Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama and TV News Burn-out

I am working to avoid Obamaitis. It can be self-inflicted by over-exposure to too much of seeing President Obama on television, even in commercials. Good grief!
I try to limit my exposure by avoiding watching his news conferences with the White House press corps. How much of Helen Thomas can anyone take? I liked the way Ari Fleischer handled her. "No, Helen..."
I only saw a smattering of his U.N. speech. I mean the guy from Lybia called Obama the President of the United States from Kenya for goodness sake. Hmmm.... And Hugo Chavez luvs Obama. That says it all right there. And the Castro brothers have to get on the "Love Obama" wagon. These boys just are having a dictator love fest. Of course, Mad Jad had to wave the flag for independence from the Great Satan but he knows Obama's in the bag because Iran and Russia are thick as thieves and working very closely together and Obama just kicked Poland and the Chech Republic to the curb so all is really hugs and kisses between Russia, the US, and Iran through back channels.
Of course, looks like we are cutting Israel loose but my money is on Bebe. He wasn't pulling any punches at the U.N. He's a man you can believe in and he will defend his nation. It will be interesting to see what the next three weeks or so hold.
And why are we letting more Islamists into this nation? That's like having a guy on an international air flight who has the black plague and sores are all over his body and we say, "Hey, come on in, Buddy. Yeh, ya wanna kill us but we're so nice. We're gonna let you in and give you the best places to stay with road maps and everything. Even educations and everything. Have a nice stay... Oh, and get those sores looked at at the nearest hospital."

Roger and Mirka Federer: Congratulations!

The very best of CONGRATULATIONS and good wishes to Roger and Mirka Federer on the births of their sweet little Swiss Misses. Twins - perfect for doubles and singles tennis or whatever they choose to do when they grow up.
For me, Roger Federer has brought so much pleasure in watching him on the courts, it is nice to know that he and his lovely wife have such joy come into their lives. Can't you just see him and Mirka teaching the girls foot work as they learn to walk?
Congratulations, Roger and Mirka!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Presidential Put-downs - Catch 22

What an Orwellian world or Alice in Wonderland world we have been plunged into? Or perhaps more true to form, it is a Bolshevik world... The House of Representatives is busily dictatong the words that can be used to put down the President of the United States in the hallowed halls of our Republic. You gotta be rollin' in laughter at this nonsense. With a H/T to Drudge, here's the post by Glenn Thrush at Politico: House guidelines for Presidential putdowns. Let's start with what you cannot call the President: a Liar, a Hypocrite and other things that may be quite accurate representations. This Democrat House of Representatives never ceases to amuse. Either they are spending us blind and into oblivion - as in WE ARE BROKE; or they make themselves the laughing stock of the world. It is true, finally, in their own acts and deeds - the liberal 'progressives' have no sense of humor. They are certainly not planning ahead. Why ever must they feel that they must be so defensive on behalf of President Obama. Is he not strong enough to take the opposition disagreement that other presidents have taken throughout our history? I think he's plenty strong. Or is their defensiveness born out by their racism? (Read Destiny Denied by Shelby Steele for a perspective on the liberal's view.)
Okay, so maybe it was bad form for a Congressman to point out that the President of the United States lied to the American people and the world in a speech to the joint houses of Congresses but no one denied the lie was a lie. The only dust-up was that someone pointed it out - gasp - in public. And now the Lilliputians in Congress are busy codifying what a member of Congress can legally say to putdown the President of the United States. This goes against our entire history of our elected elite being able to say with impunity anything they want to say in session. Good news for us when we have a Republican president in 2012. Then the gaggle of liberal honking geese can choke on their own vileness.
Where were these sensibilities when we needed them to quash the heinous acts of liberals/progressives writing their relentless trash about President George W. Bush?
The Democrats of Capitol Hill - The Mad Hatters of our times... Now, this would be a great cartoon film feature on the order of the Keystone Cops.....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama Care: Americans sacrificed on the altar of "health care"

In this debate about the federal taking over 20% of our private industry through their ruthless take over of all health care in the United States, we need to look also at the bureaucracy that will be running or ending your life and mine based own something like "actuarial tables" but not for our longevity but for our early demise. First I want to refer you to an article by Sarah Palin: Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care. And next to a comment from Watch Dog at Mindless and Spineless, a fellow blogger: Obama and his thugs scream at us that there no mention RATIONING or DEATH PANELS in the Bill as it now stands.In a very technical sense, they are correct—those words rationing and death panel do not appear. However, there are at least 5 places were the Bill sets up a committee or group that will determine who will and will not get treated. If that is not rationing, what is? One committee will determine at what age you are still qualified to receive specific procedures, based on price. If that doesn’t reach both rationing and determination of who lives and who dies (a death panel), what does? Note: Canada has enacted regulations that are going to terminate any services beyond regular medication for everyone seventy or older. We will very shortly reach a point where we will have more people using Social Security than are workers paying into Social Security. That is going to a big problem. What better way for the Liberals to fix it than to eliminate as many over 65 as possible? And babies with birth defects? The Health Care Czar is on record that he favors termination of every person that cannot contribute to the needs of the many. There is little room for doubt that we have elected a devout Marxist to the Oval Office who has appointed nearly 40 Czars that are not elected, vetted, or approved by Congress, or authorized anywhere in the Constitution. They are accountable to no one other than Obama!  Talk about a Shadow Government! Do not lose sight of the fact that Obama and several of his thug Czars admire Hugo Chavez! Elections may well be a thing of the past and in the very near future~.....(end) We should consider that the demographics of those over 55 or over 65 are probably more heavily skewed toward one ethnic group.  My guess is that the Baby Boomers are more skewed to a given ethnic group, probably any folks with European heritage.   We know that Mr. Obama's Health Care Czar favors infanticide and going after those over 65 could - with flights of fancy - meet their maker under what Sarah Palin's noted as "death panels" built into the bureaucracy.  But surely, no one would dare consider the notion of genocide or "ethnic cleansing" under the guise of a "health care" program.   That would be outrageous, a horrible thought to even "dare" to think but it would cut medical costs.  Outrageous; could NEVER happen in America...  

