Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Speech in MO; the truth hurts

Here's one from the Drudge Report that speaks to the issue of "free speech" in Missouri. Looks expensive and dangerous in the State of Missouri. Missouri man's incendiary sign. Keep in mind the man didn't start the fires, the vandals did. And he did not say anything that would lead to insurrection and such. He just asked a question and a few parasites didn't think much of the answer that would probably have fit them... The writer of the article did a cute thing with words implying that the man's sign was incendiary speech which would cause others to rebel, etc. Well, a few certainly did. They rebelled against the man's right to free speech, how? They vandalized his property. Good plan that proves his point. Don't you just hate it when that happens. I do when I'm caught in a "gottcha" moment. The man said in so many words, "Are you a producer or a parasite?" Looks like the parasites didn't much like being called out.

Napolitano to silence the internet; well not exactly...

Janet Napolitano to monitor the internet as major means to "fight homegrown terrorism": Napolitano says internet monitoring needed to fight homegrown terrorism. Okay, but when are we going to fight Islamic terrorists before they get here? And when are we going to stop letting them enter the nation as illegal immigrants coming across our southern or northern borders; and when are we going to stop allowing male Islamists into our nation to attend our best universities - taking spaces that Americans could fill - so that they can better learn our culture, our language, and develop their extended networks? It would be nice if the administration would fight international terrorism first as well as not let Afghani military personnel loose within our nation... Our "homegrown terrorist" are few and far between if you mean white folks, black folks, and Hispanic folks to include anyone classified as a "minority". Of course, we have a few of the Bill Ayers variety born to wealth and privilege and the terrorists who may or may not have been born in the USA but are now here legally but follow the Islamists whose teachings hold that they are to kill the infidels - that would be us. Okay, we have a few American-born terrorists who have become disillusioned about the abuses of some in power but those "terrorists" are very few, so few we cannot count them in any meaningful way. Yes, there was Timothy McVeigh but have you ever seen anyone captured, tried, and executed faster than you can say "Scat Cat?" No one imprisoned in GITMO that's for sure. Yet, we have a government that allows Saudi Arabia to sprout Wahhabi mosques like dandelions to foment anti-Americanism and hatred against us and our way of life AND we have an Attorney General who courts the anti-American Islamists' groups. As Rahm Emmanuel says, "don't let a crisis go to wast" and then doesn't say, but if you don't have a crisis, create one somehow or turn something into a "crisis." Our present administration seems to abhor our "freedom of speech" and certainly any criticism we may express about the administration and its policies. Keep in mind that these restrictions against any of our "freedoms" cuts both ways and can be abused by any political administration that finds itself in power. We must be vigilant and we can't allow these abuses that on the surface seem to "make sense" until you look deeper. Monitoring the Internet: does that mean our blogs on both sides of issues, our e-mail, and what about our use of the Internet at the local library? Our comments left at blogs or news articles. Oh what a tangled web of restraint and power over our Internet communications would ensue. And would we ever have again that classic fax from Tiananmen Square of that lone Chinese man facing down the tanks of the Red Chinese. To me that is the most striking picture of that decade and maybe even this past century. In "real time" we saw that lone figure facing death in the face of over-reaching power in a square that was soon to run red with the blood of the powerless Chinese protesters. Back to... If you have the time or choose to take the time, take a look at the comments made at the article linked in this post. Some are worth your time and demonstrate why Ms. Napolitano and her overlords would want the Internet "monitored." I think they do that already but any such move demonstrates how much the administration, or any administration, fears the American people, not the Islamist terrorists where the danger is. According to Ms. Napolitano, "Fighting homegrown terrorism by monitoring Internet communications is a civil-liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security," the nation's homeland security chief said Friday. To me, a nation that does not secure its borders is not a nation. And they see denying our freedom of speech in the internet as a "TRADE-OFF". Are these folks eating those cakes of "Alice in Wonderland" fame? In a distant time when the U. S.Constitution was taking form and had meaning, a wise man said, "If you are willing to give up freedom for security, you will end up having neither." Benjamin Franklin. The U.S. government officials sworn to protect our U.S. Constitution may believe eroding our Bill of Rights is a trade-off they must make, but I don't think so. It would just be the development of another cottage industry and it would end with more Americans being given jobs at taxpayer expense to have Americans spying on other Americans. If anyone believes that the government gives two figs about a "trade-off" and our freedoms as expressed in the Bill of Rights, relax. The only things standing between the current administration, and any power-mad administration for that matter, and total control over us are the things they haven't thought about controlling yet. Or things that they will control through other existing, newly passed legislation. I'm not sure when the government really began to fear "we the people" but they have for a very long time and it isn't a pretty sight. Look at all the ruckus you Tea Party folks started... :) But rest easy; the fear of "we the people" didn't begin with you. It stems from leadership or leaders who lack confidence and experience and who probably suffer from insecurity complexes. Who knows... But government fear or distaste for "we the people" will create more jobs... To the matter of today... You good fathers out there, you know who you are; have a great Father's Day with your families. And love your children and the mother of those children. Teach them in the way they should go and they will seldom falter. If they slip from time to time, they will come back to the tenets you have instilled in them and they will emulate your example. I made a mistake today and failed to wish a friend from long ago a happy father's day. I was afraid to do so and the error was mine. Teach our children our U.S. Constitution and if you are so inclined, look to a strong Bible-based church for a church family. A friend said that Mr. Obama had stated in his recent speech from the Oval Office that we needed to return to having God in our lives. If that is true and he said that, good for him but while the far-left may think we have left God, we have not and more importantly, God has not left us. We may have some things to answer for but we can set things right. We are Americans and we can agree to disagree with each other on issues but we must hold firm at the bottom line which is God and Country. Some say it is "God, family, and country." As Americans, the radical Islamists don't draw distinctions about whom they want to kill. We need to remember that we are all their targets, all of us regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or anything else we use to distinguish or identify ourselves. About monitoring the Internet to keep Islamic terrorists from recruiting Americans as terrorists; here's one humble suggestion. Don't allow radical imams to recruit in our prisons. What a foolish practice. Wouldn't that cut out the government's fear-based need to infringe upon the rights of all of us through monitoring the internet and our e-mail?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama blames BP; certifiable and nuts!

