Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Affirmative Action: End 44 years of discrimination!

It is time to end the 44 years of reverse discrimination we have experienced in our nation since 1964. The Civil Rights Act which was designed to provide "equal access" and "equal opportunity" was sold on the promise that it would not be a "quota system" but anyone who knows anything about federal bureaucrats knows they can't determine if anything is working or not unless they have numbers to crunch. Sadly, number-crunching does not determine whether a system is working or not. And the "quota system" that developed around the Civil Rights Act has done serious harm to all people of our society: the ones whom it was designed to help and the ones against whom the laws discriminate. Arguably, "affirmative action" is institutionalized racism - a thing we tried, obviously unsuccessfully, to remove as now affirmative action generally means "hire anyone but someone who is white". Multiculturalism - perhaps an outgrowth of the Civil Rights Act - may be an American invention but it has its roots in two pieces of legislation passed in 1964 and 1965. The first was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That bill was euphemistically designed to give "equal opportunity" to American blacks. But - nobody could really let that happen - so hard on its heels was the relaxation of our immigration laws in 1965 (I think Ted Kennedy was involved here somehow) through the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. This relaxation of the immigration laws was designed to increase the numbers of non-white immigrants and thus dilute the opportunity and promise of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for American blacks. Dr. Hugh Davis Graham, deceased, spent his entire academic life studying the effects of "affirmative action" and immigration policy. His book, Collision Course, The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America, was published at last six months after his death. I recommend his work for further reading. Moving to the present day: Mr. Obama wants Affirmative Action to continue; Mr. McCain has serious questions with the implementation. Personally, a program that has endured for 44 years should have run its course and we should be able to put the numbers-crunchers out to pasture. Also, at the risk of being called a "racist" once again, we are fast becoming much more a nation of mixed-ethnicities as well as mixed-races and so which "ethnicity" does the person choose when he checks the form: the one that will provide him the most benefit. I can't even check "white" anymore. All that's left for me is "non-Hispanic white" which is fine with me because that acknowledges that Hispanics have "European" roots just like me...which makes them "white". Check out the CIA World Factbook. Mr. Obama is half-and-half or what would be affectionately called a man of "mixed race" as are his daughters, yet he persists that he will be the first "black" president, should he be elected which is becoming a little more doubtful every day. Well, my goodness. He'll also be the first Muslim-born president as well, and the first to have received elite training at the best educational schools Hawaii had to offer thanks to his grandparents. We are a nation, "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all". Not so fast... As long as we have "affirmative action" we are not a nation "with liberty and justice for all". I don't hear white men crying in their beer over this but as a white woman, I can scream about it because I've seen the point system; I know how it works. I know that it is demeaning. Regardless of your qualifications or your expertise, if you are a woman, a non-white man or woman, (I'm not sure about "affirmative action" for homosexuals or how that works), the company you work for gets points for you to meet "affirmative action" quotas. I kid you not. I didn't believe it until I became a supervisor and actually saw it. Yep, the company got points or percentages of points for white women employees, black women employees, black male employees, etc. Disgusting. I showed my employees how much value the government put on each of us - charming... The points had no relationship to the skills or abilities of the employee; the only thing that counted was the gender and skin color. Mr. Obama wants to keep that discrimination going. Shame on him. I think it is time to end the Racist Affirmative Action imbedded in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and do as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. recommended: teach our citizens to be the best Americans they can be to be productive in our nation, to be proud of our nation and of our combined heritage, and to value each other as Americans. And stop beating up on white men. Good lord - there just aren't that many of them, for goodness sake. But - I can't help myself - when Mr. Obama points out that he is a black man, I have to wonder what he really thinks of us, his fellow Americans. If Hillary Clinton had said, "I'm a white woman and I'm running for president," would you or would you not have thought that she thought you were a flaming idiot? Have a great day and have fun with this election! Yes, it is serious but we can have fun too. The disdain of politicians toward their fellow citizens can be a wonderous thing to behold.

