Monday, January 29, 2007

Wren Cross - Bow to Diversity - Wrong Message?

Please read Natasha Altamirano's piece, above the fold, Bow to diversity leaves altar empty, and see Save the Wren Cross. Also, admittedly I have fallen behind due to illness but you may also like the Save the Wren Cross Blog too. I am still sick but wrote a flu delirium induced post that is definitely not for the children - will post it here when what ever is kicking me lets go. I defer to the advice of my ether net friends - it's off to bed I go. Interesting how much nichol looks like Ward Churchill - washed out and way, so very far away, from Haight Ashbury in good old San Francisco town - the town the lefties brought down, and all the banjos were playin'... In all cases today when the word "diversity" is used it is code for the exclusion of Caucasians, commonly known as "whites". Diversity means conformity of views; it mean "whites need not apply"; it means "vagina good, penis bad"; "vagina of color better than vagina of Anglo parentage." [Note to vaginas of color - non-white vaginas of illegal aliens better than vaginas of American-born blacks. You've been warned.] I should be more clear here and say the total male package bad; but Lord, good gawd a'mighty, give me men, not neutered eunichs or our boys castrated by perscribed drugs in elementary school. Dear God, I want the men back - I know you are out there - you read my blog - I love yor for it - you of all skin colors volunteer for the tough jobs in war. But in politics even the male packages of color fall way short of a full dose of testosterone. God help us all. Back to... The issue of the Wren Cross is so not about the Wren Cross in a Christian Chapel in a small college in Virginia - it is about extraordinary racism against any and all things Anglo-Saxon. It is against heritage, it is against Christians and white Christians in particular. It is against all societal icons - it is against all of the things that give us cohesion. I'm sorry to still be sick but I am. I'll leave you with one question: When was the last time you heard of "diversity" training that included training on understanding the "white" culture if there is such a thing, the white work ethic, the white expectations that children will actually be taught to read, to write, and to do math in schools? You think the Wren Cross issue is about one small cross? You'd better think again. But on the up side, that one small cross must send absolute fear into the far-lefties. Abject fear! One tiny cross... go figure.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Trusted friends throughout the ethers

Dear Ether Buddies, Forgive me but I have either the flu,yes you can have it more than once; a bad cold; a challenging migraine; or - and this is my personal bet - an assortment playing tag-team. I am a news junky and I can't even bear the thought of reading, hearing, seeing the news. Bad sign, my friends. Please visit the blogs of my buddies - not all are listed but Mr. Minority, Steve's Hodgepoge, Gates of Vienna, No Apology, A Western Heart, Atlas Shrugs - these are all good starts. Many are listed in the sidebar. Thank you and thank for your patience..... I should be back in a day or so.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Denmark's citizens fight suppression of their freedoms

A few days ago, the Minister of Justice in Denmark, Minister Lene Espersen (, denied the rights of a peaceful demonstration by a group of citizens in Denmark - SIAD, freely translated as "Stop the Islamification of Denmark". The Minister of Justice denied SIAD members the right to assemble and to protest the Islamification of Denmark. Danish resistance denied. The minister's reason for denying these brave Danes their freedoms under Danish law is that she feared they would be violently attacked by Islamists immigrants. She was right. The people were attacked but not during a peaceful demonstration. The group was subsequently attacked at a private meeting, SIAD meeting attacked by hooligans breaking into the private home screaming, "You will die, pigs!" Become aware. Educate yourself to the growing strength of Islamic Imperialism within your own nation(s). Fight now to protect your freedoms or you will be next. Demand investigations into the funding and foreign funding that is building Wahabbi schools and militant mosques throughout your nation. Support the Danes in protecting their nation from Islamification. Islamists want one thing and one thing only - Islamic Imperialism - a world dominated by the tyranny that is Islam. For a translation of the text at the SIAD site, copy the text and then go to put the text into the box and click on "translate". Think this outrage, this quelling of the public voice can't happen in the United States? Ask France how many policemen are injured in the Islamic Nation now well-established within the borders of France. See the videos here if you are brave enough. See the hatred preached in Britain's Green Lane Mosque. Think that isn't happening in the United States? In Australia? In Italy? How long do you think a non-Islamic "preacher" or rabbi would be allowed to call for the killing of Muslims from his pulpit or his synagogue? Wake up, deport the hate-mongers! Save your nations! If Muslims practiced a "religion" that could exist among other religions and if they could separate Sharia Law (Islam's Law in the Qur'an) from civilian/secular law and live under the civilian judicial system of their "host" nations, that would be one thing; but based upon the uprisings and violence in France as an example, the desecration of Christian and Jewish cemeteries throughout Europe, co-existence hardly seems possible. Frankly, peaceful co-existence is not the goal as from the mouths of their imams, the words ring out - "Live as in a state within a state until you are strong enough to take over" and "yes, we speak of political dominance." We must take the word of these leaders to mean what they say and we must not fear them, we must export them. They are preaching insurrection and the overthrow of our Western nations from within. Why are our governments allowing the establishment of "beach heads" within our nations? Why are our governments allowing such groups to use foreign money and to use our laws to overthrow the very government that is allowing them access?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Financing Terrorism

I want to share the The Terror Finance Blog with you today. I have not read all of the references or articles yet but the site gives resources, additional websites, and other useful sites for learning about how terrorism is financed. Additionally, the site provides links to documents/studies prepared in different nations with regard to the terrorist financing taking place in the respective nations. Fighting the global jihad is not an inexpensive effort. Tens of millions of dollars are needed and many of these dollars must be laundered. The Terror Finance Blog seems designed to let us know how the terrorists among us are being financed from foregin money and how our governments are, in some cases, letting it happen by not moving on "banks" sooner.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Islamists attacked the West - A reckoning will come

