Monday, August 31, 2009

Burqa returns slavery to America

In America, we cannot ban the slavery that goes on behind closed doors of any family but we can ban the exterior markings of that slavery in our open society.  Every time I see a woman dressed in a burqa, I am disgusted on a number of levels, one that the burqa worn in America is designed to set women who practice Islam apart from the general society with the illusion of "superiority" or "in your faceness", or is it the reality of "subjugation" and slavery designed to force our culture to give "special treatment" to such women.  To show them deference?  That one's working well in England.
Another is that the burqa constricts and binds the woman, defacing her and making her a "non-person," a woman in her shroud before her passing, already dead in life.  In America, the burqa flies in the face of the principles of individual freedom that we hold dear.
As Sarkozy in France, I believe the burqa should be outlawed in the United States.  Mona Eltahawy is a woman who practices Islam and therefore is a Muslim.  Here is what she has to say on the subject:  Ban the burqa from her voice at the New York Times.
Eltahawy wrote in her piece:
I am a Muslim, I am a feminist and I detest the full-body veil, known as the niqab or burqa.  It erases women from society and has nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with the hatred for women at the heart of the extremist ideology that preaches it.
We must not sacrifice women on the altar of political correctness...
Soad Saleh, a professor of Islamic law and the former dean of the women's faculty of Islamic studies at Al Azhar University - hardly a liberal, said the burqa had nothing to do with Islam.  It was but an old Bedouin tradition.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the burqa was a Bedouin tradition much as the robes that the men now wear must have developed from tradition as a tribe moved from one grazing location to another.  No leap of prowess there.
And here we learn that the burqa is not mentioned in the Qur'an.  If you search on burqa, the first link you will find is 'images'.  
Where is this coming from from me on the day of the opening of the U.S. Open?  On the day the front grass must be mowed and the sidewalks edged?  From right here in Christiansburg, Virginia at a shopping mall.
Saturday was a hot day;  a nice day actually and I was leaving a store.  A man and his wife were entering the store.  He was dressed in slacks and a causal, comfortable looking most probably cotton short-sleeved shirt.  The first thing I noticed about the woman was that she was dressed from the neck down in a long plastic raincoat with clothes underneath.  On her head and over her face she had the hijab.
For just a second, our eyes met.  She was walking behind her husband and quickly she cast her eyes down.  This Muslim woman is the new slave in America.  We should be ashamed of ourselves and we must ban the wearing of the burqa in America.  We are about freedom, not oppression and slavery.  We are also about assimilation into one society which is America.
We are not about, as Eltahawy writes, the erasure of women.  When we allow people to enter this nation who have no intention of assimilating but of living lives of changing our culture and walking around parading their chattel with an "in your face" attitude, we have desecrated ourselves and our place as the bastion of freedom.
Remember, the burqa is not about the political control of Islam or about "religion", it is about marking Muslim women just as surely as Hitler marked the Jews.  The Jewish people had the yellow Star of David;  Muslim women have the burqa...
The burqa must be banned in the United States and, as Eltahawy suggests, Muslim women must not be sacrificed upon the liberal elites' altar of political correctness or multiculturalism.  
For an excellent post on multiculturalism among other things, see the Gates of Vienna: Take Care of Your Own written/posted October 14, 2008.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

UAE stops arms headed for Iran

Yes, the United Arab Emirates stops the shipment of arms sent from North Korea headed for Iran and for the killing of American and other allied forced as well as Iraqis in Iraq.  Who knows how many of these munitions would get into the hands of other terrorists supported by Iran?
From the Bloomberg Press, H/T Drudge Report, UAE Seizes North Korean Weapons Shipment headed for Iran.
Let's just disband the UN - a worthless entity - and congrats to the world power of the USA - wait, got that wrong.  It's congrats to the UAE for stopping the shipment.
What a relief!  The USA did all that tracking of some North Korean ship or something or other with suspected weapons on board headed for Iran (?) a week or so ago - and by golly, the UAE stopped the shipment.
USA now the world's leading trackers.  We can track anything or anyone any place, any time, any where but God forbid we actually "stop" munitions transfers.  I know; I know.  We don't want to upset Hugo Chavez or some other dictator we're "in bed" with or wish we were. 
I wonder how much money that UAE stop is costing us?
Have a great Sunday and - if you are interested in these things - remember the US Open starts tomorrow and we get to watch some real power-houses...  

