Saturday, March 20, 2010

Does Pelosi set stage for Obama lawless take-over of USA ? 3/21/2010

H/T to Matt Drudge: Dictatorship assured" through unconstitutional passage of the "massive" health care non-reform. Also, please visit Mark Lavine for more information on the lawsuit that may be pursued against Mr. Obama and Czarina Pelosi. As one lady reputedly stated several centuries ago, "let them eat cake." Ms. Pelosi the Queen of the Napa Fruit and vines, "we won. They don't like so let the die through the denial of health care. We are creating thousands of IRS jobs for the purpose of intimidating American citizens to be forced to buy a national health care they don't want. We'll use the same procedure to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. Now the problem as I see it is that our constitution has never before come under such afrontrey and the American people have never been so blatantly attack by their own government. Please see Mark Levine's website and please call or e-mail your Congressmen. A few have not been bought yet by the thugs in the White House. The only uproar is occurring because "we the people" are making our voices in opposition to the facist Pelosi or the soon to-be dictator Obama. No one who has skated through on affirmative action as the new Messiah has likes criticism. Pretty soon I would imagine that after an Islamic fundamentalist attack on American soil He'll declare martial law to put us under more jack=booted control but we may still have a chance to vote out the cowards and the folks who do not support their constituents. The bloom is off the rose for our first mulatto president. I hope next go around if we have another presidential election we will not feel that having a given skin color or anatomy such as a vagina which is necessary for the Supreme Court will become issues that no longer matter and actual merit and qualifications count more than ethnicity or gender. It took Michelle Obama decades to become proud of America. Thanks to Massa Obams out to kill me through unconstitutional legislation, it's only taken my less than a year to become very embarrassed for our nation. The laughing-spck of the world. Fortunately, his daughters will only learn of how wretched he is, usurping Jimma Carter as the worst president we have ever had. Obama does have his own spot though as the "most dangerous" president we have had thus far. He says he won't mind being a one-term president just to fulfill his agenda. That is probably his biggest lie to the American people thus far but he does have three more years to go so there's time for lots and lots more lies. To me he is a man without character as Ted Garner write in a cartoon in the Washington Times. Obama is a man in an empty suit. I just hope and pray that he'll keep flying in to help candidates such a Babs Boxer in California. Good going "no coat-tails Barry! A bloodless coup? Not really, you will pay with your lives when you are denied medical care for cancer and heart disease if you are Senior citizens. It is your blood that will pay for the reductions in cost in Medicare. When the government takes over health care and creates the dracula they have created. I promise you that the government then has no interest whatsoever in keeping you alive. In fact under such a system, it becomes you/our duty to die and give whatever is left of our respective "estates" or inheritance we have managed to save over to the government. Another way of looking at the "health care" reform is that it is effectively another way of having us killed off sooner so that the government can more easily go after our hard=earned money we have left for our children. It would not surprise me to learn that the government has already gone through our taxes and tried to determine just exactly how many Seniors must de denied health care over a given period of time in order to re-coup and estimated amount of money for their coffers. I don't know exactly when I began to become disillusioned with our government but all the Czars and some of his appointments of some of his "can't waste a crisis folks" plus the dragging out of the much loved Hillary Care but January 20th 2009 is a good place to start but in all fairness it started much sooner than that... Hail to the Czar; Hail to Obama, like Stalin - our Supreme Leader. Didn't Stalin get rid of a lot of his citizens? Yes, but he didn't hide behind unconstitutional legislation to do it. He just took'em out and shot them. Sunday's coming. Pray for our nation and know that God will bless this nation if and when we start behaving like vigilant, informed grown up. Take care and remember to call. Abstain from any violent, lawless behavior to defend yourself. Get active in local politics and vote against those who clearly hate us.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pelosite Revolution of March 21, 2010 in USA

This is the Sunday we have all been waiting for. The president of the United States will sign into law a "deemed" approved bill that will be sent to him through unconstitutional thuggery by the Speaker of the House. Not too far removed from a lady reputed as having said, "Let them eat cake," Ms. Pelosi said, "We won, we'll do what we want to do with legislation and so she shall the Queen of Napa fruits and vines run by egomaniacs. Here's a problem as I see it in addition to all of the others surrounding the backroom deals being made by Mr. Obama in the style to which he is accostumed. It is embarrassing that our first mullatto president is so ashamed of the nation. But we have to accept the responsibility for him being the president and "hold it." We don't have to do it again and we can get rid of every Representative and Senator who supports his shredding of the U.S. Constitution. Sounds like I'm whining. Well, sure enough. I knew the 2008 presidential election would be based on skin color - shame on us. Maybe after he's through killing off seniors of all skin colors, we'll all realize that it is his ideology, Stupid. An ideology that relies upon us being stupid with regard to how our government is supposed to work and being too stupid to do the hard work to oppose him. I'm rather glad it is Obama we put into office so that everyone of all skin tones can see that he is willing to put our lives in jeopardy regardless of the color of our skin or "religion". But the Republicans let the thugs in the Democrat gangs get away with unconstitutional tricks all of the time. Stand up and keep 'em in line or charge them with treason. I think it is a high crime to pass legislation that will lead to the deaths of millions of Americans simply through denial of health care. How about this? Vote "yes" and say goodbye to your freedom, go to jail, and have all of your congressional goodies for life taken away. Check the web site for Mark Levine. We must act non-violently as we look down the barrel of the gun Congress and the President are point at us leaving us with no defense except capitulation. Well, we can do more than that. We can become active in local politics and we an vote the criminals out in 2010. Some Senators are not even running again - why? Because their constituents have "got their number". To me there's no redemtion for anyone voting "yes" on Sunday. We should never let up on them and we should impeach them or in some other ways bring lawsuits against them for violating their oaths to us and behaving fraudulently. The Pelosites and the Bamaites are charting new courses and even they do not know what results their behavior will bring. When they give American citizenship to folks who come from countries where unrest and rebellion are the norm, what will pelosi be bringing into our nation of laws led by a "lawless" CONGRESS????