I feel like I am living in a parallel universe - where up is down and down is up. Islamists attack the West and yet imams shout that we attacked them, that we attack Islam. Well, somebody better be doing so protecting of Western Civilization or it is going, going, gone! Here are some statements from the videos that I watched and linked in my posts, Islamic Leader Busted and Britain's Green Lane Mosque. Islam seeks "political dominance, of course". You must live as a "state within a state until you become strong enough to take over..." "Muslims cannot accept non-Muslim (kufrs - spelling) rule. Help us fight against the enemies of Islam." Muslims are to reject democracy. And, I believe Green Lane is affiliated with Jamaat philosophy. And said by the "busted imam", "Allah has created the woman deficient". Well, if the woman goes along with Islam, I'd say I have to agree. My perception is that we are nearing a day when there will be blood flowing in the streets of England, Denmark and many other Western nations as the people finally realize that their governments will not protect them; rather, their government officials are increasing the Islamic incursion into Europe and also into the United States. I am not calling for violence but I fear that, like those in the days of Winston Churchill, our leaders are turning a deaf ear. And it is we who will pay the price. Islamic Imperialism is on the move globally; every concession from the West is seen as weakness. By their very words, the imams declare that the "war they wage" and the dominance they seek is political. Someone in leadership had better call the bluff on Islam being a "religion" and they had better call it soon.

Islamic Leader busted - a must see

The following videos are at Little Green Footballs and are a MUST SEE. Then, send the link to your local media outlets. The word must get out on these folks and fast. Really fast 'cause they keep changing their web site URLs. Copy these videos for posterity because you may not see them again. Busted Islamic Leader Reacts Here are two more links to the same video: Iman at Green Lane Mosque rebuts his own comments and then here. If you can download and copy these videos both at this post and the one on Britain's Green Lane Mosque, please do. They won't be up long - that's my bet. Below is a picture of a grand mosque being built in California - coming soon to a block near you. You don't think your nation is at risk? Then I've got just the burka for you! View here, Old Home Weak in sunny southern Cal-i-forn-i-a, or is that Caliphate? Now that could be fun to see the Wahabbis and the Mexicans duke it out - the Mexicans who are not converting to Islam that is. Let's just be very plain here - one of the draws of Islam is that women are second class, they are slaves and possessions - beaten if they don't cover their heads. And it is only weak men who beat women - but Islam allows it; and the Qur'an directs it. Where are the American feminists who want us all to abort our children or who remained silent during the Bill Clinton abuses of women? Silent - they are buying their burkas. The cowards. I don't know about anyone else but I'm beginning to feel like I'm living in a parallel universe - my government working to protect Iraqis and my nation becoming an Islamists haven/heaven/paradise. What the ____ is going on? And then I read of the liberalized, or soon to be, new liberalized immigration laws in Europe. One of this week's biggest stories has been the Channel 4 documentary "Dispatches: Undercover Mosque".  The program takes a hidden camera inside Britain's 'moderate' mosques to see what types of messages are being given.  The answer: a vitriolic message of hate and intolerance against Western values and freedoms.  The documentary features a surprisingly clear portrayal of just how deeply entangled supposedly moderate muslim imams are with radical islamic ideologies.  The entire episode can be seen at the 910 blog, here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Britain's Green Lane Mosques - Bigotry and Intolerance coming to block near you

Britain's Greenlane Mosques - Bigotry and Intolerance coming to block near you - from the religion of peace. Don't believe me? Ask the folks in Katy, Texas. The videos linked at Undercover Mosques Exposure deserve equal time, don't you think? If you believe that our "freedom of religion" extends to political ideologies cloaked in religious garb, do not be surprised if one day you wake up to a "caliphate" world. Islamist organizations within the United States are working to subvert our nation of laws and our principles of the separation of church and state and to institute Sharia Law upon you and me - one law, one law suit at a time. If there are Muslims who are "tolerant" of other religions and of those of us who are not Muslims, I ask them to stand up and be counted. After viewing these videos, you will learn that so-called "moderate" Muslims are defying the tenets of their religion. We are watching our nation be shredded as has been the U.S. Constitution - the invasion of illegal aliens is constant. Is our government investigating the source of money that is building mosques and Wahabbi schools in our nation, of money that is supporting Islamist compounds within our borders? Of "foreign" money that is supporting Islamist "legally" organized, perhaps? If our government is not strong enough of will to stop the invasion which includes people from many nations, how willing will our government be to protect us from the very threat they are allowing to develop and grow right now as I type while diverting troops to defend Iraq? I believe we should be in Iraq but I wait upon my government to protect me right here at home by deporting all who would do me harm and by stopping the insane program of taking in 15,000 Saudi students to be trained here in our schools. All I see is those who wish to "rule" us becoming stronger and gaining encouragement by using our very laws against us. If Winston Churchill had been listened to, perhaps Hitler could have been stopped before he really began. What price will the people of England, France, the United States have to pay in lives and freedoms before our elected "leaders" step up to the plate? Do the Democrats and the long-tailed, pointy-eared RINOs think they are right to attack our President Bush at every turn? I disagree with him on allowing us to be over-run by illegal aliens - I think that act alone by him, his administration, and Congress who has to power to protect us is highly suspect - BUT on the issue of fighting Islamists, I have to agree. Barbara Boxer insults Secretary of State Rice - yet admits that she herself will not pay a price either - her children are too old and her grandchildren are too young. How short-sighted she is? Does she believe her grandchildren will not have to fight the fight she wishes now to ignore or to deny? That the "enemy" will make nice in ten to fifteen years? There are times when I could weep for our nation and all nations of "Western Civilization" that our Congressional leaders show such shameful cowardice. Except the good Aussies downunder. They seem to have braver leaders - good on 'em. I am reminded that our brave military and our under-cover men and women are fighting the good fight with insane "rules of engagement" and I thank God for these men and women. Had the current "rules of engagement" existed during WWII, do you think we'd be concerned about speaking English or Spanish? How about German or Japanese? And, we no longer have to worry about the Axis powers dividing our nation in half - Mexico, our government, and Canada are doing that through their super highway and the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Just a few things to think about after you've watched the videos. Just a few comments to put things in historical perspective. And let's have a cheer for our superior educational system - remember, we, the people, elected the Dhimmicrats - we get the government we deserve. Right? Hope it doesn't kill us...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Shameful Face of Islam

