Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama: One American's Apology

Apologies for every deed America has ever done since before the beginning of recorded time seems to be the MO of our own President so I felt I should follow His example. My apology is precipitated based upon a chat I had with an active duty member of our military. The military active duty person did not say anything because as I pointed out, any comments would be unseemly since the President, being the Commander-in-Chief although AWOL since Afghanistan is not a "football game" and He's not out for victory there, is still the dithering commander-in-chief. On that issue, either have our military personnel there to win flat out or bring them home NOW. Don't shed one more drop of American blood under such leadership.
So here with, allow me to apologize to the following:
  • most heartfelt to our men and women in uniform for the commander we have foisted upon them. I apologize for the disservice we have done to you and to the banner you wave. Maybe things will change and he'll "man-up" but don't know;
  • all of us who are seeing our monetary system, our hard earned savings being devalued daily by the monster tax-cheat at Treasury;
  • whatever remains of the free world and especially Poland and the others we have left defenseless against Russia, not to mention breaking our word;
  • to Sarkosky of France for giving him a kaniption fit and causing him to call our president something like the weakest president we've ever had. I have often wondered if Jimma Carta would be out done but could be. And President Carter does have a real Ph.D. in Physics, I think. In this I made an error. Here is the correction: Upon the death of his father, James Earl Carter, Sr., in July 1953, Lieutenant Carter immediately resigned his commission, and he was discharged from the Navy on October 9, 1953.[12][13] This cut short his nuclear powerplant operator training, and he was never able to serve on a nuclear submarine, since the first boat of that fleet, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571), was launched on January 17, 1955, over a year after his discharge from the Navy.[14] from Wikipedia. Seems Mr. Carter never completed his navy nuke operator training. I trained and worked with men we called "navy nukes" when I worked at a private nuclear power electrical generating station. So, I did make an error of major proportions. H/T to Dr. D.
  • to the Afghan people who will be slaughtered when our child president, otherwise known to some as an "empty suit", leaves them to their fate.
  • to all of the American people who are being kicked around in this power grab known as "health care". This is all about the government controlling and taking over 20% of our remaining private sector. And "death panels" is not a far stretch. I prefer to look at the legislation more in terms as legislated genocide, kinda like Rawanda with machettes, only it is more benign looking, just denial of medical care based on either age or medical condition. Oh, and if you young folks don't buy the care, you get fined. Ain't no free lunch here.
No doubt I have left out some people but the president and his team are showing themselves to be small, boys and girls with untold power, like the boys in Conrad's Lord of the Flies - a terrifying bunch. Our White House is lead by folks like Ann Dunn who follow the great mass murderer of his own people, Mao.
Attacking Fox News and others who are pointing out the shell games these powerful people are playing with our lives is only smoke, mirrors, and distraction.
But take heart. I heard one genuine historian say the other day what we Americans must remember and we must act upon because we have it in our power to do so. We must read our Constitution. We must know that any legislation created we can repeal. And, in 2010, we can vote in conservative Congressmen and Senators.
I urge you to contact your Senators and Congressmen and keep up with how they are voting. And check to see which Senators are up for re-election in 2010. The Democrat Senators are especially vulnerable as more of Mr. Obama's anti-American or extra-constitutional policies such as his kazillion czars, no "advise and consent" vetting from the Senate there for his Marxist, Communist, Maoist buddies. Obama has set up a government within a government and it is that government he is using to bring "change" or "non-violent overthrow" of our capitalist system to America.
How long before his czars are controlling pay scales across America? When they get the MEDICAL COMMUNITY or 20% of our private sector, well, ......
Make no mistake, the boys in The Lord of the Flies were very, very dangerous. They had no adult supervision.
Americans MUST vote in 2010 to get Pelosi removed from her position as Speaker of the House by voting in conservatives. If the Blue Dog Democrats hold together, good for them. If they don't, then they'll have to be voted out. My Congressman is a Blue Dog Democrat. I know Pelosi is letting him vote against her to help him save his Congressional seat but we'll see.
And watch your Senators. Thirteen Democrat Senators voted with the Republicans yesterday.
We have to be vigilant. This is our America; it does not belong to the ghost of Saul Alinsky or to Ann Dunn's Chairman Mao.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama: Orwellian genius outdone? No, never...

