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Beach Burst 3/31/2007 features Hazleton, PA; and Pelosi's Foreign Policy from Liberally Conservative

Two very good and well-researched posts with great links have been posted at Liberally Conservative. Regarding Hazleton, PA and the horrific attack on the citizens and their city by the ACLU and some groups supporting the illegal alien "make-over" of America into the cess-pools they have left, Liberally Conservative provides: Illegal Immigration and U.S. Crime - Commentary. On Speaker Pelosi - Butting into foreign policy and junketing to Syria in a time of WAR and by extension giving aid and comfort to the enemy who are killing our men and women, Nancy jumps into shuttle diplomacy [haven't we learned that play is for suckers] to be wined, strike that, tead and dined in the Middle East. Speaker Pelosi - In Terror's Best Interest - Arrogance Above All Else. Democratic leadership, your name is shame! That Rep. Hobson of Ohio, a Republican, is going with her is embarrassing. We ARE paying for these trips. Isn't giving aid and comfort to the enemy a no-no? Oh, silly Beach Girl! Some would say these folks can go where they like; fine but we are at war! Anybody notice?

Manly Men are John Does too!

A "must read" and you can pick up a great "John Doe" graphic for your blog. [Being code-illiterate, I'm seldom successful with these.] Here they are: The John Doe Manifesto by Michelle Malkin By Tony at Manly Men, I am John Doe

City of Hazleton, PA rocks!

Hazleton, PA rocks! And they need our constant support. See Small Town Defenders for up-to-date info. A federal judge has stepped in on the side of illegals and will NOT allow the citizens of Hazleton to DEFEND themselves from the growing crime and other assaults on the peacefulness of their city and the safety of the citizens. American citizens in a state CANNOT defend themselves from illegals and crime. States' Rights - ha! But a FEDERAL court putting American citizens at risk when they are trying to defend themselves. Now that is criminal, wouldn't you agree? A FEDERAL court aiding and abetting in the criminal activity by virtue of its interference. How outrageous! Of course this has happened in California too but that is California - on the East Coast, we know California, once a land of sparkling promise, has more of its citizens killed by drunk driving illegal aliens than any state in the North American Union. Oops, my mistake, the "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" hasn't quite pulled that off yet, has it? More on this in a later post. We are a union of STATES with States' Rights and now we can't even defend ourselves as the revered FEDERAL GOD in black robes oversees the destruction of our nation. Makes a lady want to swear, a lot! Seems to me that if the federal government won't defend us as ordered by the US Constitution, as one of their only 4 or so direct responsibilities - to keep us safe and to ensure our tranquility, then we need to get Congress to remove any cases like the one regarding Hazleton from the jurisdiction of the federal courts. Federal courts have no place meddling in a state or city trying to defend itself. The federal government has set us adrift by and large, so America's towns and citizens are on their own on the issue of the invasion of illegal aliens. Congress and the Administraton's solution is citizenship for all! Gather 'round now and all sing together, "We are the world...." Gag me with a spoon! We have "Remember the Alamo!" "Remember Pearl Harbor!" "Remember Flight 93!" and more. We need: "REMEMBER Hazleton!" and we need it now. The good citizens are under seige. Where is the ACLU to protect the law-abiding American citizens of Hazleton? Don't American citizens have "civil liberties" too? Let's get on this and help the citizens of the City of Hazleton and help their beleaguered City Council. When the call went out, I sent in a modest check. Well, yesterday I received a "Thank you" letter and I want to share it with you but first, as the Mayor requested, I want to give you a link so that you can check on the progress of Hazleton - Small Town Defenders. All of us should have one of these letters and we should frame it or put it with our most prized papers: March 21, 2007 Dear Friend, This is Mayor Lou Barletta from Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your financial support of the Illegal Immigration Relief Ordinance, which City Council passed on July 13 (2006) and amended in September. I am grateful for every sign of support, and I personally thank you for your commitment. As you can imagine, my office has been inundated by the thousands of e-mails, letters, and phone calls of support - from coast to coast and border to border. We have been working hard to thank each and every person who is standing with us. I am grateful for every sign of support, and you have my personal thanks for yours. As you probably know, a federal court has temporarily suspended the City of Hazleton from implementing the ordinance, which intends to make my city one of the toughest places in the country for illegal aliens by fining landlords who rent to illegal aliens and companies who knowingly hire them. We are not backing down, however. The first phase in our fight - a trial in federal court - has just begun. We will defend our ordinances to the highest court in the land, if necessary. After suffering through several high-profile crimes involving illegal aliens, we've sent a clear message that we've had enough. Hazleton is working to take back our streets, our neighborhood, and our community. Revised copies of the Illegal Immigration Relief Ordinance and updates on our progress here in Hazleton are posted at, a website that will be udpated as events happen to keep you informed. I encourage you to bookmark and visit it often. Together, we can make a difference in America. Sincerely, Lou Louis J. Barletta Mayor, City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania ____________________ Amen, Brother! We hear you on the net; our friends and family hear of you from us; and the illegals and their lackeys hear you. We won't pass the buck; we'll pass the hat! Remember HAZLETON!

Friday, March 30, 2007

The USA - a pass-through and trash-the-place landmass

The USA has not yet become a pass-through, throw-the-trash-out the window nation but all you have to do is see the slide show of Cochise County, AZ to know that we are a land where illegals defecate and worse in our national rivers and streams, in our parks as they violate our immigration laws and our government lets them. Upon occasion, as you know, I will bring a reader's comment from the comment section into a post of its own so that the comments and the heartfelt realizations will not become lost. The following comments are from No Apology. If you go to his blog, you will see that his url is, that's right, America Holds! Will she? Will we? From No Apology: I wrote the "Time To Circle The Wagons" piece after a conversation with Christine (of The 910 Group) in which we spoke about the dual attack on our sovereignty from within and from without. She asked me to write up something and post it on the 910 Blog, which I did, co-posting it on my No Apology blog. In writing it, I wanted to show the chronology of my own research to illustrate that anyone can, with persistence, dig out the story of America's betrayal by those in whom we thought we could trust. The piece has been re-posted and linked to by various bloggers within the past week, and someone over at the UAC also posted it on their forum. So I know we've hit a nerve. Here's the thing: there is always the risk of becoming too insular in our approach to fighting for our Nation, and what I hope to see is an opening out to the broader picture; our very survival as a nation of free citizens necessitates a very steady appraisal of events unfolding daily. I recommend to anyone serious about gaining an understanding of the dangers we face as a sovereign nation - put your TV in a closet; look elsewhere for clues as to what is happening. The internet is good, because no one controls it. I say this because of the likelihood not so much that you will begin to believe what the Media is telling you, but rather you will be lulled into not doing your own research. When you do your own research, you become implacable. So it is vital that we do our own research, even if our conclusions are not always 100% accurate. I would even say to avoid most of the really established bloggers, who are becoming much too predictable in what they are reporting. And they try to do too much. We need to identify and focus on the core problems, while attending to what is really happening around us. Because the governmental rot is so endemic and pervasive, if we cannot somehow ignite outrage over its role in destroying America, then we're going to witness the first truly great tragedy in American history: the end of sovereignty, and the beginning of misery. The outrage, however, is beginning to show, and we need to fuel it. Become an implacable foe. ____________________ No Apology's comments here speak to the absolute necessity for Americans to become involved and informed. When we read of Putin moving to centralize the government of Russia and to enact sweeping laws that are taking away whatever taste of "freedoms" Russians may have briefly had, I am reminded that beginning with Abraham Lincoln and the needless "Civil War", our government - Congress every chance it gets - as well as administrations when the opportunities present themselves - has been centralizing our form of government way beyond what our Founding Fathers directed in the Constitution of the United States. Our bank papers are not considered private; all electronic communications can and probably are fed through a huge maw of a computer that can read everything we send through e-mails and the internet. You know the drill. The Department of Education - created by under Jimmy Carter I believe - federalized the nation's schools, once a domain of the States and the NEA gained so much power that it is arguably the most powerful "union" in the nation. Look to the education of our children just to see how well that federalization is working. The Read ID will federalize the nation's drivers licenses probably putting all of our social security numbers out there where some states today do not use our SSNs. The Environmental Protection Agency - certainly not the friend of the landowner. The Democrat Congress wants to unionize the TSA - Transportation Security Agency; you know the folks who can't distinguish between an 88 year old grandmother and a scrapping potential terrorist; the folks who have become immunized to searching all of us from our nose to our toes and all the areas inbetween herding us like cattle as they do. [I know they have a job to do to "keep us" safe. Unionizing them will buy votes for the Dems, increase the coffers of the union bosses, and make it impossible to fire any folks who are incompetent.] I could go on. See my posts about hyphenated-Americanism, about the DOJ holding US-Muslim negotiation conferences; there is so much: NAFTA and the SPP, the superhighway. That will make you skin crawl. It's rather early for me right now considering how late I was up and I have not had that drug of choice - coffee - so I'll leave you with a word from No Apology - do your own research. It is also time to realize that a facist movement is growing in the United States certainly on college campuses where people invited to speak out about the devastating effects of illegal immigration are shouted down, threatened, and run-off, most recently Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen who was invited to speak at Columbia University. So... Ever vigilant! Ever free! God bless the United States of America! God bless our men and women in the armed services!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beach Burst - March 29, 2007 - Stop the New World Order's SPP/North American Union