The picture on the front page of the Washington Times today (January 13, 2007) says all any one in the Western world needs to see and know about Islamic Law, Sharia Law and the place of women within Islamic nations. The picture on the Front page image for January 13, 2007 shows a young woman veiled in white, kneeling on a platform. Several women, I think, are behind her on the platform - or maybe they are the "religious police". A man stands poised to deliver the blows to her back - caning. The platform is surrounded by men looking on to see the blood as it will seep through her white garment. I cannot help but think that they are getting a vicarious pleasure from seeing her suffer for her "sin" - not mentioned. What "brave" men these are in the picture to allow a woman to be treated so cruelly, her beating on public display, her garments soon to be red with her blood. Shame on these vile creatures. Is this the face you want to see in Western nations? Women beaten in the public square for the pleasure of the "impotent" men who are waiting to watch her misery. As an aside, a friend of mine told me today, that not long ago her church group had scheculed the pavilion at the beach where she lives for some activity or other. Three women were in the park, dressed to the nines in fancy burkas. My friend handed one of the women a tract on Christianity. The burka-clad woman smirked at my friend, and said, as if to spit on my friend, "We believe in the one true god. You believe in three." These words were delivered to my friend in disgust and with disdain. Have we come so far in the United States to allow ourselves to be taken so far back from our journey toward true equality by Islam? By Sharia Law? By the clear prejudice bred into every Muslim from early-childhood? Can you tell me that is not the case? Can you tell me that we need not be concerned? Can you tell me that Islam is compatible with our form of government? Can you tell me you would wish this young woman's fate upon your daughters?

Democrats, a'comin'! Dhimmis in charge; Charge the Dhimmis!

It is the weekend and we need our spirits lifted. See this video - It's OK. The Democrats Will Fix It. Right? - at No Apology. It's so good you may want to watch it several times. And just when I thought it would be a dull two years. Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hello God!

As some of you may know, I post at the Save the Wren Cross Blog. I receive e-mails from folks working to restore the Wren Cross to its place behind the altar in the Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary. For more information, see Save the Wren Cross. The following is an e-mail I received. I was not asked to post it but it just somehow fits in my blog and it also shows the marked difference in attitude and courage between our elected "leaders" and the men and women who defend our great nation. So in tribute the all of them in all of the branches of the service - here's to you - smile and pass it on... Subject: Hello God! A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes." The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting." It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you do that?" The Marine calmly replied, "God was too busy today protecting America's soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an asshole. So, He sent me." KEEP IT GOING............. Ooh rah!

Cochise County, AZ - USA under attack

Hey, bro, yo, the USA is under attack; yes, it's true. Our leaders in the government turn a blind eye and violate their oath of office by the hour. They send unarmed National Guard troops - like useless UN peacekeepers in Lebanon - to the border. Burns the #%$& out of me, so, I'll be brief because I would rather you spend your time reading the post by No Apology, Money, Money Everywhere. After that really frosts your ears, take a look at the slide show, Cochise County, Arizona. Then ask Senator John McCain how he can even show his face in the state he represents, much less on the floor of the United States Senate. Defending our nation - horse pucky or cow paddies! Take your pick. It's all sh.., anyway you spell it. Hat tip to Jillosophy for the link in a recent post and for posting Oh, by the way...WE ARE INDEED BEING INVADED. Hat tip to No Apology at Can anyone tell me why we aren't sending 21,500 US military personnel to defend our OWN border?