Friday, August 28, 2009

Teddy Kennedy Health Rationing! Drowning made easy...

It is not unusual among the flipped-out, wealthy liberal fascists, a.k.a. progressives in the current "administration" to never waste a crisis or a funeral.  Remember the disgusting hypocrisy surrounding the late Senator Paul Wellstone?    
Leading, rich, and famous "other peoples' money" grubbing sickening fascists will use Ted Kennedy's timely demise as the center piece around which to enslave the rest of us with the chains of Obama's fascist "death panel" rationed/denial of medical care extermination plan.  "Never let a crisis or days of prime time grieving (?) for a bootlegger's kin go a-wastin'."  I say where's the good, old-fashioned Irish party? Here's a link provided with a H/T to Kathy at View from a rocking chair for more here.  Also, for more interesting "things" about the bootlegging roots that formed the foundation of a Senator's career: What they won't mention about Ted Kennedy:  Treason from  Confederate Yankee. And from Mark Hemingway in The Corner on National Review Online, we have  One of his favorite topics of humor was Chappaquiddick." And from The American Thinker, we have Kennedy and Chappaquiddick in obits. The Teddy Non-care Plan is quick and easy.  Just search on Chappaquiddick or for Mary Jo Kopechne, the trusting woman who drowned as she clawed for her life certainly praying that Teddy would save her from the water-encircled car while Teddy instead rushed to his hotel room to shower and change.  More here. Let's hope the Blue Dog Democrats hold the line against Obama's fascist health control carney act designed to make you and your family totally dependent upon the administration for God only knows how much intrusion and control into your life and ultimate death. Obama's fascist health control grab is not about the sunny side of your health care provided by a benevolent administration led by a dictator whom you are to worship; it is about POWER and the destruction of AMERICA's private sector. Why won't the feds just let all health insurance companies operate across state-lines? Hmm... Cause Obama's fascist health care control grab of 20% of all aspects of one industry it about bringing us to our knees - I'm talking KNEES - in supplication to the Obamessiah Administration's little GS-4 who's gonna deny Grandma's extended care or your knee-replacement.
Come on people... Fight this take-over of our nation by Obama and his unrestricted CZARS.  Isn't 46 or 47 CZARS just a tad unconstitutional.  The man supports dictatorships in Central and South America.  And he can't stop apologizing for us.  Do you think he really gives a rat's backend about YOUR medical care except to see that it is rationed?
Or would you rather be a baby who survived partial-birth abortion and trust in Obama to take you from the cold dark room and the steel table you've been left on and wrap you in a warm blanket and hold you in his benevolent fatherly arms?  How stupid have we become?
Remember, the 2010 Elections are right around the corner.  The only chance we as a people have to reduce Obama's power is to regain control of the House and the Senate out of the claws of Pelosi and Reid.
At the very least, we must STOP this takeover of our industries, most lately with the direct attack on your life through the assault of our health care programs.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CIA investigation above Obama's pay grade

Well, it looks like decisions such at those about whether or not our Justice Department under the direction of that champion of integrity, Eric Holder, should investigate interrogators in the CIA - who keep us safe by the way - are above the pay grade of our president, Mr. Obama.
Note to the CIA - most Americans - aside from the ACLU, the loony left who would come screaming for your heads if we were attacked again by the non-terrorists, the manmade event creator guys, you know the ones - MOST Americans are on your side.
Okay, the LSD thing back in the 60s or so was over the top, but who knew?  How many elected leaders of today tried the LSD of yester-year?  To watch them one would think they are having bad acid trips upon occasion.
You men and women who risk your lives for us, who have to sit in the same room with the terrorist swine and interrogate them in the first place - we are with you.
Politicians come and go.  In America, we call it "elections" and the next one is in 2010.
Keep up your good work.  Keep fighting for us.  Your "political" appointees come and go as well so keep us safe.  And since you technically work for me and for the defense of my family, I want you to do what you need to do.  What's a few caterpillars or a Lady Bug or two among friends?  
And I can't believe you were brazen enough to shoot off a gun in a room next to person being interrogated to frighten him into talking.  My goodness, you are risky folks.  
As I recall, an Army Col. shot a gun into an empty drum next to the ear of a man who was being interrogated in Iraq and that got the man talking.  Just so happens the Col. saved not only his own life but the lives of some of his personnel with the knowledge he gained.
CIA does not stand for WIMP.  Leave the "wimp" stuff to the guys who don't have "defending our nation" in their oath of office or within their pay grade.

