Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hugo Chavez - puts Venezuelan people in tough spot

Well, little cloven-hooved Hugo, leaving puffs of sulfur wafting from his every step, is poised to do severe damage to the people of Venezuela, for what? To keep his head atop his red-shirted shoulders. Dictators will do anything to keep power and it seems Chavez is willing to put his people at war to distract them and to keep them from revolting against his regime. Lacking much in-depth knowledge of South America, I have always seen Venezuela and its people as natural allies of The United States of America. Always. Also a country of some freedoms such as freedom of the press, et al. I fully admit my lack of knowledge but I have never seen Venezuela as our enemy. Will Chavez put the people of Venezuela at war against Colombia? If he has too. Will the people revolt against his regime? Probably not. Once the "jack-booted" thugs get us all into computer databases and implanted with biometric chips (don't laugh), the more easily we'll all be controlled but Chavez could turn some of that around. How? By declaring war against Colombia. Bursting the "pimple on the world's ass" so to speak. To me, right now, everything is upside down and backwards - not liberal vs conservative - but rather amorality vs morality. We in the North American Union need to be brought to our senses. What will it take to wake us from our lethargy? What cataclysmic event is required? I'll just blame this post on a bad sinus infection and reject any responsibility. But I do wonder, what will it take to wake us up? Or are we all destined to be herded and slaughtered like sheep - bleating to our uncaring over-lords all the way? Mesmerized by the Piped Piper selling snake oil packaged as hope or lassoed by the Ice Woman with plenty of solutions to imagined crisis. To the people of Venezuela - no one can tell what the future holds for you but I, for one, want you as allies. Our grasp on any freedoms, as our grasp on life itself, is tenuous at best and, like the finely manicured garden, needs vigilant care but when the people find their own government as their tyrant, what are the people to do?


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