Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Waiter behind Ground Zero Mosque? Boy, howdy!

Waiter behind Ground Zero Mosque, Waiter behind Ground Zero Mosque. This is bad news for CAIR because it proves that "if you can make it there (NYC) you can make it anywhere." And Muslim waiter did so CAIR is not needed to make certain that Muslims get a fair deal in America.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama speaks of our core values? What are they?

Obama still battling the "citizenship" and Muslim question, Christian or Muslim? What difference does it make? None. Mr. Obama has declared that he will always side with Muslims against Christians and against the best interest of the nation that elected him. Shame on us. He has said that this is not a Christian nation and I'll submit that if it were not, there would be no freedom of religion in this nation. You won't find religious freedom in Islamic-controlled nations except for taxes on unbelievers... About a victory mosque and victory commemoration center at Ground Zero - well, wait and see. As to his birth, Ann Durham was recorded as being in Kenya during his birth, in Washington State during his birth, and in Hawaii which will not send you a copy of his birth certificate so who knows? He's the dark horse, the Manchurian president. It would be nice if he spent some of his time with his birth certificate plastered on his forehead but here is another fact as pointed out to me by Muslim readers and that is that Mr. Obama was born a Muslim and that he is an apostate. Don't worry, he has set down the standard that we are no longer a Christian nation and as we become his Muslim nation, we'll see who is tolerant and who allows freedoms of our Bill of Rights. I'm not disenchanted with Mr. Obama; he is every bit as anti-American as he demonstrates himself to be. But unless he changes the law or gets us into a large war, he'll be out of office soon. Our job is to survive under God with our families stronger. We have a strong Christian community within the Black American community. How do those folks feel to hear our president say that we are not a Christian nation? Building a mosque is not about "building a mosque" at Ground Zero; it is about erecting a "VICTORY Center or tribute" to the success of the Islamist in bringing us to our knees. To them it is a job well-done and our laws will open the door for them making the institution of Sharia Law easier. Wait and see.... Recently I mistakenly compared Michelle Obama to Maria Antoinette, my apologies to the last Queen of France.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama, Timmy Geitner, and Administration: a security threat

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, our national debt is a security threat, Mullen: National Debt a Security Threat, ergo, Obama, Pelosi and Reid's Congress and Senate as well as Obama's administration's geniuses who got us into this debt and are happy piling on more debt as they send radical Sharia-Law Imam Rauf on his trips to Middle East and around the nation and maybe even funneling our tax dollars into the proposed Islamist war center under cover as a mosque are the major security threat to our nation and to our individual liberties and freedoms. Don't think so? Wait and see what Papa Bear and his little bears have in store for us. They are certainly the biggest threat that Israel faces. Let's see how the Israelis do with Janet Napolitano's man-made distasters coming in from Iran. Yep, we're up against it and the threat is within our walls and gates, even living under the roof we pay for and enjoying the dinners our taxes pay for too, not to mention the trips. Michelle may be okay all by herself but she is beginning to remind me of Marie Antoinette in terms of the couple's heedless and willful neglect of costs to the American people - even to the black tax payers who voted for them. Again, we shout of the theo-political ideology that drives the Islamists when we have no room to talk because our own thug-ocracy is hell-bent on driving us into the ground. The only question is who'll get the job done first... You bet our national debt is a security threat and the boys and girls who put us into that debt going back a decade or so are all culpable... The joy of reading history with its ups and downs proves the point that this too shall pass and we are Americans; unless we are manipulated by the race-baiters, our bond goes much deeper than the color of our skin or the "religion" we follow. Our bond is strongest when it comes to the content of our character. Our president, a major security risk, won't even prove his citizenship so we know the content of that character. Al Sharpton is trying to say that only non-white folks can demonstrate for duty, country, and honor but then there is always Tawana Brawley... We know where the risk to our security resides and we have two elections coming up: 2010 and 2012 when we can together right the wrongs we engaged in when in some delusional state, we thought or some of us thought that the color of a man's skin entitled him to the office of the Presidency of the United States. This too shall pass and with vigilance, we'll get through it. It is a little scary to know that our president is the least qualified person in any room he enters, even the one he shares with Michelle Marie... But Jimmy Carter a national security risk/threat all by himself including when he helped overthrow the Shah of Iran has lost his claim to the weakest and worst president we have had since ever. The up-side for Jimmy Carter may be that when he is visiting our president and they are in the same room, Jimmy Carter may no longer be the least competent fellow in the room. Don't get me wrong. I suspect our president is happy and pulling the wool over our eyes all of the time; and things are going like he wants them to go as he sends us on a tobogan ride into his idea of the "tribal collective" of Black Liberation Theology which is much like the generalized collective for "social justice" (that also describes Islamic ideology) but the term Socialism cannot really encompass the extent of the perversion of our U.S. Constitution and our system of "checks and balances". Let's give Nancy Pelosi the boot and take away her little gavel. Tick tock... It's an interesting ride and the view from the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero will be spectacular...

Beat Whitey Night - Who's the racist?

I have to wonder if Fauntroy is pleased when or if he hears about "Beat Whitey Night" at the Iowa State Fair. Here's the clip: Beat Whitey Night - Attacks mar Iowa State Fair. Wasn't it the folks in Iowa who got Obama into the primary which eventually led him to the White House? Educational system fails in Iowa if black kids have to have a "beat whitey night" when those white folks helped put Obama into the White House. What's the matter with those black kids....

Fauntroy compares Tea Party to KKK - hmmmm!

Tea Party Compared to KKK: Rev. Walter Fauntroy Well, it seems we have another "former civil rights leader" who has forgotten the history of the civil rights movement for his own purposes or was too busy just seeing one side of it. His inference of course is that only people with "white" skin are members of the Tea Party. His other inference is that only folks with "non-white" skin are allowed to demonstrate for honor and for getting big government off the backs of all of us. White Americans marched arm in arm with black Americans during our civil rights days; and let's not forget that several men of Jewish heritage were killed in the South because they were fighting for civil rights. One other tiny point that probably slipped the esteemed man's mind is that white Republican Americans in the House and Senate voted for the civil rights bill. We were all assured the legislation would not mean quotas and slam-bang we got quotas to the denigration of all people who were qualified for the jobs and for the promise of access to compete on an equal playing field for jobs. And we don't hear much about the disgusting quotation from LBJ, that...with the passing of the civil rights bill, he had secured or bought the black vote for the Democrats for the next 200 hundred years..." Sorry but he didn't use the word "black" in front of the word, vote. Racist that he was, he used the "n" word and he bought the vote. Now, it is offensive that a "civil rights" leader from decades gone by is racist enough to compare folks of all skin-colors and hues who are active in the Tea Party organizations to the KKK. That civil rights leader must not acknowledge that all of us in America who are legal American citizens or are here legally - all of regardless of the color of our skin have "civil rights" but then he wasn't fighting for "civil rights", he was only working for civil rights for folks with black skin. Too bad that old sneaky LBJ and the most honorable late Teddy Kennedy snuck in a reformed immigration bill just two years after the Civil Rights legislation and that immigration legislation "white-washed" the civil rights bill so that everyone who was NOT white came under the civil rights bill thereby watering it down and weakening the position of black Americans who now had to compete with anyone who was not white. Tea Party not even close to the racism we see in some non-white folks but the former KKK! Where has that man been for the last 50 years. 50 flipping years - it's time for black Americans across all strata to stop playing the victim and race cards because those trains have left the station. We need to work together and not allow our own government to drive wedges against us any more. One woman's opinion. Go on "civil rights" leader and try to drive us apart. The Islamic terrorists aren't wasting their time killing us by "skin color", if we Americans any skin-color will do. It is time we come together as we are through the Tea Party efforts - yep, white Americans, black Americans, tan Americans, and all members of that marvelous tapestry we call "America!"

