Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beach Burst - 8/1/007 - Vigilant Freedom

I was over reading at the Center for Vigilant Freedom, here and decided that a list of some of the recent posts is in order. The Vigilant Freedom Newsletter - Passengers to be protected from lawsuits - for now: As you know, all airline passengers have been under the threat of lawsuits helped along by CAIR if the passengers speak out as those did on the flight with the "flying imams" who staged an invent to create a situation where the imams could cry wolf and, with impunity, scare the passengers and crew to death. Read these for a good summary of the Passengers' Bill of Rights and of the 'flying imams' ploy to intimidate us all. To bring us to our knees in submission and acknowledgment that Islam is superior and Islamic Law/Sharia Law takes precedence over our secular rule of law under which we expect everyone to abide. We are all John Does Winning one for the John Does We don't need no stinkin' viligance says it all about who stands for the safety of Americans and who stands against us. Call me all the names you want but it was the Democrats who fought against passengers safety in this case. Intifada in New York City - leave it to New York City to suffer "diversity" that can get you killed: KGIA Principal Almontaser linked directly to "intifada-NYC" t-shirts. Celebrating "multiculturalism" at its finest. And then some not so good news as Islamic Imperialism and the goal of Islamic domination marches on: What delays on Iran buy... Elected Islamists in Turkey Bad news about our ally across the pond: UK Media: Britain has Quarter Million Fascists. That's 250,000 out of a population of rather well-subdued and "multiculturally" paralyzed 55,000,000 citizens. Have the British lost their way? Have they lost an understanding and appreciation of their greatness? Have the Brits somehow forgotten that all cultures are not morally equivalent? Have they forgotten Charlene Downes or is she just another casualty in the Islamists' march to overthrow English law and turn England into an Islamic Republic? It doesn't take numbers to overthrow a great nation; it just takes indifference and a lack of strong-willed leadership. To me, Britain's culture and system of laws is worth fighting for. Gordon Brown says he stands with us on the "war on terror." Let's see how he cleans out the Islamist radicals right there in England.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're short on troops as it is. I don't know where we'd scrape up the fighters to go into the territories. Doing so would inflame Pakistani fundamentalists even further. Not all of the Pakistani Army and Security Forces support the President of Pakistan. What could be worse than having Pakistan fall into fundamentalist hands with its nuclear arsenal.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, we are but we also have troops in Afghanistan, right next door. Personally, I think this one is for Musharraf to handle and pretty quickly too. His life depends on his success at ridding the region of terrorists, literally.

His government and his nation depend on him getting rid of the Islamist terrorists. Personally, I don't care about inflaming the Islamist terrorists but I think we need to give Musharraf all the material support he needs. We are talking about a Taliban-style government here with nuclear weapons. We cannot let this Islamist terrorist threat stretch out for a generation. We just can't live that way, intimidated and our lives held at gun-point by Islamist terrorists.

2:16 PM  
Blogger falcon_01 said...

No kidding, you've been busy! Thanks btw.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, very busy. You are welcome.

8:12 AM  

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