Ted Kennedy dies on August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy dies on August 25, 2009.
One thing folks can do at this time is search on Mary Jo Kopechne and read what many people have forgotten or are too young to know about the good Senator Ted Kennedy.  Here is one site that mentions all of the praise and some of the past experiences of Ted Kennedy who relentlessly battled the demons of alcohol and womanizing if the stories are true.
Senator Ted Kennedy is a good example of why we should consider revising the U.S. Constitution so that Senators represent the States and are not elected by popular vote and have limited terms in office.
Frankly, I could not stand Ted Kennedy as a politician.  Regarding Ted Kennedy, I have no way of knowing what he was like as a father, as a child to his parents, as a husband to his first wife, or as a grandfather.  I do know what the lives of some alcoholics are like but no need to go there.Ted Kennedy was probably just a lovable man to his family and friends; a gracious host and a man who loved his family...
So, bon voyage, Ted.  You lived a charmed life of powerful control in the Senate and riches, and...  
At last there is justice for Mary Jo Kopechne.
May she rest in peace and may her family know that there are Americans who remember them as we remember her.  We remain sorry for your loss, for the loss of your daughter. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Racing toward Armageddon?

Have been looking for and have found several other things:  A review you won't want to miss: Racing toward Armageddon and Say Anything Blog:  Mr. Obama's latest ratings.  
How low can he go?  No worries, Mate.  He'll never beat Congress in the low numbers.  

Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama takes heat off of terrorists to let rationed care do the job

How to say this...  Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists don't need to go after infidels when administration policies may eventually do the job for them.  Of course, that notion is just silly.
It is true that Obama is not formally, in public at any rate, pushing to "pull the plug" on Grandma or Grandpa or even the new borns up to two years of age such as Peter Singer champions - actually giving mothers the right to kill their children up to the age of two.  Read his writings...
But what Obama Rationed Care will do is decrease the amount of money that hospitals and doctors will be reimbursed for expensive procedures so Obama will effectively make the hospitals and doctors the "bad guys".
Health care cost would go down over night if Obama pushed for tort reform but the trial lawyers are big supporters of Mr. Obama.
How does Obama rationed care take the heat off of terrorists who want to kill infidels?  Well, depending on which age group and figures one looks at from the CIA World Factbook, health care, sooner or later, can and will be rationed to those with disabilities and to those of a given age or ages.  The numbers could be anywhere from 70 million to 38 million, mostly infidels.
That's one way to kill infidels that will save wear and tear on the terrorists.
Anyone who cannot see that Mr. Obama is setting up a government that is a supra-constitutional government beyond the law and certainly beyond the pawns he has now turned Congress into is either in denial, not well-read, or too busy castigating me and not looking to see the personal shames that must weigh heavily upon them.
The only folks in America today who need access to affordable health care are the middle class.  From my own recent experience in a hospital emergency room, I can verify that I have two types of health care and I was the only person not seen by a doctor in over an hour and a half,  and me with blood pressure of 234 over 110 or something.  Thank God I walked out in my little sock-covered feet with my running shoes and a book tucked under my arm.
If one sees fit to castigate me and to lecture to me about my conscience, look and see the splinter or rather California redwood in your own eye.  We can of course disagree but I would rather teach a man to fish than to have that man beholden to me and waiting for me, in the form of federal government bureaucrats to hand out his daily ration of fish.  How humiliating is that.  If he knows how to fish, he will be free.
We Americans are a generous people;  we always have been but when the middle class families who are denied affordable health care see their taxes go to pay for the health care of others, legal citizens as well as illegals, then those middle class families are seeing corruption at the highest levels of our nation's leaders.  
Mr. Obama is buying votes and he is after power, absolute power.  Over 46 czars answerable only to him... vetted by no one, and paid for by us.  Out only way to stop him on his way to a dictatorship or thugocracy is to get rid of any Representative or Senator who votes for this rationed health care bill.
He's just the massa in the big house and his goal is to enslave all Americans and force us to be dependent upon the Executive Branch.
Slightly off-topic, but it is, in my humble opinion, very dangerous for the House, the Senate, and the Executive to all be of the same "political" party.  It was dangerous for the Republicans;  it is dangerous for the Democrats; and it is extremely dangerous for "we, the people." 
For anyone who is concerned about my conscience, why not take two aspirins or pain-killers and worry about your own conscience.  As the late Michael Jackson said, "Look at the man in the mirror."  
Need a job?  See National Guard Internment Camps;  and
National Guard not advertising for political dissent internment camps and   Internment Camps - National Guard Ads for Workers in Camps
Conspiracy theories everywhere...  And we know that all they are "conspiracy theories."  What a relief.
But how did Mr. Obama get so much power so quickly with no checks and balances?  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama Rationed Care is about power and control

