Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama: Just a puppet on a string

Sadness for us with President Obama just a puppet on a string. The question is who is the puppet master? Whatever Mr. Obama's chance was at demonstrating global leadership is gone with the wind. It is good Lady Margaret Thatcher did not have to depend upon him not "going wobbly." There is no trust in the land and our enemies know it. They will burrow into that weakness and do their best to weaken us more than the current administration is weakening us, a feat that seems rather difficult from here. We are Americans. Nikita Kruchev said, slamming his shoe against a table top, that they, the Communists, would bury us from within. Well, not on our watch. Not gonna happen no matter how many Marxists, Socialists, or Communists are in the White House. We are Americans. We are NOT victims. We do NOT grovel at the foot of government for handouts and two fish a day. No! We defied the King of England and the greatest fighting force of the day. With the help of the French, we became a democratic REPUBLIC. We will not give up our freedom to the empty hand of "hope" and empty rhetoric. We are Americans. We pick ourselves up and we do not steal from other Americans to bow at the feet of tyranny. That sinks all ships. In America, when one family raises itself, all boats are lifted. We are Americans and rugged individualism is in our DNA. As Americans this year of 2010, we must protect our families, cut our expenses where we can, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and not be fooled by the puppet master or the ventriloquist who speaks through the puppet. We must stay focused, alert, and vigilant to our future which is in our hands - and non-violently, vote for change in Nov. 2010.


Blogger urbanadder22 said...

Rousing post that! There will always be those who side against America, with the enemies of freedom.

Right now, these are the Liberal Democrats and others who want "Hope" and "Change" as mouthed by that empty bag of rhetoric.

They want the government to control us.

They will collapse. Whether willingly or whilst surrounding the empty O, who will keep his mouth moving as he reads Teleprompters, repeating the same empty words.

Enemies within, enemies without. We must remain vigilant. And, if need be, do more.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Freedom's Voice said...

I think George Soros is the puppet master. He and his organization provided major support for Obama's campaign. He is a harsh critic of American policies and favors the trend toward world government. He definitely does not have American interests at heart. I think he found the perfect candidate in Obama, a candidate who was different enough and radical enough to bring about the changes Soros wants to see happen. While this push toward world government is very strong, we Americans can and must push back. I totally agree that we must stay focused, alert, vigilant and koolaid free. We must continually work to expose the puppet and the puppet master whoever he/she/it may be. My blog is I hope you will visit there soon!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Uran - government cannot control itself which leaves the window of hope for escape open for us. Did the dems get caught napping in MA? Hard to say. I have lived there - very liberal but they have been subjugated to government controlled health care. I wonder how many citizens lost their lives through rationed or denied care? That would be a good stat to know.

7:14 AM  

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