Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama: Just a puppet on a string

Sadness for us with President Obama just a puppet on a string. The question is who is the puppet master? Whatever Mr. Obama's chance was at demonstrating global leadership is gone with the wind. It is good Lady Margaret Thatcher did not have to depend upon him not "going wobbly." There is no trust in the land and our enemies know it. They will burrow into that weakness and do their best to weaken us more than the current administration is weakening us, a feat that seems rather difficult from here. We are Americans. Nikita Kruchev said, slamming his shoe against a table top, that they, the Communists, would bury us from within. Well, not on our watch. Not gonna happen no matter how many Marxists, Socialists, or Communists are in the White House. We are Americans. We are NOT victims. We do NOT grovel at the foot of government for handouts and two fish a day. No! We defied the King of England and the greatest fighting force of the day. With the help of the French, we became a democratic REPUBLIC. We will not give up our freedom to the empty hand of "hope" and empty rhetoric. We are Americans. We pick ourselves up and we do not steal from other Americans to bow at the feet of tyranny. That sinks all ships. In America, when one family raises itself, all boats are lifted. We are Americans and rugged individualism is in our DNA. As Americans this year of 2010, we must protect our families, cut our expenses where we can, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and not be fooled by the puppet master or the ventriloquist who speaks through the puppet. We must stay focused, alert, and vigilant to our future which is in our hands - and non-violently, vote for change in Nov. 2010.

Obama to replace Jay Leno?

Obama to replace Jay Leno? What a good career opportunity for Obama. God knows he's on TV too much saying much ado about nothing.
Having watched and listened to the entire comedy routine dubbed the "State of the Union" address, Obama has it hands down as the best straight-faced funny man delivering his lies - ahem, lines. He believes we'll fall for it once again when he and his merry band are tramping over the U.S. Constitution and into the Rabbit Hole to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.
Does anyone in D.C. understand the word BROKE?
As an aside, Kudos for the Supreme Court in affirming our right to Freedom of Speech as reported by Brian McAffee: Supreme Court Speech Decision Reveals Democrats Hypocrisy. And Court Decision doesn't harm democracy, it helps it.
But Obama hammers Supreme Court saying that their ruling opened the floodgates for foreign nations and corporations to intervene in our elections. Didn't that happen in 2008?
Well, we know for certain that Obama has a future in stand-up comedy when he leaves office in 2012. Last night he just tried to make nice to we dumb middle class folks who put him in office and who don't want to kill grandma or grandpa or see any of us denied health care as he would have us do. The problem with health care is simply that we are living longer - whoops, so the death panels have to kill us off but we are still being raped through taxes. Yes, a great moral society - killing the preborns before they have a chance and killing the elderly just because government can and because they - the elderly - can no longer fight for themselves. Shame on us.
Hail to the Comedian in Chief! And he said all those lines with a straight face. To get a real read on the "speech", all you needed to do was watch the power-mad features of His Chief of Staff, or so he seemed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama: State of Liberty vs Federal Control 1-27-2010

