Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congress - please end Mexican trucking into the US

In an article printed in The Washington Times, Hill urged to keep Mexican trucks legal, Congress is urged not to end the Mexican trucking program into the United States that began September 4, 2007 and has not been funded for 2008. I urge the Congress to halt the program. American lives are at risk on our highways by Mexican truckers who are driving faulty trucks and according to Geraldo Rivera, possibly driving drunk because according to Geraldo, Mexican men drive drunk - it's a cultural thing. Approximately 12,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens, many drunk drivers here illegally from Mexico. That is 4 times the number of Americans killed by terrorists at the World Trade Centers on 9/11 and occurs annually. Four times, and nary a word. The mainstream media gnashes its teeth marking each and every death of an American soldier killed in Iraq but stands mute on the deaths of Americans being perpetrated by illegals and drunk Mexican drivers on OUR OWN SOIL in OUR OWN COUNTRY. We are being put at risk by our own government and I call upon Congress to stop it. Because of these Mexican truckers, I fear for family members who must travel to work daily on some of our busiest interstates. Interestingly,
"the (teamsters) union argued that the Transportation Department acted outside its authority by continuing the program. The union and its supporters also said Mexico has not upgraded its truck-inspection facilities or enforced safety regulations to meet U.S. standards. U.S. trucking groups renewed their criticism of the cross-border program after yesterday's press conference. "Safety standards in Mexico simply are not on par with those in the United States, and few U.S. trucking companies even appear interested in going south," said Todd Spencer, vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, a Grain Valley, Mo., trade group.
Interesting that our drivers don't want to go into Mexico. Could it be because Mexico is arguably the most corrupt government on the planet. So once again, the Bush Administration has overstepped its bounds and violated Congressional restrictions, while continuing to put us at risk. If our president will NOT defend our nation as he has proved at every turn that he will not and will VIOLATE his oath of office for a few dollars, then I call upon Congress to do its duty and protect us. For many years now, I have actually felt safer on our highways knowing that American truckers were there with me - ready to help me if I needed their help. Now, Mexican truckers are allowed to enter the United States, take jobs from our trucker citizens, and put our lives at risk. Soon, with the SPP highway from lower Mexico cutting through the United States into Canada, shipping will be or can be diverted from our ports to the ports of Mexico, once again putting American jobs in jeopardy, challenging our national sovereignty, and adding to the risk of national security. It is time to enter into fair trade, not trade "agreements" designed to destroy the manufacturing and producing capabilities of the United States and to destroy the infra-structure of our job base. Our Founding Fathers said we were to trade with anyone we liked FAIRLY but that did not mean giving up our sovereignty nor putting our citizens lives at risks. I realize I am fighting a battle that already seems lost because politicians confuse the term "globalization" to mean the loss of freedoms, borders, and national sovereignty. Well, I still have breath in my body and my fingers can still fight for our lives and our sovereignty through this keyboard. I ask you to join with me. We are fighting many battles and we are surrounded by a cacophony of noise and as a friend called it "cognitive dissonance." She is right but we can find our way through if we keep our eye on the prize: A free United States of America; a nation bound by one language, English; and a people joined in the American Culture, a culture unique around the world. It is a culture formed in our willingness to leave the old ways behind and strike out for individual responsibility with less government controlling our every breath . God bless our troops; our border patrol; and God bless the men and women working everyday to keep our nation strong. And our government whose leaders are kicking us to the curb, well, you fill in that part.

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