Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams canned from NPR - good for Williams; don't go back Juan

To take my lead from First Lady Obama, for the FIRST time in my adult life, I have been marginally glad that a few of my hard-earned tax dollars have gone to pay the salary of Juan Williams - one of the not worthless government employees at NPR - for speaking the truth and trying to say we need to stop choking ourselves to death on that same disgusting "political correctness."

 href="">NPR ends Juan Williams contract after Muslim remarks

Juan Williams gets fired for telling the truth - Whoops!  What neanderthals running NPR!  And now he can move on to a real news outlet at Fox News: href",0,4294425.story">Fox News offers Williams expanded role at Fox.  Well now...

Mr. Williams is absolutely correct.  We have to get beyond this "political correctness" censorship so that we can talk about these issues that face us.  When that Muslim bomber was on trial in New York and he said that the war of Islam against us, the United States, has only just begun, we have to take him seriously.

Where are the "moderate" Muslims marching against the hate that is preached in the Koran?

Are we going to have to have Muslim internment camps.  Good Lord, no.  Should we cut back on the immigration of Muslim folks, something to think about.  Where are the "moderate" Muslims.  Not following the Koran that's where.  From what I see, the so-called "moderate" Muslims are keeping a low profile and going along to get along here in America but make no mistake, there will be none of them fighting against Sharia Law taking over our secular.  They like the freedoms we have in America but because they don't speak out and because they don't let their voices be heard for moderation and for "loving thy neighbor as thyself" we only have the Koran and the actions of radical Islamic or Muslim terrorists to look to for the behavior that defines Islam.

If many are going to maintain the illusion that Islam is a religion, then they will have to accept that the "religion" of Islam has declared war against America and all Western Civilization.

It is painful to say this but the truth is that one day we will have our backs to the wall and we will have to defend our nation from militant Islam.  The followers of Islam can't have it a dozen ways:  militant Islam, radical Islam, spiritual Islam, economic Islam, Marxist Islam (aka "social justice" Islam which means redistribution of money from your pocket to someoneelses.)  Cultural Islam, family rules Islam where polygamy is the norm and wives are to be beaten and daughters killed.

Are we going to be forced to have Muslim oaths of allegiance to the United States?  Of course not because the Koran says to lie to the unbelievers to advance the goals of Islam.

The firing of Juan Williams, the token-black person of NPR, goes to show you why NO tax dollars should go to pay for that despicable Pravda-like GOVERNMENT run, operated, and controlled radio station.

So, why would any prudent American be just a bit leery of folks flaunting their belief in the "so called religion of peace"?  Calling attention to themselves and intentionally daring folks to speak about their fear such as the "flying imams?"

Same reason any person of any ethnicity or any color of skin would be a bit prudent if she were walking down a sidewalk full of youth dressed like gang-bangers, calling women and girls bitches and whores, regardless of the color of their skin.

Like Brigitte Gabriel of the American Congress for Truth said today on the Hannity show, we have to start "calling a spade a spade" and get rid of this political correctness but then I'm sure Brigitte didn't know the "calling a spade a spade" reference because she is Lebanese Christian and can't be expected to know all of our idioms.

I think Juan Williams should refuse to work for NPR.  He's much too good to be associated with those government lackeys.

There have been over 16,000 acts of terror committed by Muslim terrorists since 9/11.  Anyone would be a fool not to be aware of their surroundings when a group of folks flaunted being Muslims.  Keep in mind that followers of Islam are not any one ethnicity and they are not localized to a specific geographical region.

And maybe if Mara Liasson is lucky she can get herself canned from NPR too so they can show us who they really are in addition to intolerant, they are anti-black and anti-Semite.  Working for NPR seems like being a second-class citizen, an affirmative action job 'cause you can't do anything else.

But that is not the case with Juan Williams or Mara Liasson.  They are both capable and competent folks and Juan showed that bowing to political correctness is what NPR is all about and he also showed why we can't discuss the issues that are so important to us as a nation because of the intolerant bigots of NPR.  They are bigots because they are against you or in this case Juan Williams because he voiced a very reasonable perspective.

The next Muslim terrorist attacks and the blood of the killed and injured is on the hands of the bigots at NPR for shutting down a conversation we need to have.

And for shutting down a black American who has proved his worth as a man, an American man.

Shame on NPR...  Let's shut them down.

Not one more tax dollar to NPR.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama on campaign trail. Talk about wearing thi

Well, Mr. Obama is on the campaign trail helping out Democrats running for election during this election cycle.