Tea Party, Hannity, and Limbaugh receive death threats

Well, of course, in the true demented fashion of the far left, Marxist-Leninist crowd in this nation whose members feel their grasp on power slipping away, they first resort is always verbal name-calling which now seems to have moved on to actual death threats. Someone must be hitting a nerve someplace in the dank, dark smary bowels of the far left with the witches of Macbeth stirring the cauldrons... Hey, ya dim wits - those recorded death threats are "crimes", criminal offenses, oh, say like crossing our border illegally but "death threats" are more serious because the government may just have to find and prosecute the perpetrators unlike our weak-spined leaders and attorney general who never met an illegal he didn't love and never met a new black panther party member screaming that they need to "kill'em some white cracker babies" he'd fell obliged to prosecute. Nope, you "death-threat" folks know you are safe from following the law with this administration; you're home free and clear and even if they did identify you, you'd never be prosecuted not after that black panther psycho "gotta kill me some crackers cause I hate them" menace shouting and intimidating folks at voting places. The whole lot of our racist - not name calling here just using the correct identifier - who want to secure a "victory" center for so-called radicalized jihadists, make me sick. Here's the story: Tea Party Group Hit with Death Threats. Here's a website, Freedom Works that you might want to support if you want to get rid of the thugs in Congress and the Senate on this election go-around. Check these folks out and work to get the "killing of unborn American citizens under any procedure" Senator out of the Senate... It is way beyond time for Barbara Boxer to leave the Senate. I'll admit I'm a tad out of sync with our radicalized feminists because I believe partial-birth abortion is infanticide, but that's just me. Women have the right to choose - contraception. But "death threats" directed at Tea Party folks and Hannity and Limbaugh - way to go "team tolerance!"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Obama: rewriting history on Muslim pirates - gets it wrong, again!

Fitzgerald: Barack Obama, The New York Times that iftar dinner and the rewriting of history Thanks to Jihad Watch. This one is worth your time. We need to know our history with the Muslim pirates and other associated things and this article will enlighten you whereas our president stays where he always is: always in the dark and the least qualified person in any gathering he attends... So sad but expected. Thank you, Iowa.

Allen West: Know Our Enemy, the Islamic Jihadists

Credit must be given to Tundra Tabloids for putting some of these invaluable videos together for us. Listen, take notes, and then follow-through. Allen West tells it like it is and he is a man we need in Congress, in the Senate, and in the White House. He knows the enemy who has been fighting us since shortly after the death of Mohammad; and that enemy has not preverted the "Religion of Islam"; that enemy is doing exactly what the Quran directs as well as following the direction of the Hadith, Mohammad's sayings and the Sunna. There are ways to defeat the jihad against us and the first step in that defeat of the jihad is to study the tenets that drive its adherents. As I have stated before, while we call them terrorists, the murderers of 9/11 were only following the belief system set out for them in the Quran, the Sunna, and the Hadith. And now what we must first do: Elect leaders in America who understand and are not afraid to identify and face the avowed enemy head-on. We have been attacked and we need to fight back. Get rid of jihadist enablers such as Obama, Pelosi, and others. Rid ourselves of panders and of the Neville Chamberlains of our times. Our enemy has declared themselves and the war is not new as Lt. Col. Allen West points out. We simply have to stop it dead in its tracks. We cannot allow the infestation of our prisons by radical imams to continue; we must close down mosques where sedition and treason is shouted to the congregents; we must open our eyes and know that the jihadists and Islamists are deadly serious in their mission to destroy and bring down Western civilization with its associated freedoms which do not exist under Islamic or Sharia RULE. One more thank you to the Center for Security Policy for making information available to us. We cannot turn a blind eye to the avowed determination and will of those who would destroy us and use our laws and our tolerance to do it: Center for Security Policy From Lt. Col. Allen West (U.S. Army Retired) Allen West for Congress To Nancy Pelosi, give me that gavel! Not a religion you are fighting, it is a theo-political construct and the attacks upon us are not a perversion, they are doing exactly what the Quran tells them to do.... not a direct quotation... Col. West answers a Marine's question Muslim Terrorists are doing exactly what Qur'an days. Full Speech: "Muslim Terrorists are doing exactly what the Qur'an says. Islam will destroy Western Civilization. Allen West 2010. Watch these videos and then take action by contacting your Senators and Congressman to stop any activity that sets precedent for Sharia Law and to stop the building of an Islamic Center for Victory over the Infidels at Ground Zero or anywhere else for that matter until WE can build and repair Christian Churches and Jewish Temples in Saudi Arabia and any other Islamic-ruled tribe with a flag...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Opposition to Mosque like persecution of Jews: Ha, Ha, Ha

Some of these Islamists who want to destroy our government and put us all under Sharia Law, are a laugh a minute.
"A leader of a planned Muslim community center near Manhattan's Ground Zero compared opposition to the project to the persecution of Jews, in comments that could add to the controversy over the center's proposed site."
Opposition to Mosque at Ground Zero...
And this mosque, aka, cultural center can say that with a straight face?  Who wants to kill Jews and annihilate Israel and drive Jews into the see?
No Muslims are being persecuted here.  They have more freedoms here than they can dream of having in Saudi Arabia or other Islamic-ruled nations.
Next - coming up a show on the persecution of Muslims in America where they attend the best universities and get foot washing stations to boot.
No moron, we don't want the "Victory Mosque" to use the Baron's phrase at Ground Zero.  Good grief.  That fellow planner must take lessons in "keeping a straight face" when telling lies to we infidels.  Now, he's the type who gives our Muslim friends and neighbors a bad name.

Islam is a political system cloaked in the guise of religion.

Like the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, Islamists are breathing down our necks in their relentless effort to follow Mohammed's directives and implement their Islamic duty to change all non-Islamic regimes into lands with the people governed by the Koran or Sharia Law.
Finally, one American gets it:
"Islam is a political system. Religion and politics are one and the same in Islam. Only Religions have protection from the united states constitution of freedom of Religion. Political aspects of Islam are derived from Mohammed, Quran and Allah, They are the source of all powers and laws. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL POWER AND LAWS IN AMERICA."
How refreshing to read that comment in response to the following article: Ground Zero Demonstrations.
We confuse the tactics of Islamists stratagists as "religious" when the tactics are designed with one goal in mind and that is to subvert all non-Islamic governments in the world and transform them into governments under Sharia Law.
With the clock ticking one could say "Bye Bye England with France not far behind" although Sarkosy is trying to temp down the crusade against France from within.  He has an uphill battle...
The quotation above is enough for today.  Read it, learn it, and burn it into your brain...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque - Islamic War Base in America

The proposed Islamic community center at Ground Zero is arguably the FIRST Islamic or Jihadist Military Installation or Military Strategic War Planning Base in America or on North America on a grand scale whose founders may get funding from Saudi Arabia as well as Iran and may even be able to get funding from American taxpayers because they would be "restoring" a building that is 100 or 150 years old.  Not certain about that.
All I know is that Mr. Osama Obama would do all in his power to assist the Jihadists without seeming to do so with our American tax dollars.
After all, our very own State Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton on orders from her leader is using American tax dollars to send Rauf to the Middle East and across the United States probably on a fact finding mission to see how Sharia-compliant we are, to determine more clearly our weaknesses, and to drum up recruits for jihad.
Look at the "Mosque at Ground Zero" as we would look at a military base we would build at a site where we had beaten an enemy in battle.  Is it any different?
The attack of 9/11 is the worst attack our nation has sustained on our own soil but it will  not be the last although for the life of me I don't see why the Islamists should attack us violently again when they are being so successful using our laws against us.
To the citizens of NYC and the tourists who may visit there, your mayor and other leaders have and are putting you at risk.  If you don't believe me, wait and see.
Rauf should be deported or imprisoned on an island someplace but you have to hand it to him for his clear and far-sighted thinking.  He and his buddies must be laughing all over themselves at our stupidity and our cowardice in the face of their prophet's admonitions to destroy the infidel.  With our lack of working brain cells and lack of courage at the top, they have every reason to believe that Allah is on their side.

