Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama to replace Jay Leno?

Obama to replace Jay Leno? What a good career opportunity for Obama. God knows he's on TV too much saying much ado about nothing.
Having watched and listened to the entire comedy routine dubbed the "State of the Union" address, Obama has it hands down as the best straight-faced funny man delivering his lies - ahem, lines. He believes we'll fall for it once again when he and his merry band are tramping over the U.S. Constitution and into the Rabbit Hole to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.
Does anyone in D.C. understand the word BROKE?
As an aside, Kudos for the Supreme Court in affirming our right to Freedom of Speech as reported by Brian McAffee: Supreme Court Speech Decision Reveals Democrats Hypocrisy. And Court Decision doesn't harm democracy, it helps it.
But Obama hammers Supreme Court saying that their ruling opened the floodgates for foreign nations and corporations to intervene in our elections. Didn't that happen in 2008?
Well, we know for certain that Obama has a future in stand-up comedy when he leaves office in 2012. Last night he just tried to make nice to we dumb middle class folks who put him in office and who don't want to kill grandma or grandpa or see any of us denied health care as he would have us do. The problem with health care is simply that we are living longer - whoops, so the death panels have to kill us off but we are still being raped through taxes. Yes, a great moral society - killing the preborns before they have a chance and killing the elderly just because government can and because they - the elderly - can no longer fight for themselves. Shame on us.
Hail to the Comedian in Chief! And he said all those lines with a straight face. To get a real read on the "speech", all you needed to do was watch the power-mad features of His Chief of Staff, or so he seemed.


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