Sunday, February 07, 2010

Obama term: the yo yo years

Through another scheme originating from the Obama White House of paternalism toward the citizens of the nation, we find WH proposes helping firms refinance property loans. This effort is to help small businesses "where jobs are created." These are the same small businesses that may well be destroyed through crushing new taxes - taxes either on the businesses themselves or higher taxes on the middle class folks who create and run these small businesses. We see what happened to the banks who took bailout funds. What small businesses can afford to allow the government on refinancing their loans? I predict three more years of yo yo economics, yo yo foreign policy, and yo yo military efforts. We have an administration whose leaders - certainly not Obama alone - have an agenda and they will implement any tactical methods to bring that agenda into effect no matter how circuitous. What is that agenda? Finite control of the American people in every single aspect of their lives. The more we allow the existing administration in to "help" us, the more personal control and personal responsibility we give up and the more freedoms are lost. I worked at a university that had different title grants from the federal government. I assure you, once the camel's nose is inside the tent, ALL of your business becomes subject to interference, regulation, and control. I saw the same thing in Texas where grants were available to help ranchers but the second a rancher took a grant designed to help him - which would actually help him - he essentially gave his lands up for federal snooping and/or management. It seems to me, as on woman's opinion, that after watching the first year of this administration, we will be buffeted about like that yo yo on a string and we'll feel like we have been dropped down the rabbit hole where up is down and down is up. Hang on. We've only three years to go and we are promised attacks from fundamentalist radical Islamists within the next 3 to 6 months. Aside from the loss of American lives and pain and suffering, this could lead to martial law, a quicker means to control. Yes, I'm concerned for our future. Our currency is being made worthless and rumor has it the EU is not fairing well. Hang on! It could be a bumpy ride with a seeming extremist in the White House, a man not respected or feared by foreign powers who would do us harm and a man who can buy off a Senator such as Ben Nelson on the health care/death panel legislation. We know what that says about Senator Ben Nelson but what does it say about the White House leadership?* *I'm not limiting that leadership just to Obama. He's only the man with the title. I believe it's the other men who are getting him into so much trouble; not that he is not capable of it on his own. No, they are his "yes" men who give support and con him into the acceptability of his agenda. After all, their power is paramount to them. Yes? He is only the hand that gives them their power.


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