Mosque at Ground Zero: War Planning Base under cover of religion - We are an embarrassment if we let this pass

Islamic War Planning Base idea behind cover of "mosque" at Ground Zero?
Ground Zero Mosque's Hidden Websites - Follow the Sharia.
Ms. Christine Brim of the Center for Security Policy has given us invaluable information and material that we need to know concerning the so-called mosque and community center for Muslims proposed at Ground Zero in New York City.
The harlots or whores who run NYC, prositutes to the all mighty dollar with no morals and no courage are selling out the citizens of NY and even worse, selling out America even perhaps to treason and aiding and abetting the jihadists / Islamists such as Imam Rauf that our State Department is paying with tax dollars to send to the Middle East and to send around the United States to, among other things, rate us to see if we are Sharia-compliant.
Ms. Brim has done what our terrorist-supporting news media has failed to do;  she has discovered the names of some who are behind the Cordoba Initiative (building a mosque) on our most holy site, a small stone's throw from Ground Zero.
But we are fooled into believing once again that Islamists and hence a mosque is a religious site.  Could it be more?
Certainly and it will be.  As mentioned here before, it would become the Mecca on the soil of North America and better yet on the soil of Islam's greatest victory, on American soil.  It would become the Islamists war room for planning the overthrow of America and for planning and implementing the institution of Sharia Law across America one little precedent at a time.
Had Hitler bought a building or several in Manhattan just before WWII to establish headquarters under some ruse, would we have allowed it?  Of course not.  We would all have been up in arms that our leaders had lost their freaking minds.
Well, I'm here to tell you that the leaders in New York City, the mayor is afraid for his life, the historical commission who voted that a mosque could be built in the 150 year old building have brains full of mush, and our president and his press secretary who both say it is a local matter are idiots.  The attack on the World Trade Centers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the failed attack on the Capital and/or the White House were NOT local matters.
Any building at or near Ground Zero, oh say within 2,995 miles either side, north, south, east, or west, is tantamount of an act of war.  It is throwing down the glove and slapping us in the face with it, screaming "put 'em up' like Elmer Fudd, "we're going to drive you infidels down into the mud like the swine that you are..."
And frankly, we deserve no better if we allow this to happen.  Gird your loins, Americans, and appreciate that our freedoms are being used against us and we cannot allow it to happen.  Islam cannot be reconciled with our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  A follower of Islam cannot honestly swear an oath to protect our US Constitution which means that no follower of Islam can serve as a president or as a Congressman.
I am in conflict here because I know followers of Islam serve our nation under very dangerous and conditions and love our nation.  But I still have to ask where they would stand as Sharia were instituted one step at a time.  Would they fight against it?
It would seem that the Mosque/community center or Islamists WAR Planning Facility planned at Ground Zero must have its license revoked and the property must be condemned and NY should NOT give or sell any more land for mosques in New York.
We must listen to Ms. Brim.  We must become informed and we must STOP the Islamic War Planning Center any where that it would be built.
Imam Rauf and his fellow co-conspirators/traitors are heedy with excitement at their success.  They are delirious over our ignorance and  what they see as our stupidity.  They cannot believe we are so easily deceived.
We MUST appreciate that many women especially who follow Islam live among us and they are victims too of that heinous doctrine of hatred and subjugation.  Women United International is working for liberating women enslaved within Islam too.  A friend said long ago that it was perhaps through the Muslim women that the change would come.
I think the change will come through our vigilance, our courage, our dedication to our freedoms and our not confusing tyranny cloaked as religion, and our taking a stand to fight and if needs be die here on our soil for the preservation of our freedoms and of our way of life.
The Islamists say that we are invading Islamic regimes but that is  not so.  America is being colonized; mosques and Islamic centers are on nearly every campus.  That is where Ann Durham met Obama's father.  With a Muslim father, there is absolutely no way that our president could not have been born a Muslim and he has said he will support or side with Islamic interests against ours.
Become educated;  if you are a Christian love your Muslim neighbors and try to see them as mothers and fathers with families living with us side-by-side.  For my part, I try to set aside what I have read in the Koran and on a personal level, I respect my neighbors.  I cannot change what they have been taught.  I can only be responsible for how I treat my neighbor and until or unless my neighbor whatever teachings he follows does not allow me to live in peace I will follow the admonishment of John, the author of the Gospel of John, "I tell you little brothers, love one another..."
I will work against Sharia Law in every way that I can on a local, state, and national level and through this little blog as I thank you for reading and for rewarding me for my time.
Thank you and God Bless America, pray that the leaders in New York City come to their senses because they are putting all New Yorkers and all visitors to that city in danger if they allow the mosque/war planning base to become a reality...
And the blood of any lives lost is on their hands.  So Mayor Bloomberg - are you a man, a  mouse, or easily cowed?  Will you put your citizens in harms way or will you do what is necessary to protect them?  Or do you care?
What got to you, Mayor Bloomberg?  Fear, Yankee green, some assurance that you would be safe?  What made you take leave of your senses.  Just say NO to the Islamic war planning headquarters at Ground Zero...


Mosque at Ground Zero: Stop the Memorial to Terrorists!

Sometimes there are just things you wish you had said even if you came up with the idea and for me it is this title of a post, from the Baron of course, Stop the Victory Mosque. How great is that for a title? And how correct. No doubt about it, the planned Cordoba Project/Initiative or Mosque at Ground Zero is a "Victory" shrine to commemorate the 19 terrorists who, true followers of the prophet, flew those planes into the World Trade Centers and into the Pentagon. [What is Cordoba - it is the name of a huge mosque in Spain that was build, as I recall, around 800 or 900 AD. It was build by Muslim conquerors over the site of the most religious shrine of Christianity in Cordoba Spain. I often wonder what would have happened if Todd Beamer and those other brave Americans on Flight 93 had bowed to the terrorists and been cowed knowing that their death was imminent; what would have happened had Flight 93 been successful and flown into the Capital building or the White House. Would we hear them then? What will it take for Americans to appreciate that we are facing the followers of an ideology the likes of which we have not seen since the days of Hitler - there, I said it. Europe is being over-run. In no time, Queen Elizabeth II will have no throne, Westminster Abbey could be a pile of rubble , and every cross in England could be ripped from the tops of churches and melted down. Sound radical? Sorry, it is not one bit extreme. The imams and folks that are known in the West as radical fundamentalist Islamists have freedoms they could only dream of in their wildest dreams in England. They can print literature that they want; they can work followers in mosques up into rage against the host nation; they can teach subversion of England's government to be replaced with Sharia, and they can do much, much more. In America, imams can enter our prisons and recruit from amongst our most unhappy citizens - unhappy because they chose a life of murder, rape, and assorted crime and then scream they are disenfranchised. But in America Islam appeals because it had its foundation in tribalism - the easy way out for the lazy because the individual bows to the will of the tribe and the tribe is the "collective" with all done for the good of the "tribe" with individual freedoms as well as responsibilities subjugated to the will and mores of the tribe. "The tribe made me do it." But there is comfort in the tribe because one is not accountable for his or her own well-being so one can wait for the tribe to meet his needs and so on and so forth.
See Brigitte Gabriel's Because They Hate in which she discusses the tribes with flags as well as how we can fight the jihad peacefully through the means available to us in our republic.  And her latest book, They Must Be Stopped.
Click on over to American Congress for Truth to learn more.
And more... Islam is presented as the perfect answer. Although what I have studied about Islam seems to place great responsibility upon the individual on a most person and intimate level of responsibility, this part can easily be overlooked when an imam bent on the destruction of America and the overthrow of our secular laws and of our notion of the separation of "church and state" is merrily using our prison system to recruit the next jihadist/terrorist who will eventually be released from prison and return into the American community free to plot and plan the next act or attack upon innocent prey, innocent children, working men and mothers caring for their families... It is against Islamic law for anyone to try to convert a Muslim. In America we need to pull our boots on and get some grit in our craw. Let's start by: Stopping the "Victory" mosque at Ground Zero Denying Imams access to inmates in our prisons. Would we have allowed SS recruiters into our prisons in WWII? and Deporting all Imams who teach hatred against America and Americans in their mosques. This could of course apply to our famous Jeremiah Wright, Jr., of Black Liberation Theology fame, and the "pastor" and confident of our president. [On this deportation thing, I don't care if they are American citizens or not. Teaching, preaching, and recruiting for the overthrow of our nation under the guise of an ideology that cloaks itself falsely as a religion when it is political to its core certainly should fall under sedition or something. Don't we have lawyers and judges loyal to America anymore or are they all soft jihadists; or perhaps just waiting to see which side wins.] As usual I digressed happily into a few other related topics. I know it is or can be laborious for you, my dear follower and reader friends, but I am so happy to be recovering from that serious fainting-fall with its attendant injuries that all occurred last February. The doc says a year to a year and a half and all should be "right as rain." No neurological damage, just some internal bruising which is healing. Seems the only issue for me is a heightened "flight" response to fear brought on by a startling event. I said this earlier but allow me to mention again a witness and appreciation to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for guiding and helping me along thus far. Don't know why I'm sharing this right now but a friend, Always on Watch, and her husband experienced a serious medical situation earlier this year. With humility and love, I want to pass on that in my case, patience has been forced upon me because there has been nothing I can do to speed up healing that will occur as it will occur. One more thing, as Citizen Warrior says, we must stop the jihad in all of its forms and we must stop it without hatred and without racism. Our Lord Jesus Christ directed us to love one another... And even as hatred creeps into my heart when I think of the hatred that is directed toward us by the jihadist I must remember that I refuse to believe that all followers of Islam hate us. I simply won't accept that. Naive or not, I won't accept it. Jesus told us to love and He didn't say to just love one group; He said "Love..." So when I get harsh and I know I am I also have that other teaching "tapping" at my heart. Yes, our US Constitution is not a suicide pact. We must preserve and protect our way of life or it will be ripped from us one precedent at a time. Be mindful; be vigilant and Stop the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. There are 100 mosques in New York mostly funded by Wahabbist Saudi Arabia and how many Christian Churches or Jewish Temples in Saudi Arabia, in Iran, in Iraq.... Find out and get back to me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Sharia in America; no mosque at Ground Zero

