Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sharia Law - Islamofascism's incremental creep

Not to be left out during the US "heat is on" with regard to our presidential primaries, rather lack luster on the republican side. From Sun Lit-up Lands, Sharia Creep Around the World. And lest we forget, Islamic Imperialism is moving inexorably toward a conflagration with the West. Will the West go "quietly into that long night of sleep" or will we find our footing and fight for a civilization - Western Civilization - that is worth the fight. Go back and study the history of the centuries-old struggle between the West and Islam. Unless you want Western women enslaved, covered in burquas, beaten in accordance with the directives from Big Mo (h/t Dymnpha at the Gates of Vienna), we must find our moral compass and fight for our freedoms, liberties, and the attendent responsibilities. Is Obama an apostate as some Muslims visiting my blog have suggested or is he a plant? He says religion should not come into this presidential debate. Well, hold on - it should when that "religion" is arguably a political ideology intent on dominating the world and Islamic nations (53) or Islamic-leaning nations control the United Nations.

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