Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taliban in Pakistan and Pakistan's daily battle for survival

The fighting in the mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan remain a crucial element in our international "war against" radical Islamic jihadists. Pakistan remains in crucial situation. Keeping in mind that both Pakistan and India have nuclear capability and that the Taliban is engaged in a fight with Pakistani forces, the region between Afghanistan and Pakistan remains of vital interest to us. It does not take a military strategist to realize that we will be forced to "bite the bullet" and provide more military involvement in the region. I remain steadfast in my conviction that not one drop of American blood should be sacrificed unless our military are sent into battle to WIN. So far, we and the other nations of the world see our president as weak and as supporting tacitly or through back-channels the work of Islamists. He is much more concerned about destroying our nation from within and - dare I say it - even needs an Islamic terrorist attack here to solidify his power as Dictator in chief. How did it happen so quickly. I'll leave that to the historians but political correctness - thanks Bill and Hill - has a much to do with it all as anything else. Our allies are slowly becoming defenseless while Mad Jad is placing Iraning troops inside of Venezuela or so I'm told. By Bill Gertz: H/T to Michael Savage: Iran boosts GODS Shock Troops in Venezuela. You don't think we'll be fighting them on our streets? We need men in charge; I mean men who support America. Our founding fathers including James Monroe must be looking upon us in awe at how one man is destroying our nation with the help of his sychophantic hand-maidens Pelosi and, hopefully the soon to be used-car salesman Harry Reid. Don't they know that all their money can be gone in a snap and they will have destroyed the chances for / of their grandchildren? Keep an eye on Pakistan and their fight against the Taliban. One day the sane governments of the world will find themselves up against a stronger Islamic Hitler who has "god" on his side according to him and our allies will find that the Islamic Hitler has our Administration on his side too.


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