Islamic Center backers may take funds from Saudi Arabia and Iran - Surprise!  What a shocker!.
Did you know these 3 things about Islam?  
Sometimes ya gotta call it like it is and Newt Gingrich called it like it is.  We have to stand up for the religious freedoms as well as the freedoms that we hold dear in our nation against an Islamic ideology that seeks to deny these freedoms to us and to everyone around the world.  
Their intent is serious and they have demonstrated that they are deadly serious.  The good news is that they tell us that they will take money from terrorist-funding nation-states that impose draconian Islamic law upon their people and that refuse to even allow a Holy Bible or a cross to be brought into their countries - that is how much they fear the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
We will be pushed against the wall and so I'll just get against that wall right from the get-go.  I heard a lady who used to follow Islam say yesterday that a person could not be an American and a Muslim at the same time.  If that is true, then let's just recognize the irreconcilable differences and go our separate ways with no more mosques in America and no more immigration from Islamic nations.
During WWII, would we have allowed Hitler's Nazi SS to migrate here and to colonize and establish camps in America?  Of course not.
I am not comparing followers of Islam who cherish the freedoms we have here and that they enjoy here with the horrors of the SS.  That would be absurd. 
It is true that the tenets of Islam at its core are not compatible with our way of life.  We have to face that and accept it and we have to appreciate also that the Koran teaches the dissembling and lieing to infidels for the advancement of Islam is accepted, expected, and encouraged by Mohammed.  
Sadly, we will be forced to see truths that we would rather not see and face truths we would rather not acknowledge but we must stop all forms of jihad against us and against our way of life and against our liberties and we must stop this jihad without hatred and without racism and without discrimination.  We must stop the jihad through laws of self-preservation and the securing of our liberties and the halting of any and all attempts at the infiltration of Sharia into our system even such seemingly innocuous items  such as foot-washing stations at the University of Michigan and at the Phoenix International Airport and the stoppage of traffic or of work for the interruption of prayer five times a day which cuts into work time and which cuts into productivity.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in America, accomodate to our way of life, don't try to change it.  If our way of life is not compatible, then move to a location which is more compatible to the life-style you want.
In America, become an American.  There is room for all of us but we have to be on the American page, not the page of Sharia...
We don't need one more mosque or Islamic center funded by Saudi Arabia and/or Iran.  What are we thinking?  Have we traveled that far down the path of dhimmitude/slavery to our Islamic overlords?

Ground Zero Mosque - Move it to Saudi Arabia

It it time to scrap all plans for any new mosque and or "Islamic" center in NYC and especially within 3,000 miles of NYC and move it to Saudi Arabia or perhaps Mr. Obama's Jakarta.
In Ground Zero Mosque on the move? addressing a compromise, our leaders such as Gov. Patterson and others are still giving in to Islamists and the answer is NO.
We the people, our tax dollars, are paying to send the anti-American, Sharia Law pushing head of the Cordova Project to the Middle East as well as around the United States for God knows what Islamic Sharia Compliant boon-doggle.  
Our State Department is Sharia Compliant as is our President and as is Mayor Bloomberg and Congressman King and Gov. Patterson as they search for property owned by New York state to give to the Islamists.
We have lost our minds.  No Sharia, no more mosques anywhere in America, period.  Followers of Islam are NOT seeking religious "freedom" and they are not seeking "political" asylum;  they are colonizing the United States and they are seeking to build beach-head communities through which to establish Sharia law among other steps to curtail our liberties.
It is time for us to stand for our freedoms of religion and our freedoms or we will see those freedoms lost one step or one precedent at a time...
And and meanwhile our Sharia-compliant President born Muslim, supports mosque at Ground Zero while our first responders die, Obama  focused on backing Islamists over our first responders.
If you want to see the proliferation of mosques throughout America and North America, just look up "find a mosque near your."  If you want to have fun, give a zip code for another state or the name of a state in Mexico and you may as I was be surprised at the number of mosques that are sprouting up like weeds in a garden that once held freedom for all of us high.
Wait until the whiners among the Islamists move on their next cry of victimhood and say that the cross on the top of your church offends them and it must be removed.  You think that won't happen?
And if you want to read a bit, look at Bridgette Gabriel's book, Because They Hate, to see that the hatred is all directed toward us...
It is our very tolerance and our very Christianity that they hate beyond measure.
Our Islamic-supporting President has said in his books that he will support Muslims before anyone else.
Yesterday I heard a Muslim woman on the Sean Hannity show and she said it was impossible to be an American and a former-Muslim at the same time.  That should give us pause; she has lived under Sharia law for 30 some years and she knows...
Another site to check out Women United who will demonstrate at the Ground Zero March this weekend...

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Mosque Ground Zero - Ideological Warfare - a tribute to Jihad

No Mosque and No Compromise at Ground Zero Okay, fellow Americans, it's time to stand for freedoms, the freedoms of all of us in the face of an ideology that plans and promises to overthrow our government and our way of light, in the face of an ideology that promises to snuff-out that last beacon of light in the world and promises to usher in a world of darkness. Theses are not the "plans" of Islamists, the folks people are comfortable calling "radical Islamic fundamentalists" at their peril. These are not the plans; these are the promises and true to Mohammed's directives, they must tell us at least three times in order to give us a chance to submit. The Cordova Initiative is another "warning" or wake-up notification to the call and promise of Islamic world domination. in Are there "peaceful" Muslims who do not follow the directives of Mohammed and would allow the infidels - us - to practice our religions unmolested? I don't know and I don't know how they reconcile those directives with our freedoms as defined in our Bill of Rights. That is a conundrum I cannot answer. More learned folks than I can address that. I do not advocate violence or harsh measures against anyone who wants to live side-by-side with me in our great land but in America "your freedoms end where the tip of my nose begins" so if you profess to change my freedoms and supplant them with a draconian ideology of tyranny, then I don't see how we reconcile that. You either have to give up your desire to "save me" from my Trinity and my belief system and my U.S. Constitution or you have to be ready to live by my rules. From where I sit and from what I see you cannot compromise and I won't submit when I already have a God and His Son Jesus Christ whom I follow. I have a golden rule and true, Jesus said for us to "turn the other cheek" but I don't believe He said "put your head on a spit or for us to throw Him under the bus to submit to Allah. Theorists can yap and yap that the God of the Hebrews, of the Christians, and of the Muslims is the same by I'm not buying it and yes, I've read the Holy Bible. While many followers of Mohammed may life peacefully side-by-side in America, I don't see how they can follow the directives of "Allah" as reported by Mohammed and be either "true" adherents of Mohammed or "true" to the United States in a general sense. I appreciate the followers of Islam who have and do work for my country but I still have to ask, "When the Islamists institute Sharia one precedent at a time, where will the duties and oaths as well as loyalties of these folks take them when we find ourselves fighting for our very survival as a nation and as a civilization? I can't answer that...only my friend who told me what a great nation our country is can answer that... I'm for no mosque at Ground Zero because it has nothing at all to do with freedom of religion. Muslims are not oppressed in America; it can be argued that Muslims are colonizing America and changing cities slowly, Dearborn is one example. A mosque is bowing to Islamists and it is the supreme act of dhimmitude - payment to stave off more terrorist attacks. That won't work and for the leaders in New York City that see the mosque at Ground Zero as a great marketing idea and a great "tourist" center for bringing money into the city, Shame on YOU - Mayor Bloomberg. A mosque at Ground Zero is a major security threat and risk. We cannot confuse "religious freedom" with ideological warfare... For more reading, see a href="http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/triumph-of-islam-how-primitive.html">Triumph of Islam - How Primitive Tribalism Can Defeat Advanced Civilisation. Read posts at Trencherbone, at Citizen Warrior, at Gates of Vienna and the other sites and posts you find there and wake the heck up, American - all of you; or your Sunday dinner of cold roast beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions, as well as those little green peas will the least of your Sunday worries... And then read the challenge that Newt Gingrich brings straight home to you in No Mosque at Ground Zero:  From Newt... "Apologists for radical Islamist hypocrisy are trying to argue that we have to allow the construction of this mosque in order to prove America's commitment to religious liberty. They say this despite the fact that there are over 100 mosques in New York City..."
In fact they are partially correct--this is a test of our commitment to religious liberty. It is a test to see if we have the resolve to face down an ideology that aims to destroy religious liberty in America, and every liberty we hold dear. No Mosque at Ground Zero Newt Gingrich
We have no room for any ideology that is striving mightily and promises to dominate and/or overthrow us and our way of life. The choice is simple: live in peace with us on our well-established terms and under our laws of freedom or move on.    

