Monday, February 26, 2007

Transportation Dept puts your life at risk

In order to comply with NAFTA, the Department of Transportation is going ahead with the implementation of opening our borders to about 100 selected Mexican trucking companies to enter and leave freely, in the interest of time, as they bring any and everything into the United States of America under this "fair trade" agreement, fair trade code for anti-the American trucking industry. What kind of government goes ahead with an agreement that will knowingly put America's drivers and passengers at risk on our highways? Well, the Clinton and Bush administrations. Here are several links so that you can read what the Congress and Senate say about the plan - in short, Congress says, "Well, we do have to honor our agreements...." From the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, we have House Transportation and Infrastructure Decision on Mexican Trucks and House Transportation and Infrastructure on Cross Border Trucking. From the Senate, this is a link to their transportation committee US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation. If you are interested in research on how our country's administration is "looking out for our safety and national security", the references are places to start. Some of my friends tell me that Americans simply don't care about the invasion, turning our nation in a lawless land benefiting illegals 50% of whom are from Indonesia and the Middle East + China and increasing their means of entry - you don't think all of those trucks will be inspected do you? Well, for those who don't care, rest assured, your government is using citizen apathy to re-market America as the pass-through park for trade going from Mexico to Canada. And like any theme park, the visitors don't always pick up their trash. If you want another really good blog, see Blue Collar Republican and scroll down the right sidebar for articles on CAFTA, NAFTA, SPP and other related areas of interest. You'll be glad you did. See also at American Freedom Riders, Cochise County.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

American lives put at risk by Transportation Dept?

Briefly, I saw a short news clip last night (Saturday night when no one is watching the news) that the Transportation Department will now be opening our highways to Mexican truck drivers - free and clear. Be safe on our highways. A good friend of mine lost her mother to a drunk driver here illegally from Mexico - is there any other kind. My friends's life has been permanently altered - she has lost an eye, she is 100% disabled due to the car accident, she can never have a family due to her injuries, and the Mexican national who killed her mother now gets three hots and a cot plus the state of the art exercise equipment, cable TV, and much more all provided by tax dollars as he is jailed for a short time. Our government - run by MBAs and seeing America only as a commodity to be traded or sold (not to mention being over-run by invaders - illegals from around the world - making us a lawless land) have opened us up to more danger. It is unsafe to drive now due to the drunk illegal aliens driving on our highways. Now, our Transportation Department (which our taxes support) will open our highways to Mexican truck drivers free and clear. It is becoming more difficult each day to hold on to the belief that somewhere in our government people care about the safety of American citizens. Surely American citizenship is cheapened each and every day. Some of my personal friends tell me that Americans simply don't care that we are being invaded; don't care that the administration has sold us out. I still believe in our soldiers, our undercover folks, the decency of the American people - but I am having a harder time having any respect for a bureaucracy that cares nothing for our sovereignty and sells our freedoms so cheaply and that uses my tax dollars as "tribute" to make us slaves to the terrorists and terrorist nations. Every dollar that goes to the PA, to North Korea, to all the others who wish to harm us weakens us. Anymore it seems that our lives are worth little more than the taxes we can pay to folks who will destroy us. I don't know what it will take to move Americans from apathy. If anyone knows how I can find out more info about what the Transportation Department is doing to erode our sovereignty, please let me know. Are there Congressional hearings about this or is it a done deal?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Flu has kicked me to the curb

I want to thank you for continuing to read my posts and for patience as I have been working my way through this really bad flu. I'm not all the way back yet but doing my best. So, thank you. I have missed you the most and I have missed posting and reading your comments. Am working my way back to you - you have become a great part of my life and I have missed visiting your blogs. When I get back/regain strength, I'll be adding blogs to my "blogs I read" list. So, please continue your patience. This is a very ugly flu and I've been sick for well over a month. Just took a long walk today, first time. So, I'm just working my way back to you...

