One has to lead by example. But the wealthiest woman or perhaps person on Capitol Hill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore what - a baby-puke green from what long ago era? Come on, Nancy. A little more class, especially if we are forced to see you all throughout the President's address. Eeeh gads! Maybe cream beige and pink imperial pearls with a silk navy blue business blouse. Even "Dress for Success" from its own era would have given you more style tips. I must mention one point for Secretary of State Clinton - your hair looks much better a tad longer as it was last night but please trash the pink. It is just not a good look for you. You are much more stately than that. I suppose the women like to wear colors that make them stand out for TV in that sea of men's dark business suits but go dark business suit with skirts, not pants suits, and that will be very powerful. Much more powerful than Easter Egg pink. Have you ever seen/watched a cat charm a bird before pouncing? Not sure but I think the mayors and governors of our several states have been put on notice - they are in the catbird seat/pan and the water surrounding them from Washington, D.C. is beginning to come to a rolling boil. They are accountable to US. Perhaps the president's threat - "Take the federal money we are forcing on you and you work for me!" Where is Governor George Allen when we need him? I recall one time he turned down money from the Feds because of the control it would give them in Virginia. Atta boy, Governor... God bless our men and women in uniform and God bless the American people. We cannot do much about D.C. or the market but we can watch our finances, be responsible, and read to/with our children. Buy some of Dr. Lynn Cheney's children's books on our history - that's a good place to start. We could all use a refresher course on our Constitution and our founding principles of freedom and personal responsibility. One little word on "nationalizing" the banks. That is the first thing the Soviets, under Lenin, did when they took over Russia. The first step. What a warm and fuzzy feeling but we have been assured that Uncle Sam will NOT nationalize the banks. I'd just like my 401K back to what it was a few months ago...but wait, the federal government may take over our 401Ks. Is that true or just rumor disguised as a "trial baloon?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama: Killing us softly with bailouts!

Can't count the thousands of dollars average, hardworking Americans have lost due to Obama's policies (of course, Paulson and Bush 2 started the ball rolling). But on a more cheerful note - all you folks who were counting on living off of your dividends and small capital gains, the good news is you won't have to pay taxes on the dividends and capital gains you won't be getting. Think how fast this has happened. Billy "bad domestic terrorist" Ayers said it was so wrong for Obama to send 17,000 troops to Afghanistan and that he, Bill Ayers, was sad to see such a promising young administration do itself such harm as to possibly cause Obama to be a one-term president. Not to worry, Bill. Obama is scheduled to become the first president of the New World Order - so carefully sculpted by our last three presidents at the very least. He plans for US citizens to write personal income tax checks to the UN. But wait, soon we won't have any income... Once Obama has totally destroyed the US economy - when all the trees have been chopped down to print worthless money - then he'll move on to a better job. Total world tyranny. Don't have to worry about being "politically correct" because freedom of speech is on the way out anyway. The Islamists and their panderers are seeing to that. And Happy Hillary is begging the Chinese to buy the rest of the United States - the part they didn't buy under Presidents Clinton and Bush 2. I don't know if we'll survive one term of Obama but then our current Congress doesn't seem to want us to survive anyway. There is no free lunch, boys and girls. SOCIALISM is a bitter pill to swallow because in this economy BS talks, and money walks. I just don't know where... Follow what Joel Osteen says and we'll get through this. It's like the Bolshevik Revolution but no one invited the rest of us. First nationalize the banks to get the ball rolling. I hope there is a Hell for the likes of San Fran Nan and slot machine Harry not to mention Barney in the House and Chris in the Senate. Don't try to figure out how much money you have lost of your savings. It's easier to count how fast it happened.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama: Destroy the middle-class! Change you believed in!

