Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary's Wardrobe Planners - Please

Please, for the love of Heaven, get rid of that baby-poop yellow jacket. Get rid of all yellow jackets and yellow blouses. They make her looked washed out. Cream beige linen jackets, order 50 of them to have in the SUV; some suits with skirts and low GOOD (as in expensive) leather heals. Please don't tell me you - those dressing Hillary - think pantsuits look presidential. Read the long-ago printed "Dress for Success" book for women and drop the pantsuits off at Goodwill. Don't you know women in power suits with skirts, sleeves that fall an inch or so below the jacket sleeve length/cuff, and maybe the tiniest bit of color will give her more of a presidential look than those frumpy pantsuits? The jewelry is nice. But get Hillary out of brown suits and those baby-poop light pumpkin tinged yellows. Burgundy, camel, navy, even her red suit looks good. But the night she looked the BEST was.... Believe it or not the night she wore that soft grayish tailored jacket with the darker pattern when she gave a "thank you" speech. You Hillary "wardrobe planners" need to soften her dress just a bit - no, not pastels or "pretty in pinks" - just get her out of those darn pantsuits all the blessed time. And get her out of those "sensible" shoes. We don't need a woman president who thinks she has to look like a man. We are much stronger in those power suits with skirts and a hint of color - trust me. Look at how Condi Rice dresses sometimes for contrast. Also, please note that Michelle Obama frequently wears suits with skirts - nothing "soft" looking about her. Actually she even looks more presidential than her husband and she doesn't seem to wear browns or that hideous green color. Oh, well, I have tried. Twice...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, Obama's wife is taking her cues from watching old reruns of the Kennedy Administration and seems to have decided to imitate Jackie O. Has anyone noticed this? Isn't it enough that Obama seems to be trying to push himself off as a Kennedy twin, does he think anyone is that stupid???

11:14 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Good point and yes, he thinks we are all stupid. If we elect him, we are.

12:03 PM  

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