Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thomas Jefferson and National Sovereignty - 2008

The following is a missive written by my Left Coast Operative, speaking on behalf of Thomas Jefferson and what he and his brave brothers and sisters contemplate regarding how far afield we, as a people, have strayed from the promise of our birth.
Mr Dearest Doctor,
I fear your delicate wrath presuming to address you in this manner from the grave. Nonetheless, I am compelled to call upon the righteous wit of one of our republic's remaining sane citizens.

Ten score and five years my vision, God' providence and France's folly, gave me leave to double the geographic size of our nation. (The Louisiana Purchase) After a brilliant but brief experience with manifest destiny, you seemed to have filled up the space with nimrods and myopic pantywaists.

Good God, woman, we trembled when we gave the power to the people lest they turn astray with disdain from the Divine Morality revealed by God in scripture but we had no idea they would dispose of not only God, Himself, but their own unborn millions.

How far and how fast has the evil one led you past redemption!
We have met again on the other side and have concluded there is no merit in your image on the far pane of the glass. Our trust was misplaced, our faith betrayed, and our hearts broken, not for us, for we were brave, but for you. We are mistaken!
You have not the Wisdom to steward the gift.


Thomas Jefferson P.S. What is with the cockamamy 82 cents to mail this missive? For such treasure, I could have doubled poor Merriweather's provisions.
How far have we strayed? How derelict have we been in squandering the gift, our birthright? And are we strong enough, as a people, to take our nation back, to educate ourselves, to restrain ourselves when handed the crumbs of "half measures" from a beneficent government that has seemingly replaced God and sucked from us the very strength we have been given from God to build this great nation and to keep it. As George Washington recommended: trade fairly with whomever we will. He said nothing about giving up our heritage, our individual freedoms and responsibilities, and our national sovereignty to trade. He would have thought us MAD to enter into NAFTA - couched as an agreement, not even a treaty which requires 2/3 approval from the Senate. Even judges can't get an up-or-down simple majority vote these days but an "agreement" with one of the most corrupt governments on earth to shred this nation, making us just a "rest stop" on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) highway, is passed by a vote of 200 to 234 in the House and 61 to 38 in the Senate. Our nation thrown away on semantics by a man who would have us understand what the meaning of "is" is. [Rest assured President Bill Clinton is not alone in the measures on-going to destroy or to "remake" this great nation into road stop.] Have we so eagerly allowed our great Constitution to be shredded before our eyes - the ONLY one of its kind ever written. The promise has always been one of "opportunity", not guaranteed outcome - the latter diminishes us all and paves the way to slavery! ~~~~~ Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

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Blogger Rich said...

Oh how I miss Jefferson and the wisdom of our founders. If we had half the witt and wisdom of Jefferson in the wo)men in Congress, we might have something to hope for. But for now we can only ponder what Jefferson wrote about democracy, "The tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants". I would be happy with a desire to shed "political blood". It seems our politicians will shed nothing but their pants and political will...

3:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Ah, yes, the Tree of Liberty. We seem to have a lot of dogs tinkling on it and killing it one tinkle at a time.

What political will? They have made their "statesmanship" positions as our representatives into "jobs" and are no different than the folks who have been turned into "welfare" junkies. They actually see themselves as government employees. Where can you work for two years and be fired and still take your benefits, etc. with you?

5:41 AM  

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