Liberty is not looking too good right now but it started looking a lot better with the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. Let's see how long they take to seat him in the Senate. Let's see now - 10,000 dollars for how many years for each child in a family who goes to college, qualified or not? Then the Pell Grant Student Loans are forgiven after 10 or 20 years. And He is going to take the $30,000,000,000 - as in 30 billion dollars - that banks have paid back and SPEND it NOT put it in the pot to lower our debt. Aside from having a tax cheat as the Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve operating without oversight or accountability and more secrecy than the CIA, I'd say Democrats don't know much about economics. And PAH-lease. Let's not still drag out that old tired practically mummified dead horse called "the previous administration" - code for President George W. Bush - as the reason for all of the outrageous spending and debt Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have put us and our children into for the next 30 to 60 years. Of course, that is way out there in our American time/thinking but the Chinese or the Islamists may have turned us into a merry old theocracy or dictatorship by then with even less illusion that we ever had a Bill of Rights. Like the enlightened cave-dwelling Taliban macho-macho men who destroyed 1500 year old stone Buddhas, they'll probably light their American-made cigarettes with the tattered shreds of our U.S. Constitution. Mr. Obama said one thing with which I agree. Well, tickle my funny bone! Mercy, Ms. Scarlett, our white president said that there was a "trust deficit" in Washington, D.C. That's where my agreement ends. We don't trust you out here in the Heartland, Mr. President. You remind me of the much beloved Jimmy Carter who has intruded upon the political stage for much too long. The WORST president of our Republic is about to be replaced and that is a worrisome thing. Let's see - it was Jimmy Carter who in the 1970s instituted the Community Reinvestment Act that funded ACORN and by extension Obama's legal work and guidance teaching them how to "game the system" to help folks who could not afford $300,000 homes get the loans anyway. That tricky piece of legislation led to the "housing bubble" that burst and anyone with two brain cells working would have known that would happen. So, yes sirree Bob, there's a big "trust" issue regarding our elected and appointed "elite." Fact is I don't trust them and I especially don't trust dearest San Fran Botox Nan. I have to have some sympathy for her because the poor soul probably hasn't slept in years. Certainly must be tiring to have to keep that smile on her face so's it don't crack. Poor little Marxist. Common sense response to the President's "speech" - I don't trust you; never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing; and I don't want no Marxist government or Islamic Sharia Law neither! I would like the Founding Fathers to start haunting the White House and bringing out the big scary nightmares; walking around in their traditional clothes, carrying candles to light their way. Turning the hot water on and off; making creaky noises when they open and close doors, and hiding newspapers or legislative drafts or, better yet, spilling coffee in those ever so "open to the people" secret meetings of our ever so open and "transparent" government. It's transparent all right, just like a stealth fighter jet or bomber. Yes, no surprise Obama's Administration is the Stealth Administration. Obama said one other morsel of truth. He said that Americans were hard working and that they knew the truth when they heard it/say it. Well, He's right there and we ain't seeing it. We're geared up and getting ready every day for the elections in Nov. 2010. Let's see how many Democrats decide not to run for re-election because their poll numbers are so bad. Keep the pressure on you Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Geert Wilders and Ayatollah Khalaji: prosecuted for speaking the truth?

In the post, Caliphate in waiting, the Baron has once again put his message out. A message that we should all see. For me, it is difficult to follow the inverted logic and tireless work of Islamists as they go about silencing "criticism" of Islam.
You see ANY discussion about Islam or Sharia Law - critical or not - is "criticism" and will be silenced. The House of Representatives has passed a House Resolution - a non-binding agreement that Islam is protected from discussion.
We know that Europe, certainly England is just a step away from becoming an Islamic Republic. Oh, not so as you would notice the largest mosque being built outside of Mecca in Regency Park next to the one being built outside of San Diego but Muslim men are allowed to practice polygamy and their wives receive their welfare checks. How do you think these leacorus leaches of men survive? On the backs of working English men and women, of course.
And now the Honorable Geert Wilders is being prosecuted in Holland for speaking against female mutilation.
But wait, he is not alone in his persecution. He is being prosecuted insanely by what has once been a free and independent nation now in the grips of the mind-meld that Islam and Sharia Law seem to be.
From Iran, we learn that Geert Wilders is not alone in his suffering under the Dutch Government that used to stand for freedom. A news article by Eli Lake may be of interest: Tehran targets outspoken activists' kin.
"Iran's Ministry of Intelligence arrested Ayatollah Khalaji at this home in the holy city of Qom."
" The officials do not give any explanation for why they took him and why they did this," the younger M. Khalaji said in an interview with The Washington Times. "We do not know exactly where he is. We were informed by the special court of Clerics that he was taken to Tehran, but we don't know what to believe." The arrest of Ayatollah Khalaji highlights two trends in Iran as the country's political crisis goes into its seventh month. The regime may now be going after the families of outspoken Iranian Americans (I would prefer Americans of Iranian descent but that's me. Pick a country.) still living in Iran as an intimidation tactic." Mr. Khalaji, who is a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has been outspoken in his criticism of the Iranian regime since the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, summarily declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the June 12 presidential election." (Just for fun, remind me that Islam is NOT a political ideology...dressed in religious more like Bedouin robes.) The arrest of Ayatollah Khalaji also highlights a new campaign against clerics inside the Islamic Republic who have been critical of the state's crackdown on the opposition green movement. (Let me hear it now, in unision - Islam is a religion NOT a political ideology that takes political prisoners.) Ayatollah Khalaji is a disciple of Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri, who spent the last years of his life as a harsh critic of the regime and lived most of those years in Qom under house arrest. Ayatollah Montazeri died in December and many of his followers were arrested in the aftermath of the funeral, which also became a rallying point for the opposition. Another cleric who has been arrested recently is Emad Baghi, who was arrested at Ayatollah Montazeri's funeral." "Mr. Khalaji said he decided to take his case to the media after all options in Iran to appeal the arrest have dried up. "They deprive them from hiring a lawyer and usually a lawyer does not work for political prisoners," he said. "We have no choice but to take this to others." Mr. Khalaji's extended family, including his estranged daughter, was scheduled to visit him. But Mr. Khalaji said their passports and even birth certificates were confiscated by the state authorities. He said he also received anonymous e-mails that urged him to "save himself from his shame" for betraying Islam."
Remember the teenager only screams loudest when he is wrong and is caught. Speaking the TRUTH = betraying Islam? Oh, to recall the days of the Spanish Inquisition or the Reformation.
I say shame on Holland and the Dutch prosecutor for doing the bidding of the Islamic Caliphate he has legalized in his midst; shame on even bringing charges against the Honorable Geert Wilders.
This may sound harsh but when threatened, Churchill had to be firm in his stance for liberty and freedom against tyranny; I agree with Fjordman's comment at the Gates of Vienna post,
It is impossible to win within the framework of the "exporting democracy and freedom" paradigm. We need an entirely new paradigm which says that Islam has no place in any European or Western country and should be forcibly expelled if necessary. Only then can we prevail.
Fjordman is correct and so was the founding father who wrote about freedom of religion something to effect that we have freedom of religion as long as the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing calling itself a religion DOES NOT threaten the very existence of our democratic REPUBLIC. Islam needs a reformation but not on our shores, not in Western nations but in the bed of the troubles - within the Islamic Republics themselves. Followers of Islam living in America need to consider that perhaps they need to return to their Islamic nations and fight their battles there instead of - through silent voices - allowing the slow, insidious creep of Islamic law to bring rot and decay to our Republic and the last remnants of freedom in the West. Our very way of life is being threatened and it is being eroded from under us like ants taking away the bricks and mortar one tiny piece at a time. Seen any piggy banks lately? I do not mean to infer that the prosecution of the Honorable Geert Wilders is like the arrest of the Ayatollah Khalaji. It is not. Khalaji knows he is not free in Iran to voice any opinion nor are his relatives in America. Why are they here exactly when they cannot win their "battle" for freedom from an oppressive regime here? The Honorable Geert Wilders had the presumption of freedom of speech in Holland and when he tried to speak to the British Parliament. But then Prince Charles does seem to like his turbans and robes...or so it seems. While many folks who practice Islam in America are undoubtedly here for the freedom this nation and its laws afford, they may want to consider how they can most effectively fight the theocracies of Islamic Republics. As Edmund Burke said more or less, all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Bottom line - the West will be forced to fight for its democratic republics and its freedoms or watch those freedoms sift through the hourglass of time right through our fingers. We are not winning the "war against terrorism" because we do not have the courage to do what needs to be done and that is meet those who would erode our laws head on. Like the "Flying Imams" and their planned behavior, one day the West will have no choice but to defend itself against a relentless enemy - radical Islam. We won't be given a choice; we'll be pushed. It is their "self-fulling prophecy"; their drive for world domination that will drive us into defending ourselves or see our freedoms lost forever...