He's tossed off his suit jacket and gotten down so he can talk to "we the little people."  Make us feel comfortable within the brilliance of the light around his that is so bright.

It doesn't take him very long to wear thin and right now he's so thin he looks like rice paper.  Out there stumping for Democrats in the House and a few in the Senate who may get their knickers ripped this go around.

I listen to the prognosticators but I don't think anyone can come close to guessing right about how the voters will exercise their "voting" rights this year.

For those of you who will be voting in precincts that have a chance of being commandeered by the Black Panther Party - those thugs making sure you are not intimidated when you try to vote, if you are white that is.

Take your cell phones and take any kind of recording device so that you can get those memorable videoes of the thugs threatening you with night sticks and with abusive language and such.  Of course, it that happens and you are frightened away, don't worry, our justice department will not prosecute anyone who tries to keep white people from voting because voting rights laws are not there to protect all Americans, only to protect the non-white folks.  Or so it seems based upon the experience of the last election.

Take you cell phones, take a camera, tell some one where you are going, and avoid harm to yourself.  Based upon recent past experience the law is not there to protect you unless you are non-white.  If you are mixed race, the law is only there to protect your non-white side.

Arguably we could have the most racist folks in power these days since the days of LBJ when he even said "He'd bought the "n-word" vote for the next 200 years.  Yep, he said it and looks like he was correct in his assessment.  This he said upon passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or 1965.

Naturally, you won't find an educator to tell the kids that Republicans are the folks who voted for passage of that law to give us all equal access, not equal outcome.

But it's Republican's keeping the black folks down...

And who was the first president to command black soldiers in combat?  Yes, it was General George Washington...

For this campaign season, Mr. Obama is tiresome with his worn out platitudes trying to encourage young folks, blacks, and others to vote for Democrats but then why should they?

Under the Obama Health Care legislation, those very young folks will be fined if they don't buy health care that fits Obama's mandated guidelines.  That could be unconstitutional but the Constitution doesn't seem to bother this plague of democrat legislators.

But he wants  those folks who may be fined and maybe worse to vote for his dems who saddled us all with obama Death panel care.  So, then why would you vote for a Democrat who voted for legislation that will fine you if you don't purchase what you are dictated to buy, and why would you vote for a Democrat who voted for legislation that has the mechanism to decide who lives and who dies by deciding who receives care and who doesn't?

I haven't read the Obama health care legislation because much of it is being made up as the agencies authorized to implement it are busy writing the protocols or guidelines for program implementation.  No one voted on the entire legislation because it didn't exist.  The only thing that existed was a shell of what agency would be responsible for writing the guidelines for any given aspect of the "health CARE" legislation.

And Mr. Obama wants us to vote for folks who voted to put over 2,000 pages of paper with outlines for what agencies would be responsible for creating or writing which guidelines to implement the sketch that is Obama health care.  I could be wrong about my take on it but who would vote for folks controlled by a Congressman such as the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who laughingly quipped, "If you want to know what is in the bill/legislation, you'll have to vote on it before you can see it."  And even then it was a measure of a grand design to hand over 1/6th of our entire industry to agencies in Washington.

So a little research on your Congressman and on your Senators who may be up for re-election.

When you go to the polls to vote for their election or re-election, be able to say that you know much more about their legislative history than they did about Obama's  scheme cloaked under the ruberic of "health care" that could eradicate the weakest and most helpless amongst us than they did.

Some much more astute than I when it comes to everything Washington, D.C. and the Congress, could perhaps say that the Obama Health Care Scheme was the single most giant grab by our federal government to "put the middle class" under the thumb of our governing elite.

We won't know for a while what adverse impact this behometh of a governmental take-over on the order of authoritative control will have.

But in just two years, we have seen government taking over aspects of our banking and financial industry, our automobile industry, and our health care industry that "once upon a time in America" was considered the best health care system in the entire world.

One thing for certain, the Progressives have been tireless and have spread their poison throughout the world, most specifically what was once called Western Civilization.  And they have eroded the foundation of many nations.  When I studied history, I never cared much for Woodrow Wilson and his League of Nations.  But I have to give credit where credit is due - individualism and individual rights and responsibilities are being consumed and perhaps are in their death throes.

Mr. Obama is exhorting us to come out and vote;  I'm with him on that.  Come out and vote but don't ask yourself if your life is better or worse now since Mr. Obama's ascendancy to the presidency.