President Obama told us one to judge him by the advisers he gathers around him regarding various policies.  His advisers should scare the hell out of all of us.
Here is a chart of the Democrats' Health Care Reform which looks like a board game with "end of life" - sorry - "Game Over" as the goal:  Health Care Bill Chart.  Hillary Care on steroids.
Well, Glenn Beck did that yesterday and the presentation was incredible.  Glenn Beck on Health Care
Here are the Czars which President Obama has "appointed" to circumvent the United States Constitution.  There is no "advise and consent" for any of these czars and the "health care" czar is not working alone.  
From The American Thinker, we get Not Obama's Czars but his Commissars.  
Health-care Czar may drop public option  Laugh out loud funny....
From Flopping Aces:  Czars to leave Congress flapping in the wind in biggest executive power grab EVER.
***And what about National ID Health Cards?  A must read with links:
Another good analysis of what is in the Health Care Reform government take-over: here.  A quotation from JamesH.  Lilley:
First and foremost every American should know that Mr. Obama, his family, our senators, their families and our congressmen and their families are exempt from the very Health Care Plan they are fighting desperately to shove down our throats. If it is so good for the American people, why are they choosing to exempt themselves? The following are excerpts from the Obama Health Care Bill, titled HR 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, which should be very eye opening to every American citizen.
Peter Singer from Princeton - he advocates a mother being able to kill her children up to the age of two because they are not capable of "reasoning" until after that time.  Another article on Peter Singer:  Peter Singer:  Architect of the Culture of Death.  Singer is one of Obama's "health care" advisers.  Charming...
Rahm Emanuel's brother, Ezekiel Emanuel, who is a doctor.  Here is one article of interest:  Ezekiel Emanuel: Deny Coverage to Elderly and Disabled for the Greater Good.   
Another man, John Holdren, the science czar, advocates putting sterilizing agents into our drinking water to control our population.  Here is an article regarding Holdren's views:  John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says forced abortions and sterilization needed to save the planet
And most charming of all is a chart that shows the value of a human life:  babies and infants (including infants with disabilities) are of no value because we haven't invested any money into them yet.  One teenager is more valuable than 14 folks who are 85 years old.  None of this takes into account the productivity of the teenager vs the productivity of any of the 85 year olds.
On the chart, once a person reaches mid-50s, his value goes down and then at 65 his value decreases markedly.
As Glenn Beck says, "Here's the one thing, America..."
Well, here's the one thing aside from the creeping evil within the Obama Rationed Care:  during the debates for the 1964/1963 Civil Rights Act and questions of how the government would know if a business or other entity were meeting integration goals, would there be "government racial quotas?" 
The answer from the sponsors was a clear statement of "NO quotas."  The program was not for equality of "outcome" but for equality of opportunity so that everyone could apply and the ideal was that folks would be hired based upon merit.  Many Americans know how that worked out.
The federal government CANNOT do anything without "quotas" against which to evaluate the "success" of any given program.  
Regardless of what President Obama says, the ONLY way to cut costs in health care is to deny or ration care to some folks and to treat other folks depending upon arbitrary criteria or standards.  Age, pre-existing conditions (MS, Parkinson's, handicaps of some nature or degree), and life-expectancy plus potential benefit of the person to society (how productive can the person be and how much can the person be expected to pay in taxes...)
Now to the POWER:
I've said this once and I've said it twice and so I'll say it again.  We are on all kinds of databases but the average American - with the exception of his Social Security Number (think about that ID number's name) - is not on one national database with his DNA and other personal genetic information available to the government.  
The "health care debate" should be about our medical care and the dismantling of our private institutions BUT the debate must include discussion about another key tentacle of this diabolical "plan" - the power to force every American onto a NATIONAL database that will include our DNA and our potential to contract certain diseases based upon genetics.
This "health care" database will give the government the power to control your life and mine from birth to "end of life" chats.
Please look to the bigger picture concerning the control this "rationed care" program will give the government over who lives or dies and when.
The government is a non-entity.  It can ONLY determine the success or failure of its programs through quantitative data which means numbers. 
One thing that the Congress can do if it wants to help Americans get health care on their own is to make the 1,300 health care programs sold in various states available to ALL Americans across state lines.
But think about the power this "rationed care" will put into the hands of a federal government that cannot run a railroad or a post office system.  And think about the fact that support for this particular program will be signing the death warrant for children born with disabilities.  Who knows how many other people will be shamed into dieing?
And through supporting this heinous bill, Americans will be signing the "end of life" or other death warrants for their own children and grandchildren who may one day reach an age or contract an illness that is not considered desirable for the continuation of life.  