I think I'll start a Beach Burst and see how that goes. When you send me a link to a particularly good post and/or I find a particularly good one in addition to all the kazillion of great posts done each and every day. Here's one that is great and has important links. Remember that North American Union the Council on Foreign Relations and others have been working on for many years - since 1921 - the down with borders, let's enslave the world. Well, it is here. See No Apology's post, Time to circle the Wagons, for a good view of what the North American Union looks like and why it spells the end of the United States of America or at least a United States of America you'd recognize!

Mr. Minority - Videos - A must see!

About an hour ago, I clicked over to see what Mr. Minority had going on. Some great info as always so I'll get right to it. Also funny and bright looks at things we dare not speak of and if so, only in whispers - shhhh... He has two videos that are a must see at Videos worth viewing. I watched them both. They take about 45 minutes. One is by Bob Parks at Black and Right titled, To Our Americans Serving in Iraq. Why isn't this man on the nightly news? Hmmmm... The other is of Evan Sayet, "How Modern Liberals Think", a presentation given at the Heritage Foundation. Remember a few years back when the buzz word was "that's a value judgement"? Thus began the era of "moral equivalency" where no discernment was allowed because discernment equalled a judgement of something as being better than or not as good as something else. No wonder Bill and Hill were part of the crowd who pushed for just "pass/fail" grades in law school. The uppercase Liberal elites have been pounding away at our ability to make a decision about right vs wrong, good vs evil, for a very long time. Mr. Sayet even points out how this constant pounding at our youth is part of the answer some of us ask about "how the hell did everyone get so stupid" so fast. Well, not so fast at all. The big "L" liberals have been working at the destruction of anyone of us being able to make any kind of decision for a long time - a decision would require reasoned and rational thought. Hats off to Mr. Minority! All of us who wonder what the heck is really going on need to see both of these videos. They are worth your time. Please, watch them and pass them on...

'John Does' R US - As the Good Samaritan goes, so goes John Doe!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hal-le-ey-lu-yah! And the Omnipotent reigns! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen! Is the law-abiding, frazzled airline passenger gonna finally get a break? Well, it's about flipping time that someone called the "flying imams" bluff. Suing passengers indeed. Once a provocature (sp), always a provocature, I suppose. Don't we have any federal laws to fine and imprison folks who intentionally insight unrest and "terrorize" airline passengers? We've got leash laws for our dogs? And "pick up the poop" laws for our pets? Can't we have "no intimidating and provoking passengers and airline crew" laws for folks who intentionally seek to inflict terror on us and to "test" us - and then, because we respond, cry "profiling"! For goodness sake, the passengers couldn't help it that the flying boys were "imams", ie, Muslims taking advantage of defenseless passengers. Pushing the limits of good sense and everyone else's patience. No rules against shutting down airports and flight lines, etc? We have "ya can't cry fire in a crowded theater"! How about "ya can't get out your prayer rugs, make a spectacle of yourself for the TV cameras ya most likely called your own silly-self, and act as if you are getting ready for the last supper and then cry foul when others are intimidated by the behavior you planned and displayed. Good grief! Hats off to Audrey Hudson with her "quick as a bunny" news article, House votes to protect 'John Does' on flights, March 27, 2007. Yippee! From Hudson's news article:
"....Republicans said the lawsuit filed by six Muslim imams against US Airways and "John Does," passengers who reported suspicious behavior, could have a "chilling effect" on passengers who may fear being sued for acting vigilant. Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, offered the motion saying all Americans -- airline passengers included -- must be protected from lawsuits if they report suspicious behavior that may foreshadow a terrorist attack. "All of our lives changed after September 11, and one of the most important things we have done is ask local citizens to do what they can to avoid another terrorist attack, if you see something, say something," said Mr. King. "We have to stand by our people and report suspicious activity," he said. "I cannot imagine anyone would be opposed to this."
Oh, yes, Representative King, those seeking special status are opposed. But, mercy, someone standing with us, "our people". Common sense in Washington, D.C. - the Capitol! Quick, get the smelling salts, Elda! From Inside Politics by Greg Pierce, March 29, 2007 in The Washington Times, Inside Politics. I included the entire blurb, Mr. Pierce, too good to cut.
'John Doe' rights Bloggers were cheering after House Republicans on Tuesday were able to get a 304-121 vote in favor of a measure to protect travelers who report suspicious activity from "John Doe" lawsuits, such as the case of the so-called "flying imams" removed from a US Airways flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in November. Immediately after Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, introduced the measure first proposed by Rep. Steve Pearce, New Mexico Republican, Audrey Hudson of The Washington Times filed a Web-only exclusive report on the bill at, which was in turn linked by numerous blogs, including and "Happily, this measure passed, and marks a significant victory against that part of the Islamist strategy that -- like 'Jurassic Park' raptors systematically attacking an electrified fence -- has them probing at our legal system to find its vulnerabilities," Jeff Goldstein wrote at [Go gettem, Jeff - my comment!] The blogger known as "See Dubya" -- who last week declared his "home of the Audrey Hudson fan club" -- was pleased at Tuesday's procedural move, which got the passenger-protection measure into the supplemental budget. "Kudos to Rep. Peter King ... and to JYB fave Audrey Hudson, who has been pouring cold water on the imams' politicized sympathy ploy from the beginning." "Congress does something that makes sense? And defends average Americans from racial mau mauing? This Congress? I might faint," Bryan Preston wrote at, which yesterday posted a video in which Michelle Malkin -- whose syndicated column appears regularly in The Times -- joined others in declaring, "I am John Doe." A line of "John Doe" merchandise is already available online at
Kudos to the bloggers; kudos to the 301 who voted for sanity in the Congress! Show a little muscle! Don't let these folks - they know who they are - get away with whittling away at our laws to castrate us and make us all go under "their" veil. Talk about "hate speech". Their actions were "hate actions" designed to terrorize and to push the limits of decency.

Islamophobia - NOT!

Allow me make a correction from a post I entered yesterday when I mentioned "Islamophobia". The DOJ is meeting today to discuss US-Muslim relations in Kansas City, MO. One topic is how to stop so-called "islamophobia". You know, Animal Farm's or 1984's hate speech or some animals are superior to other animals - an oft-sung theme we are working through here in The United States of America - just in time for the North American Union. Back to, back to... The word islamophobia implies a "fear" like the fear of spiders, etc. There is a distinct difference between "fear" and being sick and tired of worn out methods that are used by the Islamists to "bring us down". How about islamaversion or islamapugnance instead? We have freedom of religion in the United States; mosques are popping up all over the place. I will not allow myself even to think that "all" Muslims living within the United States of America want to kill all non-Muslims. However, Western tolerance seems to be a one-way street. On that point, I have to ask, "How many churches have been built in Saudi Arabia, as one example, since 9/11/2001?" Perhaps what we should really be discussing is "Christophobia" which is alive and well in Europe and within the United States of America. But, fear of islam (islamophobia) - not be a long shot. As the script writer wrote for the Closer, "Deputy Director, you have nothing to fear from Allah." The Deputy Director replies, "Oh, I know that. I do not fear Allah, Mr. Mammud. It's you and those like you that I have cause to fear." [I paraphrased but you get the point.]