Ask if you have to go to the back of the line because illegal immigrants have their place carved out for them ahead of American citizens.  Who gets the benefits you, your parents, and I have worked for?  The illegal immigrant is a most favored "class" now or so it seems.

Illegal immigrants can go to the head of the line.  If they don't speak English, they can ask for and get an interpreter.  You with your sick child can wait your turn.

Do I blame this discrimination against American citizens against illegal immigrants?  Not at all.  They are only doing what they have been told to do so that they can game the system or get the benefits designed to help them.  Remember, an American has a job and benefits BECAUSE of the illegal immigrants and the demands or burdens they have heaped upon our system.

Mr. Obama is on the campaign trail, clearly a place where he is happiest.

Let's go out and vote on Nov. 2 as he asks us to do but this time, let's not be fooled.

Don't vote for the person who will rob money from one American to give it to another American.  That is not the America we want or need.  If you vote for a person like that, you are voting for legislated stealing from one American to feed the family of another American family.  That is theft.

Don't vote for a political party.  I have been guilty of that for years and this year, I am voting for the first time for a person of another political party because he voted the way I wanted him to vote and although he is of the president's political party, he voted against that party.  Now, I know he was allowed to do that in order to hold his seat but we'll see what happens.

Let's all of us go out and vote and this time take a step on the wild side.  Vote for the person you think is the best for America.

Don't vote for the candidate who will vote on legislation that will legalize the stealing of money from one American family to put money in the pocket of another American family to give them the other man's money.  That is stealing food from the table of the other American.  Is that what we are about?  Teaching our children to keep thieves in office?  And how does it feel to vote for someone who will steal taxes from a fellow American citizen to give those taxes to you?

We have to end this cycle of stealing and we can do it now.

We are Americans;  we do help each other but we do not steal from each other at the ballot box.  Do we?

And if we do, what kind of chance does that give your children to rise to meet the American Dream when they finally realize that a neighbor's taxes which began as income earned through hard work have been the source of the money you have used or claimed to buy things for them?

When one American family steals from another family because of legislation passed to buy votes, everyone takes a loss.

And then how can you encourage your children to work for the American Dream when you know that another family down the street is waiting for their hand-out so that they can steal the American Dream from your children and their hard work counts for nothing?

We have to break this cycle of forced-dependency and we have to throw out the Congressmen who want to keep us under the thumb of government dependency and who want to make us complicit in stealing from other Americans the incomes they have earned through hard work and self-sacrifice.

We are Americans and we can break this cycle of dependency.  Americans do help each other when we need help but encouraging theft is not the way to help each other.  We need to get rid of the Congressmen who want to make us party to this stealing through legislation.

Let's start right now...

Why do you think many Democrat folks running for office are running from Obama's help on the campaign trail?  Could it be because we are finally waking up and we are beginning to shake off the chains of dependency on BIG government?

With those chains and with that dependency come low self esteem and the mantel of "second-class" citizenship.  Also comes fear and a sense of unworthiness.

We are Americans.  We can make things fair and we can work to reach our American Dream.

Do you think that university professors earned their degrees without self-sacrifice and hard work?  Do you think that NASA scientists didn't have to work and study hard?

The American Dream takes hard work and making choices that deal with self-sacrifice and doing without that instant gratification mind-set.  That is all illusion anyway.

This election cycle, vote and vote for the people who are worthy of your vote and your support.

We are Americans and we need people  of honor working for us in Congress.  You work hard and earn the credentials you need for the career you want.

Sometimes we all need a hand up but not decades of a hand out.  When you know that those dollars are coming out of the mouths and off the dinner table of neighbors, those checks cannot make you feel better about yourself.

Prepare yourself for the career you want and then sacrifice so you can earn the credentials and the job.  It takes "baby steps" and a plan.

But we've got to get Big Brother off our backs and one way to do that is to get off of the gravy train.  You can do it.

This election is a good time to start making your plan and finding out the steps to reaching it.  Expect to do some hard work, to forego some instant gratification, and to burn some midnight oil studying but the work is worth it.  There will be jobs but none of us can sit around and wait for the jobs to come knocking on our door.  We have to make a plan and work the plan.

And the first step is to elect Congressmen who honor hard work and integrity and do not believe that the American Dream consists of stealing from one American to reward others - legal or not.


Rumored: Jackasses need old white guy on 2012 presidential ticket? What?

According to Toby Harnden of the UK Telegraph blogs, the jackasses, burros, or donkies need an old white guy on their election ticket for 2012.