Monday, August 16, 2010

No Mosque, Mecca at Ground Zero a slap in our face!

We have to understand that in Islam symbolism is everything. But first: from the Gates of Vienna, Less than Zero as Islam attacks us again, as Dymnpha says to soften us up and they will do it over and over again until we bow and surrender either stretching our necks for the sword or bowing heads for the yoke of tyranny with their tolerance for none. A mosque at Ground Zero is a slap in our face and it is a desecration of our values and principles of freedom and tolerance. A mosque at Ground Zero is not about "religion" or religious freedom, for God's sake, there are 100 mosques in New York City. And how many Churches or Jewish temples in Saudi Arabia? I can't wear a cross in Saudi Arabia and I cannot take a Bible into that country but mosques are popping up across our landscape like dandelions. When you see NYC blanketed in black burqas that the burqa is NOT a religious garment and did not derive from religion. It was an early garment of the nomads and today to me it signifies slavery and the enslavement of women. But the mosque at Ground Zero is like spitting upon the graves of all who died in the Islamic attack against our nation first responders and those who died as the planes hit or as they held hands with colleagues and jumped to their deaths hurdling for 110 floors above the pavement. A mosque at Ground Zero mocks us and is a form of humiliation; don't be fooled for one minute that it is somehow going to be a site of Interfaith understanding. Read the Koran and read where Mohammed says, "Desist, do not say Trinity...." Do no befriend Christians or Jews and say whatever you must to advance Islam. Wake up, Americans. Or you will be buried under the very tattered Constitution which has for so long protected our freedoms but now the enemy is within from the White House to the college campus and more. We are in the fight for our freedoms and for our lives and we must find a way to reconcile our own survival with our nature of advancing freedoms and tolerance. For now, I'm simply surprised that some organization hasn't filed a law suit to have us remove crosses from our churches. But I need not worry because that won't be necessary when those crosses are removed for being offensive... You think I'm wrong? Build the Mosque at Ground Zero and see it for what it is; a shrine to the success of the Saudi Arabian Islamists/jihadists trained at our own flight schools. We may come to the day when we say "enough is enough." Let's have a little parity here and we start building churches and temples in Saudi Arabia or better yet; let's get our own oil or energy sources. For the sake of our security and the security of New Yorkers, there can be no mosque at Ground Zero. It will become a place of pilgrimage to the jihadists and we will see fighting in our streets; we will be pushed to it because that is one of the methods of the jihadists. Push us to the wall and scream foul if we defend ourselves. There is no reconciling our Trinity with the dictates of Mohammed and there is no reconciling our secular law and our belief in the separation of church and state with an ideology where the state is the "church"/Islamic law. When the Iraqis voted for Sharia Law, I told friends that right then and there we had to move out of Iraq and let them have what they wanted but Islam is on the drive now for supremacy and supremacy is what they will have unless we say "enough is enough... you cannot twist our laws around our throats and strangle us with our own laws... A mosque at Ground Zero should be allowed when we build the first Christian Cathedral in Saudia Arabia, an event that will take place when Hell freezes over. Mosque at Ground Zero - Obama supporter of jihad against the West. Go to Citizen Warrior and read for goodness sake - read the Brilliance of Islam and learn that Islam is NOT a religion as we perceive a religion to be. The good thing is that imams and Islamists are ordered/instructed by the Koran to warn infidels at least three times about what they are going to do to us - ie, drive Israel into the sea... The goal is to provide a shrine to Allah, the merciful, for the success of the 9-11 jihadists who successfully attacked America on American soil. The mosque at Ground Zero will commemorate that success and it will become the Mecca of North America. We must shake the dust from our sandals and recognize the systematic threat to our way of life and to our freedoms. The Islamists have no intention of allowing "freedom of religion" in America and they have every intent of instituting Sharia Law or the Law of the Koran. It is insane to treat those who are ordered by their "holy" book to kill us or convert us with deference or to accommodate the athletes during Ramadan. Why do I say that? From experience. I was in charge of special programs at a university where I once worked. We had rented some facilities and dorms to young men from Saudi Arabia. Please don't lecture me about the "no alcohol" during Ramadan. One of our employees who had to clean up the dorms and empty the trash and such drove me over to show me what he was dealing with at the hands of our pious tenants. No American fraternity boys could have emptied as many bottles of hard liquour or vomited any more disgustingly than our pious and superior tenants. The behavior of the male students from Saudi Arabia during Ramadan and during other times of their stay showed me all I needed to see of the freedom they loved about our nation, freedoms which they or their leaders wish to destroy and replace with draconian laws that will include the famed "religious" police who forced young Muslim girls to die inside of their burning school... This is a tyranny supported by our leaders because every inch forward toward Sharia Law that Islamists are able to make will cause us to become more enslaved to them as well as to our leaders Socialism for lack of a better term. Read: go to Citizen Warrior, the Gates of Vienna, the American Congress for Truth, Jihad Watch, International Civil Liberties Alliance, Tundra Tabloids, Atlas Shurgs, and many more I could mention such as the Center for Security Policy. On the mosque at Ground Zero... Do you want a "mecca" or a shrine to Allah and the 19 murderers who killed 3,000 plus people and who attacked our nation to become a focal point for Islamists and terrorists internationally? If the founders of the Cordova Project are successful, we will only be aiding and abetting them in championing their success at bringing us to our knees. We once faced such an all consuming ideology but not on our home front. What will it take to get the attention of the American people? Women swathed in black burqas swarming around Ground Zero going to the mosque of the jihadists? What will it take to demonstrate to Americans known for their tolerance and for the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" of kindness in our Holy Bible before we recognize that we have a virus that uses the host for its advancement while at the same time striving to destroy the host? What will it take for us to say that an ideology in which the tenets must drive the adherents to work tirelessly to save us from the Trinity and to save us from our man-made laws of our U.S. Constitution is not acceptable; can we compromise with an ideology that has no room for compromise with our freedoms and our way of life? Are we colonizing Afghanistan and Iraq? No, we are not. We are not establishing "Christian Communities" within Iraq or Afghanistan. We are not building Christian or Jewish houses of worship in either of those nations. No, rather we spirit out of Afghanistan a former-Muslim man who had converted to Christianity. Why? Because when he was going to be executed by the government we helped establish in Afghanistan because he was an "apostate", we had to save his life. Our U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. We do not have to be enablers in our own demise. We must stop the jihad the is in place against us and that is using our laws to attack us but as Citizen Warrior says, we must stop this jihad without hatred, without racism, and I'll add without violence. We just have to say NO. No more mosques in America until we can freely build Christian and Jewish houses of worship in Islamic "lands". No, no more immigration of anyone who holds a belief system that stresses the eradication of our laws, our freedoms, and our way of life. In our early days, we had Ellis Island where people with diseases were kept until they got well or were sent back home. What insanity would allow anyone carrying the plague to enter our land and spread that death among us? We say or I read of "peaceful" followers of Islam. I read of political Islam, financial Islam, domestic Islam, spiritual Islam... and I read of radical fundamentalist Islam as though this is some virulent form of Islam such as ahabbism, the religion of Saudi Arabia. I read that the 19 hijackers of 9-11 infamy were fundamentalist followers or believers and yet from what I have read in the Koran and the Sunna, they were not fanatical; they were doing what they are told to do, following the directions of Mohammed. Are we nuts and have we lost our grounding? Yes. Our president says we are not a Christian nation but I submit that we are a Christian nation and that under any other type of nation, no government would allow the invasion of its nation by several divergent systems of belief that aim to overthrow our government and our nation. There are plenty of folks who live in America who follow Mohammed who are probably peace-loving and who relish the freedoms they enjoy here; the freedoms the women enjoy here; but one concern is will they see themselves and their freedoms being under attack as Sharia Law is put into place one precedent at a time or will they submit to the men who are the rulers of Islam today. The Islamists say that they must free we infidels from the man-made laws of our U.S. Constitution and replace those laws with the laws of Allah. I submit that we are a Christian nation whose judicial system is based upon our Ten Commandments and that our laws have grown out of our Christian and Jewish laws from our Holy Scriptures, therefore, we are living under God's law and we don't need our God-given laws replaced or usurped by a different set of God's laws which were passed on by oral tradition and were aborgated as circumstances changed. As Newt Gingrich asked, in so many words, will we stand for our freedoms now our will we be relegated to the ash heap of history. There is no mistake that Islam is in the ascendancy in the West but I believe that is simply because we are up against a scheme we have never faced before and we must get up to date because the push of this islamic Crusade for world domination will leave us bobbing like a cork on the crest of a wave lost in a vast sea... I am for non-violent action but we must be under no illusion. Islamists will push us into violence if they can and then say, "See we're victims." We must stop the jihad and we must speak for our freedoms and not allow our laws and our liberties to be used against us...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tea Party Express - Black Conservatives - Thank God!

