Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Islamic Leader busted - a must see

The following videos are at Little Green Footballs and are a MUST SEE. Then, send the link to your local media outlets. The word must get out on these folks and fast. Really fast 'cause they keep changing their web site URLs. Copy these videos for posterity because you may not see them again. Busted Islamic Leader Reacts Here are two more links to the same video: Iman at Green Lane Mosque rebuts his own comments and then here. If you can download and copy these videos both at this post and the one on Britain's Green Lane Mosque, please do. They won't be up long - that's my bet. Below is a picture of a grand mosque being built in California - coming soon to a block near you. You don't think your nation is at risk? Then I've got just the burka for you! View here, Old Home Weak in sunny southern Cal-i-forn-i-a, or is that Caliphate? Now that could be fun to see the Wahabbis and the Mexicans duke it out - the Mexicans who are not converting to Islam that is. Let's just be very plain here - one of the draws of Islam is that women are second class, they are slaves and possessions - beaten if they don't cover their heads. And it is only weak men who beat women - but Islam allows it; and the Qur'an directs it. Where are the American feminists who want us all to abort our children or who remained silent during the Bill Clinton abuses of women? Silent - they are buying their burkas. The cowards. I don't know about anyone else but I'm beginning to feel like I'm living in a parallel universe - my government working to protect Iraqis and my nation becoming an Islamists haven/heaven/paradise. What the ____ is going on? And then I read of the liberalized, or soon to be, new liberalized immigration laws in Europe. One of this week's biggest stories has been the Channel 4 documentary "Dispatches: Undercover Mosque".  The program takes a hidden camera inside Britain's 'moderate' mosques to see what types of messages are being given.  The answer: a vitriolic message of hate and intolerance against Western values and freedoms.  The documentary features a surprisingly clear portrayal of just how deeply entangled supposedly moderate muslim imams are with radical islamic ideologies.  The entire episode can be seen at the 910 blog, here.


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