Well, hold on a minute, if Barack runs for president again, that will put two white guys on the ticket and I thought white guys were out of fashion. I know, Barack is mixed race, 1/2 or maybe more white and we see how that's working for us, not because of his skin color but because he has no, zip, nada business experience. With Barack and Biden on the Dems ticket in 2012, that's just too many white folks of the Socialist Marxist ultra-liberal left persuasion, at least it's two too many for me.

I want a Hispanic with no dilemma of ethnic schizophrenia or identify crisis going on. I don't think Biden is confused about his ethnicity but these days one can never tell.

Joe Biden blurts out that he will be Barack Obama's 2012 running mate...

Why not a white woman like Hillary Clinton. She doesn't seem to have any identity crisis going on regarding her ethnicity.  And chatting with Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't such a bad thing during Bill's wanderlust.   Oh, I forgot. Hillary is way to smart to jump into that brier patch with those yokels.

Obama may approve China buying up rights to drill for oil in 600,000 of land in Texas. Sounds good, China owns us anyway and our folks can't drill for oil, our oil, any place but China can drill off of Cuba, off of Hugo's dictatorship, who knows where else. Of course, they own the Panama Canal so shipping won't be a problem.

Why in the world would Obama drag out an old white man to be his running in 2012? Obama's solidly replaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the recorded history of the world and he did it without much help from his VP so let's leave old white men alone for a while.


Maybe Barack can't find any other white guys to play with. Maybe prospective playmates such as Bloomberg of NYC are too busy dictating how much salt kids can have in "Happy Meals." Or ordering how much fruit and lettuce and vegetables have to be part of those "Happy Meals..." [Oh, Kudos to McD's for playing hard ball in the sand box about this health care stuff... Who will stand up for the rest of us when the death panels start drawing numbers out of the hopper?]

Talk about getting rid of the middle class. Whoopsie!

If we can just find enough wine, cheese, crackers, and beer, all of this political junk may get to be a little funny like a comedy of errors or "Saturday Night Don't we wish we were funny" for crying out loud.

Don't take the job if it is offered, Joe. The White House will just be lining up to "blame it all on you" the only old white guy in sight. I know you are the smiling buffoon of the DC circuit but even you should have your limits.  You seem like a likable enough fellow but haven't you lowered your standards enough?

Run away, Joe!  Run the other way.  Run, Joe, Run!  RUN away as far and as fast as your little legs can get you.  

Actually, I'd like to see Hillary Clinton run at the top of the Democrat ticket in 2012.  She might have a good chance at winning.  And we need Bill back in the White House getting the interns on roller-skates and letting Madame President throw all the crystal ashtrays she wants to throw.

We need the sparkle and twinkle of the Clintons;  and maybe they can return some of our White House furniture those movers may have removed by accident.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Black Republicans can break down result of Obama deferring to the "race" card

Black Republicans can break down Obama deferring to the "race" card for the failure of his Socialist Marxist policies.  At every turn, Obama and his minions have used the "race" card as the reason his policies have failed.  The nation is just full of white crackers with no brains who don't like him 'cause he's got black skin.  Boo hoo!

Who voted to put Mr. Obama in the White House?  White folks;  he couldn't have gotten there without them.  Of course he received nearly 100% of the votes cast by black Americans but that number is not enough to put him or anyone else into the White House.  White folks put Mr. Obama into the White House;  white folks pay the majority of the taxes in this nation; and Democrats of all ethnicities and skin colors spend those hard-earned tax dollars.

It is called theft or stealing by legislation and if there is one thing Democrat representatives excel in it is stealing from tax payers to buy their constituents.

Obama has a white mother and white grand parents who gave him the best and most elite education and living conditions possible in Hawaii after he returned from Indonesia where he spent his childhood learning  the religion or political ideology of his Kenyan father - the geopolitical indoctrination that is Islam.

To me, every time Mr. Obama uses the "race" card, he cheapens the office of the president and proves he's not man enough to hold that office.  How could he be if he whines about "race" as the reason his policies are not popular.  Maybe he should be using the "race" card and saying, "Yep, I owe my office to  those white racists who were dumb enough to swallow my line, hook, line, and sink 'er."

Thank you, Iowa Democrats.  You bought it and we're having to pay for it...

Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama's failures on race.

I have helped several black conservative candidates by working on their campaigns and I'll do it again;  not because they have black skin but because they understand our Constitution and they have "left the handouts of the plantation" long ago.

