Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel, unlike US, is a sovereign nation

According to the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel - unlike the United States of Americas, is a sovereign nation with the right to defend itself. What was once America is not a sovereign nation according to the man acting as the president of our former sovereign nation. If our president says we are not a sovereign nation defined by borders, then how can we have a government as established by our U.S. Constitution as we are not a sovereign nation as stated by our president. So, what kind of charade are they playing in Washington, D.C. the so-called capitol of our non-nation? How can a former nation, founded upon the basis of laws, survive under a "president" who says we are not a nation? How can we do anything but decline...internally within ourselves and certainly as viewed by nations that are sovereign. God help us and yet... In Israel faces international fury over flotilla headed for Gaza we find more concerns for Israel and the Middle East... ...the push begins from Iran using any diversion and Mahmoud Ahmadinejdad to push Israel into a corner of self-defense. with the Islamists using any ploy possible such as sending a flotilla toward Gaza to establish an arms-smuggling corridor. According to Deputy Foreign Minister David Ayalon the successful landing of the terrorists and the establishment of a beach-head in Gaza would be the first major step for the Islamists to establish a "corridor of arms-smuggling." One can understand Israel defending itself back in the days when "war meant war" unlike today when our policies seem to assist the drug cartels establish and strengthen their drug smuggling routes and routes for human trafficking tossing in a few arms into the mix. But how many remember the USS Cole, the Twin Towers and more? My, whom pray tell are those arms to be used against - other drug smugglers? Ask the ranchers and regular law-abiding American citizens along our southern border, ask them when they bury their murdered dogs, check their homes for theft and so forth. In Israel faces international fury over flotilla headed for Gaza. I appreciate that Sharon is and was a great war leader but when he turned the Gaza strip over to the killers and murderers of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, and terrorist- backing nations, as Brigette Gabriel stated: "tribes with flags.", a nail was driven into the heart of Israel driven by its own leaders... Sharon capitulated to the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu has called it correctly. Israel is a sovereign nation and has the right as well as obligation to defend itself and its citizens no matter what the UN thinks and no matter how much Prime Minister Netanyahu is ridiculed or disrespected here by our president. So the usual suspects such as Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Beirut, and folks in Pakistan protested about the 10 potential terrorists who died in the incident, baiting Israel once again. And shame on Spain which now holds the EU presidency. "Catherine Ashton, EU foreign affairs chief" said that "Israel's storming of the flotilla was 'unacceptable'..." Well so was the attack of the USS Cole and other outrages carried out by the Islamist terrorists. Coming to America to meet with Obama will only subject Netanyahu and Israel to insult and verbal abuse of a larger scale. Israel knows who the enemy is or who their enemies are. We in America remain veiled as we continually refuse to take the Islamists threats seriously. How can we as a people be a nation and not be a sovereign nation at the same time as viewed by those in power and so described by our president among those who took an oath and swore to defend our sovereign nation and uphold our U.S. Constitution. How can we hold ourselves together before the inevitable chaos begins? We can do it together by not falling for the "race-baiting" and other schemes to push us apart. However we can do it as we must buy finding a church home in the towns within which we live; by being vigilant and becoming more aware of the chains that are beginning to encircle us such as Cap and Trade for one; obeying our laws as best as we can, local, state, and federal... We are a nation "under God" and we need to find our way home; only we can do it for ourselves and for each other. God bless you on this Memorial Day... Time to leave the UN and keep our money at home as it is becoming an Islamist-controlled front for pushing Sharia Law into our national governments.

Note to BeBe Netanyahu on US backed UN anti-nuclear move

Israel recoils as US backs UN nuclear move. Nothing I will say is new to you and your IDF because you are strategists and tacticians. I don't want to sound unbelieving but here it is. Iranian leaders have sworn to drive you / Israel into the sea. They have no regard for the million of so Arabs who live in Israel because the Iranians are not Arabs. but looking at a world map here's what I see for starters. With the capabilities he has or will have MAD JAD of Iran can probably strike any place in Israel. I don't know if he can hit southern France, southern Spain, Greece, or Italy but if he can, the time may come when you and you alone will be the defender of the Mediterranean coastal nations. Thinking of those folks as infidels even though many who practice Islam live in those regions now, that would be of little cost to MAD JAD's culture of death as Osama bin Laden calls it since as he says our weakness is that we value life while his folks value death, theirs as well as ours. I don't believe Mad Jad is concerned about drawing Egypt or other such nations into a conflict on his side or if so, it is only to use them. I am naive when it comes to the Middle East but I know young Iranians was a democratic republic. If they could do that and not use the Koran as their law, then there would be hope in the Middle East but first back to MAD JAD. I think he would only strike you if he baited you into striking him first. Since you are wise to his games, you know better how to deal with him. For the current US administration to give you assurances they would veto or vote against the UN nuclear move that would impact you, and if one were to believe that, I think our president said in one of his books which I refuse to purchase, that he would always stand with Muslims against non-Muslims. That should be your answer as to the strength of his alliance with just about anyone while Americans generally support you. Every Western nation or NATO nation would do well to be on their toes and work more together with you for the safety and protection of all of us. Take care, don't give up anything, and build all you want on the West Bank. Anyone telling you to give up any defensive positions you have against such vocal threats of annihilation is nuts. Most Americans dislike the administration's policies and as the president says, "We ain't seen nothing yet." I'd do what I had to do to protect my nation and its citizens and take names later but the UN is not now and will never be your friend or ours with 57 Islamic nations as members not to mention Hugo Chavez and company...

Roland Garros; Memorial Day; and me...

Roland Garros - getting down to the last week and what a week it has been. It is just so refreshing to watch folks work at their craft who are devoted and dedicated and who are not "thugs" from Chicago. My apologies for my friends in Chicago who honorable folks and blasting away at the "thugs" every day. I turn to pro-tennis because it is just such a change from the madness of the media. I even read where Nancy Pelosi actually blamed former President George W. Bush for the oil problems in the Gulf. I wonder who she thinks made the laws or legislation and now our Supreme Leader who wants to take us off of foreign oil - ho, ho, ho - won't let us drill off shore. Of course, he doesn't want us off foreign oil. What would the super rich kingdoms and such in the Muslim World do without our Yankee dollars. If he wants to take us off of foreign oil, isn't a tad hypocritical to have our service men and women buying Citco gas for their cars on Navy bases. Or is it Citgo. Whichever, it is oil coming from the Islamist fundamentalist supporter Hugo Chavez. Yes, let the Military who are fighting terrorist, pay hard-earned dollars supporting the close friend of the White House, dictator Hugo Chavez who has set the model for turning his position from "president" to dictator. It is model even a follower of Saul Alinsky could envy. If the news gets you down, turn in to Roland Garros tomorrow and enjoy Memorial Day in honor of our military personnel who have given their lives in service of our nation fighting to keep us free. Let's not let their sacrifice be for nothing in 2010 when we take our nation back. I know, the administration can still issue executive orders or file signing statements indicating the administrations intent to not implement legislation it has just signed but whatever... Have a good and safe Memorial Day... My family has fought in every war we've had including before we became a nation and after from 1630 forward; so, unlike Venus Williams who stated that her home is Kenya and America is just where she lives as she said, my home is America no matter where I live. A few days ago a man from Iran told me about what a great country we have and why it is so great and I believe him. In our own way, Americans are unique. I think that is because we are taught that we are unique and we address problems and come up with solutions - the color of our skin enhances our uniqueness. I know that sounds arrogant but with the exception of our allies like the Aussies who helped with X-Corp at Chosen in North Korea, the Royal Canadians, et al - who jumps in to help other nations when they are being beaten down by tyranny? I have often said that no one will come to assist us and I believe that is true; not because they don't support us in the ideal but how can they throw in with us when at every turn our president looks for ways to denigrate us at every turn. Why doesn't he have the Mexican military on the Mexican side of our border stopping the illegals coming here? And will someone read the Posse Commitas Act and see that it does not keep armed folks from protecting our nation from an invasion. It was designed to keep our federal military from occupying our cities as in Reconstruction following the Civil War. When our president is speaking and tells us he is thinking about how to solve problems such as the oil leak in the Gulf, then is the time to get worried. They won't even let LA (Louisiana) build sand berms to protect themselves. And we want the EPA to have more control over our daily lives with Cap and Trade. God help us. God protect and preserve our troops. Two of my uncles are buried in Arlington so my love for our nation and our people is deep-seated. A direct relative was a general during the Revolutionary War and relatives fought on both sides of the conflict in the War Between the States. The lawlessness encouraged by this administration is a slap in the face to all law-abiding Americans and all immigrants who come here following our laws... God bless America. For a change of pace, take in Roland Garros to see another kind of war with warriors in their field.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Federer's Coach or Spotter: the job for me!