Yes, boys and girls, an Islamist terrorist attack could not do to our economy what Mr. Obama, building on the foundation of Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1972 and a few additions during the Bush - Clinton - Bush years, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid plan for our demise. Before the election, I mentioned that the reaction of the stock market would tell us a great deal about the choice the nation and many of the nation's non-tax payers made. If you voted for Mr. Obama and you don't pay taxes and the small company you work for has been forced to lay-off people including you - don't blame anyone but yourself. You bought it. So, how's it working out for you folks in Iowa who opened the door for SOCIALISM and the green glob of tyranny more fully inaugurated under the Homeland Security Acts, et al? The NEW WORLD ORDER marches on, over us and gobbling our savings. Speaking of those investments you Seniors were planning to live on during your retirement - you can kiss that goodbye as you watch your pension plans and 401K plans tank. But you elected the messiah and soon you may be getting the bread he rations out to you along with the rationed health care. I wrote long ago that once we turn from the sanctity of life and kill our pre-born children so wantonly, it is an easy path to killing our elderly and handicapped at the behest of a bureaucrat. For me, when we starved and dehydrated Terri Shiavo - we finally crossed that dangerous line about honoring life. Back to, back to... To my friends, I find it difficult to post on the monstrosity that our government is subjecting us to, the slavery that will be imposed upon our children once we have been stripped of our earnings and savings and have ourselves been thrown into poverty. And of course, I cannot even speak to the government support of illegal aliens. Note, don't travel to Phoenix, AZ - second highest kidnapping rate in the world, surpassed only by Mexico City. But, there is hope. I have listened to Joel Osteen lately as wells as Bishop Eddie Long. Both ministers, both different in style, but BOTH pressing the point that we need to turn to our faith, to take care of our finances, and to take responsibility for our lives and our choices. God bless you... Remember, 2010 elections are right around the corner and some of this harm can be repaired if we still have freedom of speech and our constitution. Keep in mind, the "mess" we are in is self-inflicted and lays at the feet of the politicians we have elected

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama: Attack on the middle class: full-steam ahead!

At the beginning, allow me to make this clear. The domenstic financial terrorist attack against Americans by their government and government leaders is in full sway and has been building since the 1913s aided, of course, by the Socialist International - the comrades who started and have been working for the destruction of our free capitalist system. One cannot dismiss the hand that many of our Presidents have had in playing their part and of course the Socialist Democrat Party power folks have been working mightily to bring about the financial collapse we are now experiencing. The first thing Lenin and his boys did in Russia was to nationalize the banks. That is the talk in DC now. Nationalize our banks. The unions are all for the nationalization of our industries - those we have remaining. Osama bin Ladin threw the stock market for a spin down to 9,000 or so but we recovered and got back to 13, 14, and heading for 15,000. But wait - too much money in the hands of the "little people". Now, thanks to Barney Franks, Chris "nationalize the banks" Dodd, and others including Jimmy Carter, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2, our stock market is under 7,500. That's a big double punch from the government aimed directly at the middle class and our 401K programs we "saved" our earnings for, not wanting to be dependent upon the government or its god Obama. And all triggered by little old Jimmy Carters Community Reinvestment Act of 1972. The government leaders decided to juice it up and force banks to lend to folks who could not pay for mortgages. Bank and mortgage lenders were also helped along in this most insane of business practices by ACORN - the community agitators helped by Barack Obama when he was but a wee lad of a lawyer in teaching them how to intimidate and threaten institutions with law suits. We are where we are today - with our god Obama and the Stimulus Bill right out of Kafka - punishing all of us who worked hard and believed that they were be able to live on the fruits of their sacrifice. Do you feel like you've been played for a fool? Well, if not yet, stick around a bit and you might find that the goal is the end of capitalism and free enterprise. The goal is government run collectives - call it any name you like but it is still Socialism. Will the "mark of the beast" be a tattoo on your arm, a chip implanted into your new baby at birth, a chip in your neck, or will the mark of the beast be the PIN number accessing all of your remaining accounts that is given to you and controlled by the government. The Socialist Democrats - whom I disguish from general helpless Democrats - are on a high right now. The battle cry for Conservatives in 2010 should be, "Death to the Stimulus Bill - H.R. 1" only problem is that there are more "stimulus" bills - read government take-overs in the works as I type. Stalin was successful in destroying Russian initiative by nationalizing the banks first and getting his "national police" force in full swing. When you hear of the power of Obama's National Civilian Security Force - stronger, as he said, than our military, then you will know that our people will then be under "civilian martial" law. Think it can't happen here? Think back to jeremiah wright, jr's tirades. Obama's mentor. Crush the white middle class and "make 'em pay." Hey, we have been paying for a very long time. And a bit of an aside... And BeBe is back in Israel! Thank God... Maybe Israel will lead the way out of the mind-fogging and brain-blinding state we are in! Maybe Israel will ultimately save Europe from the domination of Imperial Islam - for the sake of PC, that would be "political Islam." With our new leadership, I don't think the US will come to the aid of anyone but the Islamists so, Israel - God is on your side! All you middle class folks high on "hope" and looking at your jobs and your building 401Ks - how's that hope working for you now that the government and government-led regulations have robbed you of tens of thousands of retirement savings. Feeling good about that "vote for hope?" Guess the market is voting with its feet. I wrote earlier that the market was the indicator to watch but I didn't think it would get this bad... I say buy some good stocks now, as much as you can and hang on. This too shall pass.... We have another election in 2010.. 2010 - time to retire ALL the folks who voted for the Obama "punish honest Americans, living within their means" bill. That All includes Specter, Collins, and Snowe in the Senate.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama, Pelosi, Reid: The Socialist Trifecta

