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Cordoba Mosque, Insult to Americans and more

The so-called Cordoba Mosque is an insult to Americans in general and to elitist Lefists in particular with their smug arrogance, the Islamists are saying "we can see your arrogance and raise arrogant infidels."
Here is a perspective you may find enlightening from at least on American who is not afraid to tell it like it is: Gingrich - Ground Zero Mosque.
It is much more than a mosque, it is designed to be a symbol of conquest, and we lap it up like the lap-dog apologists that some of us are and ask to be kicked some more. We have to know the enemies who want to destroy us - those both inside and outside of this nation.
Start with Citizen Warrior's Memeplex of Islam... The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex. Read it and at least begin to become informed and then read at Gates of Vienna each and every day...

Sharia Law, supported by Left, is Anti-Women's Rights

Anyone who supports Sharia Law for this country is against Women's Rights, pure and simple. Here is a short transcript from Jihad Watch, Rush - Anti-Women's rights is a cause of the LEFT", that's who's pushing Sharia in this country.
Sharia is for putting women in their place and it is certainly against women's rights.
See Jihad Watch and if you are not getting their e-mails you may want to sign-up.

Two classes of citizenship in Kiwi Land

I have to link to this post from my friends at Crusader Rabbit, NZs National frontman for UN and Apartheid.
It is not funny; it is the way of the world and I would not presume to understand a thing that is going on in New Zealand but a comment struck me as curious that with what is going on in New Zealand may lead to "two classes of citizenship" in New Zealand and that indigenous folks may be able to veto acts of Parliament.
Well, in America today, we have so many classes of citizenship that it is hard to keep track.
Everyone can claim some sort of "victim" status and some sort of oppression from the dreaded "white man" from whom the government is determined to exact the last pound of flesh and drop of blood possible even up to and possibly including the denial of health care given age, gender, and illness - but that is perhaps to come later...
The lowest class of citizen on the totem pole in America today is the man who is paying for everything, the white male - the one working, bleeding taxes with every breath, and being whipped by the racist administration and its lackeys in government and out of government. The avowed racists in and lately in the government who have abused their power to punish white people...for being white.
The best thing for white people to do in America today is find one drop of non-white blood in their system going back to pre-historic times and call themselves a minority or realize their progeny are in danger of eradication and starting having children...
On the humorous side - and it is funny to watch:
The NAACP, ever easily played, is now becoming a pawn for the Muslim American players; the so-called black Americans don't know their ship has sailed and except for pockets of local power they are no longer seen as much of a player on the national political scene; and the Hispanic-Americans and their non-racist groups such as La Raza which means, the Race, are now the power brokers behind and in front of the scenes in politics.
For fun look up the Progressive Caucus, the Black Caucus, and the Hispanic Caucus in Congress and see which of the same folks belong to the first two. At one time the Progressive Caucus, I think this is correct, was an arm of Socialist International but that could have changed now, at least on the surface.
Throughout America we have victim groups fighting for political clout and it seems that the only identifiable group that doesn't have a group because they bought the idea of "individual rights before the law" (suckers) are the "white folks."
Everybody else that can find any complaint or grievance against the "white man" who has financially supported - through legislated theft - every group with a grievance has watched these groups turn themselves into "tribes" of some sort all screaming and shouting for their pound of flesh or oz. of blood.
And white women voted for the anti-American president and his racist administration and thus have only themselves to blame if their husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, fathers are unemployed. They made themselves victims of their own lack of due-diligence when it comes to researching the man who would be king or dictator, whichever way you want to cut it.
What does this have to do with the situation in Kiwi Land - everything. In America today, apartheid is the overt or covert racism against so-called white Americans.
Everyone takes precedence over them unless you're a member of a union :)...
Welcome to the post-racial presidency...
Who should not be allowed to vote in America: anyone who votes to take money from one person's pocket to put it into theirs - these days that could include a whole lot of people as the government is working to make us dependent upon other people's money for everything from "cradle to grave."

A shrine to Shariah at Ground Zero?