Senator Byron Dorgan - Open Letter for Statesmanship

Dear Senator Byron Dorgan, I have watched you from time to time speaking on the Senate floor. You are one of the very few Democrats that I tend to rergard as responsible and having the qualities of a statesman. I am a conservative and I have a sincere request for you. I have watched for six years as the Democrat Party in both houses of Congress have generally fought the President tooth and toenail. For six years it has been relentless and in some cases petty. But that I am reminded is "politics". I am calling upon you for leadership and statesmanship. If Democrats in elected positions of leadership would just for six months support the President in Iraq - it is not Bush's war- it is a war America is in and it is a war to keep "terrorists" busy. But with one hand we "fight" and protect the borders of Iraq and with the other hand we keep our borders open. American people generally do want change in Iraq and that change is "a war won". I for one want Maliki and company to defend their own nation but we must remember we are dealing with, as Brigitte Gabriel says, "tribes with flags". Islamic Imperialism is a real and present danger to our way of life, to our freedoms - look at the success the terrorists have had in America already. I am looking to you to stand for America - setting politics aside and grow into the statesman that I believe you can be. When I have heard you speak, you have spoken with a higher standard of integrity - at least that is how you appear to me. Please, use your influence to get the Senate Democrats to support the President - the Commander and Chief - just for six months. Can you imagine how much Americans hunger for "victory"? We have faced defeat ever since the birth of the United Nations. My readers will conclude that I have lost my mind to ask for reason and statesmanship from any elected politican but I call upon you. If the Democrats in the House and in the Senate redirected just 10% of their energy to support the President just for 6 months - spoke with one voice to the world that we will not let Iraq fall to Iran or to Saudi Arabia, to street gangs and thugs and such, the world would listen. We, the people, need leadership and statesmen - not deal makers, not folks who pay tribute in any form to those who plan to do us harm. Please do the near-impossible, set politics aside and put the nation first. We desperately need statesmen, builders of our nation, statesmen who will stop the invasion into our nation dead in its tracks. Cordially, an American citizen's plea for statesmanship.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Michael Medved ends today's show blasting William and Mary's BoV and ill-suited president about Wren Cross and the Sex Play

Well, the Board of Visitors and their president puppet or maybe it is the other way around, should be proud to know that they are bringing The College of William and Mary to its knees. My left-coast operative told me today that Michael Medved ended his radio talk show today with comments about the embarrassment and dangerous ground the BoV and ACLU puppet nic are a laughing stock. The board of visitors formed a group to study Religion in Public Universities. This is how the breakdown starts. And this is how Bill Clinton divided this nation through such committees as the Committee to study Race Relations in the US. A negative + a negative don't always end with a positive. Nothing good is coming from the well-planned anti-Christian actions of president nichol. Make no mistake. Nichol took the action because it is easier to take the action which you know will be inflamatory without asking permission to change the policy. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia would be well-advised to remove all members of the Board of Visitors and accept the resignation of president nichol. Virginia has a proud heritage on many fronts. We've had our proud moments and our not so proud moments. One strength we have always had has been The College of William and Mary. But having a BoV and a president working overtime to destroy one of the most well-respected universities in the nation should not be tolerated. Governor Kaine - please send these folks a note saying, "Your resignations on my desk by xyz will be accepted. If letters of resignation are not forth-coming, expect letters removing you from your prestigious positions by return mail." The College of William and Mary, the citizens of Virginia, need at least one responsible adult in authority to bring common sense to the college. The Save the Wren folks have been put in the only position they can accept - they are fighting for one thing - the restoration of the over 70-year policy; they are fighting for the prestige of The College of William and Mary. Governor Kaine, please call the BoVs and the president for a meeting at the wood pile. Don't let the ACLU's surrogate to destroy the prestige of the great College of William and Mary.

Lionheart says pen more mighty than sword

Lionheart says pen more mighty than sword. Perhaps that is true but today the pen and the laws of Western Civilization, a "civilized" culture, are being used to destroy that culture. The attacker, a primitive culture and political ideology dressed up as a religion that enslaves women and treats all other peoples and true religions as subhuman and inferior. It is said that the greatest trick the devil pulled off was to make man believe that the devil did not exist. We are seeing the existence of evil today and that evil is on the march. That evil is Islamic Imperialism - the leaders believe "their time for world dominance" has arrived and they will see it through. The West lives in a state of denial believing that the "devil" doesn't exist even as the West kills its unborn babies - those who would defend the West had they been allowed to breathe the breath of life. We in the West worship at the feet of Babel. We are destroying ourselves and mocking the values and the Judeo/Christian culture that gave us life. What will wake us up? Another or worse 9/11. More bombings in Spain, in London. Why do you think these acts have not occurred? Easy - the Islamists are getting what they want through mocking our laws. The primitive "society" will win unless the "civilized" culture comes to its senses. We cannot "make friends" or engage in reasoned debate with those whose only goal is to destroy us using any lies and any means possible. We cannot negotiate with Islamists; their Qur'an tells them to lie to the infidel and not to befriend the infidel; not to engage in assimilation into the infidel's ways. The imams scream it from the lecturns in the mosques. And yet Western "leaders" in whom we have put our trust betray us at seemingly every turn. A new blogger, Lionheart at Lionheart stopped at my blog a few days ago and I want to mention him hear. He is right that Islam is out to dominate the world and to destroy our Western Civilization and culture. The tool that the Islamic leaders are using is our tolerance and our generosity. We must not allow these Islamic leaders filled with hatred and lust for our destruction to become successful. I urge you to take a look at Lionheart's blog. And also to read an early post that Lionheart referred to me, Knights Templar - 21st Century Christian Crusaders. The prophet said, and I paraphrase here, "convert them, tax them, or kill them by the sword." Just a question here, but how willing are you to believe that today's Muslims don't believe that directive - and when faced with a choice, where does the so-called moderate Muslim stand today - with saving the life of the infidel or condoning the "radical" Islamist covering his face with a mask as he saws away at the neck of a man bound with his hands tied behind his back. If you tried to believe that you were a "moderate" Muslim, where would you stand when the masked Muslim with the sword says, "We know where you live. If you side with the infidel, we will come for you and your family next."?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hail to the New Commander and Chief Pelosi