Today, yesterday Federer played Falla, and Roger did what I had recommended based upon his play the day before. I had been screaming at the TV screen (not literally) move up to the net; change-up your game, vary your shots, use those key skills you have and you'll win this tournament. I'm certain I was not the only one pleading with you to do the same things but when you do play each game, set, and match bringing on the "heat" as they say in baseball, you are something to watch, Mr. Federer. Against Falla, Mr. Federer did exactly what I recommended and played the match with a flick of the wrist, a few well-placed drop shots, and excellent volleys. And Roger won. He was probably expected to win but Falla gave him a good run during the first set. What a great match. Keep on changing up your game, Mr. Federer and you'll defend your title like the champion you are. In addition to being your spotter, I can also baby sit and double as a dog walker. I'd be spotting you of course. Naturally, I cannot play tennis but I can observe it and I know when you need to take risks which in your hands are not risks at all, you make it seem so easy and to watch your footwork is poetry or tennis ballet in motion on the order of the perfection of Mikhael Baryshnidov in the movie, White Nights with Gregory Hines; come to the net and show us your stuff and its all yours at Roland Garros. Don't want to down play the skills and ability of your fellow competitors yet what other folks have in power, you have in power and style too. Not to mention the extra skills you have in your tennis bag. We, your fans, just want to see more of them... I've been told your top half of the draw is tougher but let me remind you that all those between you and the trophy have to win over those players between you and the trophy. I know you know this but when you are allowing others to push you a bit please remember, go to the net, toss in those spectacular drop shots, and know these are your years to pick up a few more trophies to add to your NetJet commercial...

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama's march to destroy the middle class

Income shifts from private sector as government income rises, well of course. Obama will tax the middle class private sector out of business as part of his agenda to crush the middle class and bring us to our knees. I've never seen a president who disliked the nation and people who gave him the presidency more than Mr. Obama dislikes us, those of us who work hard for our incomes and who are in his cross-hairs for destruction. We have to be Marxists and we all have to be brought to heel. We are not even allowed to voice disagreement with his agenda without being called vicious, anti-American, and more. Perhaps much of Obama's distain for the middle class is because he is not of that class. He is an elitist born with the silver spoon in his mouth; he is the product of affirmative action; and he denigrates American exceptionalism, hard work and drive. Who does he thinks provide the tax dollars to distribute around the world? But one thing we know now for certain: Mr. Obama is relentlessly on the lookout for something to apologize for. Maybe he should point out that our nation ended slavery within our nation while slavery is still very much a part of the world in Islamic Republics and we are importing slaves from Mexico as workers and as sex-slaves. His lack of pride in his nation and in the people of our nation is disgusting to watch. So, we have to re-introduce God into our lives, find a good Bible-based church for yourself and your children and for goodness sake, stay away from his "faith-based" initiatives...

Roger Federer at Roland Garros

Recently, Federer lost to Rafa Nadal at the Madrid Open. I love to watch Roger Federer play; he is perfect and I am hardly qualified to point out one observation that I have made note of in other posts. Roger is meticulous and an artist to watch on the tennis court - clay, hard court, or grass and yet the same trait becomes obvious from time to time: the inability to stop doing the same things that lead to losses. Roger will not change his game to the point that he is almost stubborn in staying with a game that will assure defeat. Each time I have seen Roger be defeated, the defeat is nearly 99.9% due to Roger not changing his game to use his infinite ability and skill to adapt to change a loosing match into a winner. I just scream - go up to the net! GO UP TO THE NET! When Federer goes to the net in tough matches, he wins. Personally I cannot stand to watch him lose a match, so much so that I get to the point, I just can't watch, and he may well be the best all around tennis player of all time. Roger, please remember the axiom: if you keep doing the same things that lead to a loss and you keep on doing them, you cannot expect a different result. It's almost like the Bourne Identity when over a few years, the men who are Jason's opponents are younger by a few years and have been trained differently as times and fighting styles have changed. So, like Jason Bourne, Mr. Federer needs to adjust to the changing times. He has the skills and more capability and a masterful drop shot. He just needs to use these to spice up his game and give his fans a taste of the variety of options he has. In Madrid with the loss to Nadal, I had to wonder if he has gotten tired and has won just about everything he can win, so much so that, to me, he didn't look as though he were engaged in the match "inside", mentally or spiritually. I love to watch Federer and will be up watching him at 5:00AM tomorrow morning. I just can't stand to see him take a loss when all he needs to do is adapt his game... Roger is the defending winner of Roland Garros in 2009. It seems Nadal is favored to win but I'm in Roger's camp. Going to Roland Garros would be a dream for me...

Rafa Nadal vs Mina at Roland Garros

What a match! I love pro-tennis and I've seen plenty of good, intense matches on clay but this match between Mina up against Rafa has to be a best of... Ups, downs, strengths, weaknesses but this is a match, an introduction or initiation to the games of the big boys. Mina played every point except for his "trainer" moment. Rafa moved Mina all over the court and wore him out. The interesting thing for me was that Rafa showed no mercy, gave away no points, and Mina fought back with some very good returns and vollies. Rafa, from my observation, hammered Mina and gave Mina a good initiation into the "majors"with the big boys. Rafa of course is favored to win and outmatched the young 18 year old Mina. I think Mina at 18 up against Rafa at 23/24 and his gazillion wins found himself in a brutal match. It was good to see Mina fighting hard and to see Rafa brutal and concise in his shots. He worked at giving Mina a drubbing but Mina can be nothing but pleased with his introduction by Rafa to what you have to have to play against the best King of Clay. If Mina takes this match as a time of a lifetime, I believe that he has the potential to rise quickly in the standings - why - because he fought and often gave as good as he got. He hung in there to the bitter end. As much as I admire Rafa Nadal and am glad to see his health much improved, I admire him more today for treating Mina as an equal on the court. If he wants it, Mina has a career cut out for himself. Also, considering that Rafa may be playing Mina again in a few years to come and probably wants Mina to remember his initiation today. I enjoy watching the pros on the tennis tour and now to begin to see the players of the future coming along in the early days of their pro careers. I don't think anyone can take away from Mina his effort and his willingness to take risks and to get out there and take the punishment that Rafa gives out, relentless, crushing expert, almost miraculous consistency.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feds may not help Arizona

Feds may not help Arizona process illegals referred to ICE. Shame on Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona, leaving her former citizens hanging in the wind. States must take matters into their own hands and defend their citizens from the crime and destruction of property of state citizens. When a generally small state like Arizona, population wise is forced to do the Feds job, using the Feds own illegal immigrant laws, to defend its citizens that must be a slap in the arrogant faces of Holder and Janet who at least had the good grace to admit not having read the Arizona legislation. This issue will boil into our streets and I predict that drug cartels and human traffickers will bring their Colombian-style intimidation into our cities and parks. We could say let's wait and see but it is beyond the wait and see stage. Homes are being destroyed and citizens or visitors to Arizona are being kidnapped. The State Department has issued warnings that the safety of American citizens along our Southern border cannot be assured, nor can the safety of citizens be assured in Arizona. The Feds certainly have turned their back on us. It has to be embarrassing to the 'thugs from Chicago' when they demonstrate that they will not or may not help a state enforce Federal immigration law and they won't enforce Federal immigration law within states. We have reached a sad day in America but then maybe our Executive Branch wants a Colombian-style drug cartel or insurgency along the Arizona border to give them an excuse to put the restraints on law-abiding American citizens. Tired of hearing about this. Well, hold on because there is a lot more to hear and see. But for starters let's take a look at Cochise County, AZ to refresh our memory. This page is not available at the moment. It was a slide show presentation showing how the county is being destroyed by illegals. Initially found at

