Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary and the super delegates

Hillary is clawing her way to the nomination. What a scrapper! Anyone think she'd hesitate to "drop the big one?" We just don't know on whom. An article from the New York Times spells out a possible "endgame": Advisors for Clinton plan Endgame, h/t Drudge Report. Many of my friends have and even now still count Hillary "out". You know the drill, "she won't get the numbers"; "she won't get the superdelegates": "she'll tear the Democrat party apart" (not an especially bad thought). But I say, "No!" Hillary Clinton will not allow the Democrat Party nomination for president to be wrested from her hands - not when she is so close. Maybe Obama would settle for VP; he is younger and that would curse us with perhaps 8 years of Clinton-Obama and then 8 years of Obama - Good gawd 'amighty! Or maybe God will intervene and save us from ourselves. But that's a bit beyond human understanding and so... A word to the super delegates: Does the phrase "1,500 FBI files" mean anything to you?


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