Thank God for the Tea Party Express and for the Baron for posting this at his blog. Please view the videos and appreciate that if we don't stand together, we will, as our Founders said, hang separately... Totschweigtaktik- Death by Silence I am so up-lifted to see those men and women standing for their non-racial beliefs. I am so up-lifted after the harangue of Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and his Black Liberation Theology, to know that Conservatives in America who are Black believe like I do and are willing and determined to step forth. The more of them who raise their voices and demonstrate their leadership to all Americans, the better chance we all have to be that "shining city on a hill" and to reach our full potential together. Yes, Baron, we just need to stand a little closer together...

Islam's fight to destroy Western Civilization? Why?

During the past three or so years, I have been introduced to Gates of Vienna and I couldn't make heads or tails of what everyone was talking about because I simply had not read or studied enough. I read Bridgette Gabriel's Because They Hate and linked to the American Congress for Truth as well as other excellent sites such as Tundra Tabloid, Citizen Warrior, and others. I have to recreate the sidebar but that is another story for another day. I have read anti-Islamist literature and have recently read several books written by Islamic scholars. One of the books would make your head spin because it was like reading a book on dissembling to advance Islam but in both I have found a few kernels of truth. Briefly, Western Civilization must be destroyed because it is against God's law. Two items seem to be central to this notion. The Trinity - The first is that the word, Trinity, is not even to be spoke because it is a sin to mention it; the idea of a Trinity is to place a poly-theistic group of three gods above God. Where we Christians look at the Trinity as the ONE TRU GOD deciding to manifest in three forms - same ONE TRUE GOD - just different forms, Islam sees this as placing these three manifestations above their perspective of God. So, this is a rather fixed position around which there can be no compromise - period - or seems to be no room for compromise. Sharia Law - The separation of church and state as enshrined in our U.S. Constitution according to Islam is absolutely in violation of God's Law or Sharia Law as set down in the Koran. By having our judicial system based upon individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities instead of on the laws of the Old Testament as an example, we have placed the law of man before the law of God. If one were to step back just a pace, one would know that our so-called secular law is based firmly upon our Judeo-Christian heritage coming from our 10 Commandments among other things. Much of the Koran comes from our Holy Bible and a review of Deutoronomy with its 613 laws conforms more with Koranic Law or Koranic Law seems to conform more with the early law of the Torah. Also, way back when, the Middle East was peopled with folks who were tribal for the basic need to survive and laws developed that were to support the survival of the tribe, not the individual within the tribe. Over the centuries, Western Civilization has turned that on its head with the focus upon the individual's freedoms and responsibilities - interestingly still for the survival of the tribe but with the individual as a known entity within that tribe. World domination by Islam - Islam is on the march in its largest and most "organized" crusade and colonization of Western countries ever. Within Islam, when or once that Muslims control or have conquered a nation or area such as Spain and then they are beaten back, their ideal and goal is to reconquer the area once held. Throughout America, Mexico, and Canada, Islam or Muslims are planting beach-heads and working to instill Sharia Law. Do not be under any illusion, the institution of Sharia Law, the laws of the Koran, is the goal and the submission of all of us to Islam is a driving force. We have to be vigilant; we have to read and study. Look at sites such at the International Alliance for Civil Liberties and also the Center for Security Policy. Go to Tundra Tabloids and The Gates of Vienna and read, read, read. In Islam, the Koran is the state; it is a theocracy every bit as lethal to our way of life as anything we have faced before. Don't take my word for it. Read what some of the Imams say; read their books and they will tell you. We may not want to believe them and their very words but is it delusion to reject their warnings to us; we reject their stated goals at our own peril. Admittedly, this is a simplistic view but the issue is complex. We need to know that Islam and Islamic leaders are committed to the cause of the world domination by Islam. It is not a joke; it is not a sometime thing; it is a belief that is every bit a life and death jihad as well as a cultural crusade. We are not colonizing Iraq or Afghanistan but Islam is colonizing Europe and North America as quickly as possible and using our freedoms to do it. Many Muslims enjoy living in our free and open society but the Koran does not allow the survival of that society. The current march of Islam is a crusade against the West; are we "down for the struggle" as Shirley Sherrod said of Mr. Obama that he was not? Well, are we down for the fight to be vigilant, see the International Alliance for Civil Liberties and Center for Security Policy? Are we down for the struggle to step up to the plate and keep our culture and our freedoms? Keep in mind that Islam is fundamentally tribal and in America at least, we have been reared to be people of individual responsibility to God, to honor, to duty, and to our country.

Friday, August 06, 2010

No Islam without Jihad - What is it good for/WAR!

From Jihad Watch and from MEMRI.org/>There is no Islam without Jihad and that means WAR. So from the mouth of a Saudi columnist, like our columnists truth telling to the last, we know now that Islam means war; Islam is nothing without Jihad and he doesn't mean self-struggle. We all have personal struggles within our personal paths but we don't all make war against other people and against the rest of the planet. So Jihad! What is it good for! War - absolutely SURRENDER of the infidels. From Jihad Watch: Saudi Columnist misunderstands Islam; says there is no Islam without Jihad. And there he goes blaming it all on us and out "declaring war against Islam. Mercy. Have a good day. I'm gonna go and help the failing economy. Obama can't keep me from spending some money while I still have some; someone has to keep American's working...

Mosque at Ground Zero - Ah, we ship of fools!