Okay, I admit, I've been sick for way to long now but the vote in the House of Representatives yesterday with a total of 242 tails between their legs democrats including 17 Republicans really has to give new meaning to the words - aiding and abetting the enemy. Our new Commander in Chief Nancy - say it isn't so Benedict Arnold - Pelosi and her new Chief of Staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Murtha, just should be ashamed of themselves. If they could just pull their collective heads out of their collectives asses long enough to give our elected Commander in Chief and our military men and women in uniform (Boots on the Ground) support - verbally so that the enemy would know we speak as one united country, what miracles we could accomplish. Nance could get up there and say, "Okay, look, we didn't support this war but we are in it and we'll support this troop surge and we'll support the President so you Islamofacists just get out of Iraq; Iran keep your men and weapons out of Iraq - we're in this thing in direct SUPPORT of our men and women in uniform." We'd bring our troops home in victory and the democrats' constitutency wouldn't remember what she said two years hence. Remember - Americans love victory! So let's give it to them! Of course, Hanoi Jane straddled North Vietnamese tanks and Billy-Bob Clinton loathed the US military (in his words) but they both had merciful and like-minded politicians at home. I would have been for executing the traitors - ie, those who march and protest against our nation during war time on foreign soil and that would have spared us Hillary (she who has proved that a mediocre woman can't make it to the top unless on the coattails of any philandering man) and political correctness, and the anti-white racism they "love" so well along with the anti-Christianity they love - his Bible you could read the cover of three blocks away not with standing. Nance and company are trying to re-write by a thousand cuts the US Constitution - what is remaining of it anyway regarding the duties of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. And they just aren't qualified. Nance supports the troops but not their mission AND she wants a bigger plane (at our expense) to keep her safe. Give me a break. She has it wrong. No self-respecting jihadist would want to cause her and her minions harm. She and her cohorts are providing aid and support for the Islamists. The Islamists love Nance and friends. The Islamists may be many things but stupid doesn't seem to be one of them. Would you cut off the hand that is supporting you? Not likely, at least not until you had a mosque on every corner and an "al Sadr and Abdul's Ready-to-wear Burkas" in every shopping mall. True American patriots can agree to disagree but in time of war, our elected leaders should at least have the stones to stand for the troops AND their mission. Why do you think this has all dragged out so long? So, I call on the new Commander in Chief to step up to the mike and say, "Our troops have our support; we'll give them all they need to get the job done in Iraq so that the Iraqis have a chance." I won't go into my normal tirade of the opening of our nation to illegal aliens who have more rights than native-born Americans - I'll just leave you with this. I would appreciate Nancy Pelosi and her comrades just once saying, "Let's kick ass and get the job done in Iraq. Let's support the President of the United States and I'll start by using my own plane to get me back and forth from San Francisco to Washington, D.C." How can our people be successful when the democrats fight them (our military) every step of the way just because the dems hate our President? Where are the Statesmen? Stripped, clipped, and castrated! Our young boys drugged in elementary school. Thank you, feminists! Just try to remember where you'd be in an Islamist America. Just for six months, Nance - show some true leadership, roll up your sleeves and stand with the President and our Generals and our troops (they volunteered you know). Just once, give our troops a chance and stop aiding the enemy. Can you do it? Can you be a leader, a stateswoman? We need a Churchill with clarity of vision. Come on, Nance - gird your loins and set your hatred of our President aside. You have the power. Let's see what you do with it. We're beginning to see a snipet and it ain't a pretty sight. But you can change that, Nancy. Do you have it in you to be the Margaret Thatcher of our times? Or are you going to be just like a woman who once reputedly said, "Let them eat cake." and say, "I want my own 500 ft long stinkin' plane" in one of those "women who have penis envy" kinda things? What are you made of, Nancy? Sterner stuff? Are you a stateswoman or just another whiny witch with a bit of power?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Undefended US Border - accident or planned erosion of our nation's sovereignty