Yes, we have SOCIALISM and soon rationed health care. Yes, I watched the closing "debate" in the Senate against the "Stimulus Package" legislation. And for the first time when I was watching I heard the truth from Senator Coburn, a Republican. He is an MD as well so he has had a "real" job unlike many in the US Senate or the careerists in the House. Senator Coburn held up the 1,100 page "bill" and said not one person who was voting on the legislation had read it. No doubt true since they had had it in their possession for less than 24 hours. Senator Coburn also held up the small copy of the US Constitution and he said from the floor of the Senate that anyone who votes for that legislation is betraying "his/her" oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He went on to refer us as well to the ennumerated powers. As simple question: if Senators and Congressmen who voted for the bill have betrayed their sworn oath of office, what has the man who signs it into law done by signing it? I had the chance, the honor, to hear Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama speak for two minutes, essentially, Senator Sessions said that he had had his say earlier in the debate but that he only needed two minutes to say that he could not and would not vote for legislation that put us clearly on the path to SOCIALISM. When Obama signs this and a few years down the road, you are faced with "government" health care rationing, remember if you voted for this man. When you are told that your baby must not be given life-saving measures because the prognosis is only for a few years of life and that will cost the "health care" program, don't whine about it. You voted for it. When you see your parents or grandparents denied life-saving health care because of their age, just pull the plug and don't whine. You voted to deny them health care as we have known it. When the "state" pays, they will not keep such people with such cases alive. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are the "evil triplets" of instituting full Socialism into the United States. ALL of your medical history is now being put on computer to be linked into a national database. So, no doctor-patient confidentiality. When Obama institutes His National Civilian Police Force, a spy in every borough, a force as strong as our military to act within our nation against American citizens, not against "illegals", to act against certain ethnic groups and not against others, read about Stalin. It'll be too late but then you'll see how it all happened. And don't forget about ACORN - the community agitators - who are getting your tax dollars to continue their alledged voter registration methodology. The good news is that God knows the outcome and we, the people, shall come out victorious. The important thing now is to watch your personal finances. Seniors have been crippled with the trillion dollars in savings they have lost but younger folks still have a chance. Somehow 54% of voters - real or imagined - voted for SOCIALISM. I still can't believe that but on the other hand, look at our school system and the uneducated children we are turning out unable to even read their high school diploma and yet they can vote? God bless America. I hope we don't have to hit bottom because the climb back out could be a nasty climb. As an aside, with the Socialist Democrat Party of America working to dominate America and the Islamic fundamentalists sworn to dominate us and the world - who would you put your money on to win that little dust up? Oh, on the stimulus package - all they needed to do to get capital/private capital back into the market was to end the capital gains tax and reduce the taxes on businesses from 35% to 15%. Money would come flooding back in but that is not their goal. A weakened America is the goal of all those who signed the Stimulus Package, including the three RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators - Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow, and Collins, I believe. It is no longer "power to the people"; the people got sucker-punched...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama: Jimmy Carter is back!

