Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama: State of Liberty vs Federal Control 1-27-2010

Liberty is not looking too good right now but it started looking a lot better with the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. Let's see how long they take to seat him in the Senate. Let's see now - 10,000 dollars for how many years for each child in a family who goes to college, qualified or not? Then the Pell Grant Student Loans are forgiven after 10 or 20 years. And He is going to take the $30,000,000,000 - as in 30 billion dollars - that banks have paid back and SPEND it NOT put it in the pot to lower our debt. Aside from having a tax cheat as the Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve operating without oversight or accountability and more secrecy than the CIA, I'd say Democrats don't know much about economics. And PAH-lease. Let's not still drag out that old tired practically mummified dead horse called "the previous administration" - code for President George W. Bush - as the reason for all of the outrageous spending and debt Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have put us and our children into for the next 30 to 60 years. Of course, that is way out there in our American time/thinking but the Chinese or the Islamists may have turned us into a merry old theocracy or dictatorship by then with even less illusion that we ever had a Bill of Rights. Like the enlightened cave-dwelling Taliban macho-macho men who destroyed 1500 year old stone Buddhas, they'll probably light their American-made cigarettes with the tattered shreds of our U.S. Constitution. Mr. Obama said one thing with which I agree. Well, tickle my funny bone! Mercy, Ms. Scarlett, our white president said that there was a "trust deficit" in Washington, D.C. That's where my agreement ends. We don't trust you out here in the Heartland, Mr. President. You remind me of the much beloved Jimmy Carter who has intruded upon the political stage for much too long. The WORST president of our Republic is about to be replaced and that is a worrisome thing. Let's see - it was Jimmy Carter who in the 1970s instituted the Community Reinvestment Act that funded ACORN and by extension Obama's legal work and guidance teaching them how to "game the system" to help folks who could not afford $300,000 homes get the loans anyway. That tricky piece of legislation led to the "housing bubble" that burst and anyone with two brain cells working would have known that would happen. So, yes sirree Bob, there's a big "trust" issue regarding our elected and appointed "elite." Fact is I don't trust them and I especially don't trust dearest San Fran Botox Nan. I have to have some sympathy for her because the poor soul probably hasn't slept in years. Certainly must be tiring to have to keep that smile on her face so's it don't crack. Poor little Marxist. Common sense response to the President's "speech" - I don't trust you; never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing; and I don't want no Marxist government or Islamic Sharia Law neither! I would like the Founding Fathers to start haunting the White House and bringing out the big scary nightmares; walking around in their traditional clothes, carrying candles to light their way. Turning the hot water on and off; making creaky noises when they open and close doors, and hiding newspapers or legislative drafts or, better yet, spilling coffee in those ever so "open to the people" secret meetings of our ever so open and "transparent" government. It's transparent all right, just like a stealth fighter jet or bomber. Yes, no surprise Obama's Administration is the Stealth Administration. Obama said one other morsel of truth. He said that Americans were hard working and that they knew the truth when they heard it/say it. Well, He's right there and we ain't seeing it. We're geared up and getting ready every day for the elections in Nov. 2010. Let's see how many Democrats decide not to run for re-election because their poll numbers are so bad. Keep the pressure on you Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives...


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