Iraq - Establishment of a Church state or a non-Sectarian State

Admittedly, I'm confused about Iraq and our "mission" there. Today's Washington Times has so many articles worth reading, it'll make your head spin, but one in particular seemed to crystallize the war in Iraq and to make me step back and say, "Which side should we (the USA and allies) really be on?" Terrence Jeffrey with his editorial, Iraq strategy miscues gave me pause. For the first time, I found a writer who spelled it out. I could be wrong on the details but fighting the war in Iraq mirrors historical battles, tactics, and "clashes of civilization" through the ages: the Battle of the Bulge; the American Civil War where Southern supply lines were easily cut by Union forces thereby crippling the South. Then we have our American Revolution - "taxation without representation", and in Europe, the Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther - all leading to a sectarian divide or separation from the Roman Catholic Church. As I interpret Mr. Jeffrey's editorial, to say that a sectarian war is what Iraq is about would be a simplistic understatement BUT setting the al Qaeda and terrorist-insurgents menace aside what is going on may boil down to this. The Sunnis don't want to live under the state-sanctioned law or rule of Sharia/Islamic Law as demanded by the Shi'ites. I know it is all more complex but that reminds me of our separation of church and state. Now, if our government were to ever be taken over by the Islamists, i.e., Maliki and company, wouldn't we be fighting? Actually, that is what some of us are fighting now as we work to expose CAIR and other Islamist groups working within the United States who have designs on turning us into an Islamic state bit by bit, and to expose the brutality of Islamic Law - Nazanin's case is a recent reminder. [Might I add she is not off the hook yet. The court just said the killing of the rapist thug was not intentional.] What this fighting (aside from the fight for power and control) tells me is that all Muslim sects are not equal. A no-brainer. It also tells me that our troops need to be in Iraq to secure Baghdad but they don't need to be fighting to "establish a religion controlled nation-state." So, I have to ask myself if I would be fighting on the side of the Sunnis? Unless I missed something in my Civics/Government classes, a democratic republic does not take God out of the public square - as we all have the right to freedom of religion and the freedom of speech - but it does take a "state controlled by religious laws" [where these religious laws control every aspect of a person's life whether that person belongs to that given religion or not] out of the government. I've said it once; I'll say it again - unless reformed dramatically - Islam is not compatible with a democratic republicanism form of government. The Ayatollah is in charge in Iran not Mad Jad. Read Jeffrey's commentary and see which side we should be on. Here is a question I have always puzzled over: if we are "fighting" Islamofacism, then why did we strengthen the Islamist in Bosnia and Serbia and why are we fighting to strengthen an Islamist state in Iraq? Why are we "helping" the global jihad or are we? Hoping Jeffrey will not mind, allow me to quote the last three short paragraphs from his commentary:
Before he was fired, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld offered an alternative to Mr. McCain's "surge." He suggested moving our troops out of the danger zones in cities and on patrols, but keeping them in Iraq to narrowly target al Qaeda cells, stop all-out civil war, and deter intervention by Iran and Syria. This would have sent a stark message to the Shi'ite government: Make peace with your Sunni neighbors - because the U.S. military will not subdue them for you. That would have been tough love for Mr. al-Maliki and his Islamist friends. But tough love is sometimes the only thing tough characters understand.
How this ends is yet to be seen but the U.S. cannot afford, nor can the American people afford, for us to leave Iraq before a stable government in which people are treated equally is established there. Brigette Gabriel has stated that the nations in the Middle East are "tribes with flags." Let's hope the people in Iraq can set aside their sectarian differences to forge a nation with liberty and freedom for its citizens. This goal cannot be attained "for" them; it must be attained "by" them. Let's see if Maliki can measure up and treat the loss of American life honorably for the sake of his nation. America must be clear about her goals and the Iraqi government needs to step up to the plate and step into the 21st Century. Maybe it is time for some "tough" love in Iraq.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mexican military invades Arizona? What? No!

If the following story is true, then where are Congress and the President of the United States in defending this nation RIGHT here at home. In Euphoric Reality, the following article is worth your time: World Exclusive: Mexican Gunmen involved in Arizona border incident.... If this is true - that uniformed Mexican forces have invaded Arizona, than we, the people, should be demanding that this nation be defended. Or do you just not care? I cannot believe that our Founding Fathers would have stood for such an invasion. I cannot believe that they would have ever believed that our national elected "leaders" would be more intent on destroying this nation than in protecting it. According to information I have read, in addition to allowing our nation to be overrun by illegal alierns, these same "leaders" entrusted to protect this nation, are going to build a super highway right through the heart of the United States of America (aka, North Mexico) from Mexico to Canada. This super highway will be controlled by Mexico and we will have to pay a toll to use the highway. Furthermore, the first inspection point will be Kansas City. Can you believe it? If you don't believe it, then search on SPP. One article you'll find is in The August Review, The North American Union. Fact is I don't know how to stop the end of the United States but there must be a way. Or is the United States lost, like Europe, having been betrayed by our officials? Beyond our chance to save? If it ever matters again, DO NOT vote for anyone who talks about the "new world order", belongs to Skull and Crossbones, or has had or has ties with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). And if you want to laugh until you cry, read the federal government's take on The Security and Prosperity Partnership, and even better, read SPP Myths vs Facts. Here you will find the truth in that this "partnership" (aka rape of America) is not a treaty, in fact nothing has ever been signed. That is how the administration kept from getting the US Senate involved officially. Search further and you will find that this nation's sovereignty is as good as gone. When the illegals here now are given citizenship, they will keep dual citizenship with Mexico so that they can vote in both places and therefore influence our politics. The only people in the United States who will not be allowed to have dual-citizenship with be American citizens who were born here to parent who were legal citizens going back for generations. Do some more searches and you will see that the United States of America is just a pass-through area of land to be used and trashed by invading peasants, terrorists, and anyone else who sees us as weak. When do the American people say, "Enough is enough." Sure, the war in Iraq is keeping many terrorists there fighting BUT, to what extent are our government and our elected "leaders" using Iraq and other issues as distractions so that we, the American people, won't see that we no longer have national sovereignty? I'm not dealing in conspiracy theories here. The governments of Mexico, the United States, and Canada have been involved in creating a corridor that essentially divides this nation, creates a North American Union that none of us have had any voice in at all, none, nada. Hell, these governments didn't make the mistake the EU did. In the EU, the citizens were allowed to vote on the eradication of their national sovereignty. But not here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. No siree, by cracky, what those uneducated citizens don't know, we're gonna keep them from knowing... God help this great nation before it is too late...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Rep. Keith Ellison - Nazanin needs your help!

