Thursday, February 04, 2010

Islam: Everything you ever needed to know

With respect for the few people I know who follow Islam and who revere our nation's freedoms, I must point out the following post as an extraordinary reference:
I believe in our freedom to practice religion as long as that practice does not preach or foment the undermining of our freedoms and our democratic republic. In America, we cannot live under a Theocracy which is the only face of Islam that we see as portrayed by Islamic Republics.
The changes or reformation that must come to Islam must come from within. If we are pushed to defend ourselves in our own streets, the outcome is assured and the pain and suffering our defense of our selves and our way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness could be what you would expect it to be. Too horrible even to think.
We must support the youth of Iran as they fight for their freedom. If they choose Sharia Law, then that is their choice but we cannot allow Sharia Law to be exported into Western Nations. When the British are finally pushed with their backs against the wall, they will be forced to defend themselves even if the Queen will not. France and Italy must defend themselves as well as will Denmark soon.
When your cultural and historical survival are in imminent risk, you are given no choice.
I cannot advocate violence but I can only hope and pray that had I been on Flight 93 with Todd Beamer (sp) and his fellow passengers, I would have had the courage to fight. If my death and the death of my most beloved family had been hanging in the balance, I can only pray that I would have stood with other passengers to "not go silently" into that good night but to have stood for liberty and for saving those on the ground who did not even know the threat to them that was imminent.
This is the place to which Western Civilization is being pushed. I know it is futile but I ask reasonable and rational followers of Islam under the autocratic and dominate rule of their leaders to please save Western Civilization from Islamic domination. If you do not, there will be freedom no where and you will have no place to run to for political asylum and safety.
This may be delusional "wishful" thinking to which I am not prone so please forgive my lapse. It would be something like asking ordinary German civilians to rise up against Hitler - just could not be done. Islam cannot and will not dominate the world. If the current path is followed by such as the leaders of Iran and they attack Israel, a terrible fire will rain down on many innocent men, women, and children regardless of their "religious" practices. We are way beyond the issue of God and "my God is better than your God" stuff here because we have passed into the terrifying madness of man, men of power who hunger only for more power. And as we know, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." Absolute power can devolve into the face of madness.
In the end, they can only succeed by destroying themselves and many innocents with them. And God will look upon us and weep.
If you have not read this link, please read it and add it to your sidebar. It is worth having, reading, and sharing: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex. Citizen Warrior deserves credit for making this available. I pray for the safety of the Muslims - young and old - in Iran who are fighting the Iranian regime of the Ayatollah and the illegal power of Mad Jad. It is within these nations that change must come. And to fail to see that there is a rebellion going on within the enormous scope of Islam would be to miss a major event perhaps of this century. We are familiar with the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia, especially violent and anti-Western; the Sunnis, the Shia, but there are many more lesser or varying sects. And let's not forget Brigit Gabrial's statement, "They are tribes with flags." Thanks to the British, of course. I think the British are getting paid back a bit...


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