Obama blames BP. Sorry, folks, that's certifiable and nuts! I have worked in nuclear power for many years and I know first hand that there are procedures and protocols for everything and for every emergency possible to predict. Now, it is true that emergency operating procedures cannot plan for all mitigating circumstances but they can plan for many. BP had an industrial accident. Yes, people died and wildlife are boiling to death before our very eyes so much so that you can't watch it from the sheer futility of it all but "deep water drilling" down a mile has got to be dangerous on all sorts of levels. And maybe BP has some accountability. I haven't seen the procedures in place and I haven't seen the repair requests, and all of the rest of it. But this is an excuse for Maxine Waters to do what she said she wanted to do and that is nationalize our companies and our energy producers. If you think they'll kill us with their heinous "health care" death panels, wait till you see what they do to what was once American industry. At the moment without an excuse they are driving business out of our nations and with the regulations driving out jobs too. I have seen first hand the result of a major industrial accident during which 5 men lost their lives but it was an industrial accident that could have happened at any chemical industrial plant and does happen. Working in big industry is dangerous and anyone who works in such an environment knows how dangerous it is. You take your life into your hands each time you cross into the industrial side of a plant. If BP was remiss and poor procedures or protocols led to this accident, well, let the bosses swim with the pelicans we see on TV suffering helplessly. But let them pay in kind, not in money alone - that just hurts stock holders and their life savings too. But no, there is a bigger agenda here and that is the total destruction of American industry and business either through draconian regulations or "nationalization." Obama said he was responsible but that is ridiculous. The Congress is responsible for lack of oversight just like the Congress was responsible for the bank issues through lack of oversight, a.k.a. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd... Hey, let's put them in charge of a panel... but blaming BP. Not the way to go. I'm still wondering why our cigarette companies still are incorporated here and still sell cigarettes here. They can close-up shop and sell to the Chinese and never see a loss of one dime in profit and they won't have to deal with our Congress' regulations. If you read the article linked, you'll read that one person had a sign that said, "Obama is worthless." No, he's still got a whole lot of apologizing to do for how bad America is... And I hear through the rumor mill that he may confiscate all that gold folks are buying... Can he do that? The emperor has no clothes... God help us!

Obama and Ass to kick, not!

All right, I'll fess up. I didn't watch the prez and his drama tonight. I can see the wild life dying and no chance at all. I don't blame any president for this accident unless the conspiracy theorists are correct and North Korea did it... This was an industrial accident and could happen to varying degrees in any industrial setting and don't tell me that BP didn't have protocols and procedures out the gazoo. No, this is one of Rahm Emmanuel's crises and a crisis is a terrible thing to waste especially if it can call down the wrath of more restrictions on all American citizens; illegals are exempt of course. I heard a funny thing on the radio today. A caller to a station called in and he said, he didn't think Obama meant he'd know which ass to kick... What he meant was that he'd know which ass to kiss. I know our allies if we have any are laughing themselves silly drinking their wine to mask their stark raving fear if they need military support from the current administration. And our enemies - no doubt they are shaking in their boots... Well, the good news is Jimmy Carter can now move up the list from worst president in our history to next to worst. Comforting or... Obama can be impeached with the next Congress and join Andrew Johnson and our first black president, Bill Clinton, as the third American President to be impeached. Naturally, he wouldn't be booted out of office just like Clinton wasn't... I wonder who's controlling Mr. Obama...

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