Monday, July 28, 2008

McCain: "gravitas" to spare

I have just finished a post about Obama lacking gravitas and I want to mention that while I disagree with Mr. McCain on an issue here and there, I cannot take away from him his Navy fighter pilot status or his status as a prisoner of war for five years courtesy of the North Vietnamese. If you want to see what those two things mean - just the surface of those two things, see the movie, Top Gun, with Tom Cruise and read about the Pueblo Incident that happened on January 23, 1968 when the USS Pueblo was taken by the North Koreans. Get the book. Read it if you can get through the suffering and torment of our men and see the pictures. One of the officers totally lost his mind due to the brutality of his tormentors. Other men and officers were beaten and tortured beyond comprehension. No training in the world can prepare them for the horrors they endured at the hands of the North Koreans. Just a note - there is a lady who comes on the Bill O'Reilly Show and does a segment on "body language." Recently, in good faith, she mentioned that John McCain did use jerky, robotic movements with his arms sometimes and this was distracting... Well, for the "politically sensitive", that's what can happen when one has had one's arms broken multiple times in a North Vietnamese POW camp, the Hanoi Hilton. Yes, McCain has the gravitas and he has the broken bones to prove it. You don't have to agree with him but he won't leave your son or daughter on the field of battle; he just has to decide to ditch his sychophant poodle from SC, and fight for the Presidency of the United States. Whoever walks into the Oval Office on January 20th will be tested. Our nation is under attack and has been from Islamic jihadists since the debacles of Jimmy Carter's days - Thanks for the memories, Jimmy: for Iran, for the Panama Canal, etc. In the fight we're in, I'd want McCain on my side. In the fight the Islamic terrorists and their mullahs have brought to us, we cannot afford to relent or to dismiss their efforts as "criminal acts". We need a scrapper in the White House; now is not the time for a smooth talker; we need a man who is a "maverick" and who will put his nation and our children first and who will stand up to tyranny!

Obama: where's the "gravitas"?