Yes, my friends, Jimmy Carter is back in the White House with that same rural pastor voice imitation when Obama wants to turn it on and "really" talk down to us. I watched President Obama give his first "news" press conference the other night and as I listened I heard us, as a nation, being set-up to have low expectations of this most uplifting of administrations, I mean political campaigns. Unlike former President Carter, Obama has not started off blaming us for these "low" expectations caused by this dark cloud of doom and gloom that is spreading across the land - all the blame can be put at the feet of Congress and very bad legislation with a tad bit of blame going to this previous, present, and future debt. Debt in the trillions equals slavery for our children and grandchildren and it also means rationed health care for gramma and grandpa. Wait and see! Back to, back to... The Democrats - the left-leaning wing, the over the cliffers - have morphed into the Socialist Democrats and they are and have been working us into slavery for a long time. I will admit that they have not been alone in their march to the "new world order" spoken so highly of by Bush, Clinton, Bush. A far distance from JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?" Now we are into the evil empire of darkness and gloom. Gonna be a rough year, this 2009. First words out of our new president's mouth at his first "news" conference. We have gone from hope and uplifting platitudes to the mantra of "low expectations" and gloom. But, we have to get more private capital back into the market, back into the economic system. Well, scaring everyone to death with predictions of gloom (read Jimma Cartar's "malaise") will not get private money back into the system. I am reading a book of how Stalin came to power in Russia and turned himself into the next tsar as he got rid of all of Lenin's men in the process. Two factors, among others, stand out as the corner stones for Stalin's rise to ultimate power and iron-fisted control: fear of course, but he nationalized the banks, devalued the ruble, and instituted the national secret police with 6 out of every 7 Russians spying on each other. The other major feat was the implementation of serious, blood-letting class warfare. We have to remember that we are American citizens; we work hard and can achieve our goals through hard work; but we cannot depend upon the "government" - that is the big wedge that is being driven into the heart of America. "The government (meaning the hard work of my neighbor) owes me a living." Not so, Henny Penny! What the government gives with one hand it can take away with the other... We must not fall into the trap of falling for the "self-fullfilling prophecy" of our new president. 2009 does not have to be a rough year. If it is, it will be rooted in the Community Reinvestment Act of 1972, thanks Jimmy; and subsequent modifications that have been made to that piece of very bad legislation. God bless us and God bless America... We are a Judeo-Christian nation and we do not have to follow like sheep into slavery. There is no free lunch!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Islamic jihadists end "free speech"