By approving the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, the commission in New York City, helped by Mayor Bloomberg, have aided and abetted the encroaching of Sharia in America.  They have surrendered to Islam, bowed their heads before the bloody sword of Islam, and spit into the faces of the first responders and the men and women who were brutally murdered on 9/11.
They have the blood on their hands of any Americans who are killed by Islamic terrorists in the future.  Read the tenets of Islam, of Sharia Law.  Sharia Law is incompatible with our constitutional government but then so is our current administration and our current Congress.
I do not support violence nor do I condone it but by building the mosque complex at Ground Zero, terrorism, violence, conquest, martyrdom, murder of infidels is condoned and encouraged.
We are on a "ship of fools" who have lost our way;  we have forsaken our God; and soon we will be crying in the wilderness of our own creation brought  about by our apathy and our slavish adherence to "political correctness" and the notion of moral relativism between or among cultures.  Stoning women and girls to death is not morally equivalent to protecting women from their rapists or from their abusive male batterers.
Have we lost our minds?  
Don't worry.  God will have a way to call us to reckoning for our persistent denials.  Tolerance is not sacrificing the lives of men and women who have died in service of this country and its freedoms to the arrogance of an intolerant ideology that wants to destroy you and your loved ones.  There is no tenet in the Qu'ran that says "love thy neighbor as thyself."  Muslims are told not to befriend Christians and Jews;  they are further told to lie and dissemble to the infidels to advance the cause of Islam.
We will or may well come to the day when we regret ignoring the voices of many such as the Honorable Geert Wilders or Newt Gingrich who tried to warn us and yet we did not listen;  we may come to a day when we will be forced to stand for our freedoms and to deny and remove Sharia from this land.  
It is my understanding that Sharia advocates killing homosexuals - so no marriages there I would suspect;  no Christian churches are allowed to be built in Saudi and no existing churches can be repaired;  women who are raped are often executed under Sharia Law;  women are beaten routinely by their husbands and daughters are stoned to death.  Women are cloaked in the garb of slavery, not a religious artifact by the way;  they are not allowed to drive and are not allowed to leave their homes unless accompanied by a male relative.
Can you remember the image of that lone woman in Afghanistan dressed in a pale blue burka who was taken out of a truck onto a soccer field and shot in the head with a pistol.
That is the image of a manly man imposing Sharia Law upon a defenseless woman.  So much for women's rights under Sharia Law.  What rights?
So, go ahead and encourage a shrine to the Islamic terrorists of 9/11 who flew those planes into the Twin Towers for that is what the mosque will be, a shrine to their memory.  And to the notion of building bridges between faiths - ask the people of Cordoba or Israel. 
 Oh, we on that "ship of fools" sailing away from our principles, sailing away from our shining city on a hill watching the lights dim as we turn the lights off.  
The last one out doesn't have to turn out the lights.  That will be done for you because if you allow Sharia Law to overthrow this nation, we will enter an age of darkness the future of which one can only hazard to predict.
I still have faith in Americans that we will come through this temporary loss of our brain cells but I have compassion for the citizens of New York City whose Mayor and Council on Historic Buildings has, by bowing to Islam, opened you to more attacks and has invited Muslim terrorists into your city to the new "mecca" at Ground Zero.  It is submission from fear and that is all right with the Islamists because submission is the goal, submission, fear, and loss of courage.
It is an age old crusade of Islam against Christianity and it has been going on for centuries.  The tide ebbs and the current flows this way and that with one gaining ascendency over the other.  Now the stakes are very high because to the Islamists the time is now and the place is "HERE."  They have rolled out the template in Europe and they have seen that liberalism is a perfect playing field of "victims."  They use the same ploy;  create the crisis; and cry victim status in the face of the response.  And then establish no-go zones in or around Paris where the police will not go into Muslim enclaves.  Is that what we will be establishing in New York City at Ground Zero, a Muslim Enclave where the infidels will not be welcomed or allowed to go?
In Islam, everything is symbolism and a mosque at Ground Zero is symbolism in big red neon flashing signs.  It will be built at your own risk.
We are a nation of laws and there must be laws that would keep such an indecency from being built.  By the way, let's pass a new law - not one more mosque in America until Christian Churches can be built and maintained in Muslim countries.
We need to start looking at Islam as an ideology whose goal is world domination much like another ideology or tyranny of the middle 1900s.  There is  no difference - in both cases one goal is the eradication of the Jews.  Sound familiar?
Wake up, America!
God bless us and God shed his grace on America!  We must be mindful of the God of our heritage and we must get on our knees to him to help us see that our nation is in jeopardy from inside and from outside but right now mostly from inside.
Further reading:
Obama passes the buck on Islamic Supremacist Mega Mosque at Ground Zero.  Of course, he does which is why no one can afford to be our ally.
Gates of Vienna Or we have another option aside from surrender and that is laughing in their faces as well as RICO statutes to find out where the $100 million is coming from not counting what we have spent for oil that funds the terrorists and the mosques on every street corner. The other day Rush Limbaugh had a parity on his radio show that some folks had put together. It was great about Obama bin Laden in a cave someplace in Afghanistan or Pakistan talking to a friend laughing about the inbelievable news that the infidels are going to allow a mosque, dubbed as a "cultural center" to be built at Ground Zero; they'll even build it for the Cordoba gang. Money can buy anything in America. But Osama and his buddy were rolling in laughter at our stupidity or naivete. Then of course if we had any judges whose brains weren't filled with mush, when a case comes before them filed by a man arrested for beating his wife senseless or stoning his daughter to death because it is a "cultural" thing, not a religious thing or maybe it is a religious thing whatever ploy works with the stupid kuffars, the judge then laughs him out of court, throws his case out and tosses him in jail for 30 or 40 years... the judge laughing as he slams down his gavel. In the Qur'an it also says something to the effect that if you are Muslim and you are not made welcome in a given land then you should leave that land and go to someplace where you are welcome. There is one little thing that maybe should be mentioned in this day of the anti-white man era and that is that Iranians are Persians and Persians are not Arabs, they are Iranians and Iran means "white" so in this nation where the color of a persons skin is far more important than his character, keep in mind that all Muslims are not terrorists; all Muslims are not Arabs; some Muslims are white; and some Muslims have black skin as did Obama's father from Kenya. Muslims are not a disadvantaged minority in America - they are not a "racial" group or an ethnic group. In a general sense white people are more ethnic than Muslims because they are Irish, English, German, Scots, Welch, Swedish, and Scandinavian, and on it goes. So take the threat of "Creeping Sharia" seriously as we should, view America at Risk and laugh at the "teachable" moments that are ridiculous on their face such as the "flying imams". In the meantime, take a look at Newt Gingrich telling you the truth where our elected leaders are failing us in droves: No mosque at Ground Zero. Do all Muslims in America want to kill the rest of us. I certainly hope not but if Sharia Law began its slow creep would they fight for our freedoms and theirs or would they bow the their oppressors? If we so easily bow to their oppressors, the Islamists, how can we expect them to do otherwise?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Decent Muslims should oppose mosque at Ground Zero

Giuliani against the Islamic Supremacist Mega mosque at ground zero and Giuliani further says that decent Muslims should be against the mosque too and should not be offended.
Our nation was attacked and we are going to allow a radical Islamist to memorialize the success of Islamic terrorists?
Shame on us. When are we going to start building Christian Churches in Saudi Arabia?
Not allowed because of the intolerance of Islam...

Iranian woman may be hanged, not stoned to death

Brazil offers haven to Iranian woman awaiting death by stoning in adultery case BUT the real question is:
She didn't commit adultery by herself so why isn't the man who cuckolded her husband being stoned to death too. You know he seduced her or maybe her husband did not fulfill her conjugal needs but wait, had she been martyred to female circumcision?
No, Islamic men do not value their women; they feel inferior to them and thus the men treat their women like dirt following the Quranic law to imitate Mohammed - beat your women; brutalize your little daughters, and if that doesn't work out kill the women in "honor killings" is just another way of saying the men feel inferior to their women.
Maybe the men should under-go full penile removal if they commit adultery and/or rape; that would be a nice change and for sure it would cut down of the repeat offenders...
Keep in mind all these folks are followers of Islam. Why do some folks have so much difficulty understanding that if the Islamists will do this to their own people, their own wives and daughters, what will they gladly do to we infidels?
I don't think a family that stones its daughters to death has any honor to begin with...


Monday, August 02, 2010

Honor Killing in America - Never Forget

Never forget this honor killing occurred in America, Please don't tell my father. Pamela Geller reminds us again that we have collectively lost our minds and our sense of morality to be replaced with mind-numbing "moral equvilancy". All cultures and mores are not the same people.
Recently in America a judge with "stupid" printed on his/her law degree ruled that a Muslim man could beat and repeatedly rape his wife because he was acting on the tenets of his "religion." The case was over-turned when heard by judges whose brains had not been turned into cottage cheese through the narcotic of "political correctness" and moral or cultural equivalency.
Hell, yes, we can and must make "value" judgments. It sounded good and so arrogant in under-graduate school when students would smirk and tell each other they were making moral or value judgments. Unfortunately that equates with or has turned many in our judicial system sitting in long black robes, burka-like, into oppressors of an era when common sense was thrown out and replaced with insanity.
We have voter-nullification and voter-disenfranchisement when one judge, appointed not elected and not beholden to the people can spit in the face of we the people and leave we the people open and vulnerable to the crimes from illegals who are enabled by our own government. And in the case of the Muslim woman who was left defenseless at the hands of a brutal husband, all of the years of trying to protect women can be washed away with the ruling of a "red diaper doper baby" judge who says the man is okay because "his religion" let him do it. At this rate, the honor killings/such as the murder of two sisters in Dallas, Texas, gunned down by their father would be considered justifiable and not punishable under our laws because Shariah Law would take precedent. You see, it is not the Constitution the Islamists want to change; it is just the passage of a precedent here or there such that you would hardly notice and whamo! your liberties are gone 'cause Shariah said it's expected that infidels should be killed then we wouldn't need GITMO...
We have come to a twisted, hairpin curve in the road between sanity and insanity. Unless we start digging in and seeing the "creeping Shariah" for what it is, insanity will be the result. Think Iranian justice can't happen here? Set up a Google search for Honor Killings or Muslim brutality toward women and see for yourself.


