Thursday, February 04, 2010

Obama: one man comedy show "we can count on"

Here he goes again. When the Democrats especially the likes of Turban Durbin are trash-talking about any and all Republicans, it is freedom of speech. When Republicans are laughing their heads off instead of pulling their hair out when our Comedian in Chief gives the State of the Union show, he calls for civility.
I can't stop laughing. Exactly when have we ever had "civility" in Washington politics. We don't send Representatives and Senators to D.C. for "civility"; we send them to represent our interests and figuratively kick the living stuffings out of those who are doing us harm.
My, my! Mr. Brown goes to Washington must have really shivered the old bones of those "we won; we write the legislation" Dems. Washed-out and washed-up Harry Reid is so afraid he won't seat the new Senator from Mass.
Won't it be fun to see the richest woman in D.C. or maybe the world, Ms. Pelosi, no longer be the Speaker of the House so we don't have to watch her little Botox smile for which she must need pain meds to stop the muscle spasms? But I digress...
Just a smattering of reading about our founding and early years will tell even the least astute reader that there has never been and, God willing, never will be "civility" in Washington politics. How much fun would that be? None, no fun at all, and believe me we need anything we can find funny to laugh at these days as we are circling the drain, courtesy of Mr. Obama. Tis a bit late to keep blaming former President George W. Bush.
Here's just one quotation from the article:
Speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. Obama said divisions in Washington are nothing new, but "there is a sense that something is different now, that something is broken, that those of us in Washington aren't serving people as well as we should."
Well, duh! Guess that Harvard education was not totally lost on our President. Mr. Obama has it half RIGHT! He is not serving as a man who has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Right on, Mr. President. You are not serving the American people; you are serving to destroy us and saddle us with debt we cannot even imagine. But that is only one aspect; you are striving to deny us health care and you are working to destroy capitalism and freedom in our democratic Republic.
Don't go lumping yourself in with "those of us in Washington". Some are doing a GREAT job fighting to defeat your profligate programs. Let's hope they bury your budget...
This of course is one woman's opinion. I am sorry your policies seem designed to destroy capitalism and the chances for our youth to succeed but that's the way I see your efforts manifesting.
I have called my Senators and Representative and begged them not to pass your budget. The chains of slavery are difficult to lift when they are wrapped around the necks of all of us and when they are sold to us for cheap hat tricks and "gifts" from the government which equals stealing food from the tables of taxpayers.
Americans are generous people and we don't want to see our neighbors suffer but we like it less when those same neighbors drive their expensive cars to get their "welfare". And God forbid that any of those same folks don't have the highest grade of satellite dish for all kazillion channels. That would be the same satellite dish that I cannot afford. Legislated theft is a sorrowful thing.
We need statesmen and, right now, that means statesmen on both sides of the aisle. You can tell how well you are doing when your own party members in the House and Senate are jumping ship and not running for re-election.
You have no "coattails", Mr. President. Just empty rhetoric and we are all catching on to it now. You are just a man from the windy city. I "hope" that you will be a one-term president and be voted out of office in the 2012. Now, that will be change I can believe in, pray for..., and work for.


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