Friday, March 07, 2008

Thomas Jefferson on Hamilton's federalist frauds

The following is a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Hamilton, written (channelled) for us by my Left Coast Operative. Seems they do a lot of interesting activites on the Left Coast from channelling to pet therapy. The following is not for the children as it seems Thomas was in a bit of a snit or pique and as we know he had quite strong opinions - not all good - regarding Mr. Hamilton. ~~~~~ Mr Dear Alexander, So my friend, you have triumphed after all, you and your federalist frauds...and have you seen who they have made the agent of the Deity's demise in all matters of state? Me! They claim to have found in one of my letters musings declaring an absolute separation of church and bloody state, giving them all license to kill partially born infants in my name as though I were present in the apse/infirmary blessing the murder. All manner of poisonous deeds are perpetrated in my name. What they cannot legislate (they never tire of legislating), their courts construct as spanking new law with no reference to James' masterful document. They have manufactured a "right to privacy" while, at the same time they listen to private conversations over long distances through a device they call a telephone. They sue one another over manifestly contrived grievances. One in nine citizens, I swear, is a barrister. The republic welcomes enemies sworn to her destruction and prosecutes displayers of the Ten Commandments. All citizens are to be mandated by YOUR federal government to purchase contractual (most times un-needed) medical services from federally regulated institutions which profit obscenely. Foreign persons who have smuggled themselves into the nation, however, receive free medical attention merely by presenting themselves to something called an "emergency room". This I have seen with my own eyes. Wait, it gets better but, alas, my damned quill is failing. I curse poor Aaron for not having administered more than one ball from his dueling pistol into your misguided skull. Yours in eternity, Thomas Jefferson ~~~~~ Perhaps we will be the beneficiaries of additional reflections and observations from our grand Thomas Jefferson. For those who may not know, a bust of Alexander Hamilton resides today in a corner of the entry room at Monticello to remind Jefferson of the intense intellectual struggles that ensued during the months of labor leading up to our birth, labors that raged on during our infancy - labors conducted by great men who risked their very lives in pursuit of "liberty and justice for all", who risked it all in their belief that: "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their (government's) just powers from the consent of the governed..." It is our job to tell the government what it's powers are; not the government's right to tell us what our "freedoms" are. The more personal responsibility we are willing to "give up", the more power the government is quite ready to grab. [Formatting note: I cannot access FireFox at the moment. When I can, I'll come back here and neaten it up. Block quotes, color, etc. and cross-post at Eternity Road.]


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