Kagan supports Shariah Law - can't sit on the bench

Elena Kagan supports Shariah Law and when / if she is placed on the Supreme Court of the Untied States we will have the camel's nose not only under the dent but stuck in the pudding.
In an editorial from Dick Morris,Kagan promoted Shariah Law at Harvard, Morris makes the case for why Senators should not allow Kagan to have a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.
In addition to Morris' case regarding Shariah Law, he also points out that she stated that she favored many ideas and laws that were international in nature; putting some of them well beyond the tenets of our U.S. Constitution.
When / if Kagan becomes an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, we will never get rid of her and when she swears to uphold our laws she will be lying through her teeth much as Ruth Gingsburg did and has shown herself to have done by basing her judgments upon international laws. Chief Justice Roberts made it clear that a justice cannot base rulings upon international laws that pertain to other nations because we have no point of reference or jurisprudence about how another nation's laws came into being; we don't have the case law and our justices are supposed to and swear to base their decisions upon our American case law and upon the guidance of our U.S. Constitution.
Additionally, Shariah Law or Islamic Law taken from the Qur'an is directly opposed to our constitutional law... Contact your Senators and ask them to vote against Kagan and to vote for America.

A Shariah Beach head at Ground Zero - Not on our watch!

Newt Gingrich, No mosque at Ground Zero. As Newt points out, having the mosque at Ground Zero is about "in your face" victory over the infidels. And it is not about having a place to bow down as there are at least 100 mosques in New York City.
Wake up, America! The Islamists are hoisting us on our own freedoms which they plan to destroy. It is a twist and difficult for the Western mind to wrap itself around. We were taught to be honest and truthful. Islamists are taught in the Qur'an to lie, dissemble, and prevaricate to infidels to do whatever it takes to advance Islam. In Islamists, are we dealing with sociopathic thugs who have one goal and one goal only - our collapse?
Remember how we were twisted in knots over the "flying imam" debacle where they created the incident and then turned themselves into victims? That's the playbook; learn to recognize it.
From Center for Security Policy, an article by Frank Gaffney, Jr., On "bashing" Muslims.
Make no mistake, the mosque at Ground Zero is not about religion; Islam is not a religion as we in the Western world tend to think of religion; it is not about the separation of church and state because Islam is the STATE and the ACLU wouldn't be able to shut down the anti-American rhetoric with a whimper of "political correctness" as the imams would laugh in their faces.
Islam is a cradle to grave theocracy which commands your every move and threatens those who leave or try to leave Islam with death; yes, death.

Impeach Obama? Elect a Republican Congress in November

Yes, it is time to impeach Obama for his violation of his oath of office to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution and to defend our nation from invasion.
We have must remain "non-violent" for several reasons paramount among these reasons is that our Anti-American president and his minions in the Justice Department are just waiting for any chance to institute Martial Law.
And who would some of his minions be in herding us like cattle, the good folks in his private army, the TSA. Think that is far-fetched. Not really. Just watch the ease with which they rifle through our luggage, rummage through our most intimate articles of clothing, and nearly strip-search us. And we follow instructions with ease: "Oh, you want us to follow the line to the left? Or you'd rather we follow the file toward the showers?..." I apologize for the analogy but we have become very submissive and as mentioned at the Back in the Saddle", many of the searchers for TSA are our Muslim citizens. Hmmm.... I wonder why that would be?
A congressman said recently that this administration - the federal government can do most anything in this country - with no restrictions so the only possible chance we, as a people, have is to elect a Republican Congress and Senate in November so that we can impeach him for "high crimes and misdemeanors". I think supporting racism and racial strife among the people as well as failing to defend our citizens within the country or at our borders suffice to make him impeachable.
No wonder they have such distain for the American people.
And while you may be howling that Bush was not a strong defender of our borders, I called for his impeachment as well on the same grounds...
Our government has not just recently "become our enemy; the enemy of the people." It has been a long time coming and a long time developing into a stance of approach-avoidance when it comes to protecting American citizens from crime committed by illegals, from death on our highways, and from areas of OUR nation that are marked with signs that the government cannot protect you beyond a given point.
Isn't the government just a little ashamed? Don't the leaders realize that we are no longer a sovereign nation and that we are the laughing stock of the world? Who would be our ally when we don't even protect our own legal citizens?
Are we a banana republic yet?
Finally, "Say it loud and say it proud" as Arizona Sheriff did in an article written by Penny Starr, Our own government has become our enemy.
How long have we known this but yet have been in a state of disbelief to actually voice it?
Eric Holder and the Anti-American president Hussein Obama, using the ACLU as their foil are suing a state in the union for trying to defend itself and protect its citizens from the chaos and crime that surrounds the illegal / immigrants who by definition are breaking the law. I listened to a misguided man of Hispanic descent who was waxing about our nation of "equality under the law." Well yes but what about "illegal" doesn't he understand...
Perhaps the ACLU should be charged under RICO statutes for intimidating the American people and for working to erode our laws and traditions. H/T to Michael Savage.

Hamas infiltrate the Boy Scouts - good grief!

Here's a nice bit of news to start off a great week: Hamas linked to Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Sponsoring Interfaith Events at Boy Scouts' National Jamboree.
Believe me, only in America! And this does not make us great; this makes us stupid as the Islamists know we are as we merrily skip down the yellow brick road of political correctness into oblivion.
Our U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact - we have to get our wits about us or is it already too late?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brave Iranian men to kill two more women

Two more women are to be executed by the brave men of Iran's regime - what are their crimes. One was a member of a group not approved by the Mullahs.
Remember, anyone in America who supports Islamists and the creeping of Sharia Law by bits and pieces into our legal system or into our censorship of political correctness or into our cultural ethos is Anti-American and against all women, Muslim and non-Muslim women alike.
Remember, the feminists in America didn't stand-up for Juanita Broderick and they won't stand-up for you.

Ashtiani: Sharia Law Supports Stoning Mother of Two

In good old Iran, that bastion of freedom for women, especially Muslim women, Ashtiani, a mother of two is set to be stoned to death, Iranian woman facing death by stoning.
Welcome to Sharia Law set to make precedent in a city near you. Now can you equate "stoning women to death" as a right of ones ideology that is called "a religion?"
Murder of any form committed against anyone in America is against the law, excuse me, our secular law BUT it is the law under Sharia.
Sorry, try as you might, you cannot let Islamists get away with "but it's our religion" canard.
Do you know of any other "religion" in America today that engages in "honor killings" of women but does not kill the men who rape the women?
Do you know of any other "religion" in America today that has the ideology and actual belief that its followers must lie and deceive infidels in order to advance their theocracy and overthrow our Constitutional government?
And how can a Muslim swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution whether he be in Congress or in the White House?
Sorry folks, you can't separate Islam from Sharia Law because they are one and the same thing. That is not a criticism; that is a fact but under the edicts of Islam it is illegal to state facts...
We helped save Nasanin from execution; can we keep Ashtiani from the same fate?
Wake up, America. Islam beats, oppresses, stones, enslaves women and you want that here under the guise of a "religion" when it is a theocratic ideology.

Blogger and me

All my fault; however, I made the mistake of updating my blogger page and naturally lost all of my template. They say they have a copy but well, not being computer literate, I can't get to the copy.
If you are one of my friends and were on my blog list or want to be on my blog list, please send me a note at comments with your blog name and url. It will take me a time to rebuild but I'm working on it.
Thank you for your assistance. It has been "keystone cops" around the beach lately so your help is appreciated.

Obama's "Death Panels" coming from Britain for you...

Here's change you can believe in. From Doug Ross at Director Blue, here is a post about a young woman who died due to the denial of health care in Jolly Old England, the home of the Crescent and Scythe. Nikki Phelps R.I.P.
A young woman gives up her life on the altar of the National Health Service (NHS) in England and a husband and two young boys say farewell to a wife and mother who could have been saved as England goes the way of Denmark and other nations with "nationalized" health denial.
Welcome, Americans to Obama Care. While we are being distracted over the issue of our government's refusal to close our borders making us vulnerable to communicable diseases brought in by illegal immigrants, Americans are soon to be herded into Obama Care and the first to die at his hands will be the Seniors who voted for him, unfortunately the Health Care Nazis will not ask for whom you voted, they'll deny you care anyway. Suckers!
Condolences to Nikki's family. She demonstrates the health care coming to us soon. The health care legislation should have been printed with the Skull and Crossbones on the cover.
Yes, "Change you can believe in". No thanks; I'm not putting my belief in a man, and a Post-American President man to boot...

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