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Boycott Mexico not Arizona

Calderon, Calderon addresses Congress and steps in it by lecturing us on immigration laws when Arizona is only trying to protect its citizens and their property and Mexico has its army with real ammunition stationed on its Southern border. Then we have bankrupt California boycotting Arizona. I say, pull the plug on LA and they can read their signs in all languages in the dark. Then let's boycott Mexico. Our State Department warns that our safety cannot be assured along our Southern border; Phoenix, Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the world or US at least, and folks are being beheaded in Mexico. Let's just keep our Yankee tourist dollars here at home or vacation elsewhere. There are plenty of places to visit in the US in the mid or Southwest. And while we are doing that, visiting here at home, let's get our government to take taxes out of the dollars illegals from Mexico send to Mexico every year. Make it an export tax; just tax it so that the money is not worth much by the time it gets to Mexico and we'll be taxing illegals providing a disincentive to come here. While we are at it then we have to tax banks such as the Bank of America for every dollar they transfer into accounts in Mexico receiving Yankee dollars from illegals here in the US. Perhaps in all these banking laws the Democrats are passing, we should penalize banks for allowing folks they know are illegals to open accounts here or to deposit US dollars into accounts in Mexico. Aren't there laws against money-laundering? Keep those cruise lines away from Cancun and away from the Mexican Pacific Ocean ports of call or lay additional taxes on the money we take into Mexico through tourism. On a lighter note, Obama tells us that we don't need to worry about illegals from Mexico learning English, we need to make sure our children are learning Spanish. Here I agree with him for several reasons not the least of which is when we become a One World government we should get a world passport allowing us unrestricted travel to South America. Not all South American land districts, no longer sovereign nations, have Spanish as their general language so knowing Spanish should give us greater mobility. I am reminded by a person's comments about illegal immigration into and around San Diego. The writer said we would not have to be concerned about illegal immigration once we became a Third World nation. The Executive Branch is bent on this occurring but I wonder if they realize that once they have brought us into Third World status, they will be depleting their own beggar based constituency's desire to come here. Our parks and waterways are already being destroyed with debris, feces, and general filth. We cannot expect people who are no respecters of our laws to give a flip about maintaining the beauty of our lands, parks, streams, etc. Interesting how things have unintended consequences. It would be nice when Hispanic Americans come to realize that they are by nature conservatives and Republicans...not union thugs. Let's keep our Yankee tourist dollars out of Mexico. Calderon should be ashamed of himself. Our president and our dems in Congress cannot be ashamed of themselves because they have no shame just their mighty agenda for absolute control over us from cradle to grave and through their "death care legislation" they'll have more control on when the plug is pulled on us through denial of medical treatment. Oh, happy day... We should be rewarding Arizona and other states such as North Carolina should adopt Arizona's laws regarding illegal immigrants. Virginia might think about doing the same as Virginia Beach, like San Francisco, is a sanctuary city where Federal immigration laws may or may not be enforced. But don't call taxpayer funded ICE, no help there as they won't help Arizona with folks identified as illegals. This will all come to a head and that is just what the Executive may want. if they don't have a crisis to use, they can create one BUT they cannot always know the outcome. I think the governor of Arizona can call out the national guard so why wait on help from an administration that wants the chaos? Remember, we need to be careful not to scream too loudly for help because that is just another crisis they'd be happy to address with stricter laws on us.

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Mosque near World Trade Centers' site of infamy

I have had a difficult time trying to write about this issue because I do not look at Islam as a religion but rather as a political party at the very least in line with the goals of our current Congress, our Executive Branch, and our president. Christians cannot build churches in Islamic Republics and yet we allow mosques with inflammatory imams to rise like places fomenting revolution all across the United States. Islamists are here to overthrow our nation, and like Obama fundamentally change our way of life through the institution of Sharia Law which is Islamic law taken from the Koran. You can't have it both ways, being a "peaceful religion on one hand" and the bedrock for upheaval. Regarding Christian churches in Islamic Republics, those that exist from years gone by cannot be repaired and Christians, allowed to practice their religion do it for a fee or tax much in opposition to Jefferson's early attack upon non-Anglicans being taxed in Virginia for practicing being Baptists among other religions. We have "freedom from religion" in America but most religions in America do not have a Twenty Year plan to destroy America and bring it to heel in submission to Islam. To me, in America, Islam as practiced by those who want to undo our nation is not a religion in the classic sense but a political party or a political arm of Islamic Republics or nations such as Saudi Arabia which reputedly practices the most virulent form of Islam, Wahabbism. We need to be ever vigilant and frankly we have to be smarter. The Islamists in America are using our laws against us and we are smart enough to use our laws against them. We'd best get to it. Islamists have created a new threat and we are just not used to our "religions" intent on overthrowing the government. In the current Executive Branch, they have supporters because the goals are the same, although the means may be different. Beware Sharia Law. It is in our banking, domestic and international, in our schools, etc. Perhaps we need to get a little tougher as France is trying to do - for our own survival. Religious freedom is fine but what happens when it crosses the line and you find yourself having to defend yourself. Do you think you'll have religious freedom much longer? Don't buy into Obama's faith-based initiatives no matter how good the money looks. When the government gets involved and your church takes tax dollars, you've sold your soul for much less than 30 pieces of silver. With Islamists all is symbolism like the crescent shaped memorial in PA where Flight 93 went down, like the beheading of Daniel Pearl, Lost in Obama's imagination. The Islamists gain strength and momentum through symbolism. What better place for a 13 story mosque and Islamic community center? Each and every day, they can look out of their windows, what a marvelous stroke of propaganda, a visual reminder of the worst attack against America, and see the handiwork of fellow travelers and they will be free to teach supremacy... At the very least we should put a stop to foreign money from Saudi Arabia peppering our nation with mosques unless we have equal freedom to pepper Saudi Arabia with Christian churches and Jewish temples. And second, we must not allow anti-American imams into our prisons to recruit new adherents to violence. Can't do that, you say? Just declare Islamists as a political party and of course you can. I don't believe all Muslims want to destroy our nation nor are all Muslims in America terrorists but all recent terrorists have been and are Muslims. Stop the building of that mosque over-looking the site where the World Trade Centers once stood. It is a mockery and an insult to all of us and to the 3,000 souls of all ethnicities and all religious belief systems who were slaughtered like sheep to the killing streets of Denmark. Like it or not, we are going to be forced to face those who have declared war against us. It won't be a pretty sight. I do hope that we will be able to keep our heads about us and not turn toward SEIU-type intimidation. We must protect law-abiding followers of Islam even as we fight those sworn to destroy us. One thing we know for certain, they are faithful to their oath just as those elected swine sworn to defend our Constitution and defend our nation are indifferent to their oaths of office. We must follow the words of Rudyard Kipling in his poem "If" and keep our heads about us. In this case, we need to keep our heads on our shoulders.

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D.C. Metro Police escort SEIU to Baer's home

D.C. Metro police escorted SEIU protesters to Greg Baer's Home. Well, boy howdy! No wonder D.C. is the Murder Capital of the United States what with D.C. police escorting unlawful protesters of the SEIU thug variety onto the private property of an executive of Bank of America. Of course, police are supposed to "protect and serve" and it looks like these days they protect and serve the thugs. Can you imagine how Baer's young son felt with his home surrounded with thugs even up to and onto the front porch? I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that Mr. Baer has plenty of reasons to sue the D.C. Metro Police for at the very least stupidity and the SEIU for any number of things, among them "domestic terrorism" and protesting on private property, his front lawn and front porch. But never fear, the protesters were being guided and protected by the D.C. Metro Police who had no authority to protect the young man who had locked himself in his bathroom. How shameful of the police. The dad had to find a safe way into his home to rescue his younger son with his older son also in the family car/vehicle. Well, this is what America has come to with a "community organizer" in the White House whose initial jobs were grant funded positions so that he could organize communities to sue banks among other things such as create and serve on the boards of foundations and launch his political career from the home of Billie Ayers, the son of an executive as well as our own domestic terrorist before we really knew what they were. Welcome to Obama land, the land of Saul Alinsky - that great community organizer of whom both Obama and Hillary Clinton also from Chicago are most proud. A citizenry in upheaval is what the Executive wants because if they don't have a "crisis which is a terrible thing to waste" they will be in a position to create a "crisis." Welcome to Lenin's Revolution. First they came for the banks then they turned all industry and agriculture into "communes" or communist governed areas of work. The one thing we know positively is that the socialist/communist governed lifestyle or work ethic does not work because there is no incentive except the barrel of a government gun for citizens to work and keep what they earn and no incentive to develop "American exceptionalism." I still think that our elite elected leaders sworn to protect and defend our nation and our U.S. Constitution better be careful what they wish for. They are importing folks used to domestic marches and such that can become nasty. They are importing folks who are used to domestic acts of insurrection and revolution. Of America, Canada, and Mexico, which of these three land masses not defined by their borders, therefore not sovereign nations, have had the most revolutions by their citizens in the past 100 or so years? We are beginning to see that Obama wants to destroy this nation and he can be successful but never forget, what man creates, we Americans can undo no matter how deep the termites infest our "first principles." New citizens from Mexico of Hispanic heritage, not all from Mexico are of Hispanic heritage as you'll find if you check the CIA World Fact Book, are conservative and don't want revolution for their children. They need to band with conservatives in the Tea Party program and/or conservative Republicans because they are much more alike than they are different. The all want stable families, most are against abortion and all for punishing child molesters or rapists, they believe in strong Christian values and they have no natural animosity against their European neighbors otherwise known as "white" people, the so-called scourge of the earth. Together Americans can undo the harm being created by Obama and the "congress" he has worked pretty hard. There is hardly a bill or piece of legislation coming out of congress that is less than 1,000 pages. Keep the Baer family in mind. Is that intimidation and chaos what you want on your porch and lawn frightening your children and family? Is that the anarchy that America is all about? No...