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

America, my home!

Becoming cynical and sarcastic is easy especially when one looks at the sheer magnitude of the incompetence of our politicians. Some of them are good and honest, no doubt, but the overwhelming cowardice of the liberal left in Congress is rather staggering. Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to speak with a next door neighbor. He's a junior in high school, in honors classes, and fed up with the weight of mediocrity in his school. His particular complaint right now is why he has to show up all the time for classes when he gets his straight A report card and he's bored to death. He has a point. He is working as a "sandwich artist" at the local Subway and saving for college. I was sharing my new-found freedom of spirit and he was patiently accepting that even with the decades of chronological age between us, he would show kindness to his "slow-learner", earned Ph.D. neighbor. After all, our family pet is named after him - my young neighbor. We do share the ravages of hurricanes and we do share our neighborhood. He spoke of how he distrusted our government from A to Z and how he loved our nation and our culture. He was also especially contemptuous of our "institutionalized racism" - affirmative action. He wasn't too keen on the illegals flooding the nation either and trashing our lakes, parks, rivers, streams, etc. What was so refreshing was that I did not lead the conversation. I just listened to his perspective. I took heart though that perhaps the attitudes are changing and perhaps our youth are fed up with all this political correctness and "diversity" crap when we are either Americans (citizens of the United States of America), legal residents, or we are illegals sucking off the government breast of milk, victimology mana, and vote-buying. America, the United States of America, is my home! I am not a hyphenated (can't decide on an identity) American. It's always been funny to me when someone says, "I'm an African-American, I'm an Asian-American, I'm a Native American (meaning American Indian); I'm an Irish-American." Duh! Please - that self-idenfication says one of two things: you think other folks are really stupid or you suffer from an identity crisis! The question is: are you an American (citizen of the USA) or are you an African, Asian, Irish man??? Our so-called skin-deep diversity is not what makes us strong. What brings us together as Americans (USA Americans) is what makes us strong - our flag, our national sport - BASEBALL, our motherhood and apple pie, our US Consitution, our equality before the law (well almost unless you are going for "special preferences" like you-know-who - the new victims de jour (all self-created and self-defined victims I might add). What brings us together are the symbols of our nation and her growth - the Liberty Bell, the Mall in DC, the smell and taste of a hot dog with mustard and onions at a ball game. So much more but you get the idea - the purple mountains' majesty, those stars and stripes waving from on high. Yep, I'm proud to be an American and I'm proud of our world colleagues - the Brits, the Aussies, the folks in Europe who are not ashamed of their grand cultures that formed so much of the foundation of ours - the Greeks, the Italians, and the French of the Revolutionary War era. I can be disappointed in any given administration but America's my home. I don't want to see this bastion on a hill destroyed. My young neighbor rather assured me that it would not be and he and his peers intended to make sure it wasn't. So, to maintain the promise of our nation, we must remain ever vigilant, ever free! [Center for Viligant Freedom] God bless America!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Illegal immigration is bad for our national health

Several weeks ago during my bout with the flu from hell, I had the good fortune to see a lady on Fox News. She was speaking to the issue of illegal immigration into the existing United States of America. She had a good point. But first, recall our exercise to look at a world map - one of those you can fold out, crinkle the paper, snap it open, and just hold the "world" in your hands. We've done this exercise in tracing the march of Islamic Imperialism and other things. The lady commented that there are approximately 6 billion people in the world today. Look at a map. The United States is small in the scheme of things. We are bordered on two sides by oceans and by the south by an invading nation waged in undeclared war against us and by the north by our friends, the Canadians. Her comment about getting a handle on our illegal invasion was simple. We can't hold or support the world's population. And why should we give up our culture to become enclaves of a myriad of cultures whose people just want to come here and turn us into the nation they left. We won't even get into TB and other diseases that we are seeing rise once again, diseases we had pretty well eradicated within our borders. We already have localities in New York City just as an example where a person can live their entire life and never have to learn English. How many more of these "cities within cities" do we need? When do we reach the point where we no longer have mobility across our nation that enables us to seek the American Dream? I think we've reached it when a teacher with teaching credentials for life from California cannot be hired in some localities because he doesn't speak, read, and write in Spanish. Our government voted long ago what our official language would be - the vote for English over German passed by one vote. So English it is. Our nation simply cannot be "home" to the world's third-world nationals; nor can Europe for that matter. I won't even go into the tragedy that is befalling Europe and dear, old Lady England. We know our current government has no desire to stop the illegal immigration. Certainly it doesn't want to deport the masses of illegals and their children. I say why not? If the child is born here and "gets" US citizenship, he can still return to his parents' nation of origin with them and then when he reaches "maturity" opt to return or to stay in what would have been his nation of birth had his parents not broken our laws. Just because he is born here to illegal parents, that should not let him be turned into an "anchor" baby - giving the keys to the nation to him and his relatives three times removed. Oh, well, many of my friends tell me the average American couldn't care less about this issue but he might when he finds himself a stranger in his own nation. So, I'll keep typing away against illegal immigration and the government administration and Congress who aids and abets illegal activity.

US Government goes after fugitive aliens with vigor!

Giving up liberty for security - gets you what exactly? US Government goes after fugitive aliens with vigor! Hooray! At last! Sovereignty matters! Well, not exactly... Jerry Seper of the Washington Times is noted for his excellent reporting on all things dealing with border security or lack there of and he does not disappoint in his recent article, Manhunts swamped by fugitive alien toll. Swamped is putting it mildly and kindly. From Seper's news article:
"The federal government has spent $204 million since 2003 to hunt down and remove fugitive aliens from the United States, but it has shown little success in slowing down a burgeoning number of aliens now hiding in cities and towns across America. More than 623,000 fugitive aliens or "absconders" are loose on the streets of America, according to a report issued yesterday by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General -- up from 331,000 after the September 11 attacks and 418,000 in 2003.... Coordinated through an ICE initiative known as the National Fugitive Operations Program, the teams translate to about 500 agents looking for more than 623,000 alien fugitives hiding in cities from Seattle and Los Angeles to Miami and Washington."
My next comments mean no disrespect for the ICE agents; they have to play the hand they are dealt and they aren't being given aces. Our government certainly is going after fugitive aliens (you know the rapists, the killers, the violent guys meaning to do us harm) with vigor. Five hundred agents - count them, 500 agents - on the trail of approximately 623,292 fugitive aliens running our streets. Yep, I feel safer. I do have a solution though to the need for man-power to track and deport illegals here whether they be fugitive criminal aliens, as in have committed crimes beyond just trashing our immigration laws, or just ordinary felons for violating our immigration laws. 1) Let's enact the Fair Tax - so everyone pays a national sales tax on anything they buy. That way the illegals get to support our government which is giving these folks so much at our expense and dictating that localities foot the bill. [This would cut into the money the illegals send back to Mexico but, hey, Uncle Sam will make that up somehow.] 2) Next, let's deputize all existing IRS folks to work for ICE or along the border as needed. Let those folks - unemployed as a result of the Fair Tax - help track illegals of any variety and, in addition to the new deputies' minimal salaries, let's give them commissions or bonuses for the illegals they help find and deport. That would have to be less expensive than the drain on communities the illegals are creating now - the "theft" through unearned services that our property taxes pay for. My money would be on the former IRS folks. They'd have the first 11 to 20 million illegals identified quick as you can say "scat cat". There are many ways to rape, pillage, and plunder. Our citizenship is being cheapened daily by our own government's policies - long standing not just recent although I am disappointed by the current "amnesty" crowd both in the White House and the Congress. As a nation, we are being raped, pillaged, mutilated, spindled, plundered, screwed, blued, died, tattooed, rode hard and put away wet, then hung out to dry. You name it, we're getting it. And now Obama and company are screaming for universal health care. Well, why not? The illegals have unlimited health care now in the US. The only folks who don't are the ones whose taxes are paying for everyone else. Good gracious! Take the time to read Seper's article. Oh, and according to his research, let me repeat this: the "government has spent $204 million tax dollars since 2003 to hunt down and remove fugitive aliens from the United States..." Hmmm - 623,292 fugitive aliens (how can they be so accurate) to 500 agents. Our government should be so ashamed of itself. The "new world order" crowd forcing United States citizens into the North American Union have no shame and no honor. And we are left to fend for ourselves. No wonder Hazleton, PA is fighting for its life.