A few years back, I seem to recall a whole passel of "slip-stream" media folks screaming all over the place about President George W. Bush and his lack of "gravitas." Well, boys and girls, we hadn't seen anything when it comes to lack of gravitas until we saw Mr. Obama building his "gravitas" points across Europe, finding time for exercise but no time to meet off-camera with our wounded military men and women. He went from one insult of the American people to the next. We need a man in the White House, a seasoned man or seasoned woman with experience, who honors this nation and the sacrifices we have made generation after generation for people around the world. Now, everyone who visits here knows I have parted company with President Bush on the issue of allowing our nation to be invaded, on signing the McCain Campaign Finance Reform (unconstitutional at best) Bill into law, and a few other dances with the liberal devil, figuratively speaking of the Senate of course, but you'll be waiting a long time for Mr. Obama to defend this nation from the "criminal act" - so-called by our 5 liberal Supreme Court Justices - of someone killing thousands of us through any number of means the terrorists are working on. Let's be clear. Bonnie and Clyde running rampant around Texas holding up banks were engaged in "criminal acts." Islamic terrorists in Gitmo picked up on the battle field or flying planes into the Twin Towers are engaged in ACTS OF WAR. Get the picture? Can you tell the difference? Seems five justices on the Supreme Court cannot. In the case of Bonnie and Clyde, law enforcement ambushed them - totally impossible today - as well they should have and cut them down. No muss, no fuss, and no appeals. Works for me. We should have done the same to the so-called Beltway Snipers who were actually terrorists that we tried as "criminals." Had your husband, wife, sister, son, or other loved one been gunned down by these two on their personal jihad, you would agree... Kindness and compassion can go a long way but those two were cold-blooded killers targeting infidels. Today, we cater to the terrorists in Gitmo and treat them with kid gloves, well, probably not "kid" gloves. It is just an expression after all. But for the record and for recent graduates of failing schools and our liberal law schools, terrorists are the surrogate soldiers for the nations who have found another interesting way to fight us and hide behind the UN because they certainly cannot take us on in a direct conflict. Terrorists and nations who sponsor terrorists cannot have it both ways: hide behind the Geneva Convention when it suits them and con our untested but seemingly anointed president-in-waiting into meeting them with no conditions. Talk about NO gravitas, signaling a serious lack of negotiating skills before one is even in office. Tsk, tsk... When Mr. Obama went to Germany and gave his speech, he insulted me as a proud American and his words should have given some of his many supporters reason for pause. "Proud citizen of the world" and "it is time for us to work together to rebuild the world..." Hmmm... into what? I'm not certain what that means unless it means more Socialism/Marxism because, I for one, do not like "globalization" and I do not think our Founding Fathers wanted us busy as "nation" or "new world" builders. Now our men did, working with the French Resistance, reclaim France for the French; and we did along with the British, defeat Germany much to the benefit of the German people of today. And some have even heard of the Marshall Plan but that was after a devastating World War in two theaters - the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Allied Forces had their plates full. Since the "world" is supposed to hate us for the attitudes Obama expressed, I am really confused about what he means and what he has in mind. He could have just said, "Hey, I'm a proud American. I'm running for president of the United States and I'm trying to build my creds." And then there was the slap in the face to everyone who voted for him when he told the Germans it was really something to have "someone like me" standing before you 'cause no other men "who looked like me" have ever been in this position. Who keeps bringing up the "racist" talk? Do you think Kennedy spouted out that he was the first Catholic president everywhere he went? Well, no. He had too much savvy and class. Thank God. That's what we need, a president who trashes us overseas. My fellow citizens, I fully believe Americans generally are not the racists we are portrayed to be; who do you think is voting for Obama? Come on? Sure, there's La Raza and there are some testy branches of the NAACP I would suppose as well as a few Black Liberation Theology Separatist groups, and there is that bright and shining, self-stylized Muslim Civil Rights, un-indicted co-conspirator group, CAIR. We have the Black Caucus (no Republicans allowed), the Hispanic Caucus, and the Socialist Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives but generally we don't have all that many "racist" oriented groups. Sure we have the Neo-Nazis but come on - do they get tax dollars or IRS status for tax purposes as 501c3 organizations? If anything, we are too tolerant and too welcoming of those who want to do us harm regardless of their race, religion, gender, etc. "You wanta kill us, bomb us, come on in - you get treated to all the legal rights of an American citizen no matter what acts of war you use against us." The Duke - John Wayne - and many others who fought in WWII would wonder what we were all smoking. Virginia elected the Gov. Doug Wilder. It was close. He won by 5,000 + votes and from what I recall he did a good job. He's done a good job a Mayor of Richmond too. Because he's black? Nope. He has "gravitas." I listen to Mr. Obama; I read of his associates; and I do wonder if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would vote for Mr. Obama, a man who has never had to make a payroll, has never held a job other than one paid for by the tax payers. Do you think Dr. King, Jr. would vote for the "content of the man's character" or for the "color of the man's skin?" I'm only asking after all, according to Mr. Obama, America is no longer a Judeo-Christian nation and he doesn't want his daughters punished with a baby. So, he does not agree with Christ who would have the little children come unto Him and he does not believe that we nor our institutions support the values and principles upon which our nation was founded, Under God We Trust! So then what values and principles would he have us support? Think about that. We need to look more closely at Mr. Obama. We are ready for a black president, for a woman, for a Hispanic and more but not this black man who is getting more and more to look like we'd be buying the house "as is, sight unseen, no refunds." We need a man like Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, and many more good, qualified black men - men with gravitas to throw away... We need a man in the White House so let's find a man with gravitas! I know we can't have him but I'd vote for President Nicolas Sarkozy. He speaks so highly of Americans and of the sacrifices Americans and American families have made for people they will never meet. Now, where's the American politician who would dare to speak so well of his nation, of America? Where's the "gravitas", Barack? Right here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A suicide, a loss so young: questions with no answers

Last week, a young friend of mine - age 28 - left this world at her own hand. No one knows why; no note; only a family left to grieve; young children left without their mother; a young fiance left without his bride-to-be; and a stunned community left to suffer its loss. We know she had experienced a complex life; we know she had suffered as had Rush Limbaugh; and we ask why doctors are even allowed to give out medication that time and time again has had such devastating results... So today, I set aside politics and all the "ism" and grieve for the loss of my friend... If you believe in prayer and in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, please say a prayer for my young friend and her family and for the many families hers represents who suffer such tragic loss daily... Please be kind in your thoughts at what quiet desperation she must have felt... Thank you...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

McCain: run for president or pack it in!

The following post is from Watch Dog at Mindless and Spineless, just couldn't say it better: It is time for McCain to get off the pot!. Watch Dog has it "right-on". The Senators may talk like wimps on the floor of the Senate but we don't need this "whussie-fying" when a man's running for President of the United States. Senator McCain, get up and fight or roll-over and be run over. I say, FIGHT! Knock the blocks out from under this kid with no record and Middle Eastern support. Do you think his "beggar based" constituents are sending in those checks to add up to $300,000,000.00? The same folks who re-elected School-bus Nagan in New Orleans who let them nearly drown? Get the lead out, McCain. Make me believe in you! Make me believe you "give a darn" about conservative, constitutional values! Make me believe you will defend our nation from the invasion of illegals -- come on, McCain! Put 'em up or Barry's gonna mop up the map....