Here's an editorial you should read if you are concerned about freedom of speech and if you are concerned about the "war" to defend Christians and others from radical Islamic fundamentalists. Nat Hentoff has a great, informative, editorial today in the Washington Times - one we need to keep in mind. It is titled The cost of criticizing jihadists. The long and short of it is that Geert Wilders in the Netherlands "is facing a prison term there for 'insulting' Muslims." Boys and girls, it is the offended Muslim who gets to determine the offense. What is so interesting about the Islamic jihadists ploy is that they first commit some offense - kill 3,000 people for example, blow up a night club in Bali, tear apart Bombay, etc - and then scream to the high hills that they have been "offended" when someone calls attention to their action(s). As Hentoff points out, the "non-binding" UN resolution sponsored by the 57 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The only "religion" mentioned deserving of special protection was Islam. Still and all, to many, Islam is not a religion - viewpoints differ of course. Okay - so where is our Organization for the Protection of Freedoms Alliance. What bothers me the most about all this is that I suspect one day Mad Jad or someone like him will pull the trigger and we will have to retaliate in ways we would rather not contemplate. But remember, some of these folks see "talks" as weakness and use the time to prepare to kill us. Our president can sip tea with anyone with whom he desires but nothing comes from that except giving the jihadists more time to prepare. Anyone what to place a bet that Hezbollah is stronger in Lebanon now under UN peace keepers than it was when the Israelis and Hezbollah had their month-long dust up a few years ago? To the seekers of world domination, tea and talk = more time to plot, scheme, and gear-up for the next "attack" against the infidel.

No defense against illegals...

A man defends his land, his family, his home, and gets sued for $32 million dollars. And just exactly why is any judge in the United States of America entertaining this case? Why hasn't it been thrown out on its face and the illegals thrown out too? 'Cuz "we ain't got no private property" rights anymore and 'cuz we have a panty-waist, whuzzy government that will NOT defend the United States of America from invasion, among other things. Read about the plight of rancher, Roger Barnett, who has a 22,000 acre spread in Arizona and has turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol since 1998. Heck, he out to be getting a salary and benefits from the US government, not being sued. Have we lost our minds? Yes. These 16 illegals claim "their" rights were violated as they trespassed onto Mr. Barnett's land while also coincided with their entry into the United States illegally. What kind of order and law-abiding citizenry can such a disinterested government expect? Over and over, we are seeing that the illegals win and American citizens take the hits. God bless Jerry Seper of the Washington Times. Ooh rah, Jerry! By the way, forget about it. Our government is AWOL on defending the US from anyone or anything. Our own Congress has put our retirement programs at risk so why should they care about following their oath to uphold the US Constitution - which some no doubt used as kindling to start their wood-burning fireplaces over Christmas. And Mr. Barnett is a senior-citizen too. Sorry, no help there. He's a white man defending his family, his home, his property. Sorry, no help there either. He's brave and thought he was free but US laws don't protect him any longer.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Obama: A Divided Administration

It is interesting to me how Obama has managed to "hire" so many tax cheats. That's one thing of interest. Another is the trade-off he made with Hillary, more than likely Billy-Bob, about not having a floor-fight at the Socialist Democrat Convention. Anyone but me notice that Hillary now controls ALL foreign policy - overt and covert? Leon Peneta as head of the CIA will certainly have tea with the Head of State - the dear woman needs her briefings too... And Bill meeting with Putin? Mercy - what a charming time the Clintons are having running the New World Government as First Lady Obama selects china patterns. Yes, quite a deal President Obama seems to have made? And about those end-of-term pardons. I say President Obama should pardon Tony Rezko NOW and name him the Director of Housing and Urban Development. Tony has all the quaifications. Make your own list. Awarding contracts, fund raising from foreign lands - whoops - I mean our neighbors in the Middle East. There are more... Just a note: I returned from a long trip, writing and all, and slam - got the flu which I still have. Knocks me out! And as for watching the news - I could not watch Clinton; I'm going to have a difficult 8 years watching a man impersonating a southern pastor - listen to how he talks sometimes - creepy - as he leads us to circle the drain into the chains of SOCIALISM. But we ain't going... No damn way... Remember this - when the terrorists attack, "DO NOT SCREAM for more security! You will be welding the chains of slavery around your own wrists! DEMAND swift punishment for terrorists who are not criminals; they are self-described "warriors, fighting for Allah to kill us." Personally, I don't think Allah gives a flip but these folks want power and terrorism is their methodology, just like the terrorism used by Lenin and his thugs to over-throw Russia. (Reading about Romanovs and Stalin. We - as Americans - cannot give in to fear or intimidation, whatever the source. Enough said...)

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