Monday, March 26, 2007

America's military men and women - Lord, I love them!

Okay, I love the Brits too! I love America's soldiers, Marines, airmen, seamen, Coast Guard. Here is an edited (just a tiny bit) comment from our very own "boots on the ground" Coconut Commando who entertains us regularly or makes our hearts break as our love and pride for our young troops fill our hearts - jaded by politics and the insanity of political correctness - with humility. As you know, from time to time, I post a comment Coconut Commando has left because I just don't want his comments lost in "comments". He is in Iraq and shared a story when he was home for Christmas. He said the Americans at the airports just cheered and clapped and shouted of pride and such when the American military personnel would move from gate to gate catching flights home to loved ones. Good on ya, Americans! Americans want victory - real victory! We know you are the folks to bring it home! Now, to Coconut reference to the political campaigns and the ?able candidates we have posturing before us: Hello Beach Girl, I think the real question that reporters should be asking is the same that real American citizens want to know. Where the hell do they dig up these “qualified candidates? I have to tell you, I would vote for some of my junior soldiers for the next presidency well before any of the potential candidates and here’s why. They will admit to screwing up, they have had speeding tickets, drank themselves to oblivion at least once, gotten into fist fights, run naked across post (even here in Iraq), and a whole other slew of craziness. In short, most of my soldiers are basically tough guys. But at least my guys haven’t ripped poor people off from their life savings (Whitewater). How is that good? They will always admit to all of their screw ups and not deny any part of it. Some of them will be courteous enough to invite you to the next naked run. They will stay faithful to each other, the United States, their families, girlfriends, wives, and children. They will openly weep when they lose one of their own, they will always put others before themselves. When they make a decision, they will stick to it regardless of whether it’s popular or politically correct. They will not hesitate to use high levels of violence when it is necessary and a last resort. When asked, they will tell you that they are American, not (insert country here)-Americans. Why, because they are proud to serve their country and not looking for media acceptance. These are men that have seen more horror in their young lives than most politicians have read about in their entire careers. I would never hesitate trusting them with my life, the life of my wife and children. I wouldn’t trust most politicians to get a Slurpee for me at 7-11 much less with something actually important. The "nut case" Islamists of the world know for a fact that Democrats and, particularly Obama and Hillary, will make their decision as gray and inconclusive as possible, they will change that decision at the drop of a hat as soon as the press reports anything negative on it, and they can always count on the “feel-good, rainbow” mentality that these politicians always follow. I laugh at the fact that both of them, especially Hillary, will constantly flap off at the gums about needing “leadership” at the White House. One- I hope that she’s not implying that her husband is a leader because the only thing he did while he was in the White House was to make adultery popular. Two- Hillary has only looked out for herself and NO ONE else. And three- Both of them will only ruin this country for our children because they wanted to be seen as “Good Guys” in front of the media. Terrorist are going to use all of this against us and these politicians, not leaders, are going to hand our freedom to them as long as it doesn’t offend them or look bad for the night’s ratings. _______________ His men are worth so much more than the politicians who play with their lives. For those who may not know, the Democrat House voted down funding for military transport that would have deflected the IEDs that are killing our troops in Iraq. I am glad that Commando reminded me of the difference between politicians and "leaders". I printed his comment here because neither of the persons he mentioned are the "commander in chief". If they were, of course, he would not have used the names out of respect for the Office of the President. I have a great group of young Navy men living close to me. They watch out for me and my family and I know we are safer for their presence. When they have time off, they don their head scarfs in bandana style, flex their tatoos, and act like the loveable gang/lugs they are. They have honor and integrity and they too are serving our nation; they are loyal, they are true, and they fess up to their "errors in judgement". Thanks to Coconut Commando and his men for being the men they are. They are Americans, not hyphens! They have volunteered to fight for our nation; they are not politicians; they are men of integrity, honor, and they will keep us safe. One more thing, thank you to all our young men and women serving in our military forces. Thank you for doing the jobs you do. And thank you to you families -moms, dads, sisters, brothers, wives, children - God bless them each and every one. As an aside, I read somewhere that every year or so the Marines are given surveys/questionnaires to fill out. I may be wrong here but it is my understanding that one of the questions or series of questions asks our young Marines if they would fire on American citizens. So far, if I have it right, our young Marines have continued to say, "No." God bless you!

Western civilization gone mad in face of psychopathic murderers!

I have to wonder sometimes if all of our leaders aren't on prozac or some other drug that alters their brain capacity. [No slam against some good folks here who need prozac.] We - Western Civilization - are nations with leaders gone mad. We are faced with terrorists who are extremely serious about accomplishing their pathological goals. I recently watched a movie, Dirty Bomb, by Daniel Percival. It takes place in London. At the end, one of the interrogators says,
"When you bomb us and kill innocent men, women, and children, we will retaliate killing more Muslims." The terrorists looks at her coldly and says, "We expect your retaliation. That is what brings us together and divides you."
So, the Islamists justify their pathology and our retaliation justifies their initiating action. We are really dealing with psychopathic behavior here. How long before we understand that? If you vow to kill me and my family, I am not obliged to let you. Neither am I obliged to allow you to change my laws, change my way of life, and carve up my nation with sub-nations of your own. My government is not obliged to surrender my freedoms, my culture or my way of life to you either. We are a world gone mad, bound by the chains of multiculturalism where every culture is honored except the Western Culture. Those chains are molded from censorship or political correctness where none dare call it treason; none dare call it national suicide. Western Civilization is in a row boat; the boat is being swamped; and, by the way, the piggy bank is "broke". To top it off, we are trying to deal with homicidal psychopaths using reason, common sense, and the all too familiar dhimmi tribute or pay off. So, then who is more mad: we or the terrorists? As a friend told me one day in Texas, when ya see a skunk staggering toward ya in the heat of the day, he's rabid; you don't invite 'im into your home.

Pakistani Tribes set up house in England!