Personally, I don't know that "race" relations are so bad between "white and black" Americans.  The growing Hispanic voting block will soon leave the black voting block in the dust and then there's gonna be some wailing about those "Mexicans" taking away "our" handouts.

Man up!  Don't look to the government to take care of any of us.  The only thing government does well is control people in a myriad of ways.

Let's leave Mr. Obama's race card in the waste basket and the rest of us, black, white, red, and yellow - stand together as Americans.  We don't have to buy into that very tired "race" card gambit any more.  It is a ploy and we're better than that.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Obama Policies have low-approval among Americans,0,3160644.story"/>GOP take-over of Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat" for the next two years or so says our president as he was out on the campaign trail today calling on black Americans to get out and vote in lock-step to mindlessly keep Democrats in Congress to do his biding and rubber stamp his policies.

Hmm....  "Hand-to-hand combat" sounds like a tad of a violent threat from our pacifist president doesn't it?

The political pundits and talking heads are wailing and moaning or prognosticating that Mr. Obama is out of touch with the American people but no one can get through to him 'cause he's gonna have his policies in place to "fundamentally change American" and Americans into automatons locked in the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Beltway all seeing and all controlling government.

But are things really so bad for Mr. Obama on the political front.  Let's say, the American people toss out  Democrats such as San Fran Nan and Babs Boxer and even their evil twin Harry Reid in the Senate.  What changes?

Nothing.  The President can and will veto every measure the Republicans/Conservatives pass to try to bring this country to its founding roots.  He can also use those pesky Executive Orders to install tyranny and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

Mr. Obama made no mystery about the change he wants to bring to America.  And although he didn't especially use these words, the goal of the administration seems to be to destroy the middle class and make access to the American Dream in accessible to minorities.  Why?  Because he doesn't want those folks to make decisions for themselves; he or his party don't want those folks to taste freedom as well as the grand American spirit of taking responsibility for one's success.  Reaching those goals and sitting back to relax after a good day's work, proud of one's labor and accomplishment is the gift that keeps on giving and building the soul that makes America and Americans - all of us - strong.

Stepping back just a bit, I don't think Mr. Obama would be one bit unhappy if Republicans were put into Congressional power because they would still be effectively powerless against the power of the ever encroaching federal government.  If your goal is to break the middle class, foster more dependency upon the nanny state, keep the wool over the eyes of minorities and keep many of them locked into the mind-set that they are victims, take control of business and industry, take over our health care system, then I'd say our president can look back over the last two years and clink glasses with Reid and Pelosi and say, "Hey, man, job well-done."  We don't need Al Qaeda.  We can bring America to its knees all on our own with legislative measures that are over 2,000 pages long and give the job of filling in the details to federal agencies.

Have we lost control of our representative republic?  You betcha!

The Progressives or Far Left Liberals have been working since the turn of the last century and it has taken them about 100 years to shred our founding principles.  Before anyone goes off screaming and hollering, I have to be fair and admit that Democrat as well as Republican presidents have worked toward making us a Socialist Marxist nation.

The only difference at one level is that the Democrat leadership, much like the leadership of the Islamic Fundamentalist tell us what they plan to do to our nation to change it.  And we fail to believe them each and every time...

To me, Mr. Obama is just following on the the failed tradition of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.  Do you remember the day she marched down to Capitol Hill with her large satchels at hand, the satchels that carried all of her plans for that massive HEALTH CARE over hall she was going to push through.

Well, I wonder just how much of Hillary's plan is neatly wrapped up in that 2,000 page bill on Health Care the Dems passed.  I'll bet they didn't have to do much to develop it except just dress it up a bit, put it in new binders, reprint it on non-yellowed paper and call it NEW.

Yes, whether we American people throw out the Socialist Democrats or not, Mr. Obama should be pleased with the success his administration and the Congress have had striving to reach their goals.

How long will it take to undo the nightmare of the train wreck coming our way?

It will take as long as it takes and the first place to start is to get rid of the federal Department of Education.  The states must take back the responsibility of educating their citizens.  There are many good teachers across America but they must belong to the NEA, a national union, or something like it and the union, like all unions, is not about anything but their own power and protecting the pay and benefits of union members whether they are qualified or not.

I guess Mr. Obama is threatening the American people with "hand-to-hand" combat if they put Republicans in office.  For those of us who have served in combat or supported husbands and wives who have served in combat, that is not a term to be tossing around lightly.  Shame on him...  

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Black-White relations on skids with Obama in White House?

href="">Voters are much less optimistic about black-white relations!  Really...

