Friday, April 30, 2010

Ilegals protest in streets; show disrespect for US law...

Tomorrow will be May 1st and the illegals immigrants from Mexico and the SEIU as well as other unions plan on demonstrations for United States citizenship in70 or so cities. Bring on the demonstrations. Let's see them stomp on the American Flag - that's good enough for our domestic terrorist William Ayers a close buddy of our president. We'll see them more than likely attack peaceful protesters demonstrating for the rule of law. For several decades now our federal administrations and even our Congress who Obama says "he's working pretty hard" - does the Congress work for the Executive Branch? So much for the three branches of government, have turned a blind eye to the invasion especially from Mexico. They have endorsed lawlessness and they have encouraged the migration of lawlessness and insurrection from Mexico where it seems to be a pass-time into our nation. I suspect a time will come when there will be a "reckconning" as Doc Holliday once said. That reconning will come when the government of the United States at the federal or more likely the State level will honor their oath of office and will defend our nation and protect our citizens. As most of us know, there is insurrection in Columbia, fostered by the drug cartels and by a revolutionary group. In the United States, we try to solve our differences peacefully. When pushed into a corner, we'll just have to see what happens. In the LA riots some years ago, I must admit, I wanted to stand with the Koreans atop their stores with rifles defending their property from the rioters who simply used the pretext of the "riots" to behave in murderous ways. Remember the truck driver they pulled from the cab of his truck and beat nearly to death and the black Americans who risked their own safety to protect the white truck driver? Those Black Americans were demonstrating the best that is in Americans. The La Raza and SEIU, as well as other groups who plan to demonstrate tomorrow to put "fear" in us and to show us who's who now in America as the lawless thugs demanding all sorts of accommodations. How much support will they get from law-abiding Americans who watch them spit on our flag and riot in our streets. No support and we certainly won't be intimidated. I have one suggestion which of course we cannot do but it would be a nice change. Have police and busses at the end of the protesters' routes. When they get to the end, round them up, get their addresses and a forwarding address in Mexico. Put them on the busses and ship them deep into Mexico. No, they have no freedom of assembly; they have no constitutional protections. They are extortionists and here illegally. We don't need to put them in jail. Just load 'em on the busses and drive them deep into the Mexican territory and drop them off. I'm looking forward to watching them stomp on our flag and demand citizenship. It is time to get tough if we are sovereign nation but then naturally, we know that we are not a sovereign nation any longer; we have weak leadership, the laughing stock of the world. Folks in other nations may bow and do obeisence to our King and Queen or Emperor and Empress or Czar and Czarina but believe me, no one sees our leadership as protecting them should the rubber hit the road. Bring on the amnesty and we'll fight it again; maybe we'll take to the streets in peaceful protest... Unfortunately, I seem to share the respect the illegals have - our government has demonstrated "it" or our leaders have no respect for protecting American citizens and American towns. Remember Hazelton? No honor in upholding their oath which is clearly meaningless to them... Why should they be surprised if we don't respect them? I respect our known external enemies more. At least they are honest in saying that they will destroy us. I hope my perspective changes as I have family history that goes back to 1630 in this nation. I love our nation. I don't know exactly when I became disillusioned. All I know is that it is the American citizens in whom I have trust; it is the men and women who serve in some of our clandestine services whom I trust because of their sacrifice. But our elected leaders deserve nothing except to be removed from office. We don't know how much damage Robert Hanssen did to us through his espionage. How much damage are the far-left liberals now called progressives doing to us? At least one cross is safe in the dessert. God bless you American citizens and those of you here legally working toward citizenship. For the rest, "damn your insurgent selves. We owe you nothing except a one-way trip back to Mexico. You are bringing your corruption with you and you are bringing your insurrection behavior with you. I wonder how long it will be tolerated, your nasty attitudes and behavior...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Italy, "aborted" baby boy abandoned by doctors

baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion. In Italy, a baby boy who was left as waste was found covered by a sheet or cloth. The baby boy survived the abortion. Nearly two days after his tiny body was put aside as waste, a priest who had come to say a prayer over the "aborted" fetus, found the baby boy alive covered by a cloth. In the United States of America, since 1973, we have killed or aborted approximately 53,000,000 (53 million babies who would have had full protection under our laws as American citizens had they been allowed to live.) I do believe that I have been fortunate not to have to have made that type of a decision and I cannot speak to the issues of incest and rape. I can only speak to the 53 million unborn American citizens who we have killed under our "abortion on demand" laws. I cannot speak to how many men who have gone unpunished for raping young girls. Look at this in the context of American citizens killed before they had a chance. I do believe that abortion may be the only answer in some cases but abortion should never be used as "birth control" in such a wanton manner. We have many forms of birth control available. Taking the life of an as yet pre-born American citizen seems like something we will eventually have to pay for. A nation - its character and its values - it is said can be judged upon how that nation treats the most helpless among it; that would be our pre-born infants and our elderly. How much of a chance do you think a Senior citizen has of getting good medical care if a bureaucrat determines from a check-list that the Senior is of no more value to the society? It sickens me that young girls have been raped, gotten pregnant, and then suffered the impact of an abortion. Abortion is not about destroying a few cells. It is about taking a life. Read the article referenced - H/T Matt Drudge. How cold and callous have we become. To wantonly kill our pre-borns. I wonder what we are doing to our young women, our young girls. Aren't they abused again. A friend of mine had an abortion years ago. She shared the experience with me and she says she has never been able to get beyond the fact that she had what would have been "her only son" aborted. We have to do a better job at teaching our young people the value of human life. I don't want these young girls "punished with a baby" as our president says. But a baby should not be viewed as punishment. We have to find a way to our higher principles. We have it in us; we have to find it again. I freely admit that I have not had to make this decision. This post is not intended to blame anyone for the decisions they may have had to make. I just believe we can find a better way than essentially destroying what would amount to 2 thirds of the legal population of California since 1973. The main thing the Communists did was destroy the family because, in the United States for a very long time, the family has been our greatest unit of strength. Destroy the family and you begin to erode the foundation of our nation. We need to appreciate that a fetus is not a redwood tree. We protect them. A human fetus is a human being at a given degree of prenatal development. If allowed to live, it will only become a human being. I have wondered how long we will be allowed to kill so many of our young before we begin to understand that that embryo is a human being, a person; that it is the most defenseless among us; it is someone's child, someone's grandchild. True, we need better education for our young people and we need more responsible young men who will not abandon their children. Our children need to know that actions have consequences and we need to teach them as best as we can the value of human life to us and to the future of our nation. Read the article and realize that perhaps in Italy, Scott Peterson would not be in prison for taking the lives of two people - his wife and his unborn, 8 months into gestation but already named, son. I cannot reconcile that if Lacy Peterson had had a late-term abortion no "murder" would have been involved but when she was murdered by her husband, he was convicted of a double murder, killing two people. I don't know how we can have it both ways. If "Connor" had been aborted he would have somehow been less of a human...of less value because it was the mother's choice? Somewhere in a Catholic prayer there are the words, "Lord have mercy..." We need mercy.

Arizona - defending their citizens and their state

Good for Arizona on their new immigration laws to remove illegal aliens from their state. Good for the citizens of Arizona no matter what ethnicity or creed. They are Americans. It is simple. We are a nation of laws that we all agree to follow or we are not a sovereign nation but a group of states in chaos. Every nation on the planet has immigration laws and Mexico enforces theirs with armed troops on their southern border. The armed troops on their northern border are or seem to be helping the drug cartels. How many elected folks in Mexico are getting drug money kick-backs? And California boycotting Arizona. Well, we knew California was no longer a part of the United States. Their citizens have no protect from the police their taxes pay for. It is rumored that 12,000 American citizens are killed or maimed by illegal immigrants each and every year in the United States. It is about darn time that at least one state starts defending its citizens. Good for the governor of Arizona. The federal government has long since stopped defending our borders or protecting us from the crime invading us from Mexico. What? you think every illegal immigrant just comes here like Mary Poppins looking for an honest day's work? Our federal government should be ashamed. The thing is that in Arizona, the illegal immigrants don't discriminate about whom they hurt. In Arizona and in other states, U.S. citizens are fair game. It's open season against U.S. citizens in Arizona. I'm glad one state has elected folks who will enforce the oath they swore to up-hold. I'll bet there is not ONE leader of any other nation who is afraid of our president or who believes that our president will defend this nation. Our president will get good press and the leaders in others nations must love the way he bows and scrapes before them. But watch out when the rubber meets the road and the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists hit us again. Mark my words. We'll be clamped down under martial law so fast we won't know what hit us. It is not the terrorists we have to fear. It is the "crisis" they will create that will put us in irons. On earning "too much" money. I wonder if the president has a cap that he won't go over... Political correctness has nearly destroyed this nation and our ability to discuss issues crucial to our collective survival as a nation of American citizens. These issues have an impact upon us all and the issues are color-blind. When martial law comes, it will be heavy. Why? Because the only thing our elected people in Washington seem to "fear" are the citizens beyond the beltway. I don't know what will have to happen to knock some sense back into us so that we will understand that we are Americans and most of the rest of the world wants to see us fall. From the behavior coming out of Washington, I don't think the rest of the world could ask for more help than they have in D.C. One woman's opinion but I think Islamic terrorists would be nuts to attack us. Right now they are in the driver's seat and can get anything they want out of the current administration and the current congress. Do you think the current administration would lift a finger to defend Israel? The United States border? You and me in our homes? Don't put any money on it. I don't want to predict how power-hungry the folks in D.C. are. And as average citizens, we have no way of knowing the harm they have already done to us. Just wait until you are denied medical care or denied the right procedures. A friend of mine is from Britain and a friend of hers watched her mother die because the dispensers of health care denied her mother a procedure that could have saved her life. The friend and her husband even offered to pay for the procedure when they learned about it but no, they were not allowed to do that either. Her mother died for need of care under their universal health care program. I don't know what will save us and I don't know how much unraveling has to occur to undo the webs that are being spun for us. We've been falling for a long time but the Progressives never sleep and now they are at the helm. Just remember, "there is no free lunch..." If it is free for you it is being stolen off the plate of someone else... It's all about government controlling us from cradle to grave... So, hooray for the governor and legislature of Arizona. All of her United States citizens are safer tonight...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day of prayer - unconstitutional after 200 years?