Most citizens of the United States of America (as in contrast to the North American Union) know that the American Indian tribes are nations unto themselves and special laws govern their relations with the United States of America. But that's where the extra-internal nations begin and end. Any group that declares itself a "nation" within our sovereign borders can't set up its own laws and punishments or get special treatment. In America, one can't have it both ways. If you are a religion, fine - the doctrine of separation of church and state applies, and you get to follow secular law - we are all "equal" under the law regardless of our religion, right? Mark Steyn, as always, points to the "nations" or groups functioning like independent nations that currently sovereign nations are allowing to build and develop within their borders under Shariah Law - most notably but certainly not alone - England and Pakistan. His piece, Playing for keeps: Not Quite Cricket, addresses the issue head on. Steyn has such a way with words and with what would otherwise be humor if the stakes were not so high when he says,
"The other day Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf took time off from his hectic schedule of trying to survive assassination attempts to pay tribute to someone who, alas, had been less successful at dodging the attentions of his killers: A week ago, during the cricket World Cup, Bob Woolmer, the coach of the Pakistani national cricket team, was murdered in the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, in what Mark Shields (not the American TV pundit but the veteran Scotland Yard man leading the police investigation) called "extraordinary and evil circumstances." ....
Steyn continues,
"Anyway, I thought of this strange death as I followed the rest of the week's news from Pakistan. Gen. Musharraf has had a good innings but stands at an ever lonelier wicket: he suspended his country's chief justice the other day. The biggest parliamentary faction, the Muslim League, has turned against him. So have the country's three warring intelligence agencies. And in the badlands up by the Afghan border, more and more villages are being annexed by the Taliban, which the general doesn't mind terribly much but his friends in the White House do...."
As always, Steyn's column is worth the time and the thought because he speaks to the tribalism (my characterization) that is occurring in England today.
"From the Northwest Frontier Province, the Saudi money and Wahhabist ideology seeped through the country, into the mosques of the cities, radicalizing a generation of young Muslim men. From there it moved on to new outposts of the jihad, to Indonesia, Thailand and beyond. The flight routes from Pakistan to the United Kingdom are now the most important ideological conduit for radical Islam. The July 7, 2005, London bombers were British subjects of Pakistani origin. Last week, two more were arrested in connection with the Tube bombings at Manchester Airport as they prepared to board a plane to Karachi. Meanwhile, flying back from Karachi and Islamabad to Heathrow and Manchester are cousins, lots and lots of them. Roger Ballard, in a very detailed study of Punjabi marriage, writes that "brothers and sisters now expect to be given right of first refusal in offers of marriage for each others' children."
In his research of the Mirpur district in Pakistan, he estimates at least half and maybe up to two-thirds of those living in Britain of Mirpuri descent marry first cousins. This is a critical tool of reverse-assimilation: Instead of being diluted over the generations, tribal identity is reinforced; in effect, Pakistani tribal lands are now being established in parts of northern England --
Pakistan exports the fruit of its radical madrassahs in ideology and personnel to Britain and beyond... We're all inclined to be deferential to multiculturalism these days: When imams get turfed off a flight in Minneapolis, it's easiest to tut-tut and demand sensitivity training for the cabin crew so next time round, no matter what they do, we'll know to look the other way. The Quebec government, which mandates verifiable picture ID in order to vote, has just waived the requirement for Muslims: Show up at the polls in a burqa or niqab and no one will be so insensitive as to insist on checking whether your face matches that on the driver's license. And so it goes -- creeping Shariah, day by day, further insulating communities already prone to self-segregation, but nothing too big or startling to ruffle the scene. In Britain, the authorities can tell you (roughly) the number of jihadist cells and the support they command in the Muslim community. But doing anything about it is far more problematic. Wouldn't be cricket, old boy."
[My apologies to Mr. Steyn if I quoted too much of his article. Read it all. He is too good and so clear in his observations.] The left always has an answer and that answer is always, "Let's sit around have a beer, smoke a pipe, and talk" as the world spirals inevitably toward a boiling confrontation. Suzanne Fields adds one more coat of icing to the mix in Moral equivalence revived:
Establishing "dialogue" between the West and moderate Islam is a good thing to do, but talk cannot succeed with extremists who start the conversation with murder. Theo Van Gogh's death at the hands of an Islamist radical in Amsterdam is a dramatic metaphor for the impossibility of reasoning with a terrorist. Just before he died on a darkened street a witness heard him plead with his assailant. "Don't do it! Don't do it!" he cried. "Surely we can talk about this."
I have to wonder what our leaders are thinking: law-abiding citizens are treated as the "threat"; different cultures are allowed and encouraged to build their own enclaves to make assimilation impossible; "minorities" are given all kinds of points for "diversity" but only based on third-world nation of origin or skin color. Both Steyn and Fields hit upon the same issue here but perhaps from a different tact. Western Civilization - whatever that has meant for centuries - is being systematically dismantled by the governments sworn to uphold our nations and their respective sovereignty. At least, as they are marched off to the chopping block, the Europeans were allowed to vote. Those in the North American Union have not even had the chance. If you vow to kill me and my family, I am not obliged to let you. Neither am I obliged to allow you to change my laws, change my way of life, and carve up my nation with sub-nations of your own.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

USA, sovereign no more; Kelo v. New London paving way for SPP and NAFTA superhighway

Once again the citizens of the existing United States are going to get the shaft. Mercy, I am so embarrassed at how slow I can be. The full extent upon the American people and the destruction of our nation as we know it has finally occurred to me - thanks to a look at the Kelo v. New London decision by the Supreme Court. FIVE of the noble folks in "black" decided that a city could take private property, condemn it, and sell it to another "private" entity if there were taxes to be made for the city. Then, the "ah ha" moment - Of course. The Kelo decision "paved" the way for the NAFTA super highway cutting across the United States and along its way chewing up and spitting out towns, homes, farms, ranches, schools, businesses, dreams and aspirations, and every other legal enterprise that makes up part of the "American Dream" with impunity. With little or no way to save their land and property, their homes and their livelihoods, the dreams of many Americans will be swept away. Behind the backs of the American people, on sunny Yucatan or Cancun shores, heads of state decide our fate with narry a chance for us to say a word. Oh, we can say many words but they are moot. The deed is done, in the works, and our "new world order", one-world-government airheads are having their way with us. With the right and protection of private property gone in the United States for all intents and purposes, what separates us from other tyrannical governments - NOTHING - it is only a matter of degree. Here are a few links you may find interesting: [The gov. ones will make you chuckle if you don't cry at the blatant rending of the Constitution of the United States.] North American Union Here Now: Part 1 by Faultline USA [March 21, 2007] North American Union Here Now: Part 2 by Faultline USA [March 22, 2007] North American Union Here Now: Part 3 by Faultline USA [March 22, 2007] At Americans for Legal Immigration we find Students train in "model parliment" for new North American Union! And at Blue Collar Rebuplican, What you don't hear on the nightly news. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Kelo v. New London. The case is Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) The following two are my all-time favorites for humor and levity as our homes are sold for Mexico's trans-continental highway slam straight through what will soon be the "former" United States of America as it is transformed into the North American Trading Union (NAU) with not one peep out of our citizens or our elected "leaders" in DC. Our tax dollars paid for these two links: Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and SPP: Myths and Facts And from the non-government controlled, Technorati: SPP: See what people are saying right now on Technorati There is another foundation working against the NAFTA superhighway - Selous Foundation - I don't know anything about them but they have put out a good map of the highway within the United States (and you get to pay for the highway and pay a toll to use it too). The sovereignity of the United States of America is being eroded and the nation is being carved up - by enemies of WWII, by some enemies we can't identify? Nope - by our own government. It looks, at that first blush, that all the Homeland Security agencies are not designed to keep terrorists and illegal invaders out but rather to keep law-abiding American citizens in and settled more softly each and every day under the yoke. When will our DNA be coded and put on our Identity Papers (card); when will a baby's body be punctured with a tracking device? You don't know how it pains me to be forced to question my government. I had a tiny bit of awareness a few days ago and it has been quite liberating - Patriotism and respect for any given political administration are not synomous. What a relief! Right now, with a few exceptions, the entire kit and kaboodle of them aren't worth a bucket of warm spit of tabaccy in a brass spittoon.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Kansas City - Counter-jihad Volunteers needed 3/29/2007