Friday, January 22, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General of Virginia

Thirteen or fourteen States Attorneys General are prepared to sue over the health care bill should it become law and to include Senator Ben "give me that bribe" Nelson of Nebraska.
Plan 1:  (there are more references under "13 Attorneys General to sue over health care")  
I am asking Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia to hop on board the train and take it all the way to the Supreme Court.  
Americans are tired of being pushed around by this Administration and its handmaidens, Speaker of the House Pelosi and the still Majority Leader of the Senate Harry "no Negro accent" Reid.
Plan 2 in concert with Plan 1:
The various states of the union should refuse to accept the burden of any more unfunded mandates.  That results in, among other things, federal legislation that raises our local and state taxes without the benefit of our state legislatures voting to increase our taxes.  We have to stop kow-towing to the federal government and its heavy-handed playing fast and loose with our financial stability and our lives.

Democrat Senators for re-election in 2010 & 2012

In 2010, 16 Democrat Senators are up for re-election.  Thus far Senator Dorgan and Senator Dodd have indicated they will not run for the senate seats they currently hold.  I think that is accurate.  Reid of Nevada seems to be in trouble and will not regain his seat if the folks in Nevada maintain their disgust with him.  Barbara Boxer can be beaten in California if the Republicans have a good candidate running for the seat she holds.  
In 2012, 24 Democrat Senators are up for re-election.  Robert Byrd of West Virginia will hold on no matter what unless his health should worsen.  I don't know if Diane Feinstein can be beaten in California but certainly she needs to be.  Senator Ben Nelson, the unconstitutional bribee, probably won't be beaten because he worked out a pretty good deal for the governor of Nebraska and for the citizens by selling his soul to keep them from having to pay for unfunded Medicaid costs built into the Stealth Administration's Death Panel/Denial of Health Care program.
Check the sidebar for the list of Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2010 and 2012.  We can plan our strategy now - it is time to form a plan to run good, solid Constitutionalist Republican candidates NOW.  
Freedom and Liberty will be up against huge union dollars from SEIU to the NEA.  For the NEA, it stopped being about students and a quality education long ago or so it seems.  They are there for the teachers and for power and control over the education our children receive.   