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's Coup: Anti-American and against implementing Federal Immigration Laws

Inside the Beltway, Arizona Mettle. I think Arizona could become a model for the nation in curbing the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico and other nations such as China as well as the Islamist Jihadists who want to kill us. It will be nice when we have a president of the United States, assuming we survive 2 and 1/2 more years as a nation "not defined by borders". I never thought I'd live to see a president and an administration that looked for any and all opportunities to tear down our nation, to denigrate it before the world, and to send us into bankruptcy. To think our president would allow a foreign nation's president to denigrate Federal Law on immigration on the floor of the House and support those views and then to see Congressmen give Calderon a standing ovation for denigrating our nation and Arizona for trying to uphold US Federal Immigration law defies belief. But as Rush Limbaugh mentioned today, Obama has his boot on the neck of America and "the jack-booted thugs" from Chicago are running rough shod with their shiny black boots all over America praying for the next crisis to turn to their advantage. We have to pray for no successful Islamist terrorist attack and we have to pray for no violence from American citizens because we cannot give the Chicago "thugs" any reason to declare martial law 'cause they're just itching for that. And any reason will do... Now we have ICE and Janet Napolitano saying they won't help Arizona deport illegals. Well, folks, ICE and Janet are paid by American tax dollars - tax dollars from ALL Americans and the Federal government won't help a state in dire straits? We have our dictator but it is best if we don't let him know we know that the emperor has nothing on under that suit or rain coat. As the cartoonist for the Washington Times wrote during the presidential election cycle, Obama is an empty raincoat. That was the cartoon. Perhaps he will get stopped to show "his papers" in Arizona, then maybe we'll find out if he is an American citizen. With his dislike for this nation, based upon his behavior, one has to wonder. The folks in Iowa voted for him in the Democrat caucus process and now we're stuck with him. I wonder how that's working for them - those folks in Iowa. Ben Nelson of OK made out well in his buy-out bargain sale for his vote to hamstring us into Obama medical death panels. It looks like the largess of the Executive pays off for the Senators with no integrity. And the administration has plenty of perks so it can "do a Nelson" any time it needs votes. On Calderon, keep out of our national politics and keep your citizens at home. Of course, we know you are violating our immigration laws simply because your miserably corrupt land mass, no borders there, needs the money. A "nation" without borders is "no nation" at all. Even if others, pro-American in their ideologies get into the Congress or Senate in 2010, the Executive still has "Executive Orders" so Obama can do essentially what he wants to carry out his coup against America. Only one woman's opinion but it looks like a coup to me...

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Nukes for you; nukes for me: Turkey and Brazil

Fruits of Weakness. Obama is doing his best to strengthen our enemies. Won't anyone in Congress put their nation first and move to impeach him?


Barack: the Neville Chamberlain of our age!

Charles Krauthammer does it again with insight and clarity cutting to the chase: Fruits of Weakness. With Neville Barack in the White House, our allies cannot afford to be our allies because any president who will sell out and demean his nation and his states such as Arizona trying to implement Federal Immigration Law, will not be there when the rubber meets the road for our Allies. Barack Obama only makes our enemies rejoice at our stupidity or naivete and they will take full advantage of his Socialist/Marxist policies to turn America into a third world nation. With friends like Calderon to the South not trying to keep his people from invading us because he needs the money they send to Mexico and a US president saying a nation is not defined by its borders, we are literally in Peking Duck Soup... Obama is the "Neville Chamberlain" of our age. God help us and our allies through the next three years. Barack shows weakness at every turn and that emboldens our enemies... Be of good cheer; as America retreats as fast as Obama can make it happen, other nations that are are allies will flock to pick the winners and it won't be us. The more he retreats, the more our chances for trade beneficial to our people and the creation of American jobs, will decrease. We may reach a time when 9.9 % unemployment will seem like the "good old days."

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kagan Senate Hearings

Kagan Senate Hearings: Why bother? I think it is a waste of taxpayer money to waste one second in Senate Hearings over the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Nothing short of well who knows what will stop her being confirmed in the Senate by the "evil" democrats and the RINOs from Maine. Are there concerns about her becoming an Associate of the Supreme Court? Sure? On this one I have to take a pass. The Republicans will confirm her some may vote NO as they should for the record but "hearings" are a joke unless something comes out of the blue to derail her confirmation. The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are so sleazy that watching them would be a waste. At least Arlen Specter won't be there much longer. Thank God for small favors. Maybe God has not turned his back on us after all.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hispanics support increase in crime,lawlessness, and breaking of US laws?

Hispanics take political aim at Arizona's law? Could that be true? probably not but this situation makes it appear so. If you read this article, please read the comments. Once American citizens of Hispanic ancestry see their taxes going to support free-loaders and once they see their children's livelihoods weakened by illegal aliens maybe they'll change their tune. Or maybe they'll have to be robbed or have someone in their family injured or maimed as was my friend before they realize that we are either a nation of laws or we are a nation of anarchy and believe me, we don't want the latter. I agree with several commentors that this is not a "racist" issue. This is a law and order issue and those who are against Arizona's law are for criminals coming and breaking more laws. I have a friend maimed for life including the loss of one eye during a car accident when she was driving and she and her mother were hit head-on by a drunk illegal Mexican. Of course, Jerry Rivera also says that is a cultural heritage thing and getting drunk is just part of the Hispanic culture. How patronizing of him... Maybe he could explain that to another friend of mine whose husband was killed in a head-on car injury when they were returning home and were hit by a drunk illegal alien in Virginia. Or maybe he could explain that to the two families who lost their young daughters in Virginia Beach a year or so ago when they were hit by a drunk illegal alien from Mexico, a driver who stole their lives and denied them ever getting married or having children, who denied their parents of the joy of grandchildren and the joy of watching and participating in their daughters growing into young adulthood and on. My friend's mother was killed by the drunk illegal, here illegally, driving illegally, and a murderer. Yeah, let 'em all in. Have we lost our minds? Yes and just because politicians want votes. I applaud the governor of Arizona and the Legislature folks for standing up for the defense of their citizens. No other nation in the world allows its borders to be over-run. Get your campers and send several thousand Americans zooming across into Mexico. Wait and see how fast they are rounded up and jailed then blackmailed by Mexican authorities. We have lost our sovereignty and our dignity. How can any nation respect a nation that doesn't respect itself? If you were in leadership in another nation would you trust a word out of the mouth of several of our recent presidents including the current one? Not in anything dealing with defending your nation. If you did, you'd be an idiot when our nation's leaders have no regard for the safety of the 12,000 Americans killed every year on the highways by illegals not to mention their other crimes. Support Arizona. If you don't support Arizona, who will be there to support you? Through the indifference of our federal government - not the Border Patrol - our lives are at risk and we are denied the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of our dreams and ambitions because of that risk from government leaders who are sworn to at the very least defend the nation from invasion. Oh, they'll be happy to defend our borders if / when we are ready to give up more freedom.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arizona: defends citizens and state

Palin Criticizes Attorney General Holder for not reading Arizona law. Support Arizona for protecting ALL of her citizens and for protecting those of us who may travel there. The US State Department has issued a warning that the safety of American citizens cannot be assured along our Southern border. Why? Because the federal government of the US, with the exception of the Border Patrol, has given up any semblance of being a sovereign nation among nations. How can any nation respect the US as a sovereign nation when we will put our citizens throughout the nation at risk and when we will not defend our nation from invasion. There are legal ways to come to the United States. If you are white or can be considered as white, you need not apply for citizenship because you are not among the preferred "class" that is wanted here by our government. Or nation is spiraling the drain and our leaders are creating a situation they will not be able or willing to correct. What nation with sane leadership would allow 12 million or more illegal aliens to enter and take up residence? What nation would give citizenship to children born to illegal aliens? A thorough reading of the 10th Amendment, I believe that may be the one, makes it clear that citizenship is given to those under the control or whatever of the US. illegal aliens and their children born here are under the controlling authority of the nation from which they have come. We are being led by insanity and are on a suicide course leading to our destruction which I submit is not what the illegals actually want but that is what they will get. Our leaders sold us out long ago certainly under Clinton, Bush 43 and most assuredly under our current administration. An entire "cottage industry" has grown up around the notion of "national security" yet our leaders long for a successful terrorist attack so that they can declare martial law or so that we will foolishly scream for more security thereby opening the door for draconian chains to clamped upon us. The federal government should be embarrassed in their impotence in not securing our borders. The world leaders spit on us as well they should. Mr. Obama made a funny "joke" recently when he mocked Arizona and said something like if he were stopped there, he'd have to show his "papers". What is funny here is that he refuses to show his birth certificate to the American people. I thought McCain was the Mancherian Candidate but I was wrong. Support Arizona. Go to the link and sign the petition. It is the least we can do for one state protecting its citizens. Too bad that girls basketball team was not allowed to attend the conference. Maybe they would have seen the folks at their motel/hotel with armed men protecting the patrons cars from theft. Support Arizona. Your state could be the next to be overrun. When I was in Turkey, Texas - yes it is true - I met a veteran of WWII who was of Hispanic ancestry. He was furious about the illegals taking our resources that we have worked for and paid taxes to provide for our citizens. God bless. Going to watch the Pro-tennis finals in Madrid. It will be a match-up between Federer and Nadal so it could be hours of Federer returning Nadal's serves with his right backhand. What a marvel to be able to watch those champions, those masters in their fields. (forgive the spelling errors. I'm using Safari and it doesn't support posting very well... As I said - God Bless; have a good day and keep our Border Patrol Agents and the families along our borders in your prayers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarkozy threatens to leave Euro: Thank God