Muslim groups in the USA push for "supra" preferences, leading to intolerance of you and me, and hate crimes if we exercise "freedom of speech". Go to Kansas City on March 29 if you can to see your tax dollars working AGAINST your liberty! If you are paying much attention, you know that selected Muslim groups in America are working to gain protected and special rights for Muslims - special foods, separate swimming pools, just to begin. The enactment of "hate crimes" just for anyone discussing Islam in a way defined as "hate" speech by, of course, the Muslim groups. Please see Wanted: Counterjihad Volunteers in Kansas City found at The Gates of Vienna. Remember, in Islam there is no separation of church and state - there is no religious freedom and there is no room for non-Muslims to criticize or even discussion the strengths and weaknesses of Islam as related to Western Culture. As currently configured, Islam and Western Democratic Republics are NOT compatible. They cannot co-exist unless Islam reforms or unless, imams' choice, the rest of us submit to Islam and change our life-styles and lives accordingly. Bringing about changes in our culture is what these government supported meetings are all about. Read further at Center for Viligant Freedom. On March 29th, Thursday in Kansas City, under the auspices of the Department of Justice, excuse me but just what the heck is up with that? We have the separation of church and state and now our DOJ - with our tax dollars - is the handmaiden of the Islamic Jihad? Say it isn't so! The meeting, among other things is to discuss hate crimes which in this case simply means expressing a view contrary to the 7th Century dictates of Mohammed. Christians are in real trouble because they lambast each other all of the time on matters of doctrine. No body suggested "hate" speech crimes before to shut them up. Ah, but that was Christianity. Islam clearly is weaker as demonstrated by the push to shut up the rest of us who may disagree with its practices such as stoning, beheadings, cutting off hands and feet, etc. From the post at the Gates of Vienna, we read (generally paraphrasing here) "on December 4, 2006..with Attorney General Alberto Gongalez present.... a meeting was held between "American Muslim leaders with key senior US government officials and US government officials to discuss the state of Islamophobia in America and US-Muslim relations." [Islamophobia - can anyone say 9/11; Twin Towers; Pentagon; Flight 93?? Cobart Towers; USS Cole, etc., etc., etc?] What? US-Muslim relations? No meetings to discuss US-Christian relations? Just the idea of US-Muslim relations sounds to me like the discussion you'd have say like US-Iranian relations. Have we, as a nation, conceded that Islam is a nation within the existing borders of the United States of America, that Islam is an independent state to which we must give concessions. What is going on? Are we sending troops to Iraq to help establish a "free" nation as much as one can be "free" under Islam and Sharia Law only to be capitulating to the Islamic Caliphate right here at home? Oh, the fish are getting smelly and very rank. We're in trouble folks, and only we can get ourselves out of it. Our government is right in the thick of "negotiations" between the US and Muslims invited or allowed into the United States. What are they "negotiating" about? Don't we have any states' rights any more? Can't a school district decide what it will serve for lunch? Can't a city decide it's own hours of pool operation? Does this "negotating US-Muslim relations" sound questionable to you? No wonder we haven't had any more attacks on what is currently the soil of the United States. Our government is "paying" off some anti-Muslim groups - the groups like those listed in the article linked above. Our government is being blackmailed by the terrorists and our government is caving; pacifying Muslims who might get cranky. For a long time, I've heard that we have a shadow government - okay. But why is our government negotiating with "American" citizens who say they are Muslims so that these folks will get preferential treatment and will undoubtedly by law become superior to the rest of us. What the heck is going on? If you are in or near Kansas City and you are concerned about the way our government is leading us, try to go to the meeting cited at the Gates of Vienna. Let us know what happens. If you do go, please drop by here and link any posts you write here in the comments. I'll include them in a separate post. Ever vigilant; ever free!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fred Thompson for President 2008 / We need leadership!

The time has come. We need LEADERSHIP that honors the oath of office - defends the United States from invasion. If you don't know we are being invaded, you've been sleeping; or you know and you are so ashamed of your own nation that you want the destruction of our national sovereignty. We need clearly articulated goals and objectives; we need our men and women of the Border Patrol to do their best and hold the line for just another year and a half without getting themselves in jail for doing their job. We need the DEA, ATF, and all the other alphabet soup agencies to hold the line and do their best to avoid continuing the march to make law-abiding American citizens the "enemy". Our government has and continues to sell us out - can you say NAFTA, SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership a treaty by any definition without Senatorial review or approval), and the other measures to destroy our national sovereignty. Ever wonder why our borders are open coming into the United States but Mexico sure doesn't have "open" borders so that we can cross and take up residence there..... It's time for the District Attorney on Law and Order to step into the race. We need Fred Thompson and anyone else who will show leadership and not talk us to death. Here are a few links: Draft Fred Thompson; What if the Right said Fred?; and from the National Review Online, Gandi's Way Isn't the American Way by Fred Thompson. Good gawd a'mighty, we need leadership! We are starved for leadership. Leadership that isn't carping about the "size" of her plane. Leadership that isn't cow-towing to Equador; groveling in South and Central America. The United States MUST finish the job in Iraq; the United States MUST secure its border and we don't need fancy little formulas to do that; the United States government needs to stop, slam STOP, sending a dime of my tax money to so-called "sanctuary" cities within the United States. Fred Thompson for President 2008. We cannot survive much longer with no leadership. We'll drink up leadership like folks who have been foresaken and abandoned on an island that used to be self-sufficient; we need a long, cool drink of leadership: no more invasion, no more creeping tyranny through data-mining. We are at war here and abroad. Vote in leadership, strong leadership - men and women who will 1) tell Mexico we will defend our borders and before any young military man or woman goes overseas, they will spend 6-8 months on our border with live ammo; and 2) all services for illegals and for their children born here or brought here will be ended - no jobs, no free medical, and deportation upon completion of any jail time for crimes of rape, murder, etc. We need leadershhip who trusts and favors American citizens (who are paying the tab) over the "rights" of terrorists and illegal aliens of any nationality. The tipping point has nearly been reached. We need leadership NOW. There is no shame in wanting and demanding that we remain a sovereign nation. Shame, shame on those who willingly are aiding and abetting the erosion of our nation; and we, the American citizens, can't do a damn thing about it. Or can we? Walk tall and carry a big stick! Fred Thompson's the man! Fred Thompson for President 2008 and really TAKE BACK THE USA.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fox News disappoints on Gathering of Eagles

Today was the "great" anti-war protest in DC. Veterans and others were there to defend the Vietnam War Memorial - The Wall. I saw the anti-war protesters throughout the day but Fox News managed to show the Veterans - the Gathering of Eagles - minimally. I expected little from other network stations but I had expected Fox News to provide more coverage for the Veterans. Fox usually does a beter job but today, they disappoint.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Gathering of Eagles - March 17, 2007

If you can't be there, watch on TV as the Vietnam Veterans and other Americans will be defending the Vietnam Wall from desecration by the deplorable far-left. These leftists screamed and shouted to bring the troops home from Vietnam. And of course, they did suceed in ending LBJ's presidency, a good thing in my opinion; but they (cowards all) took it out on our troops. America's military is hard to beat UNLESS it is facing rabid citizens of America, drunk on their 15 minutes of fame. [I watched a former CIA operative last night on Fox and he said we were today like a nation gone mad that can hardly defend itself. Think about it.] Now, these paragons of democracy are planning to spray the Vietnam Veterans Wall commemorating the fallen military personal - men and women - who gave their lives in Vietnam with yellow paint. I think the color is more appropriate for them to wear and not spray unless it is upon themselves. My experience tells me, of course, that we can never know all of the strategic reasons upon which our government makes decisions. But like my attitude toward the Vietnam War - we should have atleast finished the job we set out to do - we should do just what we are doing in Iraq, increasing our forces and getting the job done. Look at a map. As I have written before, Iraq is very important. We are fighting in Iraq and we have an undeclared war on our Southern Border, that is if you consider the Americans killed, mugged, raped, etc. by border crossers among other things. I think we are rather in denial on protecting our own nation and actually correct being in Iraq. Well, before I get too far afield, watch the TV and watch as the Vietnam Vets once again, now most in their "senior" years, must defend our military once again from the likes of Jane. NOTE: to my friends who left comments, thank you. I'll post them when I am able to comment. Gathering of Eagles - what better name. You can fly with the eagles or you can peck around in the dirt for crumbs like chickens. I'll take my chances with the eagles. How about you?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Onward Islamic terrorists waging world-wide holy war