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama Care: Enforced by the IRS?

According to Byron York in his article, Health care reform means more power to the IRS, the IRS would monitor the level of health care we have right there on our good old 1040.
Yes, and private, personal income and tax information will be given upon request and without our knowledge or permission to one of Obama's NEW Health Care Agencies.  Good Gawd A'mighty!
The IRS will now expand their role from the dreaded and hated "tax revenuers" to include job of  the "health care police."  And they will have the power to fine us if we don't have the proper amount or kind of medical insurance Emperor Obama's health agencies/councils deem appropriate.
Health care records - you know confidentiality between yourself and your doctor - are already being put into a national data base.
For the love of God and this country, Obama's policy on slavery through health care must be stopped by all non-violent means open to the electorate.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama Care: Death Camps for elderly, disabled, and terminally ill

In England, terminally ill patients are made to die prematurely. Kate Devlin has a good article published in the Daily Telegraph of London: Sentenced to death on the NHS. NHS is their national health program or overseeing board. But that is not all:
Under NHS guidelines introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff in dealing with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.
This is what is planned for us in America.  Regardless of Terri Schiavo's mental condition, I have always believed that as a nation we will pay the the government of Florida under COURT orders denied her even the luxury of ice chips.  She was murdered by the state and she didn't get the benefit of a lethal injection.  No, she was starved to death and all fluids were withdrawn.  It took Terri what 12 to 13 days to die under heinous cruelty with no appeals and having committed no crime.  Shame on us!
As we move on in this battle over the government's takeover of 20% of our private sector from aspirins to bedpans, we have to understand and know several facts:
There are only two ways to reduce medicare medical costs:
1) reduce the care
2) reduce the population receiving the care
On the last item, anyone who goes to any emergency room will be treated insurance or not, illegal or native-born unless you are a "non-white Hispanic" then you are on your own.  My experience.
Mr. Obama is coming after baby-boomers and older folks along with people with disabilities - regardless of age.  The health care plan is designed to kill us, of not directly, no that would be too obvious.  The Administration is going to let the hospitals and doctors do that as the Administration cuts back on the level of reimbursement they will give to doctors and hospitals for treatments, testing, and surgeries.
The hospitals and doctors will be forced to reduce our care.
When the hospital admittance folks start writing down your ethnicity, for goodness sake, say Aleutian Native.  Whatever you do, do not identify yourself as "non-Hispanic white."
I don't mean that Mr. Obama is going to march all us into special "death camps" but the reduction of treatment will have the same effect.  Just read the article by Kate Devlin.  
Or have we become so numb that we are automatons just rushing from one place to another blindly doing what the 'telemessiah' directs us to do.  Here's just one of my tiny problems with all the speed at which Obama is trying to destroy our nation - I don't trust him at all.
He is the chief executive of the Illinois thugocracy and nothing will change that except us going out to vote at the polls in November to take away some of his power base in the Senate and the House.  We won't change the executive branch but we may be able to slow them down.
On a lighter note - I hope the tea parties go well and are great in DC on Saturday...

Stop Obama in 2010 Elections

It's time for Americans to stop Mr. Obama's madhatter dash to takeover American private industry. He's got the automobile industry of our former Big Three; he's got our banks, large and small; and he is striving mightily to get our entire health care industry lock, stock, and barrel with the now called Kennedy Health Care Act ????. Keep in mind that the late Senator Kennedy did not have the health care the Democrat elite want to force upon us. Obama won't have to sacrifice his family on the altar of the health program that Americans may be forced to kneel upon. The 'health care legislation' means that all of the health care industry from private company medical research, to hospitals, doctors, and most near and dear to us - our own well-being and the eventual well-being of our children and grand children. Mr. Obama has legislated our children and grandchildren into slavery through the mountains of debt he chalked up in his first 6 months. Where the cries from the media? Can't you hear the cries had this been George W. Bush's actions and Bush had his own fair share of piling up debt but Obama is just the conduit for more staggering debt. In America, we have elections every 2 years when ALL representatives come up for re-election and the Senators in one of three classes come up for re-election. The Founders staggered the elections of Senators so that the entire Senate would not come up for re-election during the same Congressional term. Here you can find a list of the Senators coming up for re-election in 2010: Senators up for election in 2010. Several of the Senators are resigning so their seats will be open. There a few more Republican Senators up for re-election than Democrats but this year several really 'nasty' Democrats are coming up one of whom is Barbara Boxer from California. It is time to STOP Obama's grip on legislation and it is time to call his hand on naming 47 or more CZARS who are accountable to no one but Obama. On the matter of CZARS, it is time for Congress to challenge Obama's power to work outside of the Constitution. If we can take back the Senate, we can stop or at least slow down what is becoming tyranny and Obama's quick-step march to enslave us and control us from cradle-to-grave. The choice is ours. We must work within the peaceful avenues open to us to clamp down on the current Executive Administration.

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