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama's "Snitch on your neighbor" program

Well, it had to come at some point - the "Snitch on your neighbor" program.  As I recall in reading Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky, he wrote that one time 6 out of every 7 Russians were telling tales on their neighbors in hopes that they would survive Stalin's tendency to kill Russians.  I believe Hitler had a very active and effective "snitch on your parents" program.  How much our government fears law-abiding American citizens.
I highly recommend Radzinsky's Stalin.  You'll be glad you read it.
This comes to us from Tammy of Tammy's World
To: Subject: Reporting a Website Body of email: To Whom It may Concern: Click here:  Above you will find a website regarding health care reform. Unlike most citizens, I read everything like this completely and I have to tell you, I find this extremely "fishy". I do hope that you will contact the authors of this information and let them know that we, the American People....will not stand for anymore disinformation. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Sorry, but we need a bit of a sense of humor to sustain us in all the madness.  I heard Glenn Beck comment the other day about when he had become disillusioned with our government and our leaders.  I have been wondering that for myself as well and I think he hit upon a point that may have been pivotal for many of us.  It has to do with us calling ourselves a sovereign nation but one that will not control its borders.  It is difficult to give much respect to a nation that will not control its borders and make its towns safe from illegal aliens only 1/2 of which are our neighbors from Mexico.
Then when I saw the lack on interest in President George Herbert Walker Bush as he carried on his non-campaign against soon to become President Clinton.  Then when I watched President George W. Bush become saddened in the presidency.
Who controls our nation and our people?  I have just ordered a book, American Progressivism: A Reader by Ronald J. Pestritto.
Americans are strong, capable people.  We must not allow ourselves to become "wards of the federal government" from cradle-to-grave which is what this massive "rationed health care" is all about.
Have a good day.  Taking a rest now to read a good biography about John Adams by David Muccullough.  Just completed one about Andrew Jackson.  As Americans, we need to be ever mindful that the interest groups and the war between individual rights and federal control, especially through our monetary system, is as old as we are as a nation.
Now one last thought - will you take the H1N1 vaccine on your own or will we be forced to take the injection? 

Friday, August 07, 2009

Obama to gut Medicare and fillet Grandpa? Say it isn't so!

From the CIA World Factbook:  here.  The first figure is the estimated total population of the United States, not including illegal aliens roughly estimated as 20,000,000 who are using many of our resources.  The resources they use here are not reimbursed to the states and the dollar amount is not deducted from the money we send to their respective nations.  
Please note that there is no category for Hispanic as you read on into the population information.  Hispanics are actually counted in the "white" percentage and the so-called "white" group is not classified as non-Hispanic white.  So the 79% of the population that you see as "white" includes the estimated 15% of those counted as Hispanic.  Hispanics originated from Europeans who settled throughout South and Central America and therefore are as European in ancestry as the non-Hispanic white group. 
I have not gone to the census to determine the ethnic breakdown of those over 65 in the population age group;  nor have I researched the number of those over 55 in the 15 to 64 age group, many of whom are considered "seniors."
The issue is how many Americans stand to die when Obama reduces benefits to Seniors and denies them medical coverage that they have worked to earn.  His planned reduction of Medicare benefits is a direct breaking of a government promise to the American people.  About 38 million Americans will have their lives in Obama's hands if his "rationed non-health care" is passed.  The number is probably higher to account for the disabled and for those in the 15 to 64 age group.
I wonder how many of those 38 million would have voted for Obama had they known what he has in mind for them.  
I know, I'm all wrong but the only way to reduce medical costs is 1) to deny medical care and 2) reduce the number of Americans who need Medicare.  But like Oregon, there is always euthanasia:  Barbara Wagner's Story - Hospice or Assisted Suicide.  In America?
Oregon, after treating her to one series of chemotherapy, suggested physician-assisted suicide when Oregon decided her life wasn't valuable enough to spend more money on for her health care.  Treating Barbara was not considered "cost-effective."  Read the story if you can.  Here is a quotation:

Twice Barbara appealed the ruling. Twice Oregon denied her treatment.