Death March to tyranny through chains of "health care"

Don't want to take too long. You know what is going on. Right? Denial of health care to Seniors with heart disease and/or cancer. But the health care bill will be a "job creator" or so I understand it. Heard tonight that the IRS will be tasked with assessing through our records to determine if we have the health insurance that meets the government imposed standards. Jobs you ask? Why yes! Seems the IRS will need to hire 14 to 16,000 more folks to track down each of us and determine if we have acceptable health care. And YOU thought it was free????? Yep, estimated 12,000 dollars or more cost in premiums to families of four and if that's a little difficult, you and I as tax payers get to subsidize the cost of their premiums. I said months ago that this health care bill was a pay off to the insurance companies. Hummm.... How does one say - Dictator = why everybody knows: Hugo Chavez. The big vote/non-vote may occur on Sunday. On Tuesday we need to begin working to throw out every congressman who voted for it. And keep in mind; once the precident is set, it's just a few thousand sheets of paper and presto-change-o Obama's aunt here illegally will join the other 20 to 30 million illegals and become American citizens who will naturally get "health care" The good news for businesses once again from the Democrat administration is that they will no longer have to provide good "health care to attract talented employees.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is "No vote allowed" a treasonable act by Nancy Pelosi?

As just one woman who loves our nation and sees our United States Constitution as the "law of the land", I'm a bit confused at how far afield Congressmen and other such elected folks who take an Oath of office to uphold the Constitution against all ENEMIES, foreign and domestic can go before they have participated in and/or committed treasonable acts in violation of our U.S. Constitution before "we the people" can hold them accountable and impeach them? Plus punish them with more than loss of a "congressional" seat?
I know we are not a Parliamentary government. We are a Representative Republic with a Constitution including rights that we have as individuals. I'll bet you that you won't find "national health care run by anyone and especially NOT the federal government in there but I digress.
I'm just asking; is it Constitutionally LEGAL for The Speaker of the House to wave her magic wand, snap it for flair, and point it to the TV cameras, "I am glad to announce to the American people that that the House and Sent agreed this has gone on too lone, the discussion has gone on long egough Don't have enough "econcilian votes in the House so the Senate's gonna let us use a few of vew of his 'Yes" showing true biparticipanship among our friends across the aisile.
Democrats though! A Shout out yo B;ue Does and others. President has signed the Over-thrown of the Health Care and may be signing your "plug certificate to - get in right on this for the American people and fighting that defecit." Oh yeah, that judegship gift was nice, the Louisiana money to keep those riverboats a steaming was a nice touch too.
If Nancy Pelosi just waves her magic wand and states or DEEMS the legislation voted on by the Senate as "passed" by the Congress as well although it was not; then sends that non-legislation to the President for his signature; has she as Speaker of the House of Representatives committed a "TREASONABLE ACT?" If yes, is there a Statute of Limitations on TREASONABLE ACTS committed by such elected officials? That's funny - a few of the tricks in the McCain-fiendgold Campaign legislation - passed by the House and Senate and signed by President George Bush was "unconstitutional" but rather than fix that up-front, the elected boys and girls passed what they knew was unconstitutional and sent it on to the Supreme Court to smack their hands and so on....
The passage of said legislation was a treasonable act arguably. Any news on when the two primary Senators are going to face the music and have to dend their "treasonable" actions taken? No, I won't hold my breath.
But, aside from not re-electing them which they don't give much of a hoot about, can't we at least impeach them and take away all the goodies they have built into their "golden parachutes" salary for life (and they had the gaul to question executives); the best health care provided in the world probably any place in the world. And of course that handy salary increase they get every year, no voting: Some UNION contract they have just legislated into being over the years for themselves. Some smarties, you betcha but it's 'Death Panels/denial of coverage gestapoes for us"

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Pelosites set to overthrow Democratic Republic of United States of America