Newt Gingrich is pulling no punches in No ground zero mosque and what about the fact that we can build no Christian churches in Saudi?
Frank Gaffney, Jr. has a good piece for us to consider as the plans for a mosque at Ground Zero move forward. On the outside, the chant for "interfaith" understand is like a lullaby to our tolerant ears because that is what we wish it could be - like the woman going through a divorce after having been beaten for years by her brutal husband. She prays "oh if only things could be better, he'd change..." Her prayers in vain because at his core his belief system tells him that she is weak and worthless and deserves his beatings."
At their core, the Islamists know that we are weak and deserving of whatever treatment can be inflicted upon us. To them, our attempts at "talking" are demonstrations of our abiding weakness and our internal corruption, our lack of faith in our God and our lack of internal courage.
From the Center for Security Policy, read A Shrine to Sharia which could better be termed, a shrine to our surrender to Islam...
But that one surrender will not be enough. Under the Mullahs, we, the Great Satan, must be brought to our knees and we now have the confluence of administration and Congress to do it. The horror is that while they see us as weak, it may not be weakness at all but rather design...
Do the angels weep for our once Shining City on a Hill now mired in the "post-American presidency" to use the phrase used by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in their new book, The Post-American Presidency. The link is to a post at The American Thinker.

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Elena Kagan and Sharia Law

Where will Elena Keagan stand in tolerating the encroachment of Sharia Law into our legal system, one precedent at a time?
My guess is yes...
As Dean [of the Harvard Law School] she became the champion of Shariah."

Shariah is the name given by the authorities of Islam to the barbaric, totalitarian and supremacist code that its adherents seek to impose on all of us. It calls for the murder of homosexuals, the mistreatment of women, the flogging and stoning of those accused of adultery, the killing of apostates and girls who defile their family's "honor" by dating non-Muslims or wearing pants or make-up, etc.

Shariah is no less toxic when it comes to the sorts of democratic government and civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. According to this legal code of Saudi Arabia and Iran, only Allah can make laws, and only a theocrat can properly administer them, ultimately on a global basis.

At Center for Security Policy, Center for Security Policy, please look under Political and Economic Security and click on the tab for The Shariah Threat. Center for Security Policy A local talk show host casitgated all of those who believe Shariah Law is a threat to our Constitutional Republic because he said it was too difficult to change the constitution. Doesn't seem that way under the current administration but the point for the Islamists is that they don't want to change our constitution; they don't want to change our Bill of Rights, not out right. Their method is to change it by degrees and by precedent one precedent at a time under the canard of their religion. Islam is not a religion as we view that as the separation of "church and state." In Islam the state is the church. Islam is the proscribed "religion" as a government of a theocracy just as Catholicism was the proscribed "state" religion during the reign of Mary I in England in the 1500s. But for Islam and Shariah, one and the same thing, the change in America would be incremental, just whatever we would tolerate in small doses. We are already involved in Shariah Finance through our "world banking" practices. But Shariah Law would be the example of the taxi drivers in Michigan refusing to take passengers who had alcohol in their possession because it offended the taxi drivers. The Muslim Brotherhood pushed that and it only went so far. On another point, we now have foot washing stations in the Phoenix International Airport and in the University of Michigan as concessions to the followers of Islam as a religion practice. Would acceptance of 'honor killings' be tolerated? They are arguably part of the established practice. But the need is not to go to that extreme; just one tiny incremental step at a time on any issue we would consider innocuous would start the slow steady precedent toward our submission of Shariah Law. But Kagan kicked American military recruiters off of Harvard's campus while at the same time she accepted and encouraged militant recruiters for the Saudis. And where is the money coming from for that mosque at Ground Zero? Any guesses from the Saudis with money we have paid for oil. It is my understanding that in the furtherance of Wahhabbism - a most virulent form of Islam - Saudi is building mosques all over America for the recruitment of spiritual converts? Not my guess but rather as safe havens for potential terrorists.
Any American Christian churches being built in Saudi lately?
Contact your Senators and urge them to vote against the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.
Of course it is funny that she would support Shariah Law since that law denigrates women, supports honor killings, and seems to support treating women generally as less than citizens, certainly not equal to men and not equal before the law...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Islam: Religion of Peace in Indonesia NOT!

