Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama: where's the "gravitas"?

A few years back, I seem to recall a whole passel of "slip-stream" media folks screaming all over the place about President George W. Bush and his lack of "gravitas." Well, boys and girls, we hadn't seen anything when it comes to lack of gravitas until we saw Mr. Obama building his "gravitas" points across Europe, finding time for exercise but no time to meet off-camera with our wounded military men and women. He went from one insult of the American people to the next. We need a man in the White House, a seasoned man or seasoned woman with experience, who honors this nation and the sacrifices we have made generation after generation for people around the world. Now, everyone who visits here knows I have parted company with President Bush on the issue of allowing our nation to be invaded, on signing the McCain Campaign Finance Reform (unconstitutional at best) Bill into law, and a few other dances with the liberal devil, figuratively speaking of the Senate of course, but you'll be waiting a long time for Mr. Obama to defend this nation from the "criminal act" - so-called by our 5 liberal Supreme Court Justices - of someone killing thousands of us through any number of means the terrorists are working on. Let's be clear. Bonnie and Clyde running rampant around Texas holding up banks were engaged in "criminal acts." Islamic terrorists in Gitmo picked up on the battle field or flying planes into the Twin Towers are engaged in ACTS OF WAR. Get the picture? Can you tell the difference? Seems five justices on the Supreme Court cannot. In the case of Bonnie and Clyde, law enforcement ambushed them - totally impossible today - as well they should have and cut them down. No muss, no fuss, and no appeals. Works for me. We should have done the same to the so-called Beltway Snipers who were actually terrorists that we tried as "criminals." Had your husband, wife, sister, son, or other loved one been gunned down by these two on their personal jihad, you would agree... Kindness and compassion can go a long way but those two were cold-blooded killers targeting infidels. Today, we cater to the terrorists in Gitmo and treat them with kid gloves, well, probably not "kid" gloves. It is just an expression after all. But for the record and for recent graduates of failing schools and our liberal law schools, terrorists are the surrogate soldiers for the nations who have found another interesting way to fight us and hide behind the UN because they certainly cannot take us on in a direct conflict. Terrorists and nations who sponsor terrorists cannot have it both ways: hide behind the Geneva Convention when it suits them and con our untested but seemingly anointed president-in-waiting into meeting them with no conditions. Talk about NO gravitas, signaling a serious lack of negotiating skills before one is even in office. Tsk, tsk... When Mr. Obama went to Germany and gave his speech, he insulted me as a proud American and his words should have given some of his many supporters reason for pause. "Proud citizen of the world" and "it is time for us to work together to rebuild the world..." Hmmm... into what? I'm not certain what that means unless it means more Socialism/Marxism because, I for one, do not like "globalization" and I do not think our Founding Fathers wanted us busy as "nation" or "new world" builders. Now our men did, working with the French Resistance, reclaim France for the French; and we did along with the British, defeat Germany much to the benefit of the German people of today. And some have even heard of the Marshall Plan but that was after a devastating World War in two theaters - the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Allied Forces had their plates full. Since the "world" is supposed to hate us for the attitudes Obama expressed, I am really confused about what he means and what he has in mind. He could have just said, "Hey, I'm a proud American. I'm running for president of the United States and I'm trying to build my creds." And then there was the slap in the face to everyone who voted for him when he told the Germans it was really something to have "someone like me" standing before you 'cause no other men "who looked like me" have ever been in this position. Who keeps bringing up the "racist" talk? Do you think Kennedy spouted out that he was the first Catholic president everywhere he went? Well, no. He had too much savvy and class. Thank God. That's what we need, a president who trashes us overseas. My fellow citizens, I fully believe Americans generally are not the racists we are portrayed to be; who do you think is voting for Obama? Come on? Sure, there's La Raza and there are some testy branches of the NAACP I would suppose as well as a few Black Liberation Theology Separatist groups, and there is that bright and shining, self-stylized Muslim Civil Rights, un-indicted co-conspirator group, CAIR. We have the Black Caucus (no Republicans allowed), the Hispanic Caucus, and the Socialist Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives but generally we don't have all that many "racist" oriented groups. Sure we have the Neo-Nazis but come on - do they get tax dollars or IRS status for tax purposes as 501c3 organizations? If anything, we are too tolerant and too welcoming of those who want to do us harm regardless of their race, religion, gender, etc. "You wanta kill us, bomb us, come on in - you get treated to all the legal rights of an American citizen no matter what acts of war you use against us." The Duke - John Wayne - and many others who fought in WWII would wonder what we were all smoking. Virginia elected the Gov. Doug Wilder. It was close. He won by 5,000 + votes and from what I recall he did a good job. He's done a good job a Mayor of Richmond too. Because he's black? Nope. He has "gravitas." I listen to Mr. Obama; I read of his associates; and I do wonder if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would vote for Mr. Obama, a man who has never had to make a payroll, has never held a job other than one paid for by the tax payers. Do you think Dr. King, Jr. would vote for the "content of the man's character" or for the "color of the man's skin?" I'm only asking after all, according to Mr. Obama, America is no longer a Judeo-Christian nation and he doesn't want his daughters punished with a baby. So, he does not agree with Christ who would have the little children come unto Him and he does not believe that we nor our institutions support the values and principles upon which our nation was founded, Under God We Trust! So then what values and principles would he have us support? Think about that. We need to look more closely at Mr. Obama. We are ready for a black president, for a woman, for a Hispanic and more but not this black man who is getting more and more to look like we'd be buying the house "as is, sight unseen, no refunds." We need a man like Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, and many more good, qualified black men - men with gravitas to throw away... We need a man in the White House so let's find a man with gravitas! I know we can't have him but I'd vote for President Nicolas Sarkozy. He speaks so highly of Americans and of the sacrifices Americans and American families have made for people they will never meet. Now, where's the American politician who would dare to speak so well of his nation, of America? Where's the "gravitas", Barack? Right here.


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