President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to pull France out of euro. Thank God and ditto to that. Amen... From my perspective the EU is a ploy to take up where WWII left off with Germany and other nations of Europe trying to reclaim their fame as strong European nations. What the EU has shown - once again - is that Socialism and Death Panels do not work. Man cannot be fulfilled and make great accomplishments if he and his ingenuity are clamped down under the bushels of Brussels. Dissolve the EU and the sooner the better. The Global Government will not work. Now is you want to give me, an an American, a passport to all of South America and tell me I can settle anywhere and not confiscate one half of my total monetary wealth, then I'm becoming more in line with that. Our government is importing insurgents and folks given to revolutions so give me a way out. Politicians make me sick and Nancy Pelosi especially asking priests to preach "illegal immigration" from the pulpit and have the nerve to ask on the floor of the Senate: "What would Jesus do?" Well, not kill unborn babies, Nancy, on demand. And right now, you should not be allowed to take Holy Communion, you hypocrite... Gotta go and watch pro-tennis and maybe catch a movie. Someone has to feed the liberals in Hollywood... Have a good weekend...

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kagan "channels" on Second Amendment Rights

Kagan "not sympathetic as Law Clerk to gun rights argument". First we had Hillary Clinton walking the pathway around the White House chatting with Eleanor which I can appreciate when Hillary was under stress caused, of course, by 'bimbo bill' and now we have as a nominee to the Supreme Court, a lady that through no fault of her own clerked for Thurgood Marshall who asked his law clerks to "channel him" in deciding which cases the Court should or might hear. I know, I know, they were asked to try to think like he would and come up with the cases they thought he might want the Court to hear and to give him a little synopsis regarding the prospective case issues. Nice exercise and better choice of descriptor. Now I have some idea why the far-left "gun grabbers" have it wrong with the Second Amendment but also why - Ms. Kagan on the Court, our rights are in severe jeopardy. They think "a well ordered militia and individual rights to bear arms are two separate things". They aren't two separate things and never have been. A well-ordered militia and an individually armed citizenry are one and the same. In the founding of our nation, it would have been unthinkable that citizens would be denied the right to protect themselves with guns. Ladies riding in stage coaches long ago kept Derringers in their little purses next to the miniature novels they were reading on their journey. Individuals keeping and bearing arms in their homes and on their persons are the militia that the states and the federal government would call up as needed back in the day when no one knew from where the attacks against our lives and our sovereignty would come. We citizens are all one individually as well as collectively "part and parcel" when it pertains to our nation's defense. That and the fact that we have a right and a duty to protect our persons and our homes and families as well as each other from death or assault from those who would take away our lives and liberty. Ruby Ridge comes to mind as an extreme and very sad example of why we must be armed. Another heinous example of government overtly failing in its duty is measured in the numbers of Americans being murdered in their homes along our Southern Border or killed and maimed on our highways due to the intent of some in our federal government to violate their most sacred sworn duty in allowing us to be invaded - this in no way is a comment against the brave Border Patrol men and women who are put in harms way every day by an ineffectual government that gives Miranda Rights to Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists who are committing acts of war, not "crimes" although their acts of war may also include "crimes". I don't know why liberal progressives cannot see who the enemy is. The Islamic jihadists are certainly clear in their efforts... On the other hand in an example that should be clear even to the most ideologically warped far-left liberal: Think about Switzerland where everyone, every citizen, is part of the nation's defense. They are ordered to be armed in their homes so that they can come to the defense of their nation. That may seem a quaint notion in this day and age but it isn't. Ms. Kagan has stated that the matter is now settled law and that we have the individual right to have arms under the Second Amendment but this right can also be eroded through regulations... She didn't say that exactly but the implication is clear. I submit that nothing is settled law with a Supreme Court where every vote matters and among whom are sitting justices who look to foreign law and apply that law to our U.S. Constitution (Ruth Gingsberg). The Court has been splitting for some time now in 5-4 decisions down the line. With Ms. Kagan the split will remain the same. BUT... When Ginsburg retires from the Court, under President Obama, and it'll happen FAST, you'd better forget about what Ms. Kagan says today is settled law today. Remember, liberal justices do not interpret cases under the U.S. Constitution. They "make law" through their own ideological agenda which will trump our rights each and every time if those rights do not conform with the socialist/Marxist agenda of taking power away from the people. Abortion is not an issue. That is a "states rights" issue as the Constitution does not address abortion on demand or God forbid, partial-birth late term abortions. But abortion "rights" will not be enfringed upon and so many molesters of our young girls will go unidentified and unpunished... And abortion will still be used as "birth control." On a personal level, I know of one young woman in her late-thirties now who has had eight abortions simply for birth control, all eight pre-borns fathered by the same man... Can you imagine or "channel if you will" what Madison, Monroe, Jefferson and others in the Continental Congress would have had to say about partial-birth abortion. Or how about a federal government seizing our guns. In the latter case, they would no doubt - just guessing here, not channeling - be jumping up and down screaming the citizenry have to be individually armed to protect themselves from the British or from an over-reaching federal government among other things perhaps such as drug gangs crashing into homes and threatening or attacking the citizens... We are one justice away from overturning much "settled law". The existing Court thanks to David Sutter got rid of our sacredly held "private property rights" in Kelo vs. City of New London. What's next? Difficult to predict but Mr. Obama did promise to change America fundamentally and it seems this is one promise he will keep... Maybe they're reading 1984 up there in the White House along with Saul Alinsky. Perhaps they should be careful what they "wish" for because once they have successfully infiltrated our nation with folks from the South who are used to rebellions and revolutions and enough jihadists have gotten in, there's no telling what could happen. Once that genny (sp) is out of the bottle even the "progressives" can't put it back - the Time Square "jihadist" is a case in point or perhaps the Ft. Hood assassin will get the message out. We, our nation, is under attack. If you want to see and hear it clearly and well-articulated, watch the first few minutes of the movie, Breach, when John Ashcroft spoke about Robert Hanssen having been arrested for espionage... We are a nation at risk from enemies within and without who are international in scope and who want to do us serious harm. The 12,000 Americans maimed or killed by illegals every year doesn't come close to the damage our enemies want to inflict upon us. When our elected "leaders" turn their back on me - then we need new elected leaders - and when they continue to fail in their sworn duty - probably had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they took that oath - I don't want to be completely defenseless. I wrote the following opinion when Bush-43 was in office and it holds today. It is just my humble opinion but I believe when elected leaders do not hold their sworn duty and intentionally put us at risk, give over our sovereignty, and play footsie with European Socialism and a Global Government, their actions fall well within the framework of "high crimes and misdemeanors." But then, that's just one woman's opinion and I'm not a Constitutional scholar or don't claim to be. Maybe the best way to unravel our U.S. Constitution is to be a so-called "constitutional scholar". Well, take care follow our laws. Somebody has to follow them.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cap and Trade: the gift to GE

It is my understanding that one of the effects of cap and trade will be to require that the appliances in our homes must be checked out by an EPA official and "if" they meet the Cap and Trade standards we will get a little sticker that will be placed in our window to say our house passes inspection. Now, it is my understanding that IF you want to sell your home, and you don't have the appliances that meet the feds standards, you cannot sell your house until you have replaced all appliances to meet those standards. And the fun part is that according to rumor and an understanding between Mr. Obama and the corporation involved, the appliances will only be available through the government approved company. I could be wrong here. You best get busy and stop the Cap and Trade bill. These folks in the administration and the Congress that Mr. Obama has "worked very hard" according to a statement I heard him say - so much for three branches of government - must have all-night BS sessions to dream up more ways to restrict our freedoms and impose draconian edicts upon us. Well, elections are coming up in 2010 and 2012. Keep a list of the folks you need to vote against. In Virginia only one of my Senators is up for re-election and although I have liked some of what he has supported, I'm going to have to vote against him this go around. Watch how your Senators vote and then when they pull a Nelson, like a Ben Nelson from Neb., put them on the list. That was such a blatant example of a Senator being bought off that Senator Nelson's name should be associated with all such cases as in "he did a Ben Nelson..." This was to buy his vote on the "death panels" health care bill. the deal I think called for Neb. to be relieved of tax burdens associated with the bill and perhaps for one of his relatives to be given a judgeship. I have to admit, I love it when the corruption is so crystal clear. The episode caused Mr. Ben Nelson, Senator from Neb. some great embarrassment, such that he or his people even called on the media to "call off the dogs." Let's have more "Nelsons". No finesse at all. If all this didn't effect us and our daily lives, it would be like watching great episodes of Saturday Night Live which couldn't compete - with all due respect. Doin' a Nelson. Yeehaw!