Anyone who thought that Mr. Obama would be their panacea for a cure-all for whatever problems they think exist are certainly politically naive.

And on the issue of Black-White race relations...  Come on, give me a break.  When we are left alone we are just fine.  Or so it seems to me, from a generalized point of view.

How can we have good "race" relations when our president clearly supports and encourages a anti-white racist view when it comes to law enforcement such as civil rights and voter intimidation?  A racist or what appears to be an anti-white, racist Department of Justice under Mr. Obama's leadership certainly doesn't bode well for white or non-Hispanic white Americans.  Any white or non-Hispanic white American who believes he or she will qualify for minority assistance and equality under the law of a seemingly racist Department of Justice is in la, la land.

Didn't you know, Civil Rights laws and Voting Rights protections do not apply to white-skinned Americans or so it seems.  No you folks can be intimidated by black panther thugs at a voting precinct, denied access and have not one DOJ lawyer protect your equal access.

I worked at a voting precinct inside on a recent election day.  I was there to ensure that folks didn't vote more than once, etc.  The precinct was predominately comprised of black voters.  One voter was screaming and hollering that they didn't have enough voting stations in that voting place and the whites down the way at another voting place had more voting stations.  That was a blatant lie.  I knew that because I voted at the other precinct.  This man was trying to vote in the morning when the polls had opened and everyone was trying to vote before going to work - so of course it was crowded.

Another man had to wait to vote because records showed that he had voted "absentee" ballot.  Fortunately the folks who keep the records were able to find his "absentee" ballot.  It seems his mother had filled out an "absentee" ballot that had been sent to his house.  Of course, that was fraud but once the folks in charge got that straightened out, he voted.  I don't know what happened to the "absentee" ballot his mother had used, signed his name on, and mailed in.  This was a good experience because he had brought his son, about 10 or 12 years old, to see how voting takes place and we all saw how orderly it was.  He was able to vote and all was well with the world.

Funny thing was that there were at least 1/2 a dozen lawyers there to ensure that black voters were able to vote and were not intimidated or kept from voting.  As an observer, I had a chance to watch the very pious and pompous attorneys strutting around ensuring that no black voter was kept from voting.

No one was there to defend the voting rights of the little old white ladies with their walkers and canes making their way through the early crush of people.  But the folks who ran the voting precinct were efficient and ready for all eventualities.

At another precinct in another part of the state one of my family members was not allowed to vote because of not being registered in that precinct - that denial of the right to vote is illegal in our state and the ballot should have been taken, the paperwork filled out, and then the city's registrar would have counted the vote and verified that the person was indeed registered to vote in that city.

It makes me sick when politicians work to pit us against each other.  Life is hard enough and God knows the Islamic terrorists don't care which ones of us that they kill so we should stand together and not allow our politicians to divide us.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a few white folks in neo-nazi gear tried to run off a few black voters through verbal intimidation and threatening with a night-stick?  Those folks would never see daylight again but the black panthers seem to get gold stars from Mr. Obama's minions which of course encourages them in future intimidation tactics.

Maybe there is not equality before the law under Mr. Obama's Department of Justice.  We'll just have to wait and see perhaps...

As the nation becomes more Hispanic, I would suspect the Hispanic voting block will become more powerful and black voting blocks which are rather isolated or restricted when you look at maps of voting districts will become less powerful or have less clout with politicians and only have voting power in some limited local areas.

If you look up the Hispanic Caucus, the Black Caucus, and the Progressive Stalinist Caucus in Congress, you can get an idea how the chips will fall as Hispanic voting blocks become more powerful.

We know the non-Hispanic white voting blocks are decreasing in size and birth rates decrease in that category and older non-Hispanic white voters die off.

That's what ticks me off about this dieing stuff - you don't get to see how trends change and mutate.  And the political warfare between Hispanic voting blocks and black voting blocks will be interesting.  I can be wrong on this of course but I have read that the black population will hold at about 13% of the total population for some long time with the Hispanic population growing from a variety of reasons.  The white population is becoming more and more insignificant by the day, from my perspective, so it should all be interesting.

I'm rather glad to see the seemingly racist, anti-white internal policies of the Department of Justice being brought into the light concerning voter rights and such.  I'm rather sick of being taught that only non-Hispanic white folks are racists.  There's plenty of room for that appellation across our multi-racial groups and it is a glorious thing to see.  So suck it up and let's see if lady justice can be color blind and ensure equality before the law for white folks too...  Excuse me, we don't have "white" folks any more;  they are now non-Hispanic white folks.  Maybe we don't have black folks anymore either;  maybe they will become non-Hispanic black folks.   Check out the CIA World Fact book...

