Thursday, February 04, 2010

Obama: decreasing nuclear proliferation

When a man's doing a good job, ya gotta give him credit for it. Obama is wrecking our economy; plans to kill us off through denial of medical care - as in Denmark, it will be our "duty" to die for our country and for our children who are being saddled with so much debt we can't even comprehend the numbers. And he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Is he crazy or just socio-pathicly certifiable? Just a question.
Now, the good news is Obama wants the world "free" from nuclear weapons and that's gonna happen. Yep, the weakened, broke (economists estimate that the rest of the world governments cannot sustain OUR debt) United States may well become the only nation without nuclear weapons. I'm saying this in jest but the effect will be the same.
By Bill Gertz in the Washington Times: Nuclear Missile threats to US mount. Really? Say it isn't so. With the messiah of the world in office? No! Really! Our international buddies holding our debt are gonna build up their nuclear arsenals. And threaten us! Gasp...

North Korea is expected to deploy a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching parts of the United States in the next decade, despite two long-range missile flight-test failures, according to the Pentagon's ballistic-missile defense review.

The review report, made public this week, concluded that missile threats from several states, including Iran, Syria, China and Russia, are growing "quantitatively and qualitatively," and it outlined Pentagon plans for silo-based and mobile anti-missile systems to counter them.

"Why, Rhett, I simply cannot believe it; and all the money we give them..." Ms. Scarlett swooned as she fell into his arms. "Whoever will save us? beloved Ashley (formerly known as Great Britain)." Big eye-roll from Rhett.
"Silo-based and mobile anti-missile systems to counter them..." Ya gotta be kidding. We are broke and Mr. Obama along with his fellow travelers is driven to destroy this nation. Well, we are not going to let him get away with it.
Remember, non-violence folks - let you votes in 2010 turn the pages of history and show that Americans can vote for honesty and integrity over skin-color every time. Being 1/2 white and 1/2 Kenyan (not African-American; pick a country) does not allow any man the keys to our American heritage or future.
Our future belongs to us and our children and we are duty-bound to defend that future and our freedoms for ourselves and for our children from enemies both domestic and foreign. So we had a so-called "historic" election but one thing it has shown positively is that ethnicity or skin color has no correlation to political integrity. People within and without America who want to destroy us come in all sizes, shapes, and skin-tones.
How can any administration be at such cross-purposes with our U.S. Constitution and with defending our nation without the intent being planned and pursued vigorously? Well, Obama's your man for destroying the futures of ALL of our children, "red and yellow, black and white" they've got targets on their backs. It is astonishing. Some folks like the role of slave master...



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