Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is Barack Obama undermining American foreign policy?

It is a serious question about whether or not Barack Obama is undermining American foreign policy and dealing through back channels with enemy nations. H/T to Thunderpig for a link to NR on-line post, The FARC Letter Mentioning Obama Gets a Bit More Attention. I should think we have enough problems generated out of the State Department undermining our foreign policy not to have a possible presidential candidate working at cross purposes to our national safety, security, and sovereignty. But closer to home, we are learning more about Rezko and questionable Iraqi connections that may come back to haunt Senator Obama - not his personal actions perhaps but actions from his staffers. From Yid with Lid, a most interesting post on Rezko and some interesting Iraqi connections: More Barak Obama Rezko Revelations. Will the mainstream media annoint Barack Obama "King of the Universe" or will they start vetting him as Hillary suggests? If the mainstream media is going to do its job, they had best get beyond their love affair with Obama, the first black candidate, and focus on Obama, the man. Hillary has her Whitewater issues no doubt but events may be unfolding yet again about South Side Chicago politics that may make Hill and Bill look like high school sophomores with their antics. Not really but you know what I mean... Interestingly to me, the battle within the Democrat Party is not about gender or race, it is far more about ideological "differences" between one man's form of "liberalism" and separatism, and one woman's form of Marxism. To help us out, I give you a post by Debbie at Faultline USA, What Obama's Church Preaches. Obama says religion should not be open to discussion. Well, yes it should when the foundation of that "religion" is anti-American and African-centered. Hillary is right on this one; Obama needs to be vetted and that has not happened as yet. A comment on the exchange of comments at Faultline USA, in the United States of America today, no one is oppressing black Americans with the possible exception of "rappers" and black hate mongers who teach black youth that learning and education are tools of the "white man" and are to be shunned. If black Americans who hide behind the canard of "oppression" want to look for the source of their "perceived" oppression today, they need look no farther than to some of the men who are their "self-proclaimed" leaders as well as some of the "social" programs/government handouts that are designed to keep them on subsistance rather than programs that reward excellence and achievement.


Blogger Rich said...

"Hillary is right on this one..." But the real issue is has she taken your advice on her wardrobe? Great post! Just trying to make you smile. I know how I feel after writing a post like this. You need a "light" moment :)

5:20 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

"Let my little light shine, let my little light shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."

Yes, not an easy post to write but black Americans are 13.8% of our 300,000,000 + 20 to 30,000 illegals. Demographers put that number as steady out into, perhaps centuries. Although I know my comment is a generalization, I am sad to see what could be such a vibrant segment of our society revert to "group" identity.

Many black Americans do not seem to realize that, while some leadership in the Hispanic Caucus, make common cause with them against white Americans (see Progressive (Socialist) Caucus an arm of International Socialist Party) - our census data counts Hispanics as white - check the WorldFact Book. That is how our "white" population has risen about 7% since 2004 or so.

So, although significant voting blocks in selected regions, black Americans are being left behind - through their own devices, not anything imposed upon them. Slavery ended in the South in 1863 (?) - 4-5 generations ago. And many free blacks lived in America at the time. If one studies, one soon learns that quite a few black Americans also owned "slaves" in the form of blacks and indentured servants, a very hideous road to travel as well.

It would be liberating if the black Americans caught in that "slavery" time-warp would pull out of it but that is difficult considering how many are taught today to see themselves as oppressed. Unfortunately, they do not seem to realize that Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites (as white folks are called these days) generally have no animosity toward each other. And the Hispanics are generally hardworking and are filling voids that do seem to need to be filled. I fear that generally black Americans with that "oppression"/racist chip will set themselves farther behind as they intentionally become more isolated.

I read Justice Clarence Thomas' book, My Grandfather's Son. Now, that is a story of hard-won success. Justice Thomas shed that chip off his shoulder and he understands the burden upon one's esteem of affirmative action. I do too. Even with all of my credentials earned before affirmative action was tagged on every one except white men, I learned that a company for which I worked got points for hiring me - not as many points as they did for black men who did not earn the company as many points for the points awared for black women - so even today, in order of point values and worth to companies when the government is addressing the company's meeting affirmative action goals, the point values from highest to lowest - regardless of credentials - are for black women, black men, white women. I let my employees know our worth to the company so that no one could be intimidated. They thought it quite funny that, as the supervisor, I was of less worth/point value to the company than my admin assistances were. I did get the salary increases for my employees that they earned - probably why our section had the most fun and got the most work done in the department.

I just think affirmative action diminishes us all. I had the good fortune to work for one supervisor who went on to go rather high in the company, not because he was a black man but because he was good.

On a light note, before I left the company, I applied for a job in corporate headquarters in the "affirmative action"/EEOC group. The VP of the department was a newly hired black man. The job I applied for would have been his Deputy person. I re-wrote the job description and took it to Human Resources (a friend there) and said it was such a showdy job no one should be expected to even apply - that job description went out to the world.

Anyway, guess who was hired for the job: a black man with little or no academic background. I thought that was pretty funny since it was an affirmative action job. I was blessed not to have gotten the job...

As Garth Brooks sings, "I thank God for unanswered prayers..." :)

For an interesting project, get on the computer and print out the membership for the Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and the Hispanic Caucus. Cross-reference the names. You will not find a White Caucus or European Ancestry Caucus, of course, no Swedish Caucus as an example, nor an Italian Caucus. Why not? Because those folks work from the perspective of the US Constitution which sees Americans as individuals, not "groups" with group rights.

I think that is really interesting. All of the 3 racists and socialist groups meet in the Capitol Building at tax payer expense.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

No, she is still wearing that baby-poop yellow suit. Good gawd, who dresses that woman. Doesn't she have any suits with skirts? Does she thinks pantsuits make her look presidential? You may notice that Michelle Obama wears dresses - much neater.

5:37 AM  

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