Congressman Keith Ellison is our first Muslim in the House of Representatives. As such, he has a role to play. Frankly, if Senators can trot off to visit - fact finding/embarrass the US missions - a dictator in Syria who is known to support Hezbollah and certainly works to advance the goals of Iran, then Congressman Ellison can speak out on the plight of Nazanin - the young Iranian woman who may be executed for defending herself from rapists. One of the rapists was killed in the attack, by Nazanin and therefore, she must die - for defending herself. Dymphna has written Rep. Keith Ellison's Excellent Opportunity. Atlas Shrugs has posted Calling CAIR's Bluff and I want to send a personal "thank you" to Atlas Shrugs for the link to my post, CAIR and Nazanin? An earlier post here, Nazanin - Is her plight the face of Islam?, asks the questions of where the Congressman stands. An additional post, CAIR and Nazanin?, asks where is CAIR in defending this young woman's right to self-defense. It seemed peculiar to me that a young Iranian woman would have to carry a knife with her on an outing in a park in the enlightened Islamic Republic of Iran. But Congressman Ellison has an opportunity to take a stand; to speak out for this young woman and to defend her. If Senators can embark upon setting foreign policy, and the likes of Jesse Jackson can travel to North Africa where black Christians are enslaved today with no quams, then Congressman Ellison can certainly - at the very least - send a letter to the leaders in Iran protesting the cruelty soon to be imposed upon Nazanin. Congressman Ellison can be reached here message to Congressman Ellison. If you go to this link, you will see the list of bills the Congressman is sponsoring after only 5 days in office. You can click on any bill to the right - send a message - and be able to contact the Congressman there as well as through snail-mail info provided by Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, linked above. About Nazanin - Is her plight the face of Islam? Is this the face of Islam Congressman Ellison wishes portrayed across the world? Surely, the execution of this young woman for defending her honor and her life screams out at the atrocities carried out in the name of Allah. Frankly, I don't think Allah is unmerciful. It is man who is or can be unmerciful. In the case of Nazanin, if she is executed for defending herself during a violent attack against her person by three men, then to me, it is Islam that is shamed. Muslims cannot allow or condone this sort of injustice to be visited upon a young Muslim woman - wherever she lives. If this crime against human rights and dignity carried out, then Islam and its followers cannot claim that Islam is a religion of peace. On its face, the very term "religion of peace" makes a mockery of the "civilization" Islam porports to be. I hope Congressman Keith Ellison will seize this opportunity to stand up for Nazanin and to declare firmly that he will not stand for the institution of Islamic Law in the United States of America; that he will speak for our democratic republic where all men and women are equal before the law; that he will say, "It won't happen here, not here in the United States of America." ___________________________ Update: I just received this comment from Dymphna of the Gates of Vienna - am passing it on to you so that it won't get lost in comments. Perhaps there is hope. Dymphna said: You're right about the effectiveness of snail mail, especially those individually written letters that are not a copy of some template another person writes so we don't have to's easy when writing to politicians if you keep in mind that civility is paramount. Ravings never convinced anyone and name-calling goes into the circular file. Civility is crucial when we want to recruit someone on the behalf of a young woman who is going to die simply because the state she lives in can and will do such a thing. Mr. Ellison has recommended 'negotiations' with Iran. This could be his first act: negotiating for this girl's life. ___________________ Let's keep Nazanin and her family in our prayers; let us pray that this young woman's life will be saved along with the lives of all women living under the oppression of Sharia Law.

Illegal Aliens - Is there a middle ground?

The article title, Immigration debate gets religious, is the first time I've seen mis-information used by the Washington Times between what an article is titled on the front page, above the fold, Christians enter illegals debate, and the incorrect and misleading title within the on-line paper. The article is by Charles Hurt and I have not seen him use mis-leading titles before. Maybe there are subversives within the Washington Times. Interesting... When you search and compare with the printed paper, you will see the discrepancy but it is the same article. The article is a must-read for those interested in the illegal immigration/amnesty fight and the groups have offered an interesting and workable solution for Congress and for the President to consider. It is the best solution so far for addressing a worse and worst solution issue. The following is a list of some groups of the coalition who have addressed the Congress and the President in an open letter to our nation's leadership: Gary Bauer of the Families First on Immigration; Deal Hudson of Morley Institute for Church & Culture; David Keene of the American Conservative Union; Manuel Miranda of the Third Branch Conference; Rev. Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association; Rev. Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition; and Rabbi Aryeh Sepro of the Caucus for America. An estimated 12 to 20 MILLION illegals are in our nation. Keep in mind many of them are terrorists or have terrorists links; not all are peasants from Mexico - they have just used Mexico as the way in. From the article, "Ilegal immigration is a human tragedy that disrupts lives and separates families. It is a failure of two governments: the one that fails its people and the one that invites their departure for cheap labor's sake." I could add further that our nation - the United States has failed the American people and it could be argued that our leaders have violated their oaths of office at the very least and worse have encouraged the violation of our immigration laws and the enforcement of those laws which tax dollars pay to have enforced. Our leaders have violated their trust and some could argue, are or have skirted the fringes of being traitors to their oaths of office and by extension, they have betrayed the citizens of the United States. Some may call it treason; some may call it trolling for votes. Family First also urged lawmakers to act quickly as:"...this harms Americans too. It corrodes the dignity of the American people." To me, it cheapens our citizenship, it has created a balkanized nation - fast becoming difficult to attain the American Dream if one does not have mobility due to language barriers - English is the language of The United States of America - without that fluency, one cannot truly participat in the American ideal. Language means things and part of a nation's culture is imbued within its language. All languages are linquistically equivalent - some languages do not have words to even allow discussion of some of our concepts and precepts of the American ideal of freedom and liberty. Please read the article and check out the ideas of the coalition. Perhaps a compromise is possible. The time to face this issue of the loss of our national sovereignty is past-due; are we a nation or are we a Tower of Babel - set to destroy our cohesion. Our shared values and historical traditions along with our shared language are all we have left to hold us together. United we stand; divided we fall! You decide...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

ACLU vs the town of Hazleton, PA

The ACLU, variously known as the American Civil Liberties Union or the American Communist Liberators Union, is battling the town of Hazleton, PA as the mayor and the council struggle to protect the AMERICAN citizens of the town who pay taxes and financially support the workings of the town. The ACLU is defending illegal aliens - illegals, non-Americans - who have broken our laws. So my question, is the ACLU in violation of their charter? They get American tax dollars to wage war against American citizens? What's up with that? If you want to help the town of Hazleton, PA please see my post, Hazleton, PA undefended by US government. You can snail-mail a contribution to the address below or you can go on-line to Hazleton and maybe find a way to contribute there. City of Hazleton Legal Defense Fund c/o Mayor Lou Barletta City Hall 40 North Church Street Hazleton, PA 18201 The Mayor and city council as well as the American citizens of Hazleton need our help. If you know if the ACLU is in violation of their charter, let me know. Hell, let everybody know. Certainly, the ACLU is not chartered to support an invasion of the United States or to support harboring fugitives (those who break the law).

