Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pakistan & Iraq - center of universe?

Have Pakistan and Iraq become the center of the universe? In terms of fighting this "global war against Islamic terrorists"? Back on October 19, 2006 when I was relatively new at blogging, I wrote an post about "as Iraq goes, so goes Europe". From reading Londonistan, England seems already "gone" and it will take something serious to get their attention. Something heinous to wake the government officials from allowing and encouraging the nation to be a "safe haven" for Islamic terrorist training right there in their midst. Out of curiosity, did the IRA have the "freedom" to set up training camps right there in England and London? At all. Or is it only the Islamic terrorists under the Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak of multiculturalism gone amuk who are afforded such accommodation? England should probably be on the State Departments - Don't go there list - just like the US southern border is but it seems to me that we must continue to fight the Islamic terrorists in Iraq and help Musharraf with whatever he needs in Pakistan. We're already only a mud hut or two away in Afghanistan so if Musharraf calls, we can deliver. We had better do it fast 'cause if the Dems get the White House we'll all be in trouble. Watch the DOW tank then! And get your burka... The Dems love those moo-moo sorts of garments. You'll know how happy the Islamic terrorists will be 'cause "there'll be dancin' in the streets" of New York, L.A., San Francisco, Dearborn, parts of Arizona, Red House, Virginia, and the rest of the islamic world. I'll bet there'll even be a toast of sweet tea at CAIR headquarters.

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Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

And how is Iran fitting into it all? I wonder.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Douglas, your "picture" is wonderful. It is uplifting everytime I see it.

I think perhaps Iran would like to be the center of the universe. And certainly, Iran along with Saudi are funding and providing "fighters" in Iraq. To me, the tribes with flags in the Middle East are no more - aside from the oil, of course - than 7th Century dictators much like the "profit" was in his day.

I believe that we are in a global war fueled by the fuedal lords who cannot attack us on their own, so they use proxies. We need to learn how to fight this war globally with more intensity. I still think dropping pig entrails over western Pakistan and over al-Qaeda strongholds in Iraq would shut down some of this foolishness PDQ.

Sounds simplistic but it worked for "Blackjack Pershing."

I get sick when I hear of us "occupying" Iraq. I think we'd be better off taking a real thorough assessment of how Salafi/Wahhabi islam is "occupying" the United States. There is even an Islamic Center in Laramie (sp - I'm still asleep), Wyoming for goodness sake.

I have called for a reformation of Islam and it could be that we are seeing that of sorts in that different factions of islam are really fighting each other and blowing each other up. Could be in some ways - at the moment because we are the larger target - that right now we are in the way of the factions really having at it.

I know this is extreme but it would be interesting to see Iran and Saudi duke it out over Iraq. They may be doing that as I type.

Thank you for stopping by.

8:57 AM  

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