When I think of the Democrats and the conservatives, I am reminded of Henny Penny and the "sky is falling", the "sky is falling" as little Henny Penny asks for help, asks her "village" to prepare for the unavoidable threat to their survival. But there will be no hope for Henny Penny from the "I'm in denial and 9/11 never happened, you smuck" Democrats sounding and acting much like Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?". Well, duh, Rodney, not when the other guy says he wants to kill you and take over you nation by corrupting you laws and whacking off your head with a rusty sword. Today, I'd just like to direct you to two very good posts. One, on the funding of CAIR, was suggested to me after I asked for information. The information is staggering. At Holy Chalice, Phil writes Dear Reader, here are some more facts. This is an excellent blog, I might add. The second reference concerns a subject I wrote on some time ago: the growth of Wahhabi schools in America. [We know they are rampant world-wide.] In the Ironic Surrealsim/Velvet Hammer, please find America's Wahhabi Invasion - Forewarned is Forearmed. The latter is right but we are facing a tough fight to protect our nation because our government is steadfastly encouraging thousands of student visas for Muslims, some of whom may be Islamists-in-waiting. Not good for any of us non-terrorists. Maybe the Mexican invaders and the Islamic crusaders can duke it out together. Nah! That won't happen. News from my left-coast roving source. A picture will be on the way of the new Mosque in Laramie, Wyoming! All the invaders and crusaders are doing a great job of dispersing themselves across the nation. While the government sends troops out of America, we are left defenseless. Our Border Patrol folks have surely gotten the message that they are not to stop illegals. Our National Guard has orders (I think) to run from military or para-military units entering our nation from Mexico. And if it is true that our National Guard are not even armed, that is unconscionable. And the drug cartels - For getta bout it! America is the land of milk and honey for them as one of the world's highest illegal drug user nations. Are Americas leaders strong enough to defend our nation or are they more interested in destroying its sovereignty? The Islamic Imperialists march on setting up schools and training camps across the nation, and recruiting from our prisions; the Mexican invasion continues; and the American tax payer, whose money is being used against his own best interest, is being raped, robbed, mutilated, spindled, and soon will see his home, ranch, market, etc, etc, etc be condemned by eminent domain for that super NAFTA highway. It seems that the term "free trade" is the new code for "new world order." All ruled by the corrupt UN? Not if the Islamic Imperialists have their way. Seems to me we are letting and encouraging, through our refusal to implement existing immigration policies and our refusal to shut our borders, the advance of Islamic Imperialism right here in the USA. How in the world can we give Constitutional safeguards to the Islamists who swear with every breath in their bodies that their goal is to kill us or dominate us? Maybe FDR could have been compassionate and understanding when he had the military deal with the 12 or so German spies who had infiltrated the US. At least he didn't let them set up training camps and recruit members from prisons under the guise that Nazism was a religion. I'm sure to some Nazis, it was a "religion" but PLEASE! When did we lose our minds? With the advent of the UN and all the little busy-body off-shoots who want to micro-manage everyone in the world. Well, good luck with China on that one.

Presidential Election 2008 - John Cornyn and Tom Tancredo

Well, I look at the "field" of folks running for their party's nomination. Hillary has the Dems nomination for president. Nobody wants to be on the FOB (Friends of Bill/Hill) list. Now, would you? For the Republicans, I'l like to see Senator John Cornyn (TX) and Representative Tom Tancredo (CO) as the party's presidential and vice presidential candidates. Barring that, I'd like to see John Cornyn as President and Tom Tancredo as head of Homeland Security. For me right now, no one in the Republican field hits the mark and the Democrats are proving how successful our public, federal government-controlled schools have been in teaching history, civics, and a kazillion other things to our students. In an ideal world to you, who would you like to see as president, vice president, director of homeland security?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wren Cross and Nichol "compromise" - a grad's response

A William and Mary grad left the following comment at one of my posts on putting the Wren Cross in a glass case. I think the comment needs a wide audience. Anyone posting on this issue is welcome to copy and paste this comment into posts about the Wren Cross. Thanks. ____________________ W & M grad said... The stacked committee returned a stacked "compromise". So now, at William and Mary, Christianity is an historical artefact in a glass case, like an indian moccasin or ancient Greek vase in a museum. This is even worse that Nichol's original compromise. And of course it would be; did anyone really think that this ACLU devotee, this president who said he would resign if repudiated, would not appoint a committee that would do his bidding? Sorry to see that over at there is a capitulatory note from the editors,we can no longer see the list of signatories, and at the blog we can no longer see the video of the cross removal. Everyone put up a great fight -- such wonderful writing! -- but Nichol is an old hand at chipping away at America and her values. ____________________ This grad sees the point clearly - if Nichol can make the Wren Cross an artifact, he can somewhat diminish its significance. Then if he can add other religious symbols such as the Star and Crescent, he can further diminish the place of the cross in a Christian Chapel. As an aside, I read a really good comment from some Muslim students who said the Wren Chapel can't work for them because it doesn't "face" Mecca.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Homeland Security to data-mine American citizens

In an article by Audrey Hudson in the Washington Times, Homeland Security revives supernoop one would think we, law-abiding American citizens, are seen as the true threat to America's security. Homeland Security's re-worked scheme is right out of the Tom Cruise movie where they have a massive, intrusive computer program that "predicts" crime so that the police can arrest folks BEFORE they have committed a crime - based on predictors of behavior - thought up by someone who had ultimate power and control as his motive. How can any American seriously trust our government when that same government is spending millions of dollars to data-mine all records about us and can't even keep illegal aliens out? I'm finding it more difficult every day to avoid disillusionment based upon the actions of my government against law-abiding citizens. Thank goodness for the reporting of the Washinton Times and investigative journalists such as Audrey Hudson. At least we know a fraction of the truth. In this case, our society is growing ever-more "totalitarian" by the minute - we have data-mining, the Real ID - designed only to verify that legal American citizens are subjected to more scrutiny, we have the thought PC police (sort of akin to the religious police perhaps) who work mightily to shutdown discourse. My, my - and a Supreme Court that paved the way for the destruction of homes, ranches, businesses through upholding the right of cities, now nations to impose eminent domain upon us to build NAFTA's superhighway. All this and they can't even conduct real security checks on more than 3% of the cargo coming into the nation on cargo ships. Now, as if we don't have enough questionable drivers on the highways from Mexico, we're gonna build them a better highway to slice our nation apart. About the Supreme Court - this is the same august body that ruled that our bank records are not "part of our private" papers because they go through a third party. Well, duh! Try doing anything today without a checking account. Like I always say, "When you can't go after the real criminals, attack the law-abiding." I hope Hudson doesn't mind, but I want to include a few quotations from Hudson's article then I encourage you to read the complete article. ______________________ Homeland Security revives supersnoop By Audrey Hudson THE WASHINGTON TIMES March 8, 2007 Homeland Security officials are testing a supersnoop computer system that sifts through personal information on U.S. citizens to detect possible terrorist attacks, prompting concerns from lawmakers who have called for investigations. The system uses the same data-mining process that was developed by the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness (TIA) project that was banned by Congress in 2003 because of vast privacy violations. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation of the project called ADVISE -- Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight and Semantic Enhancement -- was requested by Rep. David R. Obey, Wisconsin Democrat and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. .... The ADVISE and TIA data-mining projects rely on personal data to track individual behavior and consumer transactions to develop computer algorithms that create a pattern that some behavioral scientists say can predict terrorist behavior. Data can include credit-card purchases, telephone or Internet details, medical records, travel and banking information. Privacy concerns prompted lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to introduce legislation in January to require that government agencies disclose data-mining practices in regular reports to Congress. [My comment - keep in mind that medical records are supposed to be confidential but little medical technicians are busily typing all of our medical records into computers for a national health record sponsored I think by both Hillary and Newt.] "Many Americans are understandably concerned about the idea of secret government programs analyzing their personal information. Congress needs to know more about the operational aspects and privacy implications of data-mining programs before these programs are allowed to go forward," Mr. Feingold said. A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security did not return a call for comment. [Hmmm - notice how they all go silent when caught with their panties down?] Congress also tucked language inside Homeland Security's spending bill in September requiring an investigation by the agency's inspector general, but allowed $40 million in funding to go forward in this year's budget. "The ADVISE program is designed to extract relationships and correlations from large amounts of data to produce actionable intelligence on terrorists," the spending bill said. "A prototype is currently available to analysts in Intelligence and Analysis using departmental and other data, including some on U.S. citizens." According to a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report in March 2003, TIA planned "to use data mining technologies to sift through personal transactions in electronic data to find patterns and associations connected to terrorist threats and activities." "Recent increased awareness about the existence of the TIA project provoked expressions of concern about the potential for the invasion of privacy of law-abiding citizens by the government, and about the direction of the project by John Poindexter, a central figure in the Iran-Contra affair," the CRS report said. "While the law enforcement and intelligence communities argue that more sophisticated information gathering techniques are essential to combat today's sophisticated terrorists, civil libertarians worry that the government's increased capability to assemble information will result in increased and unchecked government power, and the erosion of individual privacy," the report said. ADVISE was initiated in 2003 following the demise of the TIA project... __________________ You know, it would seem that if we got a better grip on the illegals and the folks coming into the nation from "terrorist" supporting nations, we'd be doing more to increase our security than having Americans data-mining and thereby micro-managing what should be personal and private information of other Americans. I don't want these folks who can't even secure our borders sifting through my records - it isn't that I have something to hide - it's just none of their damn business. Hat tip to Hudson for an excellent report to America's law-abiding citizens... My apologies if I used too much of the article; I was just overwhelmed by the administration's "clear, present, and never-ending assault" upon the privacy of law-abiding American citizens. Reports such as this one never cease to amaze me.