Kagan supports gov't. redistribution of "speech" - What?

This is primarily about Ms. Kagan but as is my way sometimes I use that free-flowing style and move to several topics. You'll have to correct me on this but I also recall that Ms. Kagan is from Illinois. What a surprise that is. Remember this administration only has three years left to clap us in irons and bury us in regulations so get busy and let's shake them up in 2010 and 2012. The problem here is that they seem ready and willing to throw themselves on the altar of Socialism and sacrifice their own careers to follow their leader over the cliff like lemmings. Well, the Republicans did it in 2006 so not it's the labotomized leftists who will walk the plank. No worries; they'll still get their pensions and their medical benefits. Nancy Pelosi is even calling on Catholic priests and bishops to inject politics into church services and even went so far regarding illegals and illegal immigration to ask "What Jesus would do?" Well, get the ladies pregnant Nancy and you and Boxer can abort their children. I have always wondered why these ladies want to kill off their constituents or possible constituents. And Nancy is still allowed to take communion. But calling for bishops to preach for amnesty from the pulpit goes just a bit too far in this land of separation of "church and state" but then Democrats have always used churches as major campaign stops and the parishioners continue to bow to their condescension. Really listen at how Mr. Obama talks down to non-white Americans. On the illegal immigration front, I wonder how those new citizens will feel when the next round of millions of illegals get their citizenship to displace the previous illegals. I have tried this several times and lost one post so I'll leave the article to you. I could not understand it. H/T to Drudge. This is like a "bad hair" day and nothing seems to be working with posting. I'm off to relax and enjoy the pro-tennis tournament in Madrid. If not Madrid, that's close. I really enjoy the tennis pros. It's a demonstration of hard work and dedication. From what I see, there may be politics involved but I don't see it. On the political front, this is a very "Cognitive Dissonance" time for me. There are no anchor points on which to hold on. It is a time of no values and no principles. The governing principles seem to be to "kill" as many unborn babies as possible; to work to ever increase the dependency of the American people upon a federal government that will not work. Socialism and its big brother, Communism, does not work. When the human spirit is demoralized and when every dollar you earn is distributed to folks who don't work then why do your best? America is built upon the principle that the individual has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" through hard work. But where is the incentive when you know that food will be taken off of your table and out of the mouths of your children and given to those who cannot afford all of the children they have so you get to support them too. During any given year, I paid enough in taxes (visible taxes not counting the add-ons) to support a family of four with mom, dad, and two children all not working. My only gripe with that was that some of my money went to support the government clerk in the middle. I would have been much happier had the government actually given me a family with the mom, dad, and two children that I could be responsible for and they would know me and I'd know them. They would know that my labor was supporting them and they were accountable to me. That way, I could have helped them in a more direct way with encouragement to the children to earn solid educations and help to mom and dad to lift themselves up. I mean, if my earnings are to be confiscated, at least let me have access to the family I am supporting. That way they could also connect the money they were getting with an actual person who went to work everyday at 5:30AM and returned home at 6:00PM and they would not connect the money with a vague non-entity known as "the government". I wonder of Ms. Kagan and her liberal ideology not to mention her dislike for our military men and women who actually secure her freedom to possibly enslave others. To me, we are going through and into difficult times. Our president has promised change "you can believe in" but you may not like it when you are young and get the bill for not having the kind of medical insurance he determines you must have. I don't understand the "gov't redistribution of speech" that Ms. Kagan supports. When I read the article, some of it made sense but then I was reminded that "making some sense" is the smoke-screen behind which the far-left conjures up their schemes to make us over into a nation of controlled, not free, people. Anyone remember Russia's "five year plans" for agriculture? They didn't work. And today if you take a look at nations that are doing well, such as what was once south Vietnam, they have adopted the capitalist model where people have incentive to work and benefit from the fruits of their labor. Even the Federation of Russia has limited taxes upon its people. I recall having read a maximum of 13%. Even Putin knows people must have an honest expectation to keep more of what they earn. And now Mr. Obama is threatening to "veto" parts of his new mammoth "death panel" health care program which is existing law. How does a president "veto" existing legislation? Well, presidents can't do that but Chavez can. I'm sorry Mr. Obama seems to have an "ivy league" complex and an anti-American capitalist or national sovereignty ideology but we need to pray for him and we need to pray that the next three years result in as little as possible damage to our way of life. We'll see how Ms. Kagan does on the Supreme Court because that is where she is headed. Sometimes folks change when they get on the Court if they have integrity and realize the weightiness of the position they hold. Nothing can keep her from taking her place on the bench and the U.S. Constitution does not delineate any qualifications for justices. I'm going through a full case of "Cognitive Dissonance" and unlike Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter didn't give me any magic cakes or mushrooms. However, we are Americans or soon the millions of illegal aliens will become citizens and then they'll get to see their hard-earned dollars go to support someone else and they will see the chances of their children blocked by the newest "most preferred status" of American. We've a long way to go. Maybe we need that Cross back in the Mojave Desert and maybe we need to dust off our Bibles and get back into church - not Jeremiah's church. Good gracious. Associate Justice Kagan may surprise Mr. Obama and demonstrate that she can rise above ideology and she can rise above the expectations of her handlers. Once on the Supreme Court, justices can surprise and can see their role as constitutionalists, not societal engineers. We can handle that all by ourselves. I don't see the point of "confirmation" hearings for Ms. Kagan, It is just a waste of time and it won't make any difference at all. It is said that Americans don't always get the government that they need but they often get the government they deserve. How are things going for the folks in Iowa? I mention them because they are the dems caucus that made all of this possible. Now to watch pro-tennis. God bless you and our nation. For the illegals and for the protesters who are demonstrating for amnesty. Don't worry. You are bringing the corruption and insurrection of Mexico into America with you so don't expect anything to be better for you here once you have gotten your way through breaking our laws. And the political party that you will look to to "protect" your interests will be busy courting another voting group. And like many Americans now, you'll finally see that you have been had. The party that takes away from one American won't have any trouble taking away from you. We're getting ready to go "global" with a One World currency and government. Won't that be fun. Life will go on and we will adapt and adjust as best as we can because in the final analysis the ruling class or elected elites can only go so far in destroying any given group, like they destroyed the black families, before that destruction comes around to throw them out of office or out of power. It is just that right now we need to know that the far-left Saul Alinsky crowd or the Mao crowd see this as their time much like Mad Jad in Iran and they are not about to miss their chance. However, it is my belief that they are very short-sighted and do not look to the effect of their actions long-term. For all they know, a time may come when this ideal which is America will have been beaten out of us and we will be relieved to get out from under them. I read a good editorial written by a man living in San Diego. He was speaking about the flood of illegal aliens across our borders and the financial impact that was having on the San Diego area. In just one example I believe he said 30 or 40 hospitals had closed. His main point was that we didn't have to worry about the flood of illegal immigration too much because once we became a third world area, the illegals won't come into conditions they created which are not much different than the conditions they are leaving today. And on a happy note - try getting into Mexico from its southern border. Who you gonna meet. The Mexican military with actual ammunition in their guns... And here at home, another unqualified person will be seated on the Supreme Court and the media and political party drama to keep the citizens agitated will go on. And Ms. Ginsburg will have two ladies on the bench with her so she won't feel so alone and out numbered. I expect Ms. Ginsburg to resign before the ink is dry on Ms. Kagan's documents accepting her position and swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution if she can find it or put it together as it has been sent through a cross-cut shredder. I must admit though that I am looking forward to the frenzy to "throw the bums out" this coming election cycle in 2010 and 2012. Have a good day in "news" land. It is too much for me...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cowards desecrate memorial of Mojave Cross

In acts by other law-abiding "citizens, Thieves steal Mojave desert memorial cross. In an act of "we don't like the law" so up-yours, cowards stole the cross at the Mojave Desert War Memorial. As Val Kilmer said in his role as Doc Holliday; "Oh, make no mistake, Wyatt's not after vengeance; he's after the reckoning" when Doc was asked why Wyatt Earp took such risks in hunting down the outlaw "cowboys." I fear the reckoning our nation will face when we are called upon to face up to the insanity we have devolved into. What a reckoning we will have called down upon ourselves.

Border Patrol; assorted stuff; Obama's road to dictatorship?