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012

The 24 Democrat Senators up for re-election in the 2012 election are:
Daniel Akaka - Hawaii
Jeff Bingaman - New Mexico
Sherrod Brown - Ohio
Robert "Big Sheets Bird" Byrd - West Virginia
Maria Cantwell - Washington State
Benjamin L. Cardin - Maryland
Thomas Carper - Delaware
Robert P. Casey, Jr. - PA
Kent Conrad - North Dakota (in 2010, Dorgan has already dropped out of a re-election bid)
Dianne Feinstein - California (I believe it is a conflict of interest for Ms. Feinstein to serve on committees in the Senate or to vote on funding that will increase the hundreds' of millions of dollars her husband gets from contracts with China for one place. That would seem to me to be putting a lot of U.S. dollars indirectly in her pockets. Something for Californians to think about. Barbara Boxer is up for re-election in 2010 so Californians have a chance to replace both ladies soon it that is what they want.)
Kirsten E. Gillibrand - New York State
Paul G. Kirk, Jr. - Massachusetts
Amy Klobuchar - Minnesota (home of the esteemed Al Franken; Donna Brazil (sp) had it right - "the one who counts the votes determines the winner.)
Herb Kohl - WI
Joseph Lieberman - Connecticut (He's listed as Independent; he caucuses with the Dems.)
Claire McCaskill - MO
Robert Menendez - New Jersey
Tricky, easily bribed Ben Nelson - Nebraska
Bill Nelson - Florida
Bernard Sanders - Vermont, listed as Independent but he's the only one honest enough to say he's a socialist.
Debbie Stabenow - MI
Jon Tester - Montana
Jim Webb - Virginia (let's not forget how he votes on Death Care or Amnesty coming soon)
Sheldon Whitehouse - Rhode Island
Check out the 16 Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2010. We have a real chance to "take our nation back" and restore rule under the Constitution instead of under Obama's Czars and his pact with labor unions who arguably destroyed our automobile industry.
That's 40 Democrat Senators up for re-election in the next two voting cycles. Some of them have already dropped out - Dorgan, Dodd with more to follow if we keep the pressure up and demand to be heard.
Now is not the time to weaken in our push for Freedom and Liberty over Tyranny.
If all women have the right to choose to kill their unborn babies, I have the right to choose LIFE and health care for myself. Certainly the government through draconian policies cannot take my life away from me. I understand that viable preborn babies have no rights under our current laws - but it is still taxing to realize that a person murdering a pregnant mother will be charged with a double-murder even if the pregnant woman is on her way to have a late-term abortion. Back to....
We don't want to shred our U.S. Constitution and replace it with Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."
There are 9 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2012. That's just the way the mop flops in the Senate as only 1/3rd come up for re-election every two years and each one serves for 6 year terms.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown election: Levers heard 'round the world!

In the honorable tradition in defense of liberty and freedom and standing against tyranny, the voters of Massachusetts pulled the "Levers heard 'round the world."
The Senator-elect Brown election holds many lessons for the GOP in the up-coming 2010 elections and farther out into the 2012 election. Dem Senators up for re-election in 2010. Several will not be running and others we just need to "kick to the curb" non-violently by not voting for them.
Senator-elect Brown himself states in an article by Glen Johnson and Liz Sidoti that the election was much more complicated than simply a referendum on the current Stealth Administration and its handmaidens, Pelosi and Reid.
From the article:

Asked on NBC's "Today" show if the election was a referendum on Obama, he replied, "No, it's bigger than that."

"I just focused on what I did, which is to talk about the issues — terror, taxes and the health care plan," he said. "I don't think it was anything that she did." Brown noted that he was able to establish himself as a strong candidate, traveling across the state "while they were in the middle of their primary. ... People enjoyed the message."

He called the Obama-backed health care system "not good for our state," and said he didn't think the voters would stand for any effort by Democrats to delay seating him in the Senate. Brown said Democrats would pay at the polls in November for any "political chicanery." He also said he believes he offered voters the vision of a public servant who would vote in Washington for whatever is best, "whether it's a good Democratic idea or a Republican idea."