Well, to be fair, I found this at the Drudge Report: White House will fight for day of prayer. Mr. Obama may have lied on a number of things but he hasn't lied when he said he would always stand with the Islamists or was it just Muslims. And shame on the military for not allowing Frank Graham to speak. We have now seen two Christian men with strong voices silenced because they told the truth about some aspects or deeds perpetrated in the name of Islam. Christians have done some bad things too for goodness sake and we know about that through history and through our president who cannot stop apologizing for us. I say, keep our money home then. Now to the silencing of two strong voices: The first was Pope Benedict XVI (I think that's correct) and now Frank Graham, the son of the great Billy Graham. I tell you now, a time will come when Christians will have to stand up to the Islamists. They will push their hatred of us upon us and use that hatred against our elected officials. It is fair to say that all Muslims are not Islamists. We have freedom of religion in the United States and until recently, we had freedom of speech. Political correctness stifles much speech but now we have no freedom of speech when it comes to speaking the truth about some violent acts carried out under the name of Islam. Will Muslims stand with Christians and Jews in America to defend our freedoms or have those freedoms already been burned in the ashes of history. How far will the Islamists push? When will we be forced to remove the crosses from our churches? When will we no longer be allowed to wear crosses in America? There is no freedom of religion within Islamic Regimes, not as we think of it. You can have your religion, you can have your churches but you will pay a tax and you are not allowed to repair your church. A day will come when you will be forced to defend our nation and our freedoms. We will be forced to defend ourselves. I do not support violence but what or how do you defend your family and your nation's U.S. Constitution? We have just seen that our president denigrates Israel's leaders at the White House. Do you think he will defend Israel? No, he is more likely to bomb Israel if Israel defends herself from the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mad Jad will push and push until Israel has no choice and then cry that he was attacked by the mean Israelis. God help us! This will have to be played out and a time may come when we have no choice in defending ourselves. Would you stand with Israel or Iran? We know where our president will stand. But it looks like he might stand up for a day of prayer. Muslims pray too so I think if a bunch of Muslims got together and raised holy heck, the Day of Prayer would stand.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Supreme Court nominee: Woman's right to murder pre-born baby.

