Thursday, March 06, 2008

Michelle Obama and her disdain for America

Is Michelle Obama a darling of the mainstream media or has she just been getting "puff balls"? Mrs. Obama was born in 1964 and attended Harvard. Affirmative action was churning and cranking away at that time, you may recall. She seems to have learned a bit about pushing and not very much about the Civil Rights movement and the sacrifices of many black and white Americans, Jewsish Americans as well, who worked at sometimes great risk to themselves to open doors for her. From what I have heard her say and from reviewing a bit of her history, it seems she sees life in America as "rights" not "privileges". What a shame her hatred or contempt of the gifts she has been given or had access to have seemingly taught her such hatred or at the very least, anger. America "just downright mean!" Shame on you, Michelle Obama and we are to call you the First Lady of the United States. Shame on you! The following are a few of the articles that may be of interest. We had a co-presidency with the Clintons, you recall "two for the price of one." Michelle Obama: wrong for first lady Amen! Michelle Obama - America is just downright mean h/t Michael Savage Could Clinton, Obama become a team? not when Michelle gets finished "ripping Bill Clinton's eyes out"; "kidding" she says. No hate speech there, not to mention the threat of voilence. We know who wears the pants in the Clinton family; who wears the pants in the Obama family? Talk about two b*** busting, "high on testosterone" women! Boy, howdy! Now, those would be interesting cocktail parties. And from the Democratic, we have Michelle Obama resigns her Board of Directors... This is a case of "the kettle should not be calling the skillet black." We do not need another husband-wife lawyer team in the White House and certainly not when one of them has such disdain for her country. Right now it looks like Barry's biggest problem aside from NAFTAgate, Rezkogate, Weather Underground-gate along with a few other "gates" we have yet to learn of is Michelle-gate. Not attacking her as a person; I don't know the woman. All I have are her appearances on TV and her words. Seems Michelle Obama makes a mockery of Senator Obama's "I'm a uniter" theme. But then like NAFTA-Canada-gate, that could just be a "wink-wink" too. One thing Mrs. Obama seems to have learned in the bowels of Harvard Law is to speak her mind and insert her foot. No parsing can undo her words of disdain for America, for you and for me. How much more arrogance and hubris do we need in the White House?


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