Lessons for the GOP:

GOP analysts will be looking for lessons from the Senator-elect Brown election to identify the key components that enabled Brown to attract Independents, Democrat voters, as well as the Republican voters who threw out Republican Congressmen and Senators in 2006.

I am not a political analyst but here are a few observations from a "boots-on-the-ground" poll watcher who has sat behind the city registrar folks and watched them do their work as voters waited their turn to vote.

1) develop strong candidates from state legislative bodies. Folks who have demonstrated strong, solid voting records that reflect core principles of following our US Constitution as well as State Constitutions.

2) develop strong candidates who have good established experiential backgrounds in military experience and in other key issues such as from the health care industry - Doctors, other medical professionals.

3) train and place poll watchers inside every prescinct voting location.

4) train and man the outside folks (those who hand out literature to voters as they go into the voting location) and ensure that they have several phone numbers at hand. They need the phone numbers of local police, the Republican Party local leader, and the Republican on the "election board".

All of these are needed to ensure that ACORN, SEIU, or folks such as the Black Panthers do not obstruct the voters and do not intimidate them from voting. There is too much federal money and "gifts" going to these organizations and 2010 will be BIG for them. They won't allow what happened in MA to happen again if they can stop it.

Where I live, we recently had the son of the former mayor physically and of course verbally attack an outside volunteer.

5) ensure that Republicans are inside of the polling places working as election officials. Of course party affiliations are not allowed to be displayed inside but Republicans need to ensure that there is a balance among the election officials inside. Just to keep things on the up-and-up. That includes folks who know how provisional ballots are to be handled, etc.

All of these suggestions and much more means that with fresh, honest faces and standards, Republicans can and will dislodge the strangle-hold that Pelosi and perhaps the soon to be former Senator Reid from Nevada have had on the legislature in Washington, D.C.

It would be one thing if they were listening to Americans that we don't want the Barack "Alinsky" Obama agenda marching us in lock-step into Socialism or worse Community Organized Communism.

We also have to remember that the Stealth Administration is getting scared which means they can go one of two ways: put the screws to us through direct fiats or they can try to learn to listen to the American people. It appears that Congressmen and Senators who are following the Pied Piper in the "empty suit" and not listening to their constituents will be marching themselves right out of office in 2010 and 2012. The choice is theirs.

Senator-elect Brown's election was not a referendum; it was a demonstration of our REPUBLIC of we - the people - in action. We, the people, went to the polls and voted YES for liberty and NO to tyranny.

I tend to see the Brown election as more about "we, the people" speaking with our voice at the ballot box. Just when you thought it was all rigged against common sense, we the people throw buckets of cold water all over the politicians who are way too arrogant even for folks who voted for them to stomach.

The Brown election was about we Americans - the Americans in MA - ripping the Kennedy "Senate" seat right out of the maws of the MA Democrat Political machine and saying, "This is our Senate seat, damnit; not yours. Walk lock-step with an agenda we know is wrong for ourselves and our nation and you're out. We are watching your votes."

Republicans need to remember, these up-coming elections are NOT about political parties. These elections are about our representatives doing what is right for our nation as Brown said whether the idea is a good Democrat idea or a good Republican idea. It's about doing what is right. We don't need Senators such as Arlan Specter doing what is "right" for himself. We need them doing what is right for our nation.

We need STATESMEN representing us, not "statist" as defined by some political pundits. We have to elect statesmen who put the people and their nation FIRST and who follow the U.S. Constitution.

God bless you MA voters. You took part of your state as well as this nation and its direction back yesterday, January 19, 2010. You pulled the levers heard 'round the world.

Free people must maintain their vigilance and inform themselves and then vote. The "levers for liberty" were pulled in MA.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Senator-elect Brown defeats Dems in Mass.