As the naming of the next Supreme Court Associate Justice is a source of some interest to some folks, it makes little difference. We know the person will not adhere to the U.S. Constitution in which there is no "right" to murder one's unborn children. Personally, I think we are on a collision course with God. Since 1973 we have killed over 53 million unborn babies who would have been American citizens, many with the right to vote. Why are the Democrats so intent on killing or murdering their potential voter base either through abortions or denial of medical care to the elderly? Abortion looms over high court fight. Why? I have never had to make the decision about having an abortion and I do believe that incest, rape, and a few other circumstances should make the procedure available to women during the first tri-mester. But to me, third tri-mester and late-term abortions are murder but that is only my personal opinion, having carried a baby to term. How can one kill the beating heart? Every time abortions are performed we are breaking God's law. We have a president who supports leaving babies who survived late-term abortions out on cold steel gurnies to die. No wonder he will have no trouble denying medical care to grandma or grandpa or to handicapped folks. Here's what we need to do: take over Congress both the House and Senate in 2010, stay away from any violent protests, let SEIU do that; get into Bible-based churches, take care of our own families, non-Hispanic white folks must have more children and set aside their desires to material possessions. The government can and will take your material wealth away from you at the drop of a hat. Who was responsible for our financial melt-down. Well, the government and a few players such as Chris Dodd, perhaps Barney Frank. Frank couldn't be expected to provide oversight when he didn't even know of the male prostitution venture going on in his own home. Come on! This is one woman's opinion but I believe God will call us to task on the abortion issue and on others. And He may call us to task when He says "you shall have no other gods before me. Here I am referring to the Democrats turning the federal government into "god" who dispenses your rations to you. I don't think much about our president. I mean I don't think much about him. We have double standards going on right now. Simply, if one's skin color is black and one is a lackey to the hand outs of the government, one can do and say anything he wants against non-Hispanic white people, one can do them harm and it is probably not a "hate crime", etc. But using my tax dollars to kill unborn American babies is a crime against me. Look for a fire-breathing radical to be put on the bench. Who can stop that? It is said that America does not always get the government she needs but she gets the government she wants or deserves. Time to change. Let's at least get a Speaker of the House who can close their eyes when they sleep. Barbara Boxer is up for re-election in 2010. Obama has already flown out - at our expense - to help her get re-elected. For all the pro-life folks in California including the heavily Catholic electorate; Ms. Boxer is rabid when it comes to a woman killing her unborn children. I have watched her speak on the floor of the Senate on the issue. If you want babies killed no matter the emotional or moral cost to you and your family, Babs is your girl. She's for making you lackeys of the unions and such. She's for illegal immigrants becoming citizens but that is not really an issue these days. That is just a matter of time and you don't need Babs for that. If you want the right to kill the weakest among us, vote for Babs. A nation is known for how it treats its children, its elderly, and the weakest among its citizenry. We aren't doing very well right now. Babs is, in my opinion, unprincipled and a poster girl for killing our pre-born children. It's your choice. Re-electing her will have nothing to do when it comes to a "woman's right" to choose. That's fixed law and will not be changed. It is time for Babs to go and for California to get some new blood in its representation in the Senate. About the Supreme Court nominee: too bad its come down to anatomy and ethnicity. I know Ginsberg probably feels right at home with Ms. Sotomayer (sp) on the court since Sonya is smarter than white men who are as European as Spaniards. I don't know if Sonya is a smart a non-Hispanic white women. Wouldn't it really be difficult to be appointed to the court as an "affirmative action" candidate implying from the get-go that you were inferior. That must smart for a former general attorney for the ACLU. But no worries, the appointment will come from an "affirmative action" president whose entire university records are sealed. Mercy.

Iran has troops in Venezuela. What a shocker!

Yes, our enemies - taking their cues from our Great Leader - are building their military / paramilitary troops in the land of Hugo's dictatorship. Our Dictator in training doesn't have much to learn. How many industries remain for him to take-over. On the CAP and TRADE: did you know that you'll need an EPA sticker on your home if you want to sell your home and you'll have to upgrade all appliances to conform with the CAFE standards, buying these appliances from GE I think. No private property in America any more. How you folks doing in Iowa?

Navy SEAL found NOT guilty.

From Lara Jakes of the AP: Jury clears SEAL in Iraq Abuse Case. Well, thank God. Petty Officer 1ST class Julio Huertas was found NOT guilty. Personally, we should be ashamed of tiring our SEALS and others for doing their jobs. We should be ashamed. We should be giving metals out. Wouldn't it have been just nice if the Marines who found Saddam Hussein had just shot him for resisting arrest? Whoops... We are in danger, so much so that I feel like flying my American flag upside down. The danger is here from the "hate and apologize for America first" crowd right here at home. God Bless to Petty Officer Juertas and his family. I am so sorry you had to endure such madness at the hands of people who have sworn to protect.