Spell-check ain't working.  Sorry.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Do Black Americans support Obama's racist Dept. of Justice?

Do black Americans support Obama's racist Department of Justice?  Difficult to say definitively but as a guess, probably.

With the mind-warping indoctrination of "political correctness", another word for censorship or "shut whitey up" and the insidiousness of multiculturalism where we are indoctrinated with the idea that all cultures are morally equal or that moral equivalency prevails and "honor" killings of innocent women and young teen-age daughters is condoned and encouraged in some cultures and is simply hunky-dory.

Americans seem to have lost their own moral compass.

But I wonder why black Americans who can be counted on with over-whelming consistency to vote for black-skinned candidates, many with socialist or tribal views, don't seem to appreciate that by doing so they are taking the possibility of attaining the American dream right out of the mouths of their very own children.

It is laughable when the NAACP or other such black groups whine that a white-skinned politician won't bother to come and speak to them.  Why in the world should that politician waste time and resources trying to talk sense to a group of folks whose near majority across the electorate will vote for the slave-masters who work through legislation to keep black Americans down on the plantation and indebted to their Democrat slave-masters.

Just watch and see what happens as the Hispanic population becomes an even larger voting block - why do you think most Democrat politicians are pushing for amnesty?  To help some poor Mexican, illegal immigrant down on his luck after having broken our laws?  No, not a chance.  It is to weaken the voting block of black Americans and increase the Hispanic voting block making the black American voting block less and less significant.

It is estimated that the black American population will remain about 13% of the American population for decades to come.  The Hispanic voting block will become larger and larger thus supplanting and shifting the voting block power black Americans used to have and transferring this voting power to Hispanic voters and yes, strangely enough toward the non-Hispanic white voting block.

With the exception of some regional voting power, black Americans as a voting block will grow less and less significant.  That will be interesting to watch.

And with black Americans demonstrating racism as a group, not as individuals, do you think they will be any thing but used by the Hispanic leaders?

When black Americans in the Obama racist Department of Justice decide to enforce voting rights laws and civil rights laws with a clear bias against white people, doesn't that behavior demonstrate that they just as easily become biased against Hispanic people when that group takes on more power as a voting block?

I learned all I needed to know about the "law and justice" attitudes of the black American population at large when I saw black Americans shouting and rejoicing that O.J. Simpson was accquitted in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.   Their national behavior that O.J. Simpson had beaten "the man" by getting off with those murders told me that all black criminals needed to be tried by black attorneys, with black judges, and all black juries - and then lets see what happens when these folks release horrible criminals back on the street - the condition should be that the criminals would be restricted to black communities.  How long would it be before the folks living in those communities were screaming for justice?

If it it true that 91% of black American voters vote for black candidates, usually liberal and usually against many laws that would help the black community, then why should conservative, non-Hispanic white candidates waste any time on trying to get their vote.

We are all played by the political elites but it seems our black American voters are an especially easy mark for politicians with black skin.

I don't care whom someone votes for or how a group is played;  I just wish no one who robs money through entitlement programs and does not pay into our tax system was allowed to vote.  Our founders were specific that the folks who could vote were people who had paid into the government through taxes of some sort and they had a vested interest  in how their money was spent.  As it stands now, politicians buy votes through giving away our tax dollars and that is "legislated" stealing.

We need a poll tax and we need some kind of political IQ test to see if voters even know the names of their Senators and Representative at a minimum.  We need to change the voting age to 25 and even though I am female, I don't think women should be allowed to vote at least not until they have paid taxes, passed a political text of some kind demonstrating that they know how our government works or is supposed to work, and are not on welfare.

It is disappointing to see how racist black American voters are generally speaking based upon group voting trends.  Do they think Hispanic voters give a rat's behind about black Americans having their current racial advantages?  Don't worry about non-Hispanic white voters, they are of little significance to politicians in the long run.  Watch the "civil rights" change when Hispanic voters become the largest voting block.

I realize some of my comments about black American voters are generalizations and do not apply individually but 91% voting record rather speaks for itself.

If black Americans support Obama's racist Department of Justice, remember the laws that seem to favor you today can and will be changed tomorrow to buy another voting block...

Monday, October 04, 2010

Blacks approval of Obama: 91% - is that approval race-based?

Blacks approval of Obama is at 91 %.