Wren Cross - Leaders of Comment

To read the latest press release by the leaders of Save the Wren, please go to the Save the Wren Cross Blog and read Wren Cross - Leaders of Comment. Thank you all for following this controversy since October 2006. It has meaning for all of us who want to maintain our traditions and our heritage - the only things we have to pass on to our youth that can give future generations an anchor to hold onto when we, as a nation, face any gathering storm. Our traditions and heritage give us strength as a nation. Over the last nearly two decades we have seen our leaders as well as our public strangled by "politial correctness" which is sensorship leading, as Ann Coulter points out, to re-education training. As a nation of strong, generous people from all across the ethnic spectrum, we must surely stand for something or we will fall person by person for any new divisive thing that comes along. The students, the alumni, the concerned folks now numbering 18,000 who have signed the Save the Wren Cross Petition have and do stand for something. Their on-going efforts are a good example for us all. As Americans we don't have to just roll over, assume room temperature, and let the far-left, the PC police, and organizations internal and external who wish to destroy our freedoms and our heritage have their way. 18,000 petitioners and an active student-alumni group of like-minded folks across the nation have shown that one can stand up to tyranny, look it in the face, and say, "Enough!" To me, the Save the Wren folks have been engaged in a "fight" for tolerance, for heritage, for "fair play", and for inclusion of us all in the grandest tradition of respect for the rights of all - even if today in America today that means defending our Christian heritage.

Wren Cross Editorial in the Washington Times

An editorial appears in today's Washington Times, A first step at W&M. The Washington Times did not credit the writer or at least I was unable to find such notice. The editorial is good and speaks clearly to the issue at hand. I believe Joe Luppino-Esposito is responsible for the fine editorial.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Deporting Illegal Aliens and States Rights

It seems that the news is all a buzz that the federal government is now having a few raids on businesses who have hired illegal aliens both contractors, state services in MO for an example, and some even working for federal contractors. The laws of 1986 have simply not been enforced and we have experienced +/- 1,000,000 new illegals annually plus our suicidal process of giving automatic citizenship to "anchor" babies - infants born to parents here illegally. A correct reading of the US Constitution would show that the amendment XIV dealing with citizenship/children born in America - the United States of America - "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside...." The key is "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" in that illegal aliens are foreign nationals and subject to the jurisdiction of their nations of birth. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Vicente Fox was quite vocal in that he had 25-45 million Mexican Nationals in the United States. These folks who will be given "amnesty" will also be able to have dual citizenship. Just two examples of how stupid we are: Joe Lieberman has Israeli citizenship as well as US citizenship yet he was acceptable as a candidate for the Vice Presidency. Another example of how we are being "milked", a friend of mine's daughter married a great young man from Peru. He is an American citizen and has given up his Peruvian citizenship. His father, however, is in the United States to get his citizenship; he is allowed to have dual citizenship with Peru and returns to vote in Peru where he also owns significant land. His plan is to live here long enough to earn Social Security and then return to Peru - to return here for medical care if he needs it and cannot get it in Peru. Pretty soon the only folks in the United States who don't have dual-citizenship with be folks born in the United States to parents also born to legal residents of the United States. What am I getting to? We should eliminate dual citizenship, period. Deny citizenship to "anchor" babies along with the denial of SSI and other freebees; And States should have full authority to protect their legal citizens and legal residents who are footing the bill for the illegal aliens. I know I'm on the losing side of this issue since the federal government has been turning a blind eye to the immigration laws since the 3,000,000 amnesty of 1986. NAFTA, CAFTA and all the AFTAs are designed to weaken our national sovereignty. To be fair, candidly, I must admit that the illegals or legal foreign national men in the building trades are hard workers who do excellent work which is admirable and of a high quality. These men - illegal or legal - the ones I have seen doing work in my area do have high standards of excellence in their work. These are not jobs that "Americans" won't take. It has to do with good business. Would you hire people to work for you who did shoddy work or would you hire folks whose work was consistently good? Sticky situation and I acknowledge that I am in the minority obviously with regard to maintaining our national sovereignty - certainly the federal government or the past three administrations have all been "new world order globalists" so the invasion of illegals and the implementation of the NAFTA, CAFTA, and the SPP along with the superhighway helps them meet their ends. Talk about divide and conquer - I still don't understand our government's clear desire to literally/physically divide and conquer the American people. Maybe I've viewing this incorrectly and need to take another look but as things are going... To which nation does/should the average middle-class citizen have loyalty? We are covering the costs of all illegals. What additional prices will we pay? Here, at home, as a result of the government's failure to uphold the US Constitution, defend against invasion, and as a result of prison programs that provide the opportunity for some to recruit potential terrorists? Working my way back to you - thank you for your patience.

Wren Cross - out of the closet and into a glass case

Just a note - March 7, 2007, Fox News, The Big Story with John Gibson had a short report that the Wren Cross has been returned to the Wren CHAPEL on display within a glass case and a short plaque. The cross will not be behind the altar - its proper place and the CHAPEL will not be open to religious symbols from other religions. How much desecration can one CHAPEL have placed upon it? I still think President Nichol is no friend of the College of William and Mary and the sooner he leaves the better. NOTE: his contract is up in a year and a half. Anyone know the Marine Corp hymn - from the shores of Tripoli? Anyone know why? Consult history of Thomas Jefferson who sent the Marines to Tripoli to stop the killing of our sailors by the - hmmm - slips my memory... What a compromise by nichol! Now, when will a replica of the orgininal marble tablet of the Ten Commandments on the wall of the Wren Chapel?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mark Steyn's America Alone perhaps needs a sequel: America no more!

Through history we know that nations come and nations go. I am experiencing a bit of confusion in that I see our administration and our Congress aiding and abetting the destruction of our nation and the national sovereignty that accompanies that. NAFTA usered in by Bill Clinton and whole-heartedly suppored by George W. Bush will divide our nation, will put Mexico in charge of tghe first check point in Kansas City. Mexican truck drivers will have free access to our nation to deliver drugs, more illegal aliens, more terrorists, and such. Would some one please, seriously, explain to me what is going on with the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership? With the NAFTA superhighway - the homes, ranches, and everything else that will be condemned and taken through eminent domain now that private property is no longer one of America['s core strengths that has for so long set us apart from other nations. We will pay for our share of the highway and we will also pay Mexico's share too. We are flooding our nation with Muslims who are sworn to kill us and to change our nation into a nation under Sharia Law. How will that sit with the dual-citizenship Mexican citizens our treasonous elected officals will soon add to our nation's population? Step back my black brothers and sisters, you are becoming more marginalized as a share of the population each and every day and that marginalization weakens your voting "power" with either political party. As each day goes bye and I see the hardworking American citizens kicked to the curb, I have to wonder why America would want to derstroy our nation in such a planned and measured way. It is becoming clear to me that global banks like Bank of America are run by people who care nothing for America and only care for aiding criminals/illegal aliens. May the leadership of Bank of America be damned along with all elected officials who are working mightily to destroy this nation. Soon, we'll just be a pass-through park, our citizenship won't be worth a damn and the only folks without dual citizenship will be Americans born here to parents who were here legally. Michael Savage says America will win the "wars" against our enemies within as well as without but the price will be very dear. But then the price of Freedom always has been a costly enterprize. God bless you, God bless America! May we come to our senses soon. Go to Stop the Project to see the Muslims' Twenty Year Plan for America. I guess the sort of good news is that all of our nation's enemies the ACLU, the Socialists, the Leftist, the Secular Progressives within; the Islamists and the Mexicans without - see their time to go for the juglar and destroy us now and they are having a merry time of it. What will it take for the core/the bedrock of American patriots to say, ENOUGH? Would someone please help me out here? And check out Steve's Hodgepodge to find out what is happening in DC on March 17th. Now that would be a march to attend against the likes of Cindy Sheehan and her anti-American folks.

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