Thursday, October 19, 2006

As Iraq goes, so goes Europe; Iraq, Iran, the Greater Middle East

A regular visitor to this site asked me recently to narrow my focus and, rather than ranting about the broader threat of Islamic Imperialism, to discuss whether or not the United States should withdraw from Iraq. First, I cannot urge you strongly enough to read Steve's Hodgepodge and (I'll try to link here) Kosovo & The Global War on Terrorism. The article was written by Dr. Srdja Trifkovic and posted at News and Views on October 4, 2006. Second, take the time and read post and comments at The Shape of Things to Come in Europe at the Gates of Vienna. Third, take a good, long hard look at a world map. Old Europe/New Europe is small in landmass and nations such as Italy don't have much expansion they can do. As a digression, Bill Clinton and his impeachment at least got people reading our Constitution. Yes, even in my local greasy spoon where all we near-illiterates go, folks were yammering away about the Constitution, Article this and Amendment that. It was a glorious time. Now, we come to Iraq and the world map. Maybe we can study geography, eh? India is a democracy. Pakistan has India on one side, China for a bit along the top, and Afghanistan along a good stretch of its eastern border. And then there is Iran smack dab border-to-border with Pakistan. Iran is doing okay with the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the south and southwest. Then there is essentially land-locked Iraq. With Saudi Arabia to the south and Jordan, Syria, and Turkey to the east and north. I don't claim to be a military genius; we'll leave that to the big boys; but Europe is a little, bitty place when it comes to landmass with Islamic Republics breathing down Europe's neck. U.S. policy under Clinton did more to destablize Europe (ie, Kosovo) than the Mullahs of Mecca could have prayed for. What Clinton's policy did not accomplish, the EU and its eradication of borders (aka, white guilt and the UN) coupled with its massive migration from Islamic countries is well on the way to bringing Islamic Republics to Europe en masse. How's that - the Islamic Republic of Europe? I'm not fear-mongering here; look at a map. Read the birthrate, population numbers. What do you see? An Islamic Europe? Notre Dame - don't make me laugh! Cry! I regret that I probably won't get to see Notre Dame and that makes me sad. But then, the French alive today may get to see Notre Dame become a mosque. Do I personally care if a person practices Islam? By choice? Not really. Do I personally care if that same person rants and raves, chants "Death to America" and riots in France, killing policemen and intimidating the law-abiding citizens. Damn straight, I do! Do I see that the Western mind has collectively become addled by the most heinous, infectious disease to strike in 50 years - "political correctness"? Hell, yes. And I watched the censorship ushered in by the Clinton Administration effectively killing freedom of speech in the public square about issues that matter to us as a nation. How were they successful in making truth and honest discussions into "hate" speech? By turning reason on its ear; by having sensitivity training in the work place. [I never had to go to sensitivity training that focused on folks learning to be sensitive to the "feelings" of white-skinned folks. Now that's discriminatory, racist, and ladened with erroneous assumptions that only white-skinned folks are racists. Say it isn't so, Joe!] To the question, in a word, no. The United States should not withdraw from Iraq. Not right now. The Iraqis voted for Sharia Law so they aren't close to being "democratized" as we understand it. I'll make a prediction. As Iraq goes, so goes Europe. What I mean is that - in some ways - U.S. troops are fighting for Europe in Iraq. Did I read that any place? No. But if European nations don't reclaim their borders and stop the madness of their self-annihilating immigration policy, the mullahs will reap republics and establish their caliphate by attrition. [I'm aware of our invasion issues.] But let's accept reality. If a teacher is fired in the United States because she took her elementary school students to a museum that featured a nude sculpture, how well do you think the gods and goddesses of Greece and Italy will fare when the mullahs come marching in?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so right! If you get a chance, read Mark Steyn's new book: "America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It."

In it he describes the demographic nightmare that Europe is becoming -- Muslim. The European Left has allowed and encouraged this to happen.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your comment over at Gates of Vienna!

4:28 PM  

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