Monday, February 08, 2010

Blue Collar Republican: What is a Republican?

From Blue Collar Republican, we find: What is a Republican?.
The post is worth our reading and re-reading. We have to hold "these principles" firm in our minds and our hearts. Even more, in our souls because they are the essence of who we are and what we stand for.
I hold that America is an ideal. In that, I find I am very much like Thomas Jefferson. I tried to explain "America" to a Kiwi friend who was becoming an American citizen.
Perhaps it is naive of me in this day and age still to hold to America as an Ideal but I do and it is this innate ideal that will "get us through." We are a nation that believes in God. Our very founding honored and revered the ideal that "man" has rights that are unalienable and that are God-given, coming from Our Creator.
How immense that acknowledgement is. We are created by One external to ourselves; One from whom we are bestowed rights that supersede the "privileges or right to vote, to drive a car, to do any number of things" that are allowed by governments: federal, state, and local.
Our government has even bestowed upon us, in my personal opinion, the "right" to take the life of another human being - to murder God's creation - under the banner of a "woman's right to choose." In my personal opinion, with the exception of rape, forced incest, and other violent attacks against women, women also have the responsibility of "birth control" and murder isn't a viable means of birth control.
But America is an Ideal. It is the ideal that I believe is somehow inherited and was once taught to us in our homes as well as in our schools: K-12. We are by our nature a "can-do" society. We are not the pets or wards of an omniscient GOVERNMENT. We must be taught to govern ourselves, manage our lives within the laws of decent society and gentility.
Read "What is a Republican?" and read our founding documents. At the moment, I have been reading biographies of our first five presidents and also a biography of Alexander Hamilton. I've also read several biographies of Andrew Jackson. For good or bad, our founding fathers had guts and courage. They had vision but the forces within our own nation today have vision too and throughout the 1900s, the so-called Progressives/Liberals of both political parties have been working to destroy our foundation.
The break-up of the family, most heinously done to many black families especially after the Korean War when these families were making inroads. The Progressives/Liberals cannot wait for us to evolve naturally into stronger, less-government-dependent people; they need to bring about change forcefully and quickly taking our independence away.
We are better than that and we cannot fall for it again, not now. We have fallen for it before - all of us have, and we cannot afford the luxury of looking to the federal government for our next meal. We have to teach ourselves to fish so that we can feed our families and, as small business people, learn and grow to feed and clothe others.
Read "What is a Republican?" A friend of mine in Southern California says that the illegals from Mexico who get into a truck of someone they do not know and do a day's work only on the promise of payment and being returned to where they were picked up are Republicans, they just don't know it and then they get captured by the unions, much like the patron system they have just left.
To me, the American ideal is something we are born with and it is too precious to allow to die or to be repackaged into dependency upon the all-seeing-eye of government.
The Washington Calendar that the Senate, your Senator, can send to you if you ask for one is filled on each day with items that occurred on each day in 1810 - two hundred years ago. The calendar is named, "We, the people."
We must never forget that "We, the people" are the leaders of this nation and the elected elite in Washington, D.C. work FOR US.
God bless you...

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