Black Americans must be happy with Mr. Obama's racist Department of Justice as long as it serves their needs.  Hmm...

And look at all the destruction we have done to the education of our youth throughout America due directly to political correctness which pampers everyone except folks with white skin and robs all American youth of the educations they need or would need in an advanced society.  No worry there as the Progressives are going to ensure that our society is hardly "advanced."

I guess I just have to accept that 91% of Black Americans are racists because no one who wants equality before the law can approve of Mr. Obama's Department of Justice attitude that Civil Rights and Voter Rights Legislation was not designed to protect and provide equal justice for all Americans.

I have been saying for a long time when non-Hispanic white folks were no longer have a voice, there would be no "minority" equality for them before the law.  Looks like Mr. Obama supports and Black Americas support him in his racist, anti-white folks policies.

Can you imagine how funny the concept is of white folks, non-Hispanic white folks to be specific, asking for equal rights.  Look what those policemen in CT had to go through because qualified officers were passed-over with preference to non-qualified black officers.  Qualified minority officers were discriminated against as were the non-Hispanic white folks.

Just lovely, absolutely lovely.  And you wonder why Tea Party folks are tired of supporting a racist government...

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ground Zero Victory Mosque tribute to Star of Daivd

Ground Zero Mosque uplifting to Jewish Star of David.

The Victory Mosque and perhaps Islamic terrorist center or focal point seems to have a futuristic design that places the Star of David prominently in its facade design.  I could not see any Christian Crosses within the design and of course no Star and Crescent were visible.

Mohammed says in the Koran tell the infidels whatever you must to advance Islam and that means lie and fabricate whatever you need to say to "pull the wool over the eyes of the infidel."  It's there and no one can refute it.  The followers of Islam are ordered to lie to unbelievers and those lies are "forgive" and expected to advance Islam.

This one directive alone, not to mention the kazillions of others, make it difficult for some unbelievers to trust any words, promises, or moderate statements that come from followers of Islam.  When one tries to befriend followers of Islam, then one reads "take not Christians or Jews as friends."

How does the follower of Islam walk that tight rope or high wire of duplicity when trying to have friends among infidels and when trying to assimilate into a culture such as America's culture which is founded in individual equality before the law when Islamic law in and of itself places Muslim as second-class members of the society and treats unbelievers worse?

It is confusing and the problem Christians face which Jews may or may not face is that Christians are directed to "treat others as they would be treated?"  "To love thy neighbor as thyself..."

Maybe my views are just simplistic where these issues are concerned but I cannot find a way to reconcile the different ideological belief systems.  In Christianity, some of us have been taught that we have individual responsibilities to our families and to our nation yet the Islamic ideology, as I understand it, says the individual is subservient to the good of the group or the good of the tribe and the individual is of value to the ummah (sp) with on or few individual rights within that ideological structure.

It is Sunday night and just a little rambling here.

On the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, we all know it will be nothing remotely like an inter-faith facility and the Muslims will be protected in their prayer, etc. in the lower levels of the building.  The room which will be open to all people will be the top floor...

I can hardly help but be cynical here but that is convenient in the event that other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists don't do as well with their air plane gliding lessons as the 19 Saudi hijacker murderers did...

I apologize but as much as I want to have friends among the "moderate" Muslims I don't see how they can reconcile that facade of friendship with the teachings and directives of the Koran.  There just isn't any wiggle room in "don't take Christians and Jews as friends."

If you can show me the wiggle room, please let me know...

How can I follow my faith when there is absolutely no "give" from the other side?  How can you be kind to those who are taught to destroy all you believe in?

I suppose I can pray for the "infidels" (infidels works for those on either side of this divide) who want to destroy my way of life and try to set an example of kindness and love even when I know that as much as I want it to be otherwise, the Holy Book of Islam orders that we cannot come together a people at a human level and care for one another;  the Koran gives strict orders against that possibility.

So why do we open ourselves to what can only be heartbreak?

Islam is one of the largest "ideologies" in the world in terms of membership so why does anyone who practices Islam have to move to the United States to practice his or her "faith?"  Why do the followers of Islam find it necessary to colonize the United States and establish hundreds of mosques here when they are free to practice their "faith" throughout the world?

That cannot be said for Christians and Jews because they cannot freely establish churches or communities within nations that are ruled by Islamic law.  Let me know when Saudi Arabia or Syria allows Christians and Jews from America to move into their nations, establish communities, and freely practice their religions.

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander?  Right?

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