When Janet (Homeland Security Czar) denounced "terrorism" and the use of the word "terrorist" in favor of "man-made disaster"; I thought "Here we go, Orwell."
Then the terrorists at Gitmo - the cuddly guys who want to kill us in any way that they can - are now called "refugees", that was enough for me.
I am opposed to many of Obama's policies such as the police state of medical procedures denied thereby lowering the number of folks receiving care that can easily grow out of His interlinked "health care" data bases. You do know that for years now little fingers all across the land in doctors' offices have been typing your medical data into a national data base. That is true; right out of the mouth of one of my doctor's busy little typist.
But terrorist killers as "refugees" - that's enough.
This is an administration to take seriously and many people are keeping an eye on it. I'm not planning to write much about the administration because it would keep me busy 24 hours a day and I'd rather do very elaborate counted-cross stitch patterns and teach friends to crochet.
The IOC smacked Michelle, Mr. Obama, and even Oprah during their lobbying mission for Chicago. Then the Nobel folks eased the wound by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize and 1.5 million dollars to our president not even a year into his presidency. And so he stands with others who have been awarded what used to be a prestigious award, right along side Arafat, who probably stands as the "father" of Islamist terrorism and untold murders of his people and Israelis as well.
Congratulations to Mr. Obama.
Who is paying for Oprah's expenses and trip on Air Force One/Two on the little jaunt to the IOC?
I wonder how many innocent people or American military personnel those Gitmo refugees murdered.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Obama: the Ground Hog Day Administration

Haven't been posting much lately because all of it would be negative except for what I would post about tennis, CIA, and other agencies including our military men and women who put their lives on the line daily for our safety. Thank you, Alphabet Agencies!
Not the tennis folks, of course. They add pure skill and an example of the pursuit of goals through discipline and hard work. And they are fun to watch except when one may be heading for a tiny little bitty linesman/woman with a tennis racket swinging. But on to lighter things...
Why isn't Michelle Obama doing the dealing on the Olympics? You know and I know who wears the slacks in that family and she'd come back with the contract with the Olympics in hand for Chicago - why for the life of me we'd want to hold the Olympics there and risk international athletes being killed or maimed by Chicago gangs defies understanding - or maybe a few gang folks would just happen to settle a few scores in Belgium or wherever the Pres has flown off to.
Now, I like Michelle for this reason. She is honest. She's told us when she's been proud of her country and she doesn't apologize for America (us and our terrible behavior) over and over again. Perhaps the President will eventually run out of things to apologize for but I doubt it.
But a President who has not met with His hand-picked General in Afghanistan to decide on troop increases in over 100 days is - well, maybe - MIA, or derelict in the performance of his duties as President. Instead he'd rather be the lobbyist for his buds in Chicago.
AND, the Iranians, God love 'em, have won AGAIN. Whoopee! More talks or we're gonna get really, really angry and extend the talks farther out. No wonder that one man was smiling all over himself at the negotiations table. They can hardly contain their laughter. But we're talking (as we always have been).
At least the Israelis are not under any delusions of their own grandeur and that is good for them and for us.
I want our president to do well for us but I just don't get the "I'm for America" feeling from him. That is not a criticism; that's just the truth. I don't think "being an American" is in him. And, it is not whether he is half-white, half-Arab or whatever. He was reared by a mom who was a devout Marxist and who did not like America. Stronger words can be used but no need. His formative years in days when we used to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag with our little hands over our hearts in elementary school, Barack spent studying Islam.
His roots are not based in America until he was 10 or 11 and then he lived in Hawaii with his maternal white grandparents who sent him to the best schools available. He does not have the background of the average white or black American family. He is as elite in his own way as many of our presidents have been.
Let me state here as clearly as I can, while I might laugh at the goings-on, I want nothing more than for the Republicans to win one of the houses of Congress in 2010 - either the House or the Senate; AND I most emphatically want Mr. Obama to complete His ONE four year term in the White House with no harm coming to him or his family. The greatest thing would be for the Executive Branch, like Bill Clinton, to suffer the loss of the House or the Senate in 2010, and then to end in defeat in 2012. I don't know if those things can or will happen but Americans must keep our President physically safe.
I am waiting for Him to go out of campaign mode and become the leader of the "free world". I am waiting for him to "man up" and not act in such a manner that gets Him denigrated by Sarkozy although I would have liked to see that because I like Sarkozy and still don't believe it happened.
As our freedoms are slipping away under a smoke screen of silken tussles under the rubric of "health care", it is Ground Hog Day in America under this Executive. Bill Murray goes to sleep at night and when he awakes in the morning, the alarm clock begins with the same song and the same weather report. But underneath, the termite czars are never sleeping and they are tearing down our republic.
And where will Mr. Obama pop up on TV today?

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