CAIR and Nazanin?

Where does CAIR - the Council on American Islamic Relations - that always strikes me as a peculiar go-between sort of implication - stand on the fate of Nazanin? Do they support her execution for self-defense? CAIR has followed a tried and true playbook of victimhood and porports to be for Muslim civil rights in America? Please... The only folks who need a "civil rights" advocacy group in the United States today are white males. That being said, does CAIR stand for this young woman's right to self-defense? Why isn't CAIR in Iran working to defend this young woman? Just a question. Anyone have an answer, aside from being flip! I need to understand this. Or maybe is it because women don't have "rights" in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Makes one wonder why CAIR is so worried about "civil rights" in America for Muslims.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nazanin - Is her plight the face of Islam?

When I first heard of Nazanin's plight, since a woman is valued as 1/2 a person under Islamic Law, I wondered how the family of the man [who was killed by Nazanin in self-defense as this man and two others were trying to rape her and her female relative] would actually see justice as being served unless the Ayatolla randomly selected another woman to be executed as well. Under Islamic law, men are whole persons after all - regardless of whether or not they rape or set out to rape young women. How can a nation-state be taken seriously or given respect among nations in the 21st Century when that nation-state adheres to such archaic and brutal "laws", when a young woman defending herself against rape is the one on death row, the one to be hanged? What happened to the other two men who were attacking her? Anything? Nothing? Nazanin is a beautiful young woman, age 18 now, and she will have a trial on January 10th when she is expected to be sentenced to hang. Other women are in Iranian jails waiting to be stoned. But, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Nazanin is damned if she defends herself and she is damned, as in shamed and ruined, if she is raped. Women don't seem to have much of a chance in Iran or in any nation under Sharia Law - under Islam. It is quite strange - the dichotomy between the existing law in the United States and the Islamic Law in Iran. In the United States our moonbat liberal leaders rail on against the death penalty even for hardened murderers. The brutal killer could have killed ten people yet his wretched life is viewed as worth more than the lives of the people he killed. His victims in essence become 1/10 of a person but they are dead and of no consequence. But in Iran, a young woman - 1/2 a person, beautiful and young - may well be executed because she defended herself and her female relative against rapists. I understand that a woman's word in court is only worth 1/2 the word of a man but surely the young men with Nazanin and her relative could speak up for the young woman. Or does it matter in Iran? Three men were attacking her; hardly an equal fight. Self-defense is a human right, except for women in Iran or other Islamic nations it seems. Is that the law we want in Western nations? Do we want to relegate our women to such barbaric men? Is what is happening to Nazanin the true face of Islam? Is this what we are fighting for in Iraq? This brutality against innocent women defending themselves. Here are several links you may find useful: Petition, Fate of Nazanin, Save Nazanin - News, and BodogTV. A search will lead you to other resources and other help you can give to Nazanin. Where is our newly installed Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison on this issue? Does he stand for equal justice for all or does he stand with Islamic Law? Has Congressman Ellison spoken out on behalf of Nazanin? Perhaps someone should ask?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Mitch McConnell; The 910 Group; and Know our enemy

Today, I want to be brief if that is possible for me and mention two notes of importance. First, Rush Limbaugh, hate him or love him, he knows the enemy and he so states that in his January 2007 first issue of the Limbaugh Letter. Mitch McConnell, the 910 Group, and Rush Limbaugh's Know our enemy are not related, certainly not directly. I do not want to imply that they are connected because they are not. That issue has two important articles. The first is "Know our enemy". I have only one quotation from that article and it sums up the work before the 910 Group and like-minded groups, including the Free Muslims. From Netanyahu: "When a world leader has openly called for geneocide, believe him." From Rush Limbaugh, "Knowing our enemy requires us to believe the evidence in front of our eyes. And we must understand, in our marrow, that defeating this enemy will take every last measure of strength God has given us." The enemy who has been attacking us (Western Civilization), aided by our liberal left in softening us up through political correctness (aka censorship) and now Conyers HR 288 as well as their denial, is and has been militant Islam. The goal is world domination and that means dominating YOU. Good news exists though in the Senate. If you thought the Senate worked like molasses going up hill in winter, just hang on for the fun during the next two years. Mitch McConnell - a really smart guy - is the Senate Minority Leader. He has a minority of 49 senators which means that he can have 8 vote with the Dhimmicrats and still keep legislation from getting anywhere. As Senator McConnell rightly points out, "In the Senate the things you prevent from happening are just as important as the things you accomplish." Yip, yip, yahoo! as Rush says. Remember too, that Senator McConnell has a greater minority than the Dhimmicrats had which means he can let more of the republicans vote to appease their constituents and still carry the day on the 60 vote thing the Dhimmicrats are so empowered by. Now to the 910 Group, many of us feel guilt or "shame" at having lives and not being able to "do" too much to help defeat the institutionalization of Sharia Law in our respective nations. Be of good cheer! Cast off that guilt or shame; shame and guilt are self-defeating and can paralyze you in your efforts. One letter to the editor, one letter to your Congressman, one letter to your Senator advances our cause of keeping our nations free, of keeping the lamp of Liberty bright. And recall that "gridlock" is a beautiful thing. Support your Congressmen and Senators who support Liberty and Freedom. withdraw support from those who wish to enslave us, who wish to destroy our freedoms, and who wish to appease an implacable foe.

