Monday, February 01, 2010

Saudi Wahabism grows in Northern Virginia

From NPR, Jamie Tarabay provided us with a look at Saudi-sponsored Islamic school teaching hatred toward non-Muslims and expanding in Fairfax, VA: Expansion of Islamic School in Virginia Met with Protests.
But let's keep in mind that Wahabism is a most virulent sect of Islam and violence toward non-Muslims as well as non-Wahabi Muslims is a "many splendid" and on-going Islamist dogma. From Jihad Watch, we have Saudi Clerics still encouraging jihad. Mind-numbing hatred against infidels is an integral part of early-childhood education for many Islamist students around the world including Indonesia where our president received his earliest formalized "education" in Islamic studies.
Extremist in a Moderate Land by Carole O'Leary has one message for those of us in the West, "Tell the U.S. to help the moderate Muslims in Saudi Arabia and to stop the export of Wahabism by the (Saudi) regime." But that is not going to happen. The school in Northern Virginia proves it. We seem to be hell-bent on supporting the sect that wants to kill us more vehemently than other sects.
America has opened it doors and arms as well as land for the creation of Wahabi mosques and schools where the propaganda of hatred toward ALL infidels is taught. As long as we continue this madness, we are putting Muslims as well as all other citizens at risk.
One quotation from should set the stage for the push by Saudi Wahabists to dominate the US and to rid the world of non-Wahabists:
Deeply rutted tracks link Islamic extremism now called "Terrorism" with the Wahabi fundamentalists of Saudi Arabia. Tight, stark, factual. "On September 17, 2001, President George W. Bush stood in the Islamic Center of Washington, the capital's most important mosque . . . . 'The face of terror is not the true face of Islam,' he said . . . . "The president's intention . . . . was laudable. But when he stood up in the mosque, he was accompanied by a group of men and women unfamiliar to the wider public. These were the self-appointed representatives of American Islam, and in allowing them this photo opportunity, Bush unintentionally undermined the positive message he delivered. Far from being firm friends of America, the most prominent of these figures were ringleaders in the Wahabi takeover of American Islam . . . . it was a measure of their astonishing success that they . . . . had managed to enlist Americans . . . . in their war against the West . . . ." (2) Islam is not Wahabi. Wahabi is not Islam. Saudi Arabia is Wahabi. Saudi Arabia is the seat and financial core of Wahabi terrorism. Tight, stark, factual. Wahabi is an extreme fundamentalism obsessed with eradicating all who call themselves Muslim, all who are not Wahabi. The West is not Wahabi. The West must also go.
Thus the push to dominate Europe and to push Israelis into the sea. How much more clear must you have it. We are at great risk and Saudi oil money - paid by us - is the fuel that is designed to annihilate us and our way of lives; our laws; our tolerance. How much more must we be shown before we understand that we and the lives of our children are in dire jeopardy and we have a president who in his State of the Union address this past week said little to nothing to encourage those men and women fighting the tyranny of the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
President Obama did say in his "Audacity of Hope" - I could be wrong on which book - that he supported the Muslims and would put them first. But which Muslims would that be; those bleeding and dieing at the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or would President Obama support the hate-filled regime that is brutalizing and killing its own young? I think we know the answer to that - the tyranny of dictatorship.
The article by Milo Clark is entitled Wahabi and Saudi Arabia; Islam and America, written in 2004. I'll go out on a limb here and venture that Saudi Arabia is mightily working to build mosques and schools/madrassas throughout the United States which gets me to my last point: foreign influence in our elections.
Saudi Wahabism - Mr. Obama bowed to more than just a king. He bowed in fealty to a political ideology and demonstrated submission to it.
When a nation develops and implements an educational system supported by anti-American mosques, and teaches hatred against non-Wahabists throughout the student population of about 30,000 + Saudi students, whether by now American citizens or not, but who at any rate vote in our elections, is that foreign entity influencing our elections? Is the foreign entity building a bulwalk to undermind our Republic right here in our own cities?
The answer is yes...
We seem to have lost all sense of reason as well as the sense to defend ourselves from such fanatics. Even Saudi Arabia exports its most radical fire-breathers to London to keep them from gaining a toe-hold in Saudi Arabia and causing suicide bombings and the like. Yet, we drift on with mushrooms and legalized grass...
Most telling and worrisome in the State of the Union play was that President Obama made no mention to support or encourage the men and women in Iran who are fighting for freedom from the tyranny of Ahmadinejad and the Grand Mullahs and Obama reinforced that there is no world leadership the world can expect from our White House:
No world leadership at the helm in US
The Iranian nuclear threat, likely to be the biggest foreign police issue of 2010, was given just two lines in the speech, with a half-hearted warning of growing consequences for Tehran, with no details given al all. There were no words of support for Iranian protesters who have been murdered, tortured and beaten in large numbers by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's thuggish security forces, and no sign at all that the president cared about their plight. Nor was there any condemnation of the brutality of the Iranian regime, as well as its blatant sponsorship of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sadly, Mr. Obama seems to demonstrate from his behavior that He supports tyranny, dictatorship, and riding rough-shod over citizens. The control best exemplified by oh, let's say, Stalin or Mao. Shame on Mr. O.

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