Energy Independence...for America; Merci!

Now we - according to "he who would be king Obama" - is thrashing us because we are not generally multilingual. First, it was those "white folks" holding on to their "God" and "religion"; then He gets on national TV and points out that we are NOT a Christian nation any longer. Where is that fool coming from? Of course, Black Separatist Liberation Marxist Theology telling the members of Jeremiah Wright, Jr.'s congregation to disdain the "middle class" and not strive for that while Mama Obama is raking in $375,000 in tax payer dollars in the form of a salary under cover of a federal grant (through the committee of Sentah Obama). Come on! How fast do you think that would be all over the papers and McCain drummed out of the campaign if he did such "funny business". Well, Americans - of whom Ms. Michelle has never until recently ever been proud in her adult life - can take care of this "crisis" through our ingenuity, through grit, and by electing a few honest politicians. The more I see of Obama, the less I like. And no, he is not a smooth-talking Senator unless he has a good script. Vote him into office, and rue the day, Americans, because he will drive us into more debt; illegals will be at the head of the line for medical care we have paid for; and, if you are a white man - in the minority - you can expect to see things get rougher for you and your family because "affirmative action" will never come knocking on your door even if you are the last white man standing. I'm getting really tired of seeing our children suffer academically for the illusion of equality when - people make choices every day - some minorities are simply not even trying to earn the educations being offered. My parents reared me to believe that "education" was a privilege not a "right" and their expectation was that I study and learn. So, Americans, tell Obama to "stuff it". We don't need him. We need a president who sees our greatness and brings out the best in us, not a man who degrades us at every turn. Don't let Obama be the "affirmative action" president. We can't afford it. The Presidency of the United States is not a position that you get 'cause you mother hated her nation and was drawn to the guys that hung out at the Middle Eastern Student Center in college. Remember, Obama is the man who wants to sit down with Mad Jad, the very man threatening Israel and the entire Middle East and, believe me, with Obama, it'll be down hill from there...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Muslims in US - go back to Middle East

We have "freedom of religion" in the United States of America. We do not have Shariah Law; we don't want Sharial Law. We are not colonizing your "homeland" nations. I ask you, "Please return to lands where Shariah Law is the "law of the land." Do not try to change our representative democracy. There is no reason for you to come here to impose your way of life upon us. No honor killings; no Shariah banking; no female mutilation; no arranged marriages; no beating your wives; no enslaving your wives and daughters; no changing our laws to accommodate the intolerance of the Qur'an. Return to lands that are hospitable to Shariah Law. That is what the Qur'an orders... You are working to threaten our way of life and eventually that threat will become apparent to more and more Americans. We hear and read of the horror stories coming out of England where non-Muslim children and punished if they don't want to "role play" being Muslims. How dare you? This even goes on in the United States in isolated areas. I am begging you - take your 7th Century ideology of intolerance and servitude and return to the Middle East. Do not colonize here. America is built on concepts that are as foreign to you as dark is from light; as evil totalitarianism is from freedom. Please - do not continue down this path of destroying our nation's way of life. Our strengths are seen as weaknesses to you to be exploited and used against us; please do not underestimate our strengths at defending our own survival. The "terrorists" are not the only threat our liberties face; soon we will awaken to what we see today as benign curiosities and then it will be too late.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shariah Finance Watch and Stop Shariah Now - New Links

Please note that two new links have been added under - Vigilance - the Price of Freedom: Shariah Finance Watch and Stop Shariah Now. An e-mail address for newsletter updates is: Center for Security Policy It is vital to our national security and to our American way of life, essentially freedom, that we stay alert to the incremental encroachment of Shariah Law into our society. It is encumbment upon us to send e-mails to our Representatives at the state and federal level and to our respective Senators when such laws creep into our system of freedoms and democracy. Shariah Law is antitheical to our way of life and is just one spoke in the armament being used to undermine our representative democracy. The means are so innocuous as to seem unabtrusive and therefore can easily sneak up upon us and overwhelm us before we know it. I ask you to get involved and to go to these websites. Read, become informed so that you will recognize the encroachment when you see it and understand in no uncertain terms that you would not be afforded anything close to the same "rights" if you were trying to establish Western freedoms and cultural traditions into any Muslim/Islamic theocratic-dominated nations. The biggest scam the Devil pulled was to convince mankind he didn't exist. The biggest fraud Islamic Imperialism is pulling off is to convince gullible Westerners that Islam is a "religion", not a "cradle-to-grave" theocratic political ideology.