Well, shiver me timbers. Let's have fish and chips at the Grotto. Mercy sakes, America! If the folks in MA vote for our republic and the preservation of our U.S. Constitution and the balance of power established therein, it can happen anywhere. Scott Brown's defeat of Dems. in Massachusetts spells a charge of momentum for the GOP going into the Elections of 2010 and for freedom loving Americans everywhere. A vote for Senator-elect Brown was a vote against the soft tyranny of the current Administration and the blatant arrogance of the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. By the way, why is Harry "light skinned" no "Negro accent" Reid still the Majority Leader in the Senate? It must be the soft bigotry and soft racism of the Democrats of Randy Newman's song, "Rednecks," with the Dems still keeping the black folks down. No more, laddies. We're all Americans now...and... We don't want no Marxist Socialism. When Senator-elect Brown will be allowed to be seated in the U.S. Senate is anyone's guess. Having lived in MA for several years, I recall the state has been locked down tight as a Kennedy Compound of power and control. As Senator-elect Brown reminded everyone, he was not running to fill Ted Kennedy's seat that he had held for 1/2 a century in the Senate. It was and is the "people's" Senate seat. In and of himself, Ted Kennedy's tenure was a cry for "term limits" but alas, I believe we as voters set the term limits and the voters of MA have set the term limits for the Democrats in at least one Senate seat. Let's hope John F. Kerry will have his term ended when he comes up for re-election. No doubt Teresa Heines wants him out of the house and not under foot but she has the money to send him packing anywhere she wants him to be doing whatever she wants him to be doing. Ain't ketchup grand? Congratulations to Senator-elect Scott Brown! Whoo hoo! Jan. 19, 2010 is a mighty fine day!!!

Brown senate race in MA: Voter fraud must be documented and stopped

PLEASE read Pam's post and help identify and stop voter fraud by Democ-rat machine in MA now to give Brown a fair chance to win this Senate seat. Haven't we had enough of the arrogance and bullying under the current Administration? We need to stop them and stopping them starts at the polls with FAIR elections.
From Atlas Shrugs: Poll Monitor the Brown race: Volunteer! Democ-rat CORRUPTION and Illegal Voter FRAUD must be documented.
Not in Massachusetts and think you can't help; think again and get in the race to identify and stop voter fraud. The Democ-rats are pulling out all of the stops to win this Senate seat. Brown needs our help. From Atlas Shrugs, here's one way we can help from anywhere:
Those of us who live outside Massachusetts can help locate possible problem areas. How? By Googling around to see where there were anomalies, allegations, election complaints, or irregularities in the past. Tune into local races, like past mayor, sheriff or town council elections. Flag locations of interest by e-mailing them to or posting information in the Massachusetts section of our Web site.
I apologize for being tardy in getting this out, my fault. Information comes from Larwyn. Please help Brown win this Senate seat.
Do we want another "Al Franken-like" election for a seat in the Senate of the United States?
I have worked as a poll watcher inside a voting place but as Pam Geller shows us, we don't have to be there to help identify voter fraud.
One thing inside to watch for is a person coming to vote who has already submitted an absentee/mail-in ballot.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

If Geert Wilders were a follower of Islam...

