Thursday, September 03, 2009

Obama Care: Enforced by the IRS?

According to Byron York in his article, Health care reform means more power to the IRS, the IRS would monitor the level of health care we have right there on our good old 1040.
Yes, and private, personal income and tax information will be given upon request and without our knowledge or permission to one of Obama's NEW Health Care Agencies.  Good Gawd A'mighty!
The IRS will now expand their role from the dreaded and hated "tax revenuers" to include job of  the "health care police."  And they will have the power to fine us if we don't have the proper amount or kind of medical insurance Emperor Obama's health agencies/councils deem appropriate.
Health care records - you know confidentiality between yourself and your doctor - are already being put into a national data base.
For the love of God and this country, Obama's policy on slavery through health care must be stopped by all non-violent means open to the electorate.


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