Monday, February 08, 2010

Hate Crimes: when "thoughts and opinions" are prosecuted

Oh, it is an Orwellian world in which we live. We seem to be living in a world gone mad.
Many of us have heard of the Honorable Geert Wilders of Holland and the trial he is now enduring for what? Speaking an opinion against female genital mutilation practiced by some adherents of Islam. See Wilders on Trial.
When will our freedom of speech be ended in America? Looks like that is on the way, as a reading of Will Politically Incorrect Opinion become a Hate Crime? may show how that can happen. I strongly recommend the site, EuropeNews, "No tolerance for intolerance; no apology for being free."
The most intolerant leadership on earth at the moment are the Islamists who whine like spoiled children if someone should even discuss the acts perpetrated under the name of Islam. For that matter, they whine like spoiled children if anyone even discusses Islam for any reason.
Back to the Honorable Geert Wilders... Western Civilization on trial: Why we should be watching Geert Wilders Trial. Search on Geert Wilders for many articles and essays of the importance of his trial to all of us.
And from National Review Online, Western Civilization on trial featuring Bat Ye'or, Paul Marshall, Clifford D. May, Daniel Pipes, Nina Shea, and others.
The Honorable Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for "hate speech" that insight "racial" or rather "ethnic disharmony" because some Islamists just have to have something to whine about and any speech that brings some practices to the table for discussion are being considered "hate speech" if spoken by infidels. Understand that such speech is already forbidden by Sharia Law within Islam. The effect is to force Sharia Law on the rest of us.
Holland should be filled with shame at this egregious assault upon human rights to freedom of opinion and speech, as well as thought. If "hate thought" were a crime, then it would seem that many Islamists who speak openly for the destruction of the West should be prosecuted.
But no that will not occur. Why? Because now is the time for Islamists to castigate anyone who does not believe as they do - politically which is the same as religiously.
Europe has itself tied up in knots and the EU and its immigration policies forced upon member nations carries much of the blame. When will people in Europe, non-Muslims, be allowed to freely move to Islamic nations bringing their religions and politics with them freely? When will such folks be given the status of rights well and beyond the rights or status of native citizens of these Islamic nations? Never.
For the best coverage or up-to-date information regarding the prosecution of the Honorable Geert Wilders, please see The Gates of Vienna.
Allow me one more thought here that may not seem germane but to me it is. This Crusade, a word used by both Muslim conquerors as well as Christian conquerors for their relative battles for world domination, is not a new "thing" to our century. It is as old as the beginnings of Islam itself. It is difficult for Christians today to understand that all or most of the Mediterranean coastal regions were at one time Christian. Many of the churches started by Paul and others were established in what is now Turkey.
To the point, I have just completed a book, Mistress of the Monarchy, by Alison Weir. Alison Weir may have written my favorite book of all the many I have read, Eleanor of Aquitaine, herself a lady who went on two Crusades and lived for nearly 100 years through the 1100s into the 1200s, Eleanor that is. (I do not have the book available to me at this time to verify the author.) In Mistress of the Monarchy, allow me to quote one paragraph dealing with John of Gaunt and one of his sons with Katherine Swynford, the Duchess of Lancaster in the 1390s, herself passing away in 1400. Page 253 in the paperback.
John (of Gaunt's) worsening health may account for his fears for the safety of his heir (Henry of Derby), who had been on perilous expeditions in the past, some financed by his father; yet his anxiety did not apparently extend to his younger son, John Beaufort, who went crusading against Turks in Hungary and Bulgaria in 1396, and in September was present at the siege of Nicopolis, a campaign that ended in the mass capture and slaughter of the Christian army and left Bulgaria under Muslim domination for five centuries. John Beaufort, fortunately came home to tell the tale.
The fight for world domination with the Muslims under the leadership of such as those leading Iran today is not a sometime thing. It is believed that now is their time for world domination in the name of Allah. We must take them seriously because they are extremely serious. The question for them, within Islam it seems, is which branch of Islam will be world dominate.
That may be up to us in that we may get our senses about us, accept the rot that is "political correctness" acting like syphilis on the brain turning it to cottage cheese, and not allow our world to be overturned and our civilization to be destroyed mostly by our own weakness of will.
*As an aside, it is up to Muslims within Islam to fight for their rights to voice differences of opinion and I appreciate that many true scholars do but it is not for Islamic forces to impose their standards of intolerance upon us. It is our tolerance for their intolerance that is our Achilles heel.
From Daniel Pipes, The Islamic challenge forces Europeans to take stock of themselves in unprecedented ways. This challenge is not new; it is centuries old. But once upon a time, in a Europe far, far away, the Europeans knew who they were and they knew the culture they had spawned. Are those Europeans gone or they still willing to defend themselves for the current invasion from Islamists to overthrow and dominate and destroy their culture.
Are Europeans of today willing to see Notre Dame destroyed in flames or Westminster Abbey torn stone from stone? Is that the future that awaits or are Europeans of today willing to live in dhimmitude if only they will be allowed to keep their icons?
Europeans of today can keep their civilization simply by standing their ground and coming to their senses. They do not have to allow themselves to be pushed to violence. They can simply outlaw all manner and means of Sharia Law and be done with it. That means no man can have four wives all of whom collect welfare, among other things.
Let me mention that laws that protect the "protected ideology" today can quickly be turned upon it tomorrow.

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Blogger AMW said...

This is what we can expect in the near future when we dare to call a spade a spade. Truth goes out the window, and hypersensitivity takes over.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

We'd better start doing it sooner rather than later.

9:25 PM  

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