Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fred Thompson, please declare your candidacy!

From the Daily Telegraph, we have this story, Backers want actor Thompson in White House. Speculation is that Fred Thompson will declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States this month with a more formal announcement in September. Personally, I believe that more money will flow to his campaign once he has officially declared his candidacy for president. Senator Thompson has sight and name recognition simply from his movie roles such as his role in The Hunt for Red October and his stint as America's DA in "Law and Order". But these on-screen roles bring another dimension of Fred Thompson to light - his charisma as a solid, balanced, smart leader. The "father" you'd go home to and share your troubles because you know the advice you'd get would be good and right. The "military" commander into whose hands you'd willingly place our armed forces. The "husband" who'd defend his family and who you'd know would keep you safe. The "statesman" who you know would simply tell the story straight to you and to our enemies alike. A "Ronald Reagan" who'd just get up and walk away from the negotiating table taking all our marbles home with him when he knew he was getting the run around. A man who will not equivocate and who will not give legitimacy to the Islamists within our nation who work to tear us down and overthrow our nation through the institutionalizing of Islamic Law/Sharia Law - see Bush's true legacy to the USA. Our nation needs a man in the White House who can give us assurance that we are not living in an upside-down world where "victims" reign with lawyers ready to pounce at every turn. I'm sick of everyone being turned into a victim, frankly when to me the only real victims lately are white men. God knows they get blamed for everything and credited with nothing good as of late. I'm tired of the "phobias" and the chants of "racist" or "politically incorrect" censorship when we try to enter into serious discussions of the fascism bearing down upon us today. I'm tired of "hate-crimes" legislation that further divides us into victims of crime where somehow if you are a minority and you are robbed, it is a "hate-crime" but if you are not an ethnic minority and your are robbed, well, you are SOL because you are just robbed. I have always considered all murders crimes of violence and being an ethnic minority does not mean your murder is more important than anyone else's. We need stability; we need the chant that we are "Americans not hyphens"; we need an articulate accounting of our national goals; we need criminal behavior punished and illegal aliens deported not rewarded; we need some leadership that we'll recognize as leadership. We need two former Border Patrol agents pardoned - now. We need a president who will not coddle front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood and someone who will not say repeatedly in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that "Islam is a religion of peace." As practiced by many right now that statement is simply untrue. At best, it is naive; at worst, it is deceptive and placating. So, Fred, let us know and let us know soon. We need a large man with a confident demeanor who will help us regain our footing. We are proud to be Americans and we just need someone who believes we are the bastion of Western Culture - not of open borders globalism - ready to defend Western Civilization once more to put his arms around our nation and stand with us. Please, Mr. DA, make that announcement soon so more money can come flowing in...



Blogger falcon_01 said...

What is your take on his Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) membership? I'm leary of someone with ties to a shady organization that's been working towards a North American Union...
Other than that, he seems good.
I'd love to see Tancredo, but he doesn't seem to have the popularity of Thompson.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hmm... Didn't know that. Let's ask him?

10:30 AM  

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