That pesky and oft called religion of peace is destroying Christian Churches in Indonesia from Jihad Watch: Attacks on Christian Churches increasing in modern Indonesia.
As Saudi Arabia builds mosques to the most virulent Muslims, the Wahhabbis in in the USA, no Christian Church in Saudi Arabia can be repaired thus they fall into ruin. Remember the Mediterranean was once all Christian and the Christian countries you read about in the Holy Bible were in the Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel of today.
Christianity still exists in some areas but in early days gave way to the war lords who supported Mohammad for plunder and profit as well as the thrust for conquest. It wasn't until the 1400s that Ferdinand and Isabella rid Spain of the conquerors...
One thing about the Religion of Peace; it will become peaceful when we are no more when we have surrendered to Sharia Law - don't say it isn't so because it would be done one law or one precedent at a time.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spenser: Post-American Presidency

At last the The post-American Presidency is out.
Here we thought Obama was the post-racist or post-racial president and we thought he was the post-really bad corruption in D.C. what with all his talk of "transparency" in government and all.
Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.
Shame on us.
Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs fame and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch have joined up to create The Post-American Presidency. I knew Obama was going to be a lotta post this and post thats but I didn't know he was bent on transforming America in the post (no longer existent) America but looks like all is working well in the Land of Oz or is it Ooozzz.
While you've still got a few dollars in your pocket, why not read the Post-American Presidency to decide if you want to keep this Past-American Presidency still functioning beyond November 2nd this election year. I don't and I haven't read the book yet.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Muslim murders wife for nagging!

Yes, it is true; Muslim murders and slices up wife with kitchen knife because of her nagging.
H/T to Jihad Watch.
See Qoran 4:34

Geert Wilders speaks out on behalf of Muslims

Geert Wilders speaks out on behalf of Muslims. Why is Geert Wilders anti-Islam and what is his message to the Muslims?

Taliban in Pakistan fear and enslave women

What with the end of education for women and girls in Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan, one could wonder why the brave Taliban men fear women and educated women so much.
It would seem that the hate-filled men of the Taliban fear and hate women for any number of reasons and perhaps more finely tuned to sexual frustration and adolescent immaturity of the Taliban men. They can conquer the women but they can not control their minds except through fear and intimidation. Brave men, eh?
The goal of the Taliban, much like the goal of Islamists such as those befriended by Eric Holder, our attorney general, is to institute Sharia Law which they see as their right.
Well, our right here in America is to disavow and disallow Sharia Law. It is patently in contradiction with the laws of America and our belief of equality under the law. I would also include "freedom of religion" but I question that Islam as practiced by the Islamists is not a religion. Search on the Memeplex of Islam for more information to see what you are up against. Here is a link: The terrifying brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex.
Have a good day and say "NO to the Mosque at Ground Zero!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

NO Mosque at Ground Zero: Frank Gaffney, Jr.

From the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney has provided us with a video and a brief history of the established pattern of Islamists to build mosques at the Holy Shrines of religions and cultures they have defeated in memory of their "intolerance": NO Mosque at Ground Zero.
We owe it to ourselves and to the three thousand people murdered at Ground Zero to support the Center for Security Policy and add our voice to the call for "NO Mosque at Ground Zero!"
If you want to become part of what is going on to fight the imposition of Sharia Law upon American soil and the infestation of Sharia Law into the timbers of our legal system, take a look at the Center for Security Policy. At the web site, you can sign-up for e-mail updates and you can read about Obama's planned design to weaken our nation in the face of the ever growing and moving target of the institutionalization of Sharia Law into banking practices and other such matters.
But right now, say NO to a Mosque at Ground Zero!
Here is another video, not associated with the Center for Security Policy, but on the same topic by Pat Condell, a man in Britain: Pat Condell on Ground Zero Mosque.
Watch it and then call or contact your Senators and Representative to say NO to the Mosque at Ground Zero.
Under the current administration, I am surprised that they haven't sold some of the land at the Pentagon to the Islamists so that they can really rub our faces into their successful attack upon America on 9/11.
Remember the memorial to the passengers of Flight 93 in PA? That memorial was to be in the shape of a cresent with trees whose foliage would turn red in the Fall...
Let your fingers do the walking and use your cell phone or your computer to contact your Congressmen and put a stop to the Mosque at Ground Zero. How "in your face" is that?
But looking at it another way, to many Muslims the world over, a huge mosque at Ground Zero could well become an international gathering place to rejoice at Islams success over the infidels. Do you want New York City, at Ground Zero to in its own way become a holy place for the Islamists who are bent on our destruction and while we go the Ground Zero to pay our respects they go there to rejoice...
It is a sick and twisted upside-down world in which we live in which America's political elite seem to have taken leave of their senses and their patriotism.

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Honor Killings okay in New Jersey?