Taliban in Pakistan and Pakistan's daily battle for survival

The fighting in the mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan remain a crucial element in our international "war against" radical Islamic jihadists. Pakistan remains in crucial situation. Keeping in mind that both Pakistan and India have nuclear capability and that the Taliban is engaged in a fight with Pakistani forces, the region between Afghanistan and Pakistan remains of vital interest to us. It does not take a military strategist to realize that we will be forced to "bite the bullet" and provide more military involvement in the region. I remain steadfast in my conviction that not one drop of American blood should be sacrificed unless our military are sent into battle to WIN. So far, we and the other nations of the world see our president as weak and as supporting tacitly or through back-channels the work of Islamists. He is much more concerned about destroying our nation from within and - dare I say it - even needs an Islamic terrorist attack here to solidify his power as Dictator in chief. How did it happen so quickly. I'll leave that to the historians but political correctness - thanks Bill and Hill - has a much to do with it all as anything else. Our allies are slowly becoming defenseless while Mad Jad is placing Iraning troops inside of Venezuela or so I'm told. By Bill Gertz: H/T to Michael Savage: Iran boosts GODS Shock Troops in Venezuela. You don't think we'll be fighting them on our streets? We need men in charge; I mean men who support America. Our founding fathers including James Monroe must be looking upon us in awe at how one man is destroying our nation with the help of his sychophantic hand-maidens Pelosi and, hopefully the soon to be used-car salesman Harry Reid. Don't they know that all their money can be gone in a snap and they will have destroyed the chances for / of their grandchildren? Keep an eye on Pakistan and their fight against the Taliban. One day the sane governments of the world will find themselves up against a stronger Islamic Hitler who has "god" on his side according to him and our allies will find that the Islamic Hitler has our Administration on his side too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bertha: flush the bowl and wash your mouth out.

It never surprises that the far left are always screaming "racist" about or toward anyone who doesn't look like them... Former ACORN head calls Tea Parties bowel movement and claims they're coming after you. I agree - ACORN and other non-racists, such as those is the SEIU and let's not forget La Raza, are coming after me because I'm light toned in skin color and have worked in education both in US and overseas to teach American students. We were not color coded in those days and censorship or political correctness had not made it into censoring our speech. Murder was murder and not a "hate" crime. Maybe a man or woman who kills her spouse commits a "hate" crime of the sexist variety. We have lost our collective minds but the likes of Mao and Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia should remind us. Is former ACORN Bertha coming after me and is that what she has in store for me? I pay taxes and probably support her against my will. She should be ashamed of herself for warping the minds of the socialist youth. Folks like that who cry for violence against other races should be hoisted on their own words of "hate speech." Shame on Bertha...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Armed US Troops on Arizona border: it's about damn time!

McCain-Kyl want troops on US-Mexico border.

Well, it's about damn time. But this time let's give 'em ammunition.

We need men like Wyatt Earp - just finished reading a good biography about him. Also just finished on about Doc Holliday. It seems that both men for all of their idiosyncracies believed that they were bringing law and order to the frontier. Too bad we have elected folks who swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution which includes as part of their oath to defend the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic and many of those have recently moved into the White House or so it seems.

It would be nice if some men in America were born with a full set of the anatomy they used to be born with or maybe we could suit up the feminists who have castrated our American men and let them protect the U.S. border. LOL at that image. The coyotes and illegals would rape those fine feminists first and add their cast off clothes to the "rape" tree out in the badlands of Arizona.

The dereliction of duty of our elected slugs is enough to make a person start smoking again. There are more laws against smoking in the US than there are laws to protect legal American citizens from the illegals from Mexico and Central America not to mention China and the Middle East who want to destroy this nation.

Way to go McCain and Kyl. Didn't you have on your "hearing ears" as Judge Judy says during the last presidential election and only the Lord knows how many others.

A nation that cannot or will not defend its borders and gives Miranda rights to Islamic fundamentalists terrorists is no nation at all.

But wait - Obama is being successful. Is that his goal? I guess NATO and Poland are felling safer now too.

Talk about the Chicago "Mafia" thugs taking over the White House. No disrespect intended against the Mafia of TV fame.

Janet Napolitano an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?

How about we wait on that until the "babe" defends our nation from the invasion of illegals. Let's see if she can do one job before giving her another one. She sure didn't defend our nation or the citizens along the border and Hillary declared State Department warnings that Americans were not safe along our border towns.

I feel so secure with the girls in pant suits.

Forget our man-child president. His goals for America are becoming more and more clear. Glad the Europeans "like" him. I wonder how they'll feel when Iran sends a few missiles into Southern France or Italy. We sure won't be there to help. By that time we couldn't find a nuclear submarine if one of our aircraft carriers had one tethered to it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having difficulty with new "editing/compose" in Safari

All was working well with Safari in compose, preview, etc. Now all has gone upside down and backwards. Will have to use Foxfire for reliability it seems. Safari had done a good thing and now who knows???????

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