2007 Suggested Reading List

Just a few books/reading suggestions to get you started in 2007: Rights of Man by Thomas Paine Common Sense by Thomas Paine and the Turning Point to Independence by Scott Liell The Quotable Jefferson, collected and edited by John P. Kaminski The Separation of Church and State, Writings on a fundamental freedom by America's Founders, edited by Forrest Church Because they hate by Brigitte Gabriel at American Congress for Truth Islam and Dhimmitude, Where Civilizations Collide by Bat Ye'or Eurabia, The Euro-Arab Axis, by Bat Ye'or Infiltration by Paul Sperry - a must read for Americans America Alone by Mark Steyn Anything by Orianna Fallaci The Beast on the East River, by Nathan Tabor on the UN threat to America's Sovereignty and Security [I think it is a little late on the issue of America's sovereignty but then it never hurts to see just how aligned many nations are against us and like the ACLU, they use our tax dollars to "kill" us.] The Qur'an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (only approved translation for we English speakers) The Looming Tower - by Yusuf Ali, recommended by Otter - have not read yet myself. This is an open-ended list so any books you want added, let me know.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

HR 288 and the repeal of Freedom of Speech in America

No one can write upon the subject of the repeal of the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech any more thoroughly or eloquently than Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna in his most recent post Free to say what?. In "Free to say what?" the Baron includes the wording of HR 288 which turns the book Animal Farm on its ear; reduces our genuine efforts at "civil rights" into mockery; and spits on the grave and the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. when he worked for the rights of "equal opportunity." CAIR has co-opted Dr. King's efforts and has turned all Muslims into victims. CAIR, working with John Conyers and his fellow travelers has been busy softening up Americans so that, as a nation, we are nearly powerless to protect our nation's freedoms, the US Constitution, not to mention the litany of other things being shredded such as the notion of a "sovereign" nation. HR 288 must be defeated. We thought the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Reform attack on our freedom of expression (during political seasons) would be struck down by the Men-in-Black but it was upheld. Are you willing to risk your freedom of speech upon the will of 9 souls in black robes? Read the Baron's post, read HR 288, and defeat it. While I can still say it, let me mention that the Islamists want to dominate the world. The institutionalization of "hate speech" laws and the inability to further discuss openly and freely the issues of our day will be the straw that broke America. Political correctness - laughable on its face, but damning in its implementation - has set the stage. Speak out and speak freely while you can. Islamists and radical imams can burn the American flag in the streets of New York City; hatred can be preached from the mosques; Jewish ladies can be attacked and killed/injured by a fanatical Muslim on his way home from a Friday night at a mosque in Seattle. Protect the freedom of speech we all have. We must be free to discuss openly the plans and schemes of those who wish to silence us and to institute Sharia Law. Please, do not allow John Conyers, the CAIR front-man, get away with destroying our most precious freedom.

Coconut Commando sends us a Happy New Year!

To all of my visitors/readers, here is a message from Coconut Commando to all of us. He has been home for Christmas - God Bless him and his fellows-at-arms - and is not back in country. To all of us from Coconut Commando: Hi Beach Girl, I am back in country after being home for Christmas. I have to tell you that, despite the current political atmosphere and moronics by Washington, I was treated like royalty by everyone enroute home. From the flight attendants to other passengers going by. In Atlanta, when we got off the plane, people just stood by and clapped as we went by. I guess I'm just not accustomed to it. I just wanted to share this experience with you and your readers and let you know that we truly appreciate your kind words and support. Have a great New Year! _____________________________ To all of the flight attendants, to the other passengers, and to fellow citizens who gave these men and women a warm welcome - as only you can do - thank you. I make a point of thanking anyone I see in uniform for their service to our country. Thank you, Commando. Stay safe. Your words are always welcome here. So, to my keyboard commandos in our pj's and with our nimble fingers, let's hear it for Commando!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Black Sabbath at Steve's Hodgepodge

Do yourself a favor. See and hear Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath at Steve's Hodgepodge. You'll be glad you did. Happy New Year! Get on your fightin', typin' togs! This is a PR war and we - internationally - are gonna win it. If you can't win it with reason, win it with humor. Come on, how funny is it that a brave jihadist would don a woman's burka to try to smuggle bombs anyplace. These brave jihadists use women and children as shields (probably shoot them in the back to blame the good guys) and then dress in women's clothing further humiliating themselves. Come on; we need a skit on Saturday Night Live; a cartoon strip like Dilbert. You can't reason with folks - the Islamists - sticking their heads out from under rocks of the 7th Century but you can laugh them into oblivion backed up by our Western military forces. Not counting France - sadly, they are gone...[wish I were wrong here but doesn't look like France will last long before becoming an Islamic Republic.] Be of good cheer! The New Year is here - so let's get moving...