Is Sharia Law alive and well and even encouraged in New Jersey?
According to the ruling of a judge in New Jersey that a Muslim man was following his religious precepts in raping his wife, NJ Muslim husband rapes wife, judge sees no sexual assault because of husband's religious precepts, by extension would honor killings of rape victims as part of Sharia Law be considered okay as a religious precept? There is no place for Sharia Law within the United States unless of course the judges ruling reflects the view that women and wives are chattel of their husbands and families and deserve rape and then murder. That this case even had to go to an appellate court to be rectified could reflect how far we have gone down the slippery slope of multiculturalism and the belief that all cultures are equal, they are not. A culture hiding behind "religious precepts" to brutalize and even murder women rape victims is certainly a long way from a culture that has built itself upon the notion that all people are equal before the law and that same culture that has been working to embed that belief system throughout its history. Maybe the judge in the case simply believes that women are the possessions of their husbands and may be raped, beaten, locked up and abused by their husbands at will. In America, we have laws that protect animals far more than women are protected under this husband's religious precepts. I'm sorry but the "my religion allowed me do it" defense shouldn't work in America. We ended slavery for all of our people years ago and any "precepts whatever their source" that enshrine the slavery and abuse of women should not be allowed to exist in America.
From Jihad Watch here's just one little post with a few reading suggestions to wet your whistle: It's no good pretending that somehow the real Islam is tolerant, the real Islam is feminist.

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Family Values Muslim Style

With a h/t to Jihad Watch, Muslim family values once again at the heart of 'honor killing' in Jordan. Jordan Muslim murders his 16 year old niece in honor killing, she was raped. I have to ask myself what type of society in the 21st Century kills a young woman because she was raped? A civilized society? A society that defends women against rapists? Or is it a backward society that in true Orwellian speak, kills a young girl in an 'honor killing' because she was raped? It would seem that a society that honors its young girls and women, a society that as Arafat said, "will use the womb of its women to take over the world", would protect them and not have the somewhat twisted notion that killing a rape victim somehow restores honor to the family whose daughter has been raped. But not in the Islamic view or so it seems based upon the behavior of some of its members. The rape victim is the one who has defiled the family honor. That is twisted. It would seem that the person who murders the victim of rape is the one who steals the honor of the family; it would seem that the cultural system that sees the murder of the rape victim is perhaps the twisted mind-set. How severely are women brutalized within the Muslim culture or is that only a myth?

EU sets up common foreign policy service

Under the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU has established its European External Action Service, the EEAS which appears to be a common foreign policy and common security service that would, independent of EU nations, establish a service whose mandate is to
support the High Representative, who is also a Vice-President of the Commission and the President of the Foreign Affairs Council, in fulfilling his mandate to conduct the Common Foreign and Security Policy ("CFSP") of the Union and to ensure the consistency of the Union's external action.
This seems to me to signify that the EU EEAS will establish common policy for the defense and for the foreign policy for the EU. The EU is moving more and more into a "super-state" or nation with lesser states as the "once independent nations which now comprise the EU give over more and more of their autonomy to the EU layers upon layers of courts, services, and agencies. As a novice in this area, it seems to me that the United States will be forced, if not so already, to treat with and negotiate with the EU as a "super-nation" instead of treating with individual member nations so that the formerly independent nations that comprise the EU will or are becoming more and more like states within the United States or vassals to what we call the "federal" government. Does this EEAS mean that member states of the EU will be giving up their independent foreign policy departments and deferring to the foreign policy established by the EU's High Representative? What does that spell for us in terms of NATO and other such treaties, alliances, and agreements we have had with European nations?

Obama: take a look; England may decentralizing health care?