Today is January 17, 2010. The trial of the Honorable Geert Wilders for "hate speech" is to begin on January 20, 2010 in Holland. What a mark against freedoms among the Dutch people.
Perhaps, at Crusader Rabbit, the words of President Ronald Reagan will serve as a Reminder to keep us focused on what the maintaining of our freedoms demands.
And now to Holland where freedom and freedom of speech are gasping for breath...
What a mark of embarrassment against the Dutch before the free societies of the world. What a harbinger of "hate speech" laws to bind us all! Contact Dutch Embassies to speak on behalf of Mr. Geert Wilders and freedom of speech. Also please see this post from Tundra Tabloids posted nearly a year ago and this video of Mr. Geert Wilders' warnings. Compare that with the videos of imams ranting against infidels found at Tundra Tabloids among other places.
The Dutch Government and Justice Minister E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin are set to prosecute Mr. Geert Wilders for, not "hate speech" causing incitement against a benign party.
No, they are prosecuting Mr. Wilders for speaking out AGAINST the truth about female mutilation, barbaric by any standards, carried out against young women - young girls generally - by the practitioners of a political ideology and about other incitements to hatred against those who do not practice the same ideology. Never mind that that same ideology calls for the destruction of Jews and Christians.
Female mutilation cannot be justified under the guise of a "religious practice." If it is, then there can be no prosecutions if those who follow the same political ideology murder Jews, Christians, and other non-believers in Holland. And there goes Holland...down the rabbit hole into darkness and into the 7th Century.
The decision to prosecute the Honorable Geert Wilders for "hate speech" on January 20, 2010 is abhorrent to all who speak on behalf of freedom and freedom of speech.
Mr. Wilders is speaking out on behalf of women for the safety of women and for an end to their mutilation. Are the Dutch Government and Justice Minister E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin supporting the mutilation of female genitalia? Are they in favor of this brutality against women? My Lord, to what depths has Holland sunk?
Mr. Wilders is warning of the growing push for Sharia Law to be practiced throughout Europe thereby leading perhaps to the removal of the very prosecutor and the striking down of the very governmental Justice System that used to "protect freedoms for all", a Justice System he is trying to save.
When the truth, a call for the protection of women against barbaric practices, is turned into "hate speech", the truth is turned on its head and no one is safe.
Generally "hate speech" laws or most notably "hate crime" laws exist to punish the non-favored folks who commit a crime, any crime, against the favored folks and so far, non-binding Resolutions of the House of Representatives are in place today even in the United States to silence anyone who even speaks about Islam - whether the truth or not. We are only a short breath away from such non-binding resolutions becoming law. But today...
Islam is the favored ideology. Under Sharia Law, certainly infidels - billions of people across the globe - are not to speak against Islam. And for goodness sake, don't publish a cartoon.
I can appreciate why many within powerful positions in Islamic Republics such as Iran do not want their people calling for open and free discussions about the kind of governments they want but the restrictions against their "freedom of speech" within their own countries should not apply against those of us living in societies where "freedom of speech" exists. The youth of Iran are fighting for their freedoms and that's as it should be...
"Hate Speech" laws, just like "hate crimes", are the natural bastard children of the Whore of Political Correctness. These laws are to be mocked and banned by reasonable people. Murder is murder; it is a "hate-filled" act on its face so no further laws are needed, just prosecution for the murder.
Even worse, these laws are NOT implemented against "favored classes", those whose ideology calls for the mutilation of women and the annihilation of an entire people living in a member-nation of the UN, or let's say Israel.
Tell me, if the Honorable Geert Wilders were a card-carrying member of the political ideology held under most favored-status today by the Dutch prosecutor, would Mr. Wilders be facing prosecution if he had instead called upon fellow followers of the same political ideology packaged under the guise of "robes of religion" to kill or persecute non-believers, non-true believers?
The answer is self-evident. No, Mr. Wilders would not face prosecution. It is a brave new world of "Animal Farm" today in Europe and the United States where Christians and Jews - in some cases - are simply not treated as "equal before the law." They are singled out for persecution in a variety of assorted ways. In the United States today, they are just mocked and laughed at or sometimes treated with derision, even by highly placed elected officials against whom "hate speech" laws would NEVER be charged.
Tell me, if the Honorable Geert Wilders had been a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party - certainly a political ideology calling for the "Jewish solution" in the 1940s - much as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is calling for the annihilation of Israel and the Jews today - and had incited people to persecute the Jews throughout Holland, Ann Frank comes to mind, would he have been on trial for "hate speech"?
Or is the trial of the Honorable Geert Wilders based upon simpler premises? Is the trial of Mr. Wilders simply based on extortion or the threat of reprisals against Holland's "justice" system and/or threatened riots against non-believers and against public institutions if he is not tried?
As our Representative Maxine Waters threatened back in the days of the O.J. Simpson trial, something to the effect - if memory serves - that if Mr. Simpson were found guilty, L.A. would burn.
Extortion and threats of that sort are to me the genesis of "hate-incited" action yet Representative Waters was never charged with "hate speech" for seemingly inciting people to riot.
L.A. was held hostage until Mr. Simpson was "acquitted" of murders he most probably committed; however, his victims did not have "favored status". His victims were white; one a white woman, one a young Jewish man.
Is Holland being held hostage? Is that the real motivation for the prosecution of the Honorable Geert Wilders for speaking the truth?

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freedom of Speech at USC: Horowitz under armed guard

If you want to speak the truth at USC and that truth is challenged by the Muslim Student Union, the administrators of the university may allow you to speak but in America today, you will need armed guards.
That's right. Armed guards to protect your person. The following is a link to a speech made by David Horowitz at USC under armed guard for protection: The Anti-Semite Jihad on campus my night at USC.
We owe it to ourselves to read this speech or view the link to the video. Unless a person practices Islam, he is an infidel and subject to the same fundamentalist Islamic Jihad against all of our freedoms here in the West. The Muslim Brotherhood is very active in America today.
Please take a few minutes and read the speech; then pick up the phone or fax the Dutch Embassy or Consulate nearest to you to support the Freedom of the Honorable Geert Wilders.
Link to Dutch Embassies found here and at Dutch Embassies.
The trial of the Honorable Geert Wilders, beginning January 20, 2010, is an embarrassment and a blemish on the Netherlands just as England not allowing him to speak before Parliament was an embarrassment and demonstrated the strangle hold of extortion through riots that Islamists in England have on that nation's elected "leaders."
When will England and Holland fall under Sharia Law or have they already with elected leaders having buried their heads in the sand saying, "Not in my backyard" yet...

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Friday, January 15, 2010

UN's Global Consumer Tax - heard about that yet?