Foreign Oil: end our dependence; bankrupt terrorists!

For my money, OPEC has made enough off of me and the men of the "tribes with flags" in the Middle East who are strangling us based upon our Congressionally-imposed dependency on their oil also enslave their women and keep many of their people in poverty. I'm tired of supporting their arrogance; I'm tired of funding the terrorists they send to kill us. Well, a self-made man, T. Boone Pickens has a plan to move us away from dependence upon anyone's oil and especially foreign oil. Go to the link and take a look at Mr. Pickens' plan. It is simple. I'm going to mention just a few aspects of the plan here. First, we import 80% of our oil from foreign sources right now, up from 24% in the 1970s. We pay 700 billion dollars for that oil. Mr. Pickens suggests that we use our natural gas for our cars and start diverting our energy resources to wind and other sources. He has a plain, clear, simply stated plan. If you will give him less than five minutes of your time, he will explain the basics of his energy plan. It is amazing how clear and innovative his plan is and it uses what we already have in abundance. Mr. Pickens also points to two towns in Texas which have already implemented "wind" power to the energy needs of the homes and community needs. Mr. Pickens in five minutes or less sets out a plan that is concise and so clear even a student of our government high schools can understand it. Mr. Pickens says in less than 5 minutes what politicians generally could not articulate in an hour because like Obama said, he was just sorry the gas prices went up quite as fast as they did. Well, Mr. Pickens' plan would use what we already have in abundance and, by the way, he didn't even mention "drilling" for oil. Please - for yourself, for our nation's security and independence, and for our freedom take a look at Mr. Pickens' plan.

Muslim Women: you are only chance to reform Islam

Margaret Meade did her international sociological studies decades ago. One goal was to identify the status of women within the various cultures around the world. This research led her to identify cultures in which women were the most oppressed. According to her study, the most oppresssed women in the world - generally based upon the ideology to which they were subjected were in this order: Number 1 - Muslim women - essentially slaves; sadly, Number 2 - Mormon women right here in the United States. This post is directed to Muslim women. One of my blogger friends - Steve at Steve's Hodge Podge (blog deleted) suggested several years ago that the only way for Islam to be reformed was through the women - almost like a grass-roots civil rights movement only on a much more subtle scale but more intense in terms of being consistent and relentless on the part of the women. Steve responded to this post which I wrote nearly two years ago. I am looking at your role differently now and seeing more possibilities and strength in you to bring about change than you may see. I can only see two ways for the world to go with Islam swamping Europe and pressuring such drramatice change: reform within Islam into a less "egocentric, power-dominated" ideology OR the next world-wide wave of war between Western Civilization for its survival (we are not colonizing Iraq) and the forces of Islamic Imperialism working daily to colonize Europe, North America, Central America, Mexico, essentially the world. Remember, we are dealing with 7th to 8th Century mindsets here and that involves long-term and deep-seated change. So here's one thought. I am not trying to convert any Muslim woman to Christianity; if she is in America and can get to a Barnes and Nobles bookstore without being under armed guard, I'm suggesting that she take a look at a book by John Macarthur, Twelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women of the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You. A Workbook exists but I don't suggest you risk buying that. I am not suggesting that you purchase the book and take it into your home. I am only asking you to read the Preface and the Introduction. These women are found in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. From the Preface: "...all these women ultimately became extraordinary not because of any natural qualities of their own, but because the one true God whom they worshiped is great, mighty, glorious, and awesome, and He refined them like silver." Now, if it is true that Islam, like Judiasm and Christianity, comes down from Abraham, then we all believe in the one true God - but this post is for Muslim women to step out and refine Islam... I do not believe Islam came from "the one true God" as the ideology is so hate-filled and makes 1/2 of the population of believers into property or perhaps man in his search for power - as has occurred throughout recorded time and across all ideologies - simply has to become civilized and sometimes women have that civilizing influence and simply have not been able to slip the chains of bondage in Islam so that they can civilize the jihadists who put all of our children at risk... Back to the book... From the Introduction, "One of the unique features of the Bible is the way it exalts women. Far from ever demeaning or belittling women, Scripture often seems to go out of the way to pay homage to them, to ennoble their roles in society and family, to acknowledge the importance of their influence..." "From the very first chapter of the Bible, we are taught that women, like men, bear the stamp of God's own image (Gen. 1:27; 5:1-2)." "....Wives are seen as venerated partners and cherished companions to their husbands, not merely slaves or pieces of household furniture...At Sinai, God commanded children to honor both father and mother (Ex. 20:12)." If you can, just go into the bookstore and read a few pages at a time; take the messages to heart; and work within your own ways to reform Islam so that the collision course we are once again set upon may perhaps be diffused... Islam will not "beat" non-Muslims in the long run and when the fighting gets bad, it has the potential to be very bad for all of us. I beseech Muslim women to step up to the plate and do your best for the future of all of our children... As it stands now, Islam as an ideology is not compatible with Western Cultures and, although Western Cultures seem asleep at the moment, that lethargy is only on the surface of the pond. Please, you have the power to reform Islam - a misogynist society that is true - but you can change that one step at a time... The alternative to a reformed Islam is unthinkable because the fundamentalist Islamic men will not rest until they call the world's forces down upon them and then blame the nations of the world for defending themselves...that's the jihadists MO. It didn't work with the so-called "flying imams" and it won't work globally...sanity is up to you.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama has never visited a mosque? Excuse me!