Yikes, Great Britain has finally realized that, in health care at least, centralized, socialism of health care is cumbersome and costly to the government and to the citizens in loss of care. Britain may decentralize health care. Britain Plans to Decentralize Health Care. Maybe, as in politics "all politics is local", all medical care needs to be local giving doctors and patients a chance to determine their care. From the article by Sarah Lyall,
Practical details of the plan are still sketchy. But its aim is clear: to shift control of England’s $160 billion annual health budget from a centralized bureaucracy to doctors at the local level. Under the plan, $100 billion to $125 billion a year would be meted out to general practitioners, who would use the money to buy services from hospitals and other health care providers.
Let's hope that socialism will be on the reverse and Americans will see a lessening of regulations designed to control our lives from cradle to grave and designed under Obama Non-care to push us into early graves. Keep in mind that when the government using tax dollar "pays for your health care", that same benevolent government has nothing by keeping you alive. It seems our health and our health care are up to us. And from Lyall,
The plan would also shrink the bureaucratic apparatus, in keeping with the government’s goal to effect $30 billion in “efficiency savings” in the health budget by 2014 and to reduce administrative costs by 45 percent. Tens of thousands of jobs would be lost because layers of bureaucracy would be abolished.
Jobs lost but they are government created jobs, not jobs created by the private sector. As I see it, in America today we need to stop "bleeding jobs" like we've sliced an artery and turn to the private sector what is left of it so that jobs can be created maybe giving us a chance. When the government swells and becomes bloated there is plenty of room for abuse of power and corruption. Those who would be king look to increasing their power by increasing the number of jobs/people who report to them. God bless America and for the health of our nation, 2012 is not long away but enough to make the reversal of our rush to Marxist Socialism a challenging task. It has happened so quickly that the current Administration is behaving like a soft tyranny. We don't need thousand page bills with the details to be filled in later. We need less legislation and fewer regulations over our daily lives. As Rush Limbaugh mentioned a few days ago, our fellow citizens who voted Obama into office need to apologize to the rest of us for this creeping dictatorship, systemic racism within the Administration, and such. Let's see what happens as European Socialism falls in upon itself...


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death panels coming to a hospital near you?

Jolly Old England ain't so jolly anymore: . In Britain, it's treat yourself on the weekends.
Just out of curiosity, I wonder how much money is being splurged on the illegal immigrants flooding England. Or maybe they aren't "illegal" but when a Muslim man can go on welfare and he can have up to four wives plus their children on welfare health care one needs to ask what the heck is happening.
Of course, Queen Elizabeth could just stroke a check and pay for a lot of the care of her people herself.
Merry Old England, it was good to know ye. We won't be far behind as our government mires us in insurmountable debt. Health care in America; forget about it... Today we see it; maybe tomorrow we won't.

Obama Administration Racism: Sherrod

I realize that Sherrod used the power and authority of her government position in the Agricultural Department in the 1980s to discriminate overtly against a farmer because he had white skin. Never mind that he is an American. She also used the phrase, "his people", code for white people because she no doubt uses "her people" to refer to people with black skin.
White people have been duped since the Civil Rights era to buy the line or belief system that they are the only ones who are or can be "racist." Clearly with the NAACP, the new Black Panther Party, Vance Jones, and Ms. Sherrod, racism in the Obama administration directed at white people rampant. It is "got after whitey and make him pay."
Enough already. We have paid and paid dearly for this multiculturalism and for the destruction of our educational system. I can say from personal observation though that many of our children regardless of the color of their skin are not receiving anywhere close to the educations we are paying for them to have access to.
A few years ago, if one looked at the welfare programs we had for the "disadvantaged", our national debt equalled the amount of money we were paying into worthless programs. I consider the WIC program beneficial for some as many of our Native American families have benefited from that program as well as other programs for aid to dependent children.
The one thing I like about the racism of Ms. Sherrod is that she admitted it and told of her abuse of office. Good for her. She's a racist looking our for "her people" and she says so.
I would only remind folks that when the twin towers went down the joy of the Islamists was that Americans were killed, whether "her people" or not. The idea was to kill Americans because we are all seen as infidels. Just a day or so ago, I read an article that showed the NAACP in bed with a Muslim American group. According to the Islamist 20 year plan, one of their goal in their steps to overthrow America is to 'hoodwink' black politicians to advance the Islamists' goals.
It is somewhat unsettling that our president supports racism in his White House and so with our "post racial" president, it seems we are becoming more distracted than ever.
With health care designed to deny us care, we should all be worried but white skinned people more it seems to me. Our heads are on the chopping block and if one were a conspiracy theorist, one could say that the goal is to eradicate our ethnic group.
So where is the National Association for the Survival of White People? Not the neo-Nazi stuff, just the average folks that know that their way of life and their lives are threatened.
But for Ms. Sherrod, good for her. She called herself out for her own blatant racism and abuse of power in her taxpayer funded job. Does she belong in any government job, no. But if one cleared out all of the overtly racist, anti-white folks throughout Obama's administration, D.C. would probably be empty.
Remember, the Islamists don't care what "race" you are. If you are an American, their goal is to kill you so in this case, the president better be looking out for all of "his people" which goes beyond skin color and starts and stops with Americans.

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