Early Light. The following quotation is taken from the Early Light blog. So many topics I want to address this morning so perhaps I should make a list and then come back and write a short post addressing each. I gave up on that and just went for ranting... I begin with a quotation from George Orwell and end with a quotation from the fearless Oriana Fallaci, may she rest in peace. Her work is not done but that to be completed by her hand has been done. It is for us to pick up the torch...
"Freedom is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear." George Orwell. He must be rolling in his grave. How prescient? And then who was it who wrote Fahrenheit 451?: Ray Bradbury of course.
So many topics: so little time. 1. Border Patrol personnel work in constant danger 2. Nomination to the Supreme Court 3. Being Hurled toward Communism/Socialism and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals now on approved school reading list by NEA. That can't be true??? Yeehaw! Border Patrol: out manned, out gunned and saving the lives of illegals breaking our laws in disregard for our sovereignty. Well, one way to look at it is that if a nation does not respect its own laws and denies its own national sovereignty then that nation deserves to be over-run. But now, as at a high school in California, we adults will let our teenage children do our fighting for us. We'll let them do the violence we cannot condone. Border Patrol. The Border Patrol men and women have my sincerest appreciation for the work they do. In the documentary I watched, one Border Patrol agent was at the memorial sight that commemorated an agent who had been killed by illegal scum. The agent visiting the memorial said something to the effect of "we go on protecting our beautiful and great nation.... But you have no support or not the amount of support you need. You like the 12,000 Americans who are killed or maimed by illegals every year on our highways and elsewhere who rely on our government to protect us as our Supreme Leader has sworn to do must understand that we are left adrift to the hands of fate just at the illegals trying to enter across the most unforgiving lands along our border in some places are left to die by the coyotes who bring them or guide them only so far - and the women - raped or sold into slavery. A friend of mine lives in Southern California. Not too very long ago, the Minutemen went into some canyons to free to take to safety young girls, as young as 12 and 13 who were bussed in to the illegal Mexican men who were hiding out there. These young girls were bussed in to be sex slaves. How much shame can our nation take before we realize that we are the laughingstock of the world? Of course, our Supreme Leader is well-liked because he has pulled off his move to a dictatorship. I wonder if Hugo Chavez gave him a T-shirt with Che on it? It is said that Americans don't always get the government they need but they get the government they deserve or want. Thank you, Iowa! You made this all possible. Our government - with the exception of our out manned and out gunned Border Patrol - are fighting to protect and defend our nation and keep us safe. God bless you and keep you safe... Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: Elena Kagan. I feel a bit disenfranchised here not to mention sick enough to vomit. With minimal effort I think our president, Chief of the Executive branch, could have found someone less qualified. It'll be fun to attend the swearing in ceremonies. I don't know how but surely there is someone less qualified than Ms. Kagan. He did check off a few qualifications on his checklist: female, the preferred sexual orientation, and white or Jewish. I don't care that she is lesbian; she'll add more "diversity" and color to the bench and it's about time those folks had their representation too but one would think one Congressman whose lover ran a prostitution ring from his own home would be enough representation for anyone but that was just embarrassing. I'll bet Sotomayor though she couldn't be topped. Move over sister... She thought being a wise Latina would make her special. No. We've got a wise white, non-Hispanic woman who is lesbian. Well a few bases were covered here. Well, our Supreme Leader touts that like most communist-socialist nations, we are not a Christian nation any longer and the liberals have done a great job of destroying some "minority" families and they are will on their way with this "national health care" to making us all wards of the federal government where we can bow at the feet of our betters and beg for medical treatment for grandma or grandpa. No one is perfect - we are humans after all and that pretty much removes the "prefect" designator. For Elena though I suspect she and her partner will display much more decorum than Ellen and her partner did at the White House. Our CEO hit some of the hot-button issues. He nominated a non-Hispanic white woman who is supremely unqualified. To be clear, I know that the U.S. Constitution gives no qualification directives for justices of the Supreme Court but with his majorities and no way any nomination would be kept from the bench couldn't he have found someone as equally unqualified among our citizenry, Bush-43 did. Anyone remember the heady days of the nomination of Harriet Myers who had to cut short her interviews with Senators so she could do some "crash study" of Constitutional Law? Of course our Supreme Leader could have nominated Miguel Estrada but he is a self-made man who is imminently qualified, and although of Hispanic origin, our Supreme Leader punched that one on the check list. I can't wait to see how long it takes for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign. Those liberals may be liberal but that liberal stuff can only go so far. Just wait and see. Restricting our freedom of speech on the Internet. Fining us, taxing us, or jailing us. Taking over the Internet and clamping down on freedom of speech but our U.S. Constitution is in tatters anyway. I read an interesting "opinion analysis" not too long ago that posited that the reason our Supreme Leader doesn't like criticism or analysis of his policies is that he is a product of "affirmative action" and never had to defend his positions at Harvard or elsewhere because he was the token "new messiah." Actually, he was "selected" but by whom? Reading the Left Behind Series, I would have to say that our Supreme Leader is not the "anti-Christ". He's just another dupe and some might say "race baiter" as he took the Arizona laws to defend Arizona citizens of any ethnicity as laughable. A nation whose leaders do not respect our laws and whose leaders will not protect its citizens does not deserve a place in the unity of nations. We are dangerously close to taking our place as a nation that respects only the "rights" of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who want to kill us and who want to disrupt or end our way of life. I don't know what their hurry is. Personally, I don't have much regard for the so-called esteemed colleagues on the other side of the aisle from the Leftist Liberals, a.k.a Progressives who want to march us into Socialism or worse. You see, it is all about power. It is always slightly amazing to me when I realize how much our Executive Branch and Congressional Branch fear and dislike the American people. But then, as long as we can vote them out of power, which is the altar at which they worship and when we finally see that the Emperor/Supreme Leader has no clothes - and we do not bow I can see their fear and we can feel their fear. But no Miranda Rights for us. Excuse me but some of our leaders or some otherwise very smart and capable people such as Eric Holder who I presume have worked hard for their success must feel like idiots when they are trotted out to, on orders from on high, have law enforcement read Miranda Rights to terrorists, foreign or domestic. Can you see the insanity in that? Our leftist leaders can't seem to differentiate between "criminals" which should be tried under our criminal justice system and Islamic Terrorists or domestic terrorists such as the Weather Underground folks who should be tried under military tribunals and never see the light of day. Of course, our Time Square terrorist is an American citizen but his actions are acts of war. Did you ever see anyone have the death penalty carried out quicker on Timothy McVeigh than you can say Timothy McVeigh? FDR didn't keep the German spies who were working on the docks in NYC away from military courts or their death sentences. Of course, they represented a "nation" that we were at war against. Don't you think Islamic Republics who support the Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists have declared war against us? We're just the ones late to the "party" or recognition. I fear for our stupidity. And we keep known terrorists alive and give them better living conditions than they would ever have at home but the only draw-back for them is that they can't be killing us from Gitmo. So let's move'em to Illinois where some are used to thugs and political cretins. Read what our Supreme Leader did to his opponents early-on. I didn't vote for our Supreme Leader - no surprise there - and I didn't vote for Amnesty McCain and his lap-dog Lindsey Gramnesty. It must become embarrassing at some point for Gramnesty to see himself as a sycophant of such proportions. Where have all our men gone? And now I hear that the NEA has included Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" on their educational reading list. Say it isn't so... And where do we go from here? a few more things no one wants to hear or say. For non-Hispanic white folks, cut your losses while you can and have five children per family. Forget about supporting this corrupt Congress with your taxes which you pay with higher salaries. Have more children and let the government support them. For Americans of African heritage, realize that your political "ship has sailed". You are no longer of political value to our elected leaders with the exception of selected areas of the country. Otherwise you have been kicked to the curb by your "race baiting" grovelers. The illegal Hispanic vote - not the legal American citizens of Hispanic heritage and culture - is what is being courted as well as the votes of felons. Although all of us are of little import to our elected leaders: Hispanic Americans and so-called European Americans as well as Black Americans have several things in common which the elites must eliminate to have their way. What values do we all share? We love our nation; we are generally Christians - although Obama tells world "we are not a Christian nation, not just a Christian nation" or religious believing in God; we may be Jewish or we may peacefully practice Islam and not be wrapped up with the Islamists because peaceful followers of Islam have as much to fear from Islamists as the rest of us do. Followers of Islam were killed on 9/11 too and the Ft. Hood murdering terrorists whom we were too afraid not to promote because of that cancer "political correctness" didn't stop to check if he were killing Muslims or not. Obama says we are a Hindu nation, a Muslim nation, etc. But I submit that if we were not a Christian nation believing in "freedom of religion", other religions would not be allowed to practice here. Just for fun, let's transport Christianity to Islamic Republics and see how welcoming they are... As law-abiding American citizens, ALL of us - from our nose to our toes - want a better life for our children and grandchildren; and we made a mistake in the last presidential election because we let our "feelings, emotions, and in some cases "white guilt for goodness sake" get the best of us and we voted for "skin color" not for values. We are not paying for that vote in total yet but we will. And according to Glenn Beck paraphrasing our Supreme leader, change is coming so fast we won't be able to stop it... And like anyone reared in an Islamic school in Indonesia knows, you have to tell people what you are going to do to them. Remember "power corrupts" and absolute power corrupts absolutely" but what if one starts from corruption? In these little rants, I must always remember to thank the folks in Iowa who participated in the Democrat primary caucus system. Hats off to you for giving us our Supreme Leader because without you, we never would have been on the precipice where we stand today. Even as recently as last night on the Hannity TV show, former Mayor Giuliani said, and I paraphrase now, that he has never feared so much for our country or let's say been so concerned for our nation's safety. But Janet Napolitano and her "man made destruction" classifier has it all under control. God help us. Maybe she'll get the next appointment to the Supreme Court when Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg runs for the hills, screaming as she rips off her black robe, "I've had enough and I can't take it any more... That's a funny cartoon image. We have to put qualified men on the court. Why - because they are qualified. When all is said and done probably the best thing Bush-43 did for the nation was to put Roberts and Alito on the bench. Well, at least Teddy Kennedy - what an insufferable being - won't be there to make Kagan's companion cry... Well, remember, non-violence is the way. It will certainly be an interesting several years. Will the Islamic terrorists be successful and will our Supreme Leader have the excuse to declare martial law? Will our dollars be devalued to the point that we look like the Third Reich? And who do the "king-makers" have in store for us next? But in 2010 some folks in Congress need to be retired... And in 2012, if we have no viable candidates for the office of president, I'll run my dog. He's an American through and through. He doesn't know it but he is... And in California - shame on the adults for letting our children do the fighting in the streets. Get a grip on yourselves in Northern Mexico, ie, California. We did buy it after all just as we bought the Southwestern states such as Arizona and New Mexico. I'm still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be named the head of the IMF. But I'll have to had it to our Supreme Leader. He sure kicked Bill and Hill to the curb fast. Pronto, I should say... So where do we go from here? We go to our core values. We go to our Christian churches and our synagogues or Temples. And we take imams out of our prison systems so that they cannot transform felons into jihadists. Our allies must be quaking in their powdered wings and $3,000.00 suits because if they thing our Supreme Leader will come to their aid militarily they are really in for a surprise... but they'll be Islamic Republics before that happens. Let's see how long Ruth Bader Gingsburg remains on the Supreme Court. No longer than months or just long enough to give her vote to some pet project...then she'll be outta there. In the words of Tiny Tim: "God bless us one and all..." We've sold our souls for a few aspirin and medical treatment we'll be denied... 2010 is on its way and our Elections are the way to bring about "change" we can believe in 'cause the "change we can believe in isn't working too well at the moment... That's what we wanted and that's what we got. Now it it up to us to bring about change non-violently. Violence from any source, a terrorist act of war or otherwise, is all our Supreme Leader needs to bring down the boot of slavery. I do not support violence to bring about change so for now, enjoy the circus and the comedy of errors you voted into office. I even feel sorry for Eric Holder even though he has immense power over me. I don't know how much longer Americans of African ancestry are going to tolerate being talked down to by our Supreme Leader. Maybe they are not listening. But on a lighter note: We must be the laughing stock of the world - at least before the horror sets into the leaders' tiny brains and they realize America under current leadership will let them sink. Our Supreme Leader has already made it clear that he will take Islam's side so Israel must be on tender hooks. I wonder when how long before America's Christian churches will have to remove their crosses... In this upside down world nothing is too far-fetched. It happened in Milan when they were forced to remove their crucifixes from the walls in hospital rooms. I'll end this post with a quotation by Oriana Fallaci, the quotation was found at the blog, The Force of Reason" "In Defense of Western Civilization." She is speaking of her beloved Italy and especially Florence where she was buried. Remember at 12 she was a "freedom fighter" in Italy during WWII. From Oriana Fallaci:
"The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their culture on us. I reject them and this is not only my duty toward my culture but to my values, my principles, my civilization...The moment you give up your principles and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilization is dead. Period___ How are we doing with that...
Oriana Fallaci, may she rest in peace, Sept. 15 2006. If you have not read her work, you should. She was in Manhattan on 9/11 and she wrote about it as only she could.