Government compassion sounds so noble when first introduced. In fact, this well-intentioned motive fueled the creation of the State-sponsored health plan that now denied Barbara’s treatment. As "we the people" become more and more reliant on the government, inch by precious inch, liberty slips away. Citizens become powerless in dependency. Seduced by sweet words of compassion, the welfare of the State silently usurps the wellbeing of the individual citizen. Secure in the belief that government will care for them, many Americans slumber in complacency until one day, "we the people" awake to find liberty lost.

Is Barbara's story what we want for America?  How do you Baby Boomers and folks in the Greatest Generation feel about Barbara's story?  How about the folks who demonstrated against the state-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo
You realize, of course, that by supporting or voting for Obama's Denial of Medical Care, you are also voting for the extermination of your own children and grandchildren should they reach the time in life when the government does not consider their lives "cost-effective."
God help us!  Where are our morals?  Where is our sense of decency?  While we slumber, liberty tiptoes away, as was said of the fog in San Francisco, on "tiny cat's paws."  
Population info from CIA World Factbook:
307,212,123 (July 2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 4
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
0-14 years: 20.2% (male 31,639,127/female 30,305,704)
15-64 years: 67% (male 102,665,043/female 103,129,321)
65 years and over: 12.8% (male 16,901,232/female 22,571,696) (2009 est.)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
total: 36.7 years
male: 35.4 years
female: 38 years (2009 est.)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
0.975% (2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 129
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
13.82 births/1,000 population (2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 153
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
8.38 deaths/1,000 population (July 2009 est.)
country comparison to the world: 102
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate)
note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.); about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic
According to, around 40,000,000 Americans are over 65.  Reducing their numbers through the denial of medical care, to which they are chained and for which they have worked, would certainly cut costs.  For those 55 and older, the number is around 70,000,000 including those over 65.
Mr. Obama could cut costs here;  yes sir, he certainly could.
As it is your "duty to die," how many boomers and those over 65 are standing in line for their opportunity to do their "duty" on behalf of the children, those not aborted, saddled with the debt of Mr. Obama's first 6 months in office.  

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Obama: War on Terrorism ends; war against Islam begins?

According to Jon Ward writing at The Washington Times: U.S. no longer at war with terrorism.  Wait, war on terrorism ends and war against Islam begins???  That can't be right.  I didn't say that.  Read the article. Well, I'm glad that's over. Now maybe we can dismantle all the NSA and CIA programs and all of the cottage industry programs that have sprung up like dandelions to get the money associated with the "war on terrorism."  The Lord knows we are not defending our borders sufficiently;  nor are we supporting our Border Patrol adequately.  Maybe some more money can go to them. I agree with Obama that "terrorism" is a tactic as in "terrorize" but "terrorism" is the method of WAR engaged in in a guerilla war. However, we must keep in mind that al Qaeda and its assorted allies are only the surrogates for Syria, Iran, and others who cannot take us on in a head-on, uniformed army manner. From that perspective, they are all cowards. Also from that perspective, the Democrats in Congress must allow us to drill for oil and other sources of energy that we have available so that we can become independent of OPEC. To do otherwise, makes the Democrats complicit in this war against the United States and other remaining Western societies.
That's right.  As long as Democrats in Congress tie our hands from developing our resources, those Democrats are waging war against their own nation and they are directly supporting OPEC and the "terrorists" aligned against us.  And they have blood on their hands.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama and the Far Left, State-controlled Media

The complicity of the far-left media, all mediums, in the overthrow of the United States of America through silence and lack of scrutiny of Obama's policies and the appointment of 44 czars, unfettered in their power and responsible to Obama alone is deafening. Where are the defenders of America in what is called: the 4th estate or is it the 5th Column? MIA...for the most part. Look at how the far-left media is in the pocket of its Master and one wonders why Americans want control of their own health care?

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