Hazleton, PA undefended by US Government

The City of Hazleton, PA is under attack by de facto Mexican forces as thousands of Mexican illegal aliens have invaded the city, increased crime and depleted the city's medical and other services paid for by legal American citizen-tax payers. Where is the United States Federal Government in protecting this American city? AWOL. The federal government whose elected officials have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and defend us from invasions are spitting in the face of Hazleton citizens as well as citizens across these United States as city and town after town have crumbled under the hammer and sickle of the ACLU. First, if you want to help the American citizens of Hazelton, PA in their struggle to save their town, the address for snail mail is: City of Hazleton Legal Defense Fund c/o Mayor Lou Barletta City Hall 40 North Church Street Hazleton, PA 18201 Citites and town in the West and the Southwest have been decimated, destroyed, ruined by the massive invasion and yet our government - the one you put your trust in to protect us - sits back on its heels on the Hill and watches Rome burn. Here are a few links that will give you more information: At the Gates of Vienna, Dymphna posts: It's David and Goliath Time in Hazelton, PA At Blowing San #1, Subvet writes: Gates of Vienna: It's David and Goliath Time in Hazelton. I'm with Subvet here when he says that to permit this invasion is treason. And Crusader writes: City of Hazleton See also: Small Town Defenders. This one does not seem to want to open up so do a search on Small Town Defenders and you will find the site. Also, please see Stop the ACLU and also, The Battle for Immigration Control: ACLU vs Hazleton, PA at the Stop the ACLU site. [I thank God the Baron taught me how link posts.] Remember, the ACLU is American citizens who seem intent on trying to bring down the United States of America as least that's how it looks to me. What will you do when "they" come for your town? I have no affiliation with Hazleton, PA and I urge you to contribute as much as you can to their defense fund. The ACLU and the invasion must be stopped. Our elected officials are in violation of their oath of office and we need to protect ourselves. I am not suggesting violence; I am suggesting civil, legal means. Just as you must stop CAIR and the take-over of our schools and our laws by Sharia Law/Islamic Law, we must protect our towns and cities or we will surely become a Third World nation. Escondido in CA tried to protect itself and recently has had to fold to the ACLU. The Cross on Mt. Soledad was saved only because the Federal Government took over the site as a war memorial. Why isn't the governor of PA, with the force of the National Guard protecting the citizens of Hazleton? Night Rider sent this link to a group that "battles" the ACLU, the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ's). Thanks to Night Rider. Already, Ethiopia is doing more to protect its citizens than our government is doing to protect us. Stand up for Hazleton; stand with the Minutemen; or there will be no one to stand with you.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Muslim Hospital workers violate medical procedures - could risk patients' lives?

On a different issue from Stuck Mojo vs CAIR but staying with the theme of "I practice Islam and I'm in your face", from Atlas Shrugs, UK Muslims: Dirty Hands in Hospitals Yech! UK Muslims: Dirty Hands in Hospitals Yech!. From Atlas Shrugs, "So now British Muslims refuse to disinfect and wash their hands in British hospitals. My response? FIRE THEM! What dhimmitude! Compromising the health of the hospital patients in yet another power play." Also find info at UK Muslims refuse to watch hands in hospitals. "British Muslims are refusing to wash their hands with required anti-bacterial disinfectant gels. The Muslims are protesting the practice on religious grounds, as the gels contain alcohol." One woman's opinion here but MDs and other hospital workers refusing to wash their hands in alcohol antiseptic gel before surgery or before entering a patient's room as in England constitutes malpractice and should result in immediate removal of their license to practice medicine. What say you on that one? I'd say, you are a Muslim MD or worker in a hospital; you refuse to disinfect your hands before surgery ro before entering a patient's room; you ain't operatin' on me, baby! No way; no how. So what does this brouhaha in England do for good Muslim doctors and other Muslim hospital workers practicing in the United States? It makes them suspect. Give me a break! The tactics of CAIR and others and the shennigans of the UK Muslim hospital workers is not doing general Muslims and/or Muslim MDs or hospital workers any favors. These episodes like the taxi drivers and the imams in the airports are demonstrating one thing clearly - to me at least - "We're Muslims; we're better than you are; and we can do what we want, your laws and certifications and licenses be damned." I have to believe that these attitudes and behaviors are not universal to professional Muslims but these "news makers" are not helping a tone of tolerance and respect for host nations. No siree!!!

Stuck Mojo vs CAIR - What's a sweet government steeped in dhimmitude to do?

What a dilemma? Who do you prosecute? A heavy rock band exercising "Freedom of Speech" or a group with noted terrorist-ties as stated by U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Dick Durbin? I'll bet the feds can hardly keep up. Some of them may feel like their heads are in a vise with all this damnable "political correctness" and faulty "rules of engagement" swirling in their heads like sugar plum fairies on steroids. Well, starting the New Year of 2007 off with a bang figuratively speaking, the video I have linked here could really get CAIR's panties in a knot and could give the Feds and others protecting the outrageous "victimhood" taunts, digs, from CAIR a bit of a headache. Can anyone spell "MIGRAINE"? What is a "diversity" training inflicting, snuggling-up-to government agency to do? It could be fun to watch but my money's on the the heavy metal band. I'm going to buy this groups' videos and CDs 'cause I like them and glad to have them on MY side. One note before the links. CAIR has it wrong on the difference between "rights" as defined in our U.S. Constitution and privileges as regulated by the various state statutes. Driving a car and obtaining a driver's license is NOT a "civil right." Causing mayhem in an airport is NOT a "civil right." Teasing the laws that govern a civilized behavior of a nation's citizens is not a "civil right." Having a license to drive a taxi is not a "civil right". Practicing medicine is not a "civil right", it is a licensed privilege. From Stuck Mojo, "If you step in my hood, it's understood. It's open season." Let me be clear, I do not promote violence but like Stuck Mojo says, "Bring it to my home; welcome to the danger zone." See Stuck Mojo. To the video. You must see this video - you must. Viewing it will brighten your New Year's beginnings to let you know that the infiltration of our nation with coast-to-coast anti-American Wahabbi schools, coast-to-coast Jamaat ul-Fugra or al Fugra compounds, and anti-American, hate-preaching imams, as well as tax-exempt anti-American organizations do NOT have the upper hand and won't keep the blatant corrosive hand they think they have. I urge you to go to these blogs. First, Steve's Hodgepodge to see Great Video Here with a hat tip to Pim's Ghost. Next, click on over to Pim's Ghost at The Ultimate Insult to see This is brilliant. While at Pim's Ghost's The Ultimate Insult, please also to take a look at other recent posts by Pim's Ghost. You owe it to your family, to your liberty, to your freedoms. Freedom is not free. Freedom demands viligance. And this year, right now, we have to be on top of our game... CAIR is working with John Conyers to get "hate speech" laws passed that will further restrict your freedom of speech and I'd say cut into the lyrics groups like Stuck Mojo and others can write and publish. Be aware and take it on. Defeat HR 288.

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