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Obama: Creates low expectations for Americans

Obama's "new normal" is unacceptable. Obama's America is one of ever decreasing expectations and the elimination of what has been called "American Exceptionalism." I know that Mr. Obama tells students to "get a good education" but then takes entry level jobs away. Summer jobs are often "entry level" jobs that help students get their foot in the door and that teach them a bit of professionalism. But the more restrictions and regulations that are put on private sector jobs, the fewer entry level jobs will exist because the businesses just cannot hire folks with all the regulations and federal demands. Many twists and turns to this issue but many of us can remember our first entry level job. And the hourly pay was driven by what the market would bear not what the government dictated. The eventual Americans landing from the Mayflower would have perished under the mind-numbing winters of New England back in the 1630's. Black Americans of yesteryear brought here across the ocean in deplorable conditions initially sold by their own chieftains and captured by Dutch and Muslim Slave traders would not have survived to build their own piece of the American Exceptionalism. Obama's has low expectations for us and he wants to ensure that we "meet" those low expectations. Well, we are going to pass off his "low expectations" and we are going to wade through and make our way through whatever briar patch the administration throws at us or throws us into. I want to include a few additions to that "American Exceptionalism" and add the tough and cheerful Aussies, the Brits who remember their roots and other nations built by slaves, indentured servants, or people convicted of trumped-up crimes and shipped to distant shores. Read the series on Australia and you'll know that "exceptionalism" is not an ideal; it is a character trait. Remember that Mr. and Mrs. Obama came along through the time of "affirmative action" when expectations were lowered for some folks; they came along after Bill and Hillary had been successful at Yale I think it was when grades in law school had been changed to "pass-fail". Not much of a curve there. Affirmative action is institutionalized racism and needs to stop for equality to prevail. Mr. Obama has not had to "work" for his academic credentials in the same way that men such as Dr. Thomas Sowell have or Dr. Walter Williams and others. I recall that Dr. Sowell was told one time that he should be glad for the help that "affirmative action" gave him during his journey through Harvard. And I'll not have the quotation correct but his response was that he owed nothing to "affirmative action" having completed his graduate work and such after 1956. For women and folks with varying shades of skin color, some should ask themselves if they met the standard or if they were short-changed because of "affirmative action." The expectations have been lowered for our youth and that has got to change. In somehow and some way, we need the likes of Admiral Rickover to lay down the law to our educational system and dictate a core curriculum strong not only in the math, physics, and science classes but also in the use and structure of English. And while we are regaining our exceptionalism on our own and pulling ourselves up by our boot-straps, when is the national Department of Education going to be eliminated and education turned over to the states. It is not a federal function. We don't need "cookie-cutter" education. We need another "sputnik" or something of that sort to spur our youth toward exceptionalism. I know we have many grand teachers who work hard and who are well-skilled in their subject matter as well as in the art of teaching...but you all know of teachers who should not be within miles of our students much less in the classroom. To those of you caught up in the cookie-cutter world of forced "lesson plans" and forced into meeting only the standards of mediocrity, I apologize. I know that you work your way around that but I won't tell... Where is merit pay for our exceptional teachers? And how can our teachers allow themselves to be "unionized"? I ask because I was encouraged into the "unions" too. Encouraged with the hint that promotions and pay increases may not be as forth-coming unless one towed the party line. To our teachers who struggle each day to bring the best to our students, thank you; and to the parents who support the teachers and their efforts on behalf of your young children and young adults, the children and young adults who are our future: thank you... It is parents and teachers, and students themselves, who often set the expectations. Set them on an ever increasing scale of success and growth and your students will meet them and reach higher. the love of learning is a wonderful, internalized mystery. It is a spark and a twinkle in your child's eye that needs to be fed. To whom do our children look: to you the teachers, the moms, the dads, and the grandmas and grandpas that build from your desire to teach your children to learn, to study, and to reach for the stars... Don't allow the "culture of low expectations" keep you back. And don't let anyone else's excuse keep you from success. Reach down and get a grip on your guts, tough it out, get the education you need and more, learn to "dress for success" and at work, keep your mouth shut about "your" problems. Let this be a guiding thought. The company or business that is paying you your salary and providing benefits more than likely hired you to do a job, not take up other employees time whining interminably about non-work related personal issues. Of course, we all talk about personal issues; just remember why you went to school, why you completed your education, and why you were hired.... And if you have it in your mind that you were hired to meet a "quota", set that out of your mind and do the job - the promotions will come and you can leave that "quota" junk in the dust as you excel and as the Army says, "Be the best you can be." If you don't think you are being the "best you can be" then get the skills to reach that goal. Don't allow anyone to wrap a blanket of "low expectations" around you, a quilt with so many excuses anyone would be discouraged. Shake off the quilt of "low expectations" if you do, you'll find that you'll reach your goals and exceed them. Roll up your sleeves and do the work and reach high expectations... You have public education that is not free; it is paid for by the taxes your neighbors and parents pay so do your best in the classroom to thank them. Sorry for rambling - I have watched students excel and I have watched them become mired in self-pity because the chip on their shoulder is a heavy burden, the chip affixed to them by the folks of "low expectations."

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