Believe it or not but Pelosites working on coup to overthrow the government of the United States...through "illegal" tricks in the House.
The motto of the Marxist Communists under the guidelines of Saul Alinsky and his acolytes for the current coup occurring under the leadership of the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States is "any means to the end" of annihilating the "rights" of the individual.
The methodology being used by the Peslosites to support the Czar-like Executive in overthrowing the constitutional government of the United States is through the use of the "health care" debate and debacle which The American people oppose by about 70% to 1%.
President Obama has said that he doesn't care if he is only a one term president because he and his Executive branch see this as the time to destroy the power of the American representative government heretofore under marginal control of the citizens/people of the United States.
Pelosites under Speaker of the House leadership are planning to subvert the United States Constitutional government, Article 1, Section 8 dealing with the legal passage of bills for legislation.
Pelosi plans Nancy afraid to vote subvert the Constitutional guarantees of representative government by:
1) by PelosiDeeming that the Senate legislation on the take-over of our health care private sector was "passed" in the Senate with 60 votes was effectively passed by both houses - the Senate and the Congress and then sending the bill/legislation to the President to be signed into law as if the legislation had been voted on by the House - this vote will not occur as I understand it right now. That is to ensure that the Representatives do not have a roll-call vote and are not responsible to their constituents.
The legislation did "pass" the House by a few votes and went on to the Constitutionally required House/Senate Conference meetings to iron-out significant differences so that a unified piece of legislation can then be voted on legally in both the House and Senate and then sent to the president for is signature signing the legislation into law.
Well, the rub is that the two conferences could not iron-out the differences.
Citizens began contacting their representatives voicing their disapproval of said legislation designed to unconstitutionally turn 1/7th or more of our private sector health care over to the federal government to run, giving panels of unelected people control over life or death decisions of our health care of denial of care leading to our death.
Following the guidelines of Alinsky and Marx as well as Lenist Communism, the Pelosites in compliance with Reidites in the Senate and the Obamaites surrounding Obama to overthrow what has been American Democratic Representation as articulated in the United States Constitution.
The American people are fighting the anti-American Democracy Representatives and Senators and making their voices heard. Fundamentally, the elected representatives and Senators are learning that the people are tired of their individual liberties being usurped by Obama and his lap-dog Pelosites.
We are in the middle of a legislative fight for our freedoms. We are fighting against the tyranny of a triple-Dictatorship.
The pressure is back upon the people because in this case, there is no unified legislation for us to review.
The process set-up in our Constitution is working BUT the elites such as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama who hate us or fear us are now working to subvert the U.S. Constitution and do an end run around our Republican representative government "of the people and by the people."
Essentially, Pelosites are working for tricks and maneuvers whereby they can skip a House vote on the "legislation/non-legislation" and just send it on to the President.
We are fighting for our nation and for the representative government given to us by our founders. Now is the time to see if we have the ability to "keep" those enshrined freedoms.
We do not need to move to violence. We need to become informed and we need to vote, voice our support or non-support on various measures through the non-violent means established in our Constitution. The point is that now is the time and this is the hour for us to say, "Enough." Listen to us, listen to We the people. You work for us. We do not want tyranny. We want FREEDOM.
Call your representatives. Be polite. Let them know that you do or do not want. This is our nation and it is OUR Constitution and they cannot destroy it on their whims.
God bless America and Americans. Be of good cheer and stand for our nation. See Mark Good web site with links to others who have been researching and keeping "we the people" informed.
This is our nation and our representative government. We are not against the wall; we have many non-violent means available to us and let's not forget our State Houses and delegates. Maybe it is time to set the federal government back and get them out of our daily lives.
Let's take a look at States' Rights which are designed to work at the individual rights level.
We have to see that the goal is the overthrow of the United States and the destruction of our United States Constitution and Representative government.
Please forgive the lack of clarity right at the moment. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the flu that is slightly rough on us with the high fevers and such. I simply wanted to mention to you that through "health care" we are once again being distracted from the crisis the leftists are creating for us. Our "health" is of little concern to them. Their agenda is the overthrow of our "individual rights and freedoms." We deserve representative government, not the bells and whistles designed to control us like Pavlov's dog, salivating at the mere thought that the government would be stealing from my neighbor to dole out a few dollars to me. And on it goes.
Forgive me as I repeat: God bless America. We are experiencing a coup and it is well in place just so we will be befuddled and led from freedom into the slavery of something like Hugo Chavez's tyranny. You get the idea.
Thank you for your time tonight/this morning. Pick up your phone and call your representatives. Become active locally in local politics.
Contact the Heritage Foundation and get your copy of the U.S. Constitution. Become informed. Be vigilant to protect our freedoms. We are in this together. We must act together to protect our individual freedoms. We are in a sense responsible to each other to be vigilant and become involved. Non-violence is open to us through our Constitution. Pelosites are creating this "constitutional" crisis because they believe, like Mad Jad of Iran that their lefist time has come. Well, it has not. We must take our country back. When my freedoms are lost so are yours.
Work to change Congress in November 2010 to bring back the balance of powers over the Executive. Don't let Congress abdicate their responsibility to us.
God helps those who help themselves so we have to work together...
Nancy wants to pass the "non-bill" through the house without a vote by our Representatives because she may be a few votes short. Maybe there are no more judgeships for mr. Obama to give out or no more Senators such as Ben Nelson to buy.

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