If you haven't heard about the UN's plan for a Global Consumer Tax, hop over to Crusader Rabbit and have a read: Wabbit to UN....
Not a day goes by when someone is trying to screw us upside down and backwards from old Harry Reid to the grandies of the UN. My gracious how horrid those folks are.
Around 57 or so countries are Islamic Republics many of which are sucking up our dollars through oil prices while the Democratocracy bleeds us dry every way they can. And when they get their "health care death panels", they won't have to bleed us dry, they'll just kill us like one tribe did to another in Rawanda but we elected the bumbs and we can throw them OUT like yesterday's bird poop.
Let's do that. Whatta ya say! Three more years of our Extreme Leader and one more year or so of Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and the other scum in the Most Deliberative Body on Earth working mightily behind closed doors. Yeah - the Stealth Administration and their handmaidens - Pelosi and Reid. Tick-tock; tick-tock!
Or we could all work like crazy to pay off our homes and then quit work... It is an option.

Geert Wilders' warning to America

At International Civil Liberties Alliance you can find the You Tube video of Geert Wilders' warning to America.
We MUST take his warning seriously. Europe is under full attack from Islam and Islamists bent on taking over Europe. See the Twenty Year Plan to take over America, referenced in my sidebar.
We cannot allow Saudi Arabia to fill our cities with Wahabi mosques and as Geert Wilders states, Islam is a political ideology with a former war lord at its head.
This is the link to You Tube:
And I ask you to exert your energy and influence to help the Honorable Geert Wilders who is soon to go on trial for promoting "hate speech" when he was only speaking historical truth.
See Free Geert Wilders for the link to Dutch Embassies and Consulates near you.
This is coming to America and is already here just not in a full force as it may be if we don't stand up for the Honorable Geert Wilders. If we don't stand for FREEDOM for others, who will stand for us?

Small Business survival in 2010 vs Obama's Czars

Rules for Radicals vs The American Small Business Owner:
I admit that I know little to nothing about the workings of small businesses, but I believe in our small businesses and in the fact that they and others who work in the private sector make our nation run.
My suggestion is that of Mark Levine - stay in touch with your customer base, focus on maintaining your business, and from my point of view, don't expand into an inventory that can wipe you out. You are the engine that runs America; we need you.
You've had your business for awhile. You know best how to keep yourself going. As I said, don't overstock, keep in touch with your customers, and provide the best service and especially the best follow-up service that you can. That is where the repeat customers come from.
It is that follow-up service that keeps your customers coming back and that keeps them referring your business to their friends thus generating more customers for you.
We'll get through this Administration with its Czars - who need to be challenged as unconstitutional at the very least - and however much our president and the Democrat extremist leadership want to favor unions and crush small business and the middle class with their draconian "death care/denial of care to Seniors who have spent their lives paying into a system that Congress used as a slush fund, in the words of Martin Luther King - "We shall overcome!"
We start in the Election of 2010 and we literally throw the bums in their fancy suits with their pensions and health care for life OUT. Wouldn't you really rather see a person who believes in and follows the U.S. Constitution as Speaker of the House than San Fran Botox Nan up there anymore?
Obama seems to want to crush this nation and our "can do" spirit under - so far - a 20 trillion dollar debt out into the future. That doesn't just end "small business" and turn us into the Obama Collective, that turns us into wards of the Marxist State under the teachings of Saul Alinsky whom Hillary Clinton reveres as well. And two more references: Saul Alinsky, The Democratic Promise and Rules for Radicals.
Obama isn't making this up as he goes along; he's following the Alinsky playbook and we are the pawns.
Obama has signs of Christianity covered when he speaks; it's time we remember that his "change we can believe in" is or seems to be a Marxist-Communist ideology under the Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky. We know we cannot change his belief system. We saw and heard it loud and clear under the tutelage of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
We can stop it and weaken his power in the Elections of 2010. True he still will have his Executive Orders, the pets of former President Bill Clinton, or the Signing Statements of former President George W. Bush - but everything that is done to wreck our nation and to steal our liberties and to crush us under unthinkable debt CAN BE UNDONE by honest men and women in our next Congress.
We are Americans. We did not fight our American Revolution to form a One World Government. We only bow to God, not to man. We can - non-violently - beat the draconian push into slavery and early death through denial of medical care that seems to be the goal of our Esteemed Leader.
How about this transparent government behind the doors of Obama's Stealth Administration?
For many of us, our leader is God. For me, it is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - "God in three persons, Holy Trinity" as the verse from a hymn goes reminding us that our one God manifested Himself to us and walked among us. I'm not well-versed as a theologian so I'll leave it there - In God We Trust!

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