In this piece from Jihad Watch, it is suggested that Obama either has never visited a mosque or perhaps should visit a mosque. Obama himself assures everyone that he is a Christian but I didn't hear much "Christianity" from his beloved Black Liberation Theologist racist "preacher", Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. But to the point, if Obama has never been to a mosque, exactly where did he go when he went to Islamic services with his step-father while he lived in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10 during which time he also studied Islam and memorized the Qur'an as did other Muslim students. Look, Obama is now dragging out pictures of his white, Muslim, anti-American, Marxist mom and his loving white grandparents with his "typical" white person grandmother - grandparents who, by the way, sent him to the most elite schools available in Hawaii when he went to live with them. Should he be elected president, it will be white people who elect him - excuse me, non-Hispanic whites. And Muslims will have to decide if he is an apostate, as some have commented here (which I have not posted), or if he is a Muslim in disguise. It is getting more difficult each and every day to tell who and what Obama is. I wonder - if he's 1/2 white and 1/2 black, how is he "black"? How will he be the first black president? He'll be the first 1/2 black president. Will he be the first mixed-race president? I think a vote for Obama is the real vote for Bush III, minus the guts and balls. Of course, our taxes will go up for the middle class; non-Hispanic white Americans and other Americans as well will have to stand in line behind illegals for important surgeries but the non-Hispanic whites will be allowed to die off first as they are clearly less than equal these days; prices for everything will go up; and subsidies to everyone who has one drop of non-white blood will increase. White people are on the endangered list right along side the polar bear - the land is melting right out from under us what with the Mexican invasion and all. It's just that nobody is saying the goal is to eradicate the "white" population. If you are a non-Hispanic white in America today and you vote for Obama, you are not being non-racist, you are being stupid and you are being what blacks living on the Democrat Plantation call a "race traitor." For myself, I can't wait to see Michelle out there directing the painters to paint the White House black... What fun! She will be such a charming first lady with that chip weighing her down. I wonder if she'll be proud of her country then. Everytime I see her, I see a bitter "affirmative action" babe who doesn't really know if she made it on her own or if the "white man" gave it to her. So sad...to really be that insecure. I wonder if the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. will swear in President B. Hussein Obama? Surely, he'll be on hand for a little lively castigatin' of the rascally, mean racist white folk who voted Obama into office. If you think you're tired of being called a "racist" now, wait until Michelle gets a'hold of the bully-pulpit. I'm tellin' ya who wears the pants in that family, and it ain't Barry... But attend a mosque - Barry has seen the inside of a mosque, plenty of times, just maybe not with unindicted co-conspirators such as those loving boys from CAIR. Well, I'm glad Barry is bringing out pictures of his white mother and his white grandparents. They did stay under wraps during the primary. Hmm... I still think I might write in Hillary's name; at the very least she is an honest Marxist in so far as it is possible for the Clintons to be "honest". Off topic but anyone know how much Middle Eastern money is flowing into Barry's campaign funds? Some? None?

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