Just one little thought - why in the world should any President of the United States of America refuse to defend the US border and refuse to defend the nation from the current invasion, creating a mythically unsolvable problem by increasing the illegals each and every day - hey, ya can't deport 'em all, right? Wrong! Cut off the services. Answer, to create jobs, silly: Homeland Security, the TSA, and others are "growth" industries. The hottest thing going is defending the security of the nation, right? So, defend the border between Iraq and Syria with US troops and send the National Guard to our very own border without loaded guns. Don't get me wrong - I think we need to fight terrorists but not with one hand while we are holding open the door to the south with the other. Who in the world would actually defend our border in compliance with the, oh, say, Oath of Office when driving the illegals in by the bus load creates the need for more money to be spent on "security"? And just how much will the Read ID cost all we legal American citizens? Do you have a copy of your birth certificate handy? Show me your papers? Heard that lately. And in the process, destroy the local infrastructure of the nation's towns and cities whose citizens pay taxes for services that are going to the illegals. But, hey, I've given up on this issue. I know treasonous behavior when I see it. I read of it when Hanoi Jane went to North Vietnam and when Billy-Bob marched against the US on foreign soil during the Vietnam War. Anyone seen it lately? Just askin'. And if all that doesn't work, just have a little meeting with Paul Martin and Vicente Fox and create the Security and Prosperity Partnership (a treaty by any name never seen by the Senate) so we can build a super highway from Mexico to Canada cutting right through the United States and controlled by Mexico. [look up SPP - - yep, and you get to pay for that too. Any questions? Yes, just one but I don't think I have the "freedom of speech" to ask it.] What the heck is going on? Are we all asleep?

Ban Sharia Law in the UK

A reader/friend visited my blog a little while back and asked me to help get the word out on the petition that is being circulated in the UK. I have checked it out and provide it here for you to take a look see. It is calling the UK government to ban Sharia and the web site is Sounds like a good idea to me. Hat tip to Myrddinwen at Wisdom from the Sacred Grove. Have a happy, love-filled Valentine's Day!

Fox News - Radical Islam: Terror in its own words

Yesterday, 2/10/2007, I was and am still in process of trying to recover from this "kick-my-ass" flu that has wiped up half of the North American continent with me. What did I happen upon? A great special by E.D. Hill on Fox News. If you have a chance to see the news cast: Radical Islam: Terror in its own words, please watch it. They can't run it often enough. We all need to understand that we are fighting the "Hitler Youth" of yesteryear. Only today, they are called Muslims or radical Islamists. Either way, if you are non-Muslim, you get killed. I can't quibble about the moderate vs radical Muslim thing. That's for the "moderate" Muslims to sort out and if they are afraid, sorry - nothing we gringos can do about that. We get blamed for every @#$%#&* thing, I'm not taking that one on which is why I ask, "What the heck are we doing "brokering" peace between the PLO and the Israelis?" The Qur'an says kill the infidel - that's pretty clear. Thank you for your patience as I go about being beat up by this flu. I think it has had about all the fun it wants to have with me and I should be released soon to join you once again on the internet. [The address for E.D.Hill on this special is]

Friday, February 02, 2007

Viper1 - The Lord of Kobol

I have just found a blog that deserves a good look and read, it is Lord of Kobol by Viper1. A recent post, Finally a politician with some balls, tells it all. The blog by Viper1 is full of "a picture is worth a thousand words" tributes. Give it a look! Also, from another blog, I'm proud to say my blog has been classified as a con-blog, whatever that is. I don't know what that is but I know it must be really, really bad 'cuz the blogger was not very happy with little ole Beach Girl. Now it is off to rest with orange juice and a good book.

Wren Cross Posting

Still sick but cross-posting today at Wren Cross - serenity that shines beyond the actions of man. Thank you for your tolerance as I wind my way through this wretched flu. The flu is particularly hard on me so again, thank you.

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