Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Islam needs a Reformation

I was over catching up on my reading at the Center for Vigilant Freedom and consider the following to be of utmost importance to all of us. We are living in a dangerous world, fighting in a war that was brought to our doorstep over 25 years ago. Either through denial or a naive sense of "fair play" - you know, armies in uniform, et al, we refused to recognize or accept the threat being posed by "radical" Islam. This "radical" Islam is being supported and spread relentlessly by Saudi Arabia, or at least money from Saudi Arabia. Much of it pouring into our nation. But back to... The leading post is by Always on Watch, Muslims speak out. Within this post is an editorial entitled "Losing My Jihadism" by Mansour al-Nogaidan. I urge you to take the time to read Mr. al-Nogaidan's work which to their credit, the Washington Post published in "Outlook" on July 22, 2007. As al-Nogaidan suggests "Islam needs a Reformation. It needs someone with the courage of Martin Luther." Does such a man exist within the Muslim "world" who will rise in defiance to the power-hungry mullahs who control Muslims with an "iron fist" and a "boot" on their necks? The entire civilized world needs Islam to undergo a Reformation. That Reformation would be bloody and ruthless but it must be done from within because the world is being pushed into a corner from which it will come out fighting and that fight will be to the death if forced. The West cannot be successful with negotiations and it cannot be successful with paying bribes. The unleashed hatred of Islamists against us will keep pushing until we slam the door on it. As I have remarked here before, I do not want to see innocent Muslims caught up in what may come; I don't want to see them pay the price for the actions of power-mad Islamists. So, if leaders exist within the Muslim "world" who can rise up and who can get our leftist media on their side - or even against them as long